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Hello humans. I am the wonderfull Wondy and welcome to my poorly written profile. As I am not good with intros, I will just say that english isn't my first language and jump to what matters.

"For The Corporation"

Cyberpunk Inspired Selection

A Selection SYOC (Male and Female)


The world is ruled by the big corporations, the bigger they are, the more power they have over others lives. Angeles City is both a pinnacle of technology and violence — while corpos play politics, the streets are the realm of gangs, mercenaries and fixers. And in the Borderlands, the almost deserted area surrounding the bustling city, there were the Nomads and their “families”.

(The elements in this work are inspired by the world of Cyberpunk 2077, as such, I will “use” the three “life paths” the game offers as a kind of “caste system” for a Selection.)


Due to technology and the fact that implants have become common, a lot of people maintain a youthful appearance even if they are already in their 50s. It is not as common as using implants to “up” their physical traits and strengths or to hack and work intelligence, but there are still some who choose to spend their money on vanity projects.


Like said in the section “AGE”, people can have deceptive appearances but they also can have less than human ones. Many people choose to be more machine than human if they do have the money, changing their real arms for robotic ones or weapons is normal for those who work as mercenaries, while netrunners and hackers tend to get eye implants to better use their abilities.

Corpos get whatever implants take their fancy and there is even a pop-star who transitioned to an entirely robotic body, except for essential organs (doctors and scientists have yet to find out how to substitute the brain, although they have figured out how to incorporate tech with it, going so far as being able to record a person as data for possible resurrection though that is very much illegal).


Corporate = Being a corpo isn’t much a matter of skill as it is a matter of birth; most are born into that world, careers guaranteed from the cradle together with a mountain of eddies to spend. Of course, skill still matters: if one isn’t cunning, smart and subtle then corpo life will chew and spit them out. Loyalty is a luxury, compassion is a rare item — to be a corpo is to do every and anything to climb up the ladder.

Street Rat = While corpos make their domain in Angeles City skyscrapers, the streets are the realm of gangs, mercs and fixers. To survive the streets, you must be prepared to find yourself looking down the barrel of a gun; reputation is as important to street rats as it is to corpos, although street rats pride themselves in how infamous their reputation is. Guns, knives, hacking, netrunning… All skills to have and hone when one makes their living on the streets of Angeles City.

Nomad = Living in groups that never take root anywhere, the Nomads put great value on loyalty (and off-the-charts driving skills). Most don’t take kindly to strangers and tend to stay out of the city unless extreme circumstances arise. These nomad groups are very much like a “found family” in some ways, or, they began that way and, nowadays, most in the group are related in some way. Like Corpos, most were born in that life and it is rare that a city dweller willingly takes on the Nomad life in the Borderlands.

(images are from the promotions of Cyberpunk 2077)


Fixer = Now, you could take gigs yourself, but when you get hazed once or twice - or get a dose of lead in lieu of payment - you might start looking around for a good fixer. Prove yourself, and you'll never have to worry about your next gig again. The fixer will choose your crew, negotiate a decent payout (after all, he or she's taking a cut), and pull you out of whatever shit you might land in on the job (unless it was your gonk fault, in which case - you're on your own).

Fixers are organizers, agents, go-betweens; they know the latest word on the street, they know who pays right and whose gigs stink from a mile away. Each one has his or her own way of getting things done, but they all follow a certain code of honor: if you work for one, they'll never leave you high and dry. Of course, this code goes both ways.

(Description taken from https:///Fixers)

Netrunner = They are savvy hackers, but with a cybernetically augmented interface system implanted into their body. Using their brain-computer interface implants, they roam the Internet, looking for systems to hack and information to sell to fixers. Although anyone can enter the Net, most people can't use the "Menu." The Menu is a group of Applications (Apps) that are Interface programs that allows a Netrunner to Locate Remote, Run Software, Control Remote, LDL Link, Load, Create and Delete.

Netrunners function as the embodiment of Net fanatics, preferring to expand their abilities and break the realm of possibility within the Net, rather than live within the constraints of reality. Using a variety of implants, they scour the Net looking for any information they can sell on or systems they can break into. While everyone can access the Net, Netrunners have the ability to find and decipher the most valuable information in the swathe of useless bloat and ensure that it is used to their best advantage, whether financially or otherwise.

