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Hey there everyone! If I would want you guys to know just one personal thing about myself, it would be that I'm autistic. As you probably can tell from all my crossover fanfictions, I really love to imagine most of my characters together from different universes.

And yes, I do pairings with some of them too. But of course, I always make the pairings a little more legit, along with keeping characters somewhat in character.

CURRENT STATUS: "Omni Force: WAR" Chapter 11 is up next!



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Favorite Cartoon Character of All Time: Sunset Shimmer - By far, this character is one of the best to have redeemed herself from a previous action. As a former antagonist, Sunset is one of the few characters who has to deal with the rebound correctly. Despite having a couple of friends at her back, she's still isolated for what she had done in the past. Her role in "Rainbow Rocks" probably made the movie much more enjoyable for me to watch. And her most recent music video, "My Past Is Not Today", is probably one of my favorite songs. She's been reborn in my eyes from a mediocre villain to an awesome protagonist. She is awesome. Her role in "Friendship Games" made her look even more epic and awesome. Not to mention beautiful. She might be a flawed protagonist, but that's what makes her so lovable, because she reminds us of ourselves, wanting guidance when really we have to discover the answers to our futures ourselves. :)

Favorite Anime Character of All Time: Izuku "Deku" Midoriya - Never heard of him? You should see My Hero Academia and find out just how awesome this guy is. Seriously, I didn't even realize that I was acting like this kid almost all my life. Thinking aloud and becoming a worrywort over so many different things. But you know, this guy persevered through the adversity he was up against and earned his way to obtaining the power he has. I want everyone to know that I truly love this character because he's one who wants to save lives by doing whatever it takes, even if it means breaking his bones again and again and again. So for the last time... SEE THE ANIME! You won't regret it. There's a huge reason I'm making this guy the future leader of the Omni Force after all.

Pairings Followed: (Those with #OTP after descriptions are to be canon pairings in my fanfic multiverse)

Ash X Fluttershy: Ahem. This crossover pairing is definitely something to consider. Both like caring for the creatures they house with them, and get excited about encountering them as well. I bet that Ash's upbeat and carefree personality rubs off onto anyone, even someone as timid and shy as Fluttershy. This idea was sparked by my fans, but it did stick for the long haul. Though you must be wondering, how will their relationship affect Serena in "Finding That Showcase Smile"? As of now in the XY&Z series, I have Fluttershy share an interesting ability that she shares with Ash, having a strong enough bond with her Infernape to form Fluttershy-Infernape the same way Ash-Greninja is formed. Ash usually ends up surprised by her amazing strength and will, and worries for her as she mopes over Alain and such.

Ash X Mirajane: Okay, another crossover pairing for Ash, only this one's a little different. Like Korra, Mirajane is one of the older girls that Ash has a crush on. However, unlike how he admires Korra for her strength and will, he admires Mira for her beauty. I'm not gonna lie, when I thought of these two together, I imagined puberty hitting Ash like a freight train upon seeing her. In my mind, Ash is completely infatuated with her upon their first meeting, and her kindness makes him even more attracted to her. However, when he acts foolishly upon talking with her, Pikachu usually steps in with an Iron Tail to his face, especially when his trainer accidentally gets rather inappropriate thoughts within his mind. Along with that, even his Greninja finds her quite fetching, enticing the Electric type to knock him out as well. On Mira's side of the relationship, she admires Ash for his bravery and loyalty to his friends, and is caring for his well-being. During the Alvarez Empire Arc of Fairy Tail, they team up to try and fight off Irene Belserion during the final stages of the war. My headcanon is that Ash helps save Mira from getting tortured again by Irene, proceeding to use Ash-Greninja in order to defeat her. By the end of the arc, which will hopefully be by the end of the series, these two will get engaged. #OTP

Amourshipping: The relationship between Ash and Serena is proabably one of the many things the XY series has done extremely well with. These two share many intriguing and awesome moments. And with all the hints seen so far, I can't wait to see where this pairing leads. Knowing that Serena actually has a crush on Ash makes me even more excited.

Skyshipping: A crossover shipping featuring Mistralton Gym Leader Skyla, and beyblader Gingka Hagane. I write these two as a very loving couple, spending time with one another whenever they can. Usually Skyla has a habit of poking her boyfriend on the nose in a cute manner in order to flirt with him, while he just shows off his impressive charm. #OTP

Gingka X Erza: Keep in mind, this is more of a friendship between these two. I paired both the requip mage and the beyblader together because of the same skill sets they have, both using swords (Headcanon that Gingka uses one). However, unlike practically everyone in Fairy Tail, and even a few members of the Omni Force, Gingka's not intimidated at all by her presence. However, he can't deny the fact that Erza is extremely attractive, which makes him feel as it he's cheating on Skyla by being around her. More on their relationship will be revealed in the fanfic: Visitors.

