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Hey!! It's Najah most of my friends Call me nijae (just to make me mad) Im a reader of Saints row ALL DAY im finally working on my first fanfic on my own and another with my sister and I think there coming along perfectly. IM JOHNNY GATS O N L Y WIFE ! SO EVERYONE ELSE BACK OFF !!! :) AND TYLER POSEY IS MY HUSBAND TOOO ;)

Hobbies: Wrighting, Playing video games, llistening to music, reading (sometimes), just being me : ) {OVI}

Story's Im working on

What Hurts The Most : The leader of the Third Street Saints Blaze,hasnt been herself not after the death of Johnny Gat. When everyone around tells her to just give up it made her push the saints to the limit so they could fuck the syndicate up once and for all. Blaze was ready to end the syndicate even if it caused her, her own life. but she promised is one thing... It'll be for Johnny. (Up Now!!)

Contact: Under my sisters pen name Kira the Cat but is another Boss/ Johnny set either after Aisha's funeral or red asphalt (we havent descided) song fic for Cascada- EveryTime We Touch ( Up now!!!!)

The Saint of all Saints: when the eader of the third street saints Blaze Devoli wakes from her 5 year coma she will do all it takes to get her gang back to the top. but will it become to much for her to handle? (first 3 chapters up) (ON HOLD/ Discontinued wont be any further updates until the rewrite)

Spread your wings: This takes place in Saints Row the third After the bank heist. It's A little more different then most stories that take place in SRTT and is not apart of What Hurts the Most or The Saint of all Saints Rated for language. (First to chapters up)

My charater's

Blaze: Also known as Boss. One of my characters that will sporadically appear in various Saints fic I do. She's 23 and sometimes is dating Johnny Gat. She's a party animal but can be serious when it comes to business. she has an identical twin sister named Blair and is still very shooken up by carlos' death to the point that she will beat or kill anyone who mentions it. She despises Dex and Kinzie's complex nature. Her relationship with Viola isn't exactly on a "friend" basis but she doesn't mind having her around. When it comes to Shaundi she wont outright say they're "best friends" although she won't outright deny it unless pushed. As for Pierce, while he's annoying, she sees him as her little brother and a friend she can confide in more so after Johnny's death. Now when it comes to Gat himself, they're in an on again/off again relationship and sometimes act more like brother and sister or best friends than a couple. However when it comes to certain issues such as the deaths of Lin, Aisha, and Carlos; their status as a couple show and they end up spending endless amounts of time together consoling one another. After Johnny's death at the hands of the Syndicate, Blaze's usual laid back partying additude morphed into that of Gat's and she spent a lot of time alone smoking and drinking while trying to take over the city. Her personality is partially based off of my own personality and the connection I have when I play the games. ( Also On my sister's profile)

Blair: One of my other characters that is sometimes placed in stories I do. She's also 23 years old and so happens to be Blaze's twin. unlike her sister Blair is a little more classy and much more serious. Her relationship with Shaundi is like a Best friend but she won't deny it to anyone. Pierce is somebody she can go out with and have fun with. Johnny to Blair is a brother they can talk about any kind of topic and be 100% honest with one another.

Syn: also known as synclaire, synny- syn. he is my sisters male character in both saints row 2 and 3. Syn is gender less but in my stories I might just make him male, in my sisters eye his is Bisexual in mine i keep him straight. He's 6'2 chestnut brown hair and green eyes. Syn IS NOT MY CHARACTER HE BELONGS TO KIRA THE CAT but he WILL be used in some story's. On my sisters profile he's boss. on mine he's just a lieutenant.

Andre: My male boss, mixture of African American and Caucasian 6'5 green eyes usual paired with Shaundi, 24years old. male voice 2 in both SR2 and SR3 jot too much to say about him other then he's a MAJOR smart ass, hangs with Pierce way to often always looking for something to bet on with Johnny and sex from Shaundi ;)

Andreya; My beta in my teen wolf stories she's in Derek's pack and is dating Scott McCall.

Television: Try new Fortophrinide, the pill for everything. Side effects may include spontaneous combustion.
Blaze: *shakes head* Johnny, what is the world coming to?
Gat: A f*king end...
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Spread your Wings reviews
This takes place in Saints Row the third After the bank heist. It's A little more different then most stories that take place in SRTT and is not apart of What Hurts the Most or The Saint of all Saints Rated for language.
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