Mercenary (Merc) = They are hired people that work for clients to do any kind of job. They usually work with fixers as their middle men.

Ripperdoc = A ripperdoc lies between a surgeon, techie and tattoo artist. If you're lucky, you pay them a visit to get yourself chipped with the latest implant on the market because you can afford it. If you're unlucky, a friend will drop you off at their clinic in pieces and hopefully they can put you back together.

People usually have their favorite clinics and trusted rippers that know their bodies better than they do themselves. There are many that operate legally, but some conduct illicit deals, such as installing military-grade cybernetics for the right price.

Corporate Soldier = Part of a corporation’s personal army, these are people who were chosen, conscripted or volunteered to be trained to protect the interests of corporations. Most were not born into corporate life, owning all they have and are to their employers; a minority are corporate born who couldn’t find fulfilment in desk life or just knew they’d never succeed in the corpo business world.

Inside Corporations = Corporations (Megacorporations or MegaCorps) are giant, multinational companies that dominate the world. They can range from simple media corporations to worldwide security firms, the only thing you have to remember is that they will kill anyone that stands in their way. The corps in this world are often seen as sovereign nations of themselves, and use their power to change the world around them.

The corporation power structure is typically set up so that the CEO or president is at the top of the food chain. Underneath them is a sea of mid to high-level executives, all vying for a chance to progress up the ladder. Junior execs are what you would call a yuppie with more money than sense, they typically run smaller projects such as extorting a smaller rival or corporate espionage. Above them are managers, who oversee a whole department. The major infighting in corporations begins here, with dirty tricks, nepotism, and dishonesty being the primary factor in promotions to the next level. At this level, you see VPs whose role mostly comprises of the day-to-day running of the company. Above them, you have the Senior Management, your various C Designation officers, CEO, COO, CFO, etc. Founders, owners, major stakeholders sometimes comprise this level of the company but they are more likely to be seen on the board of directors. These are the ones with the true power and they always travel with a heavy armed presence.

Normal Jobs = Yeah, those exist.

(Most of these descriptions were taken from Cyberpunk Wiki)

ILLÉA CORPORATION (will be the equivalent to the games’s Arasaka Corp.)

Controlled by the Schreave family. The Corp. is one of the two biggest companies in the field of technology and research, focusing on firearms and other war/battle equipment as well as military implants. They have a great amount of power around the globe; the greatest ambition of the Corps. CEO is to cheat death, to have the ultimate control over life and death.

- Alaric Schreave - 121 years old - The founder and chairman of Schreave Corporation. A powerful man, he is astute and intelligent, using his years of experience to his advantage when dealing with his business partners. Being as old as he is, it is fair to assume that his human body has been failing him for years but the man has something against death and keeps his health with tech implants. But that can only get him so far.

- Valentine Schreave - 30 years old (?) - Grandson of Alaric and expected heir to Schreave Corp. Growing up in one of the most powerful families in the world has its advantages, but really, Valentine has grown tired of the backstabbing and machinations of corporate life. Being heir isn’t all it is amped up to be and he would rather be life any other fuck up on the streets at this point. And so, even at his 30s, Valentine is on his rebellious streak, trying to branch out and experience the life of a normal citizen.

- Harker “Kerr” Lex - 33 years old - Secretary/Bodyguard to Valentine. The ultimate netrunner, really. Kerr spent the majority of her life being trained by Schreave Corporation to be a netrunner, but she also has a wicked aim. She is extremely loyal and resourceful. Kerr tends to look tired most of the time, a given since the one she has to protect just can’t seem to keep out of trouble. She, like her brother, is a no-nonsense kind of person and has a very dry sense of humor. She is prone to bursts of emotion, mostly ones of irritation towards Valentine.