Ben X Hinata: Something about these two together appeals to me. I don't get why exactly it's so interesting. In my mind, I find these two as close friends. Heck, even in headcanon perspective, I do have them as a couple for quite a while. But of course, Ben understands Hinata's feelings for Naruto, so he doesn't remain with her forever. The thing about this relationship is that the result of their break up was the dating rule of Team Omniverse, which obviously made some future problems for some team members. These two are the best friends, and have helped each other take closer steps in their relationships, in headcanon perspective. (Congrats to Naruhina BTW!)

Naruhina: (Too Obvious To Explain) :) #OTP

Ben X Rainbow Dash: (FUTURE SPOILERS BTW!) Ben 10 and Rainbow Dash are pretty similar, and that's where this idea struck after I watched Equestria Girls. These two love soccer, are always competing for attention, and have awesome abilities. When I first paired them for this story, I didn't think I'd get the best of attentions from you guys. But you blew my mind with how you've appreciated my writing, and how it's been growing ever since. Anyways, in headcanon perspective, these two do share a lot of time together after they get together. They flirt, kiss on most occassions, and even got to new universes together to gather members for the Omni Force (NEW NAME FOR TEAM OMNIVERSE). They don't immediately pull the "I love you" on each other as well. The first time Ben admits his feelings is when he's confronted by Spanner about being with Kai Green in the future, where he denies that because of his feelings for Rainbow. A drabble on that scene will be written eventually. #OTP

Rook X Sunset Shimmer: (SPOILERS BTW!) When these two first meet, Rook begins to feel strange around her. Sunset, who's to be Korra's replacement on Team Omniverse, doesn't understand his feelings at first, as she's only trying to do her job in helping Ben and Rainbow apprehend the masked man. Rook's feelings grow even further when he finds out that his former girlfriend, Rayonna, got engaged to another man while he was away. This relationship was a major plot point in Outlook, so it's best that you consider it. These two now have a quiet, easygoing relationship, getting to know each other better as a couple.

Rex X Kuvira: (FUTURE SPOILERS BTW!) Okay, I know this totally comes out of nowhere considering how I respect Rex X Circe, and how I promoted Rex X Applejack. But at the same time, when I first teased this pairing in "Change", it actually grew on me. So much so that I think I might create a post Book 4 story in the future to show the relationship unfold. Anyways, by the end of Book 3, I did have Rex and Kuvira start dating, and that relationship was great… for only two weeks. By the end of that time, Kuvira went on to stabilize the Earth Kingdom, and didn't have time for Rex. But after the end of her Earth Empire, Kuvira now is in jail, and well… Again, more details will come later, but the point is, I like these two together. This relationship will get more focus in the fanfic: Evolution. #OTP

Raya X Rachael: Inspired by the Korrasami paring, this is my first OC shipping. If I wanna say just a few things about it, I'll say this: they're scared. They're scared of what their parents will think, and fear that it'll isolate them from the rest of the world. True, there are some who disagree with such ideals, but that shouldn't prevent these two from being together. Raya & Rachael are best friends growing up, much to the surprise of their parents as Ben and Gingka had a troubled history being teammates. Of course, they know of Korra's relationship with Asami, and wonder if they could possibly feel the same way about each other. Rachael usually plays around with Raya to try and tease her, while she usually is the more serious one of the two. For those of you that wanna see me go deeper into this pairing in a story, feel free to send me a message along with the hashtag: #R&R! I can't wait to hear your thoughts! #OTP

Christina X Mackenzie: Another OC pairing between two females, along with a bit of history. Back when she was young, Christina was a lot more open and carefree. But after going through the experience of bullying in grade school, she lost touch and became more reserved, like her father. One day however, she was saved from bullies by Mackenzie, who gained Equestrian magic after gaining the courage to stand up for her friend. Ever since, she's secretly admired her and became her best friend throughout middle school. But this pairing's going to have an interesting twist later on down the road. More of that will be looked into in a future story, but for now, enjoy the pairing description.

Kyoya X Applejack: As upset as some may have been that I decided to pair Rex with Kuvira, I figured another pairing that would work better would be the best to do. When I started thinking about these two together, I imagined somewhat of a 'love-hate' relationship, with Kyoya being stubborn, while Applejack likes being honest and independent. However, the former of the two does start to take an interest into the latter, especially since he doesn't wanna lose to Gingka, who has his own relationship while he doesn't. There will be a future fanfic that goes deeper into this relationship, but for now, just know that I hope you guys don't mind these two possibly together for me. #OTP

Natsu X Lucy: (Too Obvious To Explain) :) #OTP

Natsu X Twilight Sparkle: Okay, you should've seen this pairing coming the moment I had every male main member of the current Omni Force paired with an Equestria Girl. However, this Twilight's the one from Friendship Games: The Omni Force Crossover, and Natsu's gonna play a big part in that storyline. He's the idiot while she's the nerd! In the end, these two are very close friends, with Twilight greatly admiring Natsu for his efforts in trying to save her, and Natsu admiring her for her calm and gentle behavior, similar to that of Lucy's.

