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-x-October 1, 2004-x-
New Developments:
YatH: working on it, but I've got some writers block. Anyone got any ideas???
More Developments:
: there's some more new stories, but I haven't posted them yet. I'm going to revise some of the ones I have here already, so I'm gonna have my hands full for a while.
-To that anonymous reviewer that keeps pestering me-
I wrote that story YEARS ago - YES I know the spelling now. I'm up for a bit of constructive criticism, but you're going WAY outta line there, pal.
GET OFF THE AUTHOR'S BACK - if you don't like the way I write GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.
Whew...glad to get that off my chest.
Anyway, I'm currently focusing my "writing energy" on YatH and Burns, but I doubt a solid date for a chapter will be coming out soon.

-x-May 26, 2004-x-
New Developments:
I'M SORRY! Most things are at a standstill!
Here are some stats of things that MIGHT be up soon:
The Young and the Hopeless stats:
The next chapter is half-way thru. If I work on it tonight it will be up. IF not, I'm sorry. I totally forgot the consept of the next chapter! Just a note here, all the chapters are the same day until the thrid...I'm goign to have to put that in an a/n.
More developments: none yet...

-x-April 14, 2004-x-
New developments:
"Young and the Hopeless" ~ I know, it took me a WHOLE month to update, but I was busy! As for the people who reviewed last time (first chapter), I'd like to thank you and tell you that I'll give ya shout outs in the next chapter (the computer I was working on didn't have an internet connection, so I got really mad and...yeah, that's pretty much all. I finished it on my laptop yesterday (bout 1/4 of it, including the battles) and got to post it once I got home. Seriously, what kind of computer isn't hooked up to the net??? The inhumanity!

New Chapter Status: TYatH's third chapter will be out on Friday or Saturday at the latest, 'cause it's already 15% done as of...now. I probably can't finish this until summer comes (unless I double update, which would probably bring the content of the chapters down to merely a few hundred words, and I know yall don't want that...), but I'll be going to classes in the summer, not to mention the road trip I have with my friends. So don't kill me if it takes me a long time to finish, or the updates get *really* slow in the summer, because I will be rushing around more than I usually do in the school year. so i'd like to apologize ahead of time, in case I don't get to later. T_T it really broke my heart when I found out that I couldn't take my laptop with us and type on the way.

"Angel in the Rain" ~ Soon to be taken off, I hear (the horror!) Poetry will be taken off soon, so if I don't move this one, it will be gone! *weep*

"Be True to me" ~ s'okay story, if you ask me (not the best, but hey, it was a ditch attempt at first!) the next chapter is 20% done.

"Burns" ~ actually (to be totally truthful) this was also a ditch attempt at first so I wouldn't get bored, but I actually see it as a pretty pointless consept. I may finish this and rewrite it in the future... who knows, it may be better that way! Next chapter is 40% done.

"Come Back to me" ~ wow. my second Esca fic, but I have some of the next chapter done. Still revising it. Damn, what I wouldn't do for spell check right now...next chapter is 70% done.

"Hauntress" ~ This is a pretty good story, but you'd have had to read "Veritas" by Aioko first (I think she's on Fanfictionpress or something) It has the whole base of the story there, and I take NO claim over the "other" names; for they're not mine, they're hers. She made them up, so if you don't like it, don't come crying to me, cuz I'm not gonna change it! (she's my friend, so don't steal the names! I ASKED!)

"I'll Remember You" ~ Do y'all think it's over? Heck NO! This was one of my first stories that I did when I was thinking of my friend's friend who died last year...The song popped into my head, and I thought about how it would feel to move away from someone you care about; thus the story. next chapter...maybe...

"Kari's Page of Torture and Insults" ~ Frankly, I couldn't give a care about this story if I tried. It has it's humorus moments, yes. It's in script form, yes. But I obviously have not worked on this story, so I'm sorry, but don't bug me about it!

"Paint it Black" ~ I'm sorry, but I have a total writers block off on this one...if I got just ONE idea in my brain about it, I could write for hours and get off the writers block, but it hasn't been working...Kami sama, help me!

"Party Up!" ~ not sure yet where I'm going with this fic... Things to do... bash Jean...check...kill off Evan...almost check...next chapter 15% done.

"Playin' Dirty" ~ hm...I'm almost done with the next chapter, and I've decided that this will have a few love triangles and ...hexagons and pentagons and...nevermind... next chapter 12% done.

"Ridiculous Behavior" ~ okay, here's what it is, this story is probably a complete and utter waste, but that's okay. I might add another chapter to it, but there doesn't really seem to be any point. It has no plot, no characterization, and NOTHING funny!...next chapter 40% done...*grumbles*

"Tears" ~ BE NICE! This was my first fic, and I have learned a lot since then! I will still be updating until the story is through, but then I will probably go back and revise it and rewrite it again... not sure when the next chapter will be up.

"The Time Has Come" ~ I was surprised when people said that this was a common theme on Fanfiction.net, because I haven't really read too much angst or anything that really pushed me to write this story. This was written a few years ago when I found out that someone I knew commited suicide. I got a little depressed and viola! We have a story.

"Things Like This" ~ STILL not done with the next chapter, but since I'm switching from story to story, who can blame me???

"Unsung" ~ I've gotten mixed reviews on this one (some are just e-mails on it) that some people are sending me flames by e-mail. STOP IT! I don't want to lose ANOTHER mailbox, okay? The flames were mostly about stealing someone else's story. I have NO idea what you're talking about! I wrote this story a long time ago! I even have it in my spiral! OOO... *growls*

"Untitled which is LAME so I need a better title" ~ I STILL say the title has a new little ring to it, don't you? Thank you all that are giving me feedback on what the new title should be, but I'm not sure, cause they're all good ideas...in the next chapter I'll be sure to ask... oh, I got this idea from one of the first stories I read. it's really cool and, NO, I am not going to copy it. I really DO have a friend named Katie that had a dream like this, so don't sue me or anything, cause she told me that she saw a bunch of anime characters in her room...besides, I'm going to write my OWN story, thank you! (I'm serious, about my friend Katie and that dream. DON"T get mad at me or flame or sue, cause I'm *sniffle* a good person. *angry* I DON"T and would NEVER copy anyone's story like that! I get ideas and change things to how I want it on my OWN! *grumbles* damn... now people are gonna be mean and sue me...*cries* please don't!)

"Vipers" ~ Okay, I have a question! What place should this be in? Because I have two different ideas; one has majick and the other is in modern day NY, so could someone tell me what they think? Yeah, Hitomi has a gun in the first chapter, but it could still be anything! If it was the majick world of Gaea, she still could be from the Mystic moon, travel back and forth or...ARGH! *tries to pull out hair* I'm soooo confused!

"What If" ~ should I update any more? review and tell me; I'm so deprived of sugar and reviews I think I could DIE...(jk)

My name is Sarah, I'm 14 and I like InuYasha. (yeah, the other bio got deleted again...*sigh* I'll do it later...)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Crying by Iota Vixen reviews
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