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Author has written 7 stories for Falling Skies, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Call of Duty.

Hi, i'm Sanguin (Or as most of my friends on here call me 'Sassy') here's a little something about me:

Name: As i told you SANGUIN !! (Like i'm gonna give a real name on here)

Age: 20 (As of June 15th)

Gender: Female

Appearance: For me to know and you never to find out

favorite TV series: At the moment i'd say Falling Skies it's just so well made! Followed closely by Leverage i have never laughed so much in my life!

favorite books: "Fallen" by Karin Slaughter of course! but i love the likes of Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the Rings and many Stephen King.

favorite movies: The Terminator movies, Kill Bill vol 1 and 2 , Resident evil series, Underworld series and Haywire (Starring MMA fighter Gina Carano) and many more...

Favorite shows: Falling Skies, Leverage, Criminal Minds, NIKITA, NCIS, Sanctuary and a few more; Shows I miss: Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles and Shark

Favorite Games:Call of Duty, Resident Evil, GTA, Blazing Angels, Homefront and Medal of Honor

Random Stuff!

Favorite pairings:

FALLING SKIES:Hal/Maggie (Without a doubt!) Ben/Lourdes, Tector/Crazy Lee (Am i the only one who thinks this?) and Tom/Anne

LEVERAGE: Parker/Hardison, Nate/Sophie

CRIMINAL MINDS: JJ/Reid Prentiss/Morgan

NCIS: Tony/Ziva (TIVA!!!!) Abby/McGee (McGABBY)

NIKITA: Nikita/Michael (Mikita) Alex/Sean (Salex) Amanda/Ari (Amari)

top 10 favorite characters:

1. Maggie (Falling Skies)

2. Parker (Leverage)

3. Elliot Spencer (Leverage)

4. Pope (Falling Skies)

5. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)

6. Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)

7. Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau (Criminal Minds)

8. Ashley Magnus (Sanctuary)

9. Ziva David (NCIS)

10. The Bride/Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill)

favorite people to whump: Hal Mason (Falling Skies), Ashley Magnus (Sanctuary), Emily Prentiss (Criminal Minds), Chris Redfield (Resident Evil) and Elle Driver (Kill Bill)

MY OC(S) for my FAN FIC works

DRAGON BALL Z: The Chronicles of Ren

Name: Ren

Gender: Female

Race: Saiyan

Born: 750 (Making her 11 years-old in Age 761)

Place of Birth: Frieza Planet 79

Personality: Ren firstly comes across as a somewhat confident but unusual young Saiyan warrior, despite her young age she is rather hardened by all the war and death she has seen but deep inside she is filled with good intentions though some might do more harm than good; Ren has the heart of a lion and often proves this when she pits herself against bigger and sometimes stronger foes, she also has an incredibly loyal streak that runs deep within her and is highly proud of her Saiyan heritage.

Family –

Raditz – Father (Deceased- Chapter: TBA)

Eryn – Mother (Deceased, pre-story)

Paragus - Grandfather (Unknown, Presumed Dead)

Bardock – Grandfather (Deceased, pre-story)

Broly - Uncle (Deceased - Chapter: TBA)

Goku/Kakarot – Uncle

Gohan – Cousin

Goten – Cousin

Chi-Chi – Aunt

Appearance: Though Ren is still growing when we meet her she starts off at 4’6” and weighs roughly 110lbs due to her muscle mass, other than this she is said to look an almost spitting image of her mother with her bushy black hair and bold eyes that carry a certain softness to them even in her father’s shade of onyx, since the age of 4 she has had a small scar running through her right eye from her first actual battle that cost her more than she would ever have thought…Ren dresses in her Saiyan armour to begin with but that soon changes to custom made clothes that have the strength of the armour courtesy of Bulma Briefs and Capsule Corps.

Visual Examples: ((Note: These drawings are NOT mine they belong to the DeviantArt artist BK-81, I have her permission to use the images...go and check out her profile for more fantastic artwork))

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) and lastly (6)

Power-Level: Ren starts out with a level of 850 in a non-combative mode but when she powers up she ascends to 1,100…during the year of preparing for the other Saiyans to arrive Ren has had a Zenkai boost from fighting her father which adds to her going up to just under 6,000 but this won’t be the end as she will go all the way up to the ‘legendary’ status of Super Saiyan.

Bio: Ren is possibly the youngest and full blood Saiyan remaining after the destruction of Planet Vegeta in 737 which was thirteen years before she was born, she is the only child of Raditz and his late wife Eryn of whom had grown up together, Ren was born into a world where she had to grow up fast or perish with the weak as war and destruction raged on all around.

At age 4, it had been claimed that Ren had been trained enough that she could take part in her first invasion alongside Vegeta, Nappa and her parents…but this decision would prove to be a grave error when the inhabitants of Planet Zion turned out to be far stronger than they had at first thought to have been, Ren found herself out-matched even at her impressive skill for a child…she was in the firing line of a high-powered blast that should have killed her outright but lucky for her Eryn turned up just in time to shield her from the majority of it, in the end of the battle Raditz found a beaten and unconscious Ren in the arms of her dead mother…this event left Ren with the small scar through her right eye.

As the years passed the death of her mother had changed Ren more than any had thought it possibly could, as she got older Ren decided she wanted more than just to destroy planets and kill innocents for Frieza and the Planet Trade Organization, she began to want a life away from the bloodshed…at age 11 she would get that chance when she and her father head to Planet Earth to find her uncle ‘Kakarot’…

The Walking Dead: No Easy Hope

Name: Alexandra Sinclair

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Occupation prior to the Outbreak: Competitive Archer

Personality: Alex is often described as being a laid-back and focused individual even under heavy pressure she tries to remain focused for the sake of others; she also has a deeply caring and pretty friendly demeanor although has a fairly volatile temper when she is pushed too far.

Appearance: Alex is about 5’8” and weighs just short of 125lbs (8.9 stone) with a slender but athletically toned build, she has shoulder-length dark brown hair and deep green-blue eyes, her clothing consists of dark colored vest tops, camouflage cargo pants, military grade boots and a leather jacket…she also wears dog-tags but she has no link to the military but they did belong to a friend who was taken by walkers shortly before the story.

Look alike: Lara Croft (the 2013 version) dressed like this

Skills and Traits: Alex likes to keep in peak physical fitness as she deems it one of the necessities to staying alive, she is highly skilled with a bow as she has just over 13 years of experience of both shooting competitively and hunting, over the duration of the apocalypse Alex was taught by a fellow survivor (a soldier) how to protect herself if she was ever to get into a hostile situation with the living thanks to this she knows the basics of a martial art known as Eskrima, she is also now rather handy with both a blade and the handgun her friend gave her.

Biography: Born and Raised London, UK, Alex was the eldest daughter of a Police officer and a school teacher, not much is known about her childhood other than she was keen on sports as she joined the girls football team at school and even competed in track events as well as her outside interest for Archery which she began aged 13, as the years passed she competed more in Archery than she anything else, she eventually went on to compete nationally and always finished in the top five, she was hoping the latest on would lead her to the championship…but unfortunately for her the Apocalypse began the week before she could find out.

Events leading up to ‘No Easy Hope’: Alex had been on her own for little more than three weeks after her camp had been overrun by Walkers leaving her the only survivor, she’d been moving through rural Georgia on her own and was only picking up the things she really needed before moving on but some unexpected events arise…

Other Information: Alex is Vegetarian.


Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow

Glock 17 (9mm with Suppressor)

K-Bar combat knife


Character Themes:

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons - Cover by Macy Kate Band

(((((((More To Come)))))))))


Name: Karen Stonebridge

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Call sign: Reaper

Rank: Captain (Military Intelligence Corps)

Occupation: Member of Task Force 141 (both intelligence and combat)

Military Service: 17 years in total, 6 with the US Army, 6 with the Military Intelligence Corps and 5 with TF141 (since its creation in 2011)

Personality: Karen has often been described as a laid-back and likeable kind of person, she enjoys a laugh from time to time and cares greatly for those on her team although when the pressure is on she can become a dedicated and focused individual who looks out for her comrades and is ruthless to her enemies.

Skills: As a solider Karen is well versed in handling various light and heavy firearms, she is highly trained in hand-to-hand combat, knows how to disarm IEDs and can speak five other languages other than English, these include: French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and some Arabic.

Appearance: Karen stands around 5’7” and weighs just over 120lbs, she has a slender but athletically toned build to her, she has dark brown hair that hangs just past her shoulders with a naturally straight but slightly waved appearance to it, Karen also has deep brown and rather soft looking eyes that sometimes clash with her personality. (physical pictures: 1, 2 and 3) (Uniform on base) and (Tactical uniform for in the combat zone)

Biography: Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, on April 22nd 1981 Karen is the eldest daughter of James and Cassandra Stonebridge; she has a brother named Connor who is 6 years younger than her and the one person she is fiercely protective of, their father James is a retired Captain in the British SAS and their mother Cassandra a High School teacher, Karen joined the army at the age of 18 primarily becoming an Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Specialist for the first three years of her career before she decided that she wanted a role more suited to the intelligence side of things so she moved towards the Human Intelligence field.

Three short years later, she was assigned to the 513th Military Intelligence Brigade at Fort Gordon in Georgia where she would stay for another 6 years and eventually earn the rank of 1st Lieutenant.

In early 2011, Karen was approached by Lt General. Shepherd who offered her a place on a new team called Task Force 141, she took a couple of days to think the offer over before she eventually took him up on the offer and became one of the first members of the team, as time went on she assisted in both Intelligence and combat in which she became a skilled fighter both armed and unarmed, in 2015 she was eventually promoted to Captain…


Handgun: Beretta 90-Two (9mm FMJ w/ Optional Suppressor)

SMG/s: HK UMP5 (.45 ACP)

Assault Rifles: M4a1 (5.56 w/ ACOG scope and optional M203 Grenade Launcher), AK47u (7.62 w/ folding stock) and SCAR-L (5.56)

Sniper Rifles: M14 EBR (7.62, as seen in picture) and SVD Dragunov (7.62, as seen in picture)

Knife: Gerber Mk II

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