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Hello Lovelies,

Welcome to my offical FanFiction page! As I look back at my work, I never realized how many lives I touched and I am proud of that, but I realized it needed to be changed in order to stay true to the way J.K. Rowling had initially intended her characters to grow.

So now after years of being untouched I have brought back to the reading pleasure of many Meetings in the Tower: A Draco Malfoy Love Story. Completely up-to-date, you will notice some of the major and minor changes I have made without compromising the original story line but also allowing it to flow with the 6th and 7th books written by J.K. Rowling. Obviously, for those who are unfamiliar in my work, I don’t want to spoil the endings but the story is now third person, Astoria Greengrass is axed in my story as well as the final scene being told from Harry's point of view.

Recently, I found my original posted on here and if any of you lovelies would like to read it you may do so, simply search: Imp3rf3ctlyYourZ and you can find them reposted which I found very endearing.

Now for the disclaimer; all characters are owned by J.K. Rowling except for the characters in which I created. This is for entertainment purposes only not for profit. Enjoy!

With Love,


A/N: This is Anna's Family Tree, I couldn't put it in a tapestry format on her so here's the gist of it:

Nicholas Romanoff and Alexandra Ivanoff had two daughters Catherine and Bathilda.

Catherine married Josef Krum and had one daughter, Nadia Krum.

Bathilda became a famed writer and historian, she was married very young in life to Ludwig Bagshot but was widowed very young when a spell he was experimenting with went horribly wrong. She never remarried or had children she was a famed writer and Historian who settled in Godric's Hallow.

Nadia Krum married Gustav Grindlewald a known dragon researcher. The two shared a passion for healing dragons and teaching wizards how to train them. They had one son, Gellert Grindlewald but left him an orphan after a dragon attacked the couple on holiday while their son was at Durmstrang.

Gellert Grindlewald-born in 1882, he met and fell in love with Athena Wirth (born 1892) in 1941. They secretly married which was something not even Dumbledore himself knew until Rosalie Darcy came to Hogwarts (Cedric's mother).

Nadina was born in 1942 in secret a month before her father was defeated by Albus Dumbledore. Her mother Athena raised her as a single mother giving her the surname Wirth to use. Her husband Christian (born in 1941) and she had three children: Rosalie Darcy (b. 1959), Diana Darcy (b. 1961) and Phoebe Darcy (b. 1963)

Rosalie married Amos Diggory and had one son named Cedric in 1977. Cedric died at the hands of Voldemort During the Third Task in 1995.

Diana met and eloped with Rabastan Lestrange in 1979, they had one daughter August 31 1980 named Anastasia Bellatrix Lestrange. Her Godmother is Diana's Sister-In-Law Bellatrix (this is because Diana was not on speaking terms with Rosalie and Phoebe at the time of Anna's birth because both sisters were upset at her for eloping). Phoebe felt awful for abandoning her sister, because of this she took on the responsibility of her only child after Diana was murdered by her sister in law in 1981.

Phoebe was described as very young when she took on the care of her niece Anna. She had an unpleasant relationship with her estranged sister's husband and thought her sister to have been under the Imperious Curse when she eloped with him in 1979. When he is murdered by his brother, her feelings soften towards him when she realized he died giving his life for his family. She is over protective and very affectionate towards her niece Anna and loves her dearly.

As the story progresses more will be added to it but for now this is all you need to know. :-) With Love, Starry*

*IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO READERS: Meetings In The Tower is now COMPLETE! :-) I would like to thank all of my readers for their support, reviews, patience and loyal! You guys simply are the best! With Love, Starry*

COMING SOON: I've started working feverishly on the sequel to Meetings In The Tower, called What It Means To Be A Malfoy. Should have it completed and posted early spring of 2016. I don't want to give away too much but it will really focus on Anna and Draco's love for their son and striving to have him accepted and not shunned for the dark past surrounding the Malfoy name.

*ON A RATHER PERSONAL NOTE: I Got sorted in Pottermore, and after all these years of believing I was a Slytherin I am so grateful that I was not faced with an identity crisis, because JK Rowling thinks I belong there too! So yep, Starry's a Slytherin :-) just wanted to share that with you lovlies! PM me for my username! With Love, Starry*

*UPDATE 5/23/13: I do NOT have an account on any other site right now other than this one, do not be fooled by people posting my original and claiming its theirs this is not the case. One of my fan friends has brought to my attention there is a girl posting my original story on her website and not giving me credit for it. Here is the site:

I ask that any of you lovlies who have an account with this site please report this to her as plagiarism I don't mind if she posts it but she must credit me as the original author. Once again this is the only site I belong to, anyone posting on any other website claiming this story is theirs is plagiarizing MY work. This is not to be stingy I don't mind if anyone shares my work but I must be PMed on here and give you permission and you must give me credit. Thank you. With Love, Starry* *

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