Clemont X Pinkie Pie: Based off of the little hints I gave for this pairing in "Finding That Showcase Smile", these two struck me as a great pair. I mean, wouldn't Pinkie's energy and enthusiasm be the perfect fit for someone as dorky as Clemont? Not to mention, Pinkie could also fall for his sister's antics and end up marrying him! But that's just speculation. For now, these two are a good future couple, and I think you guys can agree that it can be adorable. Again, there might be a silly little drabble that focuses on a scenario for these two in the future. #OTP

Alain X Fluttershy: This pairing came about thanks to one of the suggestions of one of my reviewers. Alain from the Pokemon series is a great match for someone like Fluttershy because of her kindness towards creatures, minus large dragons unfortunately. However, I see these two as somewhat of a caring relationship for each other, willing to do whatever it takes to protect one another. I think there'll be more for me to work with when the XY&Z series comes about, but for now, these two are going to be featured as a couple for future stories. But as he insists on traveling alone, Fluttershy constantly worries for him, especially when she starts hearing word that he's working with Team Flare. More on their relationship will have some scenes in the fanfic: The Mega Protocol. #OTP

Rogue X Rarity: I always wondered what it would be like to pair up an Equestria Girl with a character from Fairy Tail. And while the Natsu X Twilight pairing isn't going to be canon in my stories, this one will be. Rarity is attracted to the mysterious background of the shadow dragon slayer, and while she's somewhat clingy towards him, he cares for her very much. Especially since I see Rarity easily getting along with his exceed in Frosch. Diamonds shine brightest through the shadows of a dragon! More on their relationship will be revealed in Legend of Everfree: The Omni Force Crossover. :) #OTP

Luffy X Shadowbolts: So this is going to be my first harem based pairing, due to me loving the Shadowbolts in Friendship Games, and absolutely falling in love with the One Piece anime. This comes from my head canon, where I believe that Sugarcoat, Lemon Zest, Indigo Zap, Sunny Flare, and Sour Sweet all have affections for Straw Hat because of either his looks, aloof personality, or strength in the same sense they admired Natsu. Once the fourth Equestria Girls movie is announced, I'll provide a few more details on this pairing.

Luffy X Twilight: After seeing how many people appreciated the Natsu X Twilight pairing, I figured putting her with another Omni Force member would be an appropriate thing to do. Of course, I'm unsure as to whether or not they'll be a canon pairing, but that'll be revealed in due time. Anyways, when I first imagined these two, I instantly thought of a Luffy X Nami type of relationship, where Twilight finally starts to act up whenever the aspiring Pirate King is being his obnoxious, outgoing self. There's also the fact that Spike doesn't trust him all that much since he's a pirate, creating somewhat of a void between them. More on their relationship will be revealed in Legend of Everfree: The Omni Force Crossover. :) #OTP

Zoro X Kagura: Upon looking at both One Piece and Fairy Tail recently, I've fallen for the awesome sword-wielding Roronoa Zoro, and really wanted to make a crossover pairing with someone who'd suit his personality. Of course, while most people would think Erza would be better suited for the role, I think Kagura Mikazuchi would be perfect for him as well. In my headcanon, these two first meet under circumstances where Zoro's being convinced to join the Omni Force, but he declines, wanting instead to focus on his goal of becoming the greatest swordsman in the world. But convinced that she wants him to join, Kagura challenges him to a duel where if she wins, he'll join the team. If she loses, she'll join the team. #OTP

Konohamaru X Serena: After spilling the beans on how Ash and Mirajane would be my canon Ash pairing, I decided pairing Serena with someone else would be the best way to go. And who better to put with her than the aspiring Konohamaru Sarutobi. While Naruto hasn't appealed to me all lately, Konohamaru's been one of my favorite characters as he's grown up, proving that he's just as worthy to become Hokage. In my mind, I see an easygoing relationship between these two as they learn more about each other. More on this relationship will be revealed in due time.

Kenny X Natalie: Boy, Fairy Tail has sure gotten me hooked on the crossover pairings lately. This time, we're looking at the OC pairing of Kenny Tennyson and Natalie Dragneel. Surprisingly, Kenny's the shyer of the two when it comes to talking with Natalie. He tends to find her pretty attractive with what she regularly wears, especially when she wears a crop top that's similar to his shirt. Natalie on the other hand, denies any kind of relationship with Kenny, because she thinks boys are as stupid-minded and inconsiderate like her father once was. Nevertheless, she does find him cute most of the time, and usually begs her dad to take her along to his universe sometimes. More on this pairing will be revealed in a future fanfic to come.

Law X Sunset: Upon watching the One Piece anime recently, I've made Trafalgar Law one of my favorite characters. And similar to how I enjoyed thinking about writing Ash X Mirajane, I'm excited to write about Law X Sunset. Now don't worry, I won't destroy Rook X Sunset with this pairing, but I do find it interesting. I imagine these two have an untrustworthy relationship, with Law's alliance with Luffy only being temporary, along with him being one of the warlords. But as she learns about his past and his mission, she starts to open up to him as a friend in the same way Twilight would have. In fact, she's the one who convinces him to join the Omni Force as a squadron leader after the end of One Piece's Dressrosa Arc. More on this pairing will be revealed in due time.

Gray X Juvia: This pairing in Fairy Tail is already too obvious with Juvia's affections for Gray, but I love it anyways. I believe Juvia's one of the most attractive girls in Fairy Tail, matching up to names such as Mirajane and Erza, and someone like Gray is perfect for her. They've lived together, trained together, and have shared many moments that are few and far between what could be considered just friendship. The manga better end with Gray saying he'll be with her, otherwise putting up a pairing for them will just be considered bad writing. More on this pairing will be revealed in due time.

RJ X Alice: Another OC pairing between the son of Kuvira and Rex, & the daughter of Gray and Juvia. I imagine these two having a steady, yet awkward relationship due to Alice's unfortunate stripping habit. RJ usually attempts to be the one to romance her, but ends up being too attracted to Alice to even speak. While Rex and the Fullbuster family are okay with this relationship, Kuvira tends to think that Alice could be a bad influence on her son because of her habits. More on this pairing will be revealed in due time.

Zyro X Wendy: This crossover pairing stems from the fact that I couldn't pair Gingka with Erza, so I thought that a pairing between these two would sound pretty good! I love Wendy so much. She's like the little sister figure that everyone wants to have, and I think her personality would suit someone as active and outgoing as Zyro. In my mind, I imagine these two having a nice and steady relationship, courtesy of Erza and Gingka introducing them to each other. More on this pairing will be revealed in due time. #OTP

Gaara X Yang: After getting introduced to RWBY, I immediately fell in love with Yang Xiao Long, and I wanted to have her paired with someone from another universe. With Gaara apparently having no relationships by the end of the "Naruto" manga, I thought he'd be the perfect match for her. I imagine with Yang's exuberance with Gaara's calm demeanor, that they'll be a perfect couple. More on it will be revealed in due time. #OTP

Law X Cana: Considering how I've recently liked playing around with Ben X Cana and fantasizing over Law X Sunset, I figured that this pairing would be a good way to take my mind off of those other two. One thing that I think would be good about this crossover pairing is the potential it has to be a good relationship. I could totally see Cana and Law getting along as a couple upon getting introduced to each other. Of course, there might be issues with Cana's drinking and such, but I bet they could have tons of fun. More on this pairing will be revealed in due time. #OTP

Marco X Star: This pairing already seems too obvious to explain, but I'll do my best. Star and Marco are a force to be reckoned with, along with being the best of friends. Now I'm excited to see more hints pointing towards the pairing, but we've gotta wait longer than expected due to... reasons. Nevertheless, I fully expect to see Star and Marco rocket to the top as a dynamic pairing. More on them will be revealed in due time. #OTP



Sting X Sunset: After writing "Let's Hit The Water Park Again!" along with the "Legend Of Everfree: The Omni Force Crossover" prologue, I sort of started to fall in love with the idea of this pairing. Sting and Sunset seem like a formidable combination as a team, and they have a mutual respect for each other as squad leader and second in command respectively. Sting usually calls her 'milady' as she's his team leader, but it usually embarrasses her as it seems like she's being treated as royalty. Despite the awkward moments they've shared, Rook is actually okay with the two together. He trusts Sting with Sunset more than he would ever trust Law. More on this pairing will be revealed in "Legend Of Everfree: The Omni Force Crossover" and "Omni Force: WAR". #OTP


The Challenge of a Lifetime CH. 7


Virus: A female Galvanic Mechamorph conceived by Malware. She is a blue colored Mechamorph with the same capabilities of absorbing and utilizing like Malware, having incredible speed and superb jumping capabilities. Unlike her creator, she is quite intelligent, able to predict her opponents' attacks during battle and pinpoint their weaknesses. More on her will be revealed in the fanfic: The Five.

Spam: A male Galvanic Mechamorph