- Ambrose “Kirk” Lex - 33 years old - Corpo soldier and Kerr’s brother. A rule-abiding citizen though he has no problem in playing dirty when it is convenient.He is quiet and kind of brooding, very intelligent and astute (which is why Alaric likes him; Kirk used to be Alaric’s bodyguard). Family is extremely important to him. But under that, is the corporation who gave him everything; Kirk feels indebted to the Schreaves and his loyalty to them has never been shaken.


Inspired by Night City from the CDProjekt game, Cyberpunk 2077.

Angeles City is an autonomous city located in the old state of California. It is considered a modern multicultural and thriving metropolis of the 21st-century, overrun by corporations, corruption, organized crime and gang violence. The city has wide streets and dense urban skyscrapers which are home to millions of residents; old-styled houses are only found in the Borderlands, although most are abandoned because of the extreme climate the desert that formed around the city has. Only Nomads venture the Borderlands and they are in constant move, going from one location to another when the climate gets too extreme.

It functions as a city-states, with four corporations controlling the city via the City Senate; Illéa Corporation being the leader among the four corporations.


It is not that Angeles City is the only booming megalopolis in the destroyed continent of North America, it is just the biggest. Other cities are separated by miles from Angeles City thanks to the desert named “The Borderlands”. No one really knows when it was that The Borderlands came to be, but most historians agree that the most probable cause was the First Corporate War, which laid waste to the Americas.

As said before, most of the habitants of The Borderlands are the Nomad communities (or families, as they like to call themselves) but it isn’t unheard of that some people will leave Angeles City and isolate themselves… After all, The Borderlands are the perfect place to hide. It is also known that various corporations prefer to build their warehouses or laboratories in the desert, since The Borderlands are quite expansive, it grants anonymity to some of the more unsavory businesses.


Formed by the four great megacorporations that control Angeles City:

Illéa Corporation;

MedBay Health;

TechArms and Defense;


They have the power over most politics inside the premises of Angeles City. The Senate was created after the First Corporate War and these corporations have been allies since then, each specializing in a different area. Illéa Corporation is involved in the most areas, but they don’t meddle in health, cyber protection or cyberware implants (each specialization is in sequence to the cited corpos); as per agreed on the terms of the Angeles Agreement. The Senate is formed by the highest ranking people of each organization.


Remember when filling out this form, people can have deceptive appearances but they also can have less than human ones. If you have any specific idea for your character, please let Wondy or LoganPerdue know so they can help create the character you invision in the world created.

Disclaimer -

General ~

Name(s) [nicknames as well:

Age [between 25 to 35:


Gender Identity [all gender identities welcomed:

Sexuality [all sexualities welcomed:

Life path [Corporate, Street rat, Nomad:

Job [Check information for detailed list:

Appearance ~

[This is where you can really let your imagination run wild]

Face Claim:

Skin tone color [Can be any color in this world:

Eye color:

Height [in cms:

Weight [in kgs:

Distinguished features [can be anything from electronic parts, to tattoos and/or piercings:

Clothing style [if you are making a pinterest board, feel free to add pictures of the style:

Implants and why they have them:

Backstory ~

Childhood/Early Development:

Family [or whoever they consider family:

Romantic History:

Personality ~

General Description [be as detailed as possible:









Opinions and Treatments ~

Opinion/Thoughts of Corporations/Corps in general?:

Opinion/Thoughts of Nomads?:

Opinion/Thoughts of Street Rats?:

Opinion/Thoughts of the Illea Corporation?:

Opinion and Treatment of Alaric Schreave:

Opinion and Treatment of Valentine Schreave:

Opinion and Treatment of Harker “Kerr” Lex:

Opinion and Treatment of Ambrose “Kirk” Lex:

Opinion/Thoughts of the broadcasted Selection?:

Opinions/Thoughts of technology/implants/feature changes in general:

Favorites ~

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Personal Item:






[just for a little more info/fun :)]

Hogwarts House:

What superpower would you give them?:

Pinterest board and/or username:

Once you have submitted the form, your character will be evaluated and determined if they are a good fit for the world. The author will try their best to write your character the way you intended, yet (for our sake) if there is anything you want to change, let either Logan or Wondy know. Any character submitted, however, will be the authors to write. Thank you for taking the time to write your character, and we cannot wait to see where this will take us!

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