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This account is dedicated to the foursome of the Awesome Spaghetti Pirates: Lovino, Feliciano, Gilbert, and Antonio XD

This account is a collab account for Hatake Kai, Sapphire'sDestiny, Nightshade974, and ThePurpleAlice. Awesome work for Hetalia coming soon!!

-Signed Hatake Kai XD

Ciao~ I'm Sapph, Sapphire'sDestiny, all that fun stuff~ Aside from what's said, I happen to be the baby of this group. I like pasta and turtles and volcanoes and writing and stuff! :D Go read our stuff, okay?


Annyeongahseyo~ I'm Shay! Well... Nightshade974, but that's too long. And stuff. I'm a middle child of this group. I love history, writing, owls, Doctor Who and so on and so forth. I dislike most people, being irritated and the like. Gahamsapnida if I use random Korean once in a while. Enjoy our stuff, ne?


I'm Alice, the youngest of the group! I love softball, drawing, yaoi, history ever since I started watching Hetalia, and RPing with my buddies on FF. Want to know anything else? Go ahead and visit my profile, It can give a good idea about the kind of person I am. I hope you like our Fic, It's going to be my first. Ciao!~


Hola, me llamo es Hatake o Kai y I am the eldest of the group! I'm semi-fluent in Spanish, so I may switch between English and Spanish randomly. I enjoy linguistics, history, reading, RPing with these gals (and others). Can't wait to get this story started!!1
-Hatake Kai