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I hate the romantic fics were someone stalks/magically falls in love/doesn't care about anything except one person. It's disgusting. Just freaking deal with the fact that you're not magically deeply in love as soon as you see someone attractive (like Stephine Meyer portrays). Get over beig a stupid love sick teenager and deal with your emotions.

Frivolous Pixie: Power of no pupils! Neecha!

Me: I DON'T NEED AIRBAGS *hits flat chest*

Frivolous Pixie: *hits chest and screams in pain*

It's 10 1/2, poppo. 11's in Croc's.


Bands: 1D, The Fray, Panic! at the Disco, Linkin Park, The Backstreet Boys, Maroon 5, The Ready set, The Beatles and some others. God I'm such a stereotypical teenager.

Food: Pizza, tea, cake, sweets in general.

People: Frivolous Pixie, my brother, 1D

When I found out Harry and Louis don't live together anymore, I cried.

People, stop hating on 1D. You made one of them cry on camera, and all of them change. Harry eats less and works out because he was called fat and isn't around Louis as much because he was called a faggot. Louis doesn't act as happy and crazy anymore because people said he acts too immature and childish. Liam has started cussing because of hating on his girlfriend. Niall tries to back everyone up and stop it all. Zayn covers up his tattoos because he was called a terrorist. Are you haters happy? Bet you weren't thinking about all of the fans hating your guts. Bet you weren't thinking about when Harry would ask himself what he did for you to hate him. So what if you don't like them or their music. Don't do that to amazing people. They were perfect the way they were. They don't feel like it, though. What would you do if one of them hurt themselves? Hope you enjoy getting the shit beaten out of you by all of their supporters.

Larry Shipper's who are absolutely insane and send hate to Eleanor: Yes, I personally believe they are in a relationship, but I don't send threats to Eleanor and go nuts when a level-headed Elounor shipper asks me why I ship Larry. I kindly send them a link to the video: larry stylinson you're on a whole new level of charmer and send them on their merry way.

Back to being happy.

Chris Griffin: Aw. British guys always capture my butterflies.

Random British Dude: Yes, and to add insult to injury I will present to you my fanny. Sir Chadwell Heath! Ahahahahahaha gnyaaaa! *runs away*

Math Teacher, Mr. Utley: Oshikake, what is the answer to 7?

Me: Twelve point five.

Mr. Utley: Twelve point five inches, I'm in!

Our eyes meet and he laughs at the awful pun that just made between us.

Mum: If I were a bag of mini pepperoni, where would I be?

Me: (without thinking) In the lunch meats.

Mum: Oh, yeah! They are in the lunch meats!

Frivolous Pixie: I dropped my bun in dog pee!

Me: *walks up to mum in my bra holding my shirt* I'll trade you my shirt for a grilled cheese.

In car with radio playing What Makes You Beautiful

Me: They should play more of their songs where everyone gets solos.

Opening of One Thing

Me: Thank you, God!

My new wardrobe this year: 3 blazers, striped/graphic shirts, varsity jacket, button up plaid shirts, cardigans, red, blue, green, purple, black, and light denim skinny jeans, some jumpers, TOMS and Converse.

Apple wins over Android

Safari wins over Internet Explorer

Backstreet Boys win over NSYNC

Chocolate milk wins over plain milk

Winter wins over Summer

I hate the word twinsies.

Me: You gotta sit up! The floor is lava!

20 year old brother: Then why aren't you burning?

I truly believe that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are dating. I don't think Louis and Eleanor are. Now before you try to hate me and send flames on my stories, getcha shit together and read this. I don't ship Elounor. I ship Larry. You can't change my mind. Because I think Louis does love Eleanor, but he's not in love with her. I think he's in love with Harry. I love Frivolous Pixie. I'm not in love with her. If Harry and Louis are "just really close friends" then tell me why I've never in all of my years seen two best friends touch each other and look at each other like they do. Sure, I'll put my arm around Frivolous' shoulders and cuddle occasionally and maybe play with her hair. I don't however, rub her sides, look deeply into her eyes and smile, look at her or change lyrics when I sing a love song. Because that'd be creepy since we're not in love. But Harry and Louis do all of that. And guess what that means... So there's almost every Larry shippers reasoning on why we think they're together and why we don't ship Elounor. Now can we please stop all of the fighting and just be family like we're supposed to be?

I got intense feels in the shower this morning and it felt like Larry feels punched me in the gut and sprayed me with Feels Nazi Pepper Gas. (Now available in stores everywhere. Feels Nazi Pepper Gas is not responsible for any permanent damage bodily or mentally. Affects may vary on the level of shipper used. For more information and ingredients, do NOT call 1-800-SUCKALARRYDICK. Please never take me seriously on anything like this, because I'm an awful person who would get you in trouble.

I would like to point out to everyone that there is a supposedly faked Larry kiss picture going around. Might I point out 1. Harry had the exact same freckles on his face 2. Louis had his twinky little reddish, mahogany-ish sweater on 3. Louis' and Harry's hair were styled fucking perfectly 4. Harry, like me, has an overly pointy, large nose and it was pressed slightly into Louis face 5. They have the exact same lips and jaw lines. There.

To the anonymous review on The Spaces Between Your Fingers Are Where Mine Fit: I believe in the God you accused me of bashing. Frivolous Pixie and I were simply using it as an excuse for Liam to rebel against his father who controlled him through the church. We were also statng that many churches are trying to control a little too much. Your sex life is personal. You need to learn some things are meant for you to do and you can't survive relying on God himself. He gave you the ability to rely on yourself for a reason. He won't fix everything for you. xxxx

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