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Hey there lovelies, this is the account made to host the collaborations of Toringtino and caribou.and.cake. Our first story, Errare Humanum Est, will hopefully be posted soon. :)

Well hello my beautiful readers, this is Caribou speaking. I'll keep my little spiel short and sweet. My name's Gabrielle, most call me Gabby, Tori calls me Belle. I'm twenty, in college, a part-time receptionist at an orthodontist's office, a proud owner of female anatomy and naturally dark blonde hair dyed a dark auburn, and a Scorpio. Um, save for that biologically necessary for survival, GrimmIchi(Shiro) is my life. I adore Grimmjow for his savage and beautifully bestial personality, not to mention those ethereally amazing good looks I maintain no other could ever compare to. Ichigo is my little cutie pie, I love his protective yet introverted personality and those locks of autumn sunset and big brown eyes. I couldn't imagine two souls more perfectly suited for each other. I write them with an overly dramatic bordering on absurd, romantic and near histrionic style and I like to write GrimmIchi stories that are offbeat and different than any other I've ever come across. That's why I fell in love with the ever talented Toringtino's work. She's brilliant and working with her is like a dream come true. That said, I hope you all enjoy our collaborations as much as we've enjoyed writing them. :)

Yo to all you GrimmIchi soul-mates, Toringtino here! The name's Tori; though, as I've said before, feel free to call me whatever ya very well please. Am easy like a Sunday mornin' - and it's not like I can physically stop ya from doin' otherwise. So yeah, have at it (: Following in Belle's footsteps; I'm twenty-three (ugh), work in Tesco (double ugh), am female as far as I'm aware, have very unnaturally red hair, blue eyes, hold an insane amount of Disney OSTs on my iPod, have a ridiculously unhealthy addiction to caffeine, and was born under the Zodiac of Libra. Go equality! Again, I have absolutely no recollection on how I ever fell into fanfiction - but that is of little consequence. All that matters is that I live and breathe Grimm(Shiro)Ichi. If at all possible, I'd eat it too. To me, Grimmjow is the sinfully gorgeous, characterised epitome of Samuel Johnson's iconic quote; "He who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man." That is, a man so feral and wild in personality, it's hard to distinguish between human and beast. And serially - who wouldn't love that? Then we have Ichigo, who is such a beautiful martyr; strong, confident, and ready to die for that in which he truly believes. I quite honestly adore him and his sunshiny tresses. And Shiro? Well, he's the unbelievably sexy, badass mother of a catalyst that keeps everything buzzing with electricity. Obviously. Writing about this simply amazing duo (or trio) is so far beyond a pleasure, it's kind'a hard to put into words. I love it, with all my soul. Heh, listen to Belle; goin' on about me when we all know if anyone's work deserves some well earned praise and attention, it's her own. Nice try though, Aibou Working with her on our upcoming projects is not only a privilege, but an immense joy. She's such a freakin' genius - and a romantic at heart, to boot - so ya know it's gonna be pure gold.

Watch this space, fellow GrimmIchi supporters; we will do you proud.

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