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Author has written 15 stories for My Little Pony, and Dragon Age.

The following are the MLP couples I support:

Doctor Whooves X Derpy Hooves (The best couple)

Futtershy X Big Macintosh (They make sense and their cute)

Dinky X Pipsqueak (They so cute togather it makes me go, aww!)

Spitfire X Soarin (It would explan why their always the last ones to leave the locker room)

Octavia X Noteworthy (In my head it's like a princess and the stable boy kind of romance)

Octavia X Noteworthy X Vinyl Scratch (Their Musician. They always have the most carzy love lives)

Lyra X Bon Bon (Just because their the same sex doesn't mean they can't be in love with each other)

Braeburn X Little Strongheart (Was I the only one who got a strong Pocahontas feeling when those two first met each other in that episode? 0.o)

Carrot Top X Big Macintosh (The daughter of the carrot farmer having a forbidden crush for the son of the apple farmer, Imagine the scandal)

Nightshade X Iron Gates

Doctor Whooves: "Wait minute. Those are your OC's."

64: "So, they still need love like everypony else."

Doctor Whooves: "But their not in the show."

64: "Perhaps, but they are in my head canon."

Doctor Whooves: "But..."

Lyra: "Come on Doc, Let 64 add his OC's to the list it's not like he's hurting anypony."

Doctor Whooves: "Well, i guess..."

Bon Bon: "Yeah, Doc don't be a hater."

Doctor Whooves: "Fine. add the OC's to the list."

Lyra and Bon Bon: "YAY!"

Lyra: "Now lets make out for no reason!"

Bon Bon: "Okay!"

the two of them start to make out.

Doctor Whooves: 0.0

64: 0.0

64: Well, I don't think any of us expected that to happen."

The Winner for the guest appearence competition (for those who have no idea what i'm taiking about check Chapter 5 of Their First Adventure) is:

Insert drumroll here

ReverseSceptile for his suggestion of Big Macintosh.

Hey everyone, I just opened an account on (It's a fanfiction site made for MLP FanFics only.)

it's under the same name and will have the same stories.

Just thought I'll let you know becouse I have no idea how to make links

P.S I am working hard on the next Chapter for TFA (Their First Adventure)

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