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Author has written 5 stories for Fairy Tail, and High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D.


07/08/14--Updated Ascalon. So, do you want the short version, or the long one?

Short Version: School. Sports. Busy. Extremely Busy.

Long Version: School started last month, and my study load increased. I'm playing sports again, especially Soccer since unlike last year, I actually plan to enter this year's Intramurals. Hence, I'm so busy, my time for writing has significantly decreased. Scratch that--I'm extremely busy, and I have little to no time writing at all!

Conclusion: Updates will be inconsistent. Time is the main issue here. Either way, I'm planning to release single updates whenever I finish a story/chapter, so please be patient!

So that's basically it. RL issues are messing up my pace, so I apologize for the long waiting period between chapters. Romance for a Day will be finished before the next Ascalon chapter, and Solaris, then DxD's bound to come after that. I'm also thinking of starting a new series after I finish the former. If you're thinking I'm being lazy, you're only half right. Hey--I do need breaks from time to time, so at least give me some props for updating once in a while. Name another (sane) author who gives out at least 20k words per update.

On a note though, Ascalon and Solaris still need proofreaders.

05/30/14--DxD's 5th chapter has been posted. I went out of my way just to keep this one promise. Romance for a Day, Ascalon and Solaris will be updated sometime in June. Recently, I've been having technical and real life issues if you didn't know already. My writing has greatly been affected as a result, which is why I wasn't able to update my stories on a regular scale. But please don't worry--Everything's fine again. I am sorry for the delay with the stories, but please be patient. I will inevitably get them out.

--Also, I'm looking for someone to proofread some or maybe all of my stories. Preferably someone who has keen eyes, good grammar and great diction. It's quite hard to double check my own "long" chapters, since I tend to miss out some mistakes, and it'll save me some time. I could get a beta-reader, but I need someone who's really interested and who has a lot of free time to kill. Please send me a PM if you're interested in helping out.

05/09/14--Started Ascalon's prequel story--Solaris. Go check it out if you're interested.

A bit about myself:

Name: Blake Zephyr

Age: [(4*5)-{4/2*(30-15)/3}]2-[{(13*3)-9}/(2*5)]-->(Please don't solve it. Please. Don't.)

Height: Average

Eyes: Brown

Currently: Wrestling with schoolwork.

Birthday: Between the end of Libra and the Beginning of Scorpio.

Zodiac: I'm confused; some books tell me I'm Libra, others tell me I'm Scorpio... but I want to be Ophiuchus!

Things I'm currently into:

Sports: Soccer, Table Tennis

Novels: Books by Rick Riordan (This guy's awesome!!)

Music: Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Metal, etc... (Basically anything that's Rock..)

Bands: Green Day, Linkin Park, MCR (too bad they broke up..), Sum 41, etc.

Manga, Light Novels and Anime: Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, RosarioVampire, To-Love-Ru, Sora no Otoshimono, Beelzebub, Highschool DxD, Trinity Sevem and many others. I'm too lazy to mention 'em all.

Video Games: DMC Series, Castlevania , Fire Emblem , Command and Conquer Series, FPS games and action RPG's..

Color:Red and Black..(mostly black though..)

Hobbies: Reading and writing, sketching, playing sports and videogames, playing acoustic guitar, listening to rock music, watching action and horror movies, eating and sleeping.

Dislikes: pretty much everything that i don't like. Boy Bands and R&B music, and other songs and musicians that sound like shit.

DeviantArt: -->(There's not much going on here, but I'll be putting up stuff for my stories soon.)


SOLARIS: THE SALAMANDER'S AWAKENING (TSA)--Story-wise, the first of three planned stories which portray Natsu as a sword-swinging, legendary magic wielding mage. A prequel to Ascalon; set way before Fairy Tail (four centuries earlier or something...) hence, a heavy emphasis on some AU setting. Involves my version of how the Ancient War between Dragons and Humans should have occurred, and features insanely powerful magic and legendary weapons. It's basically a story about Natsu and his two friends struggling against a prophecy of sorts. His two friends? Read the story below to find out now. Or wait for a few updates and find out later. NatsuXOC pairing...wait...I think it's gonna be a love triangle...nah, you'll find out later.

ASCALON: THE LEGENDARY DRAGON SLAYER (TLDS)--Set after the GMG arc, the supposed continuation of Solaris, and the main story of the three. (Okay, I'm giving the trilogy a name or something...hmmm...wait a sec...Okay. I shall dub it "A Tale of Three Summers" And yes, that was on the spot. *Nods*) Natsu tries to regain three things: His memories, his sword and his life after finding out about his past. Main pairing is supposedly NatsuXErza but until then, a Harem story.

FAIRY DxD: SUMMER FROM ANOTHER WORLD (SFAW)--My version of High School DxD, with Natsu as the main character. Natsu is swallowed by Eclipse, and brought to modern day Japan--a battlefield for the supernatural beings of mythologies. Natsu gets the Boosted Gear after he and Issei "fused", and romance, hilarity, perverseness and homesickness will be the main drive for the story. Harem story, need I say more?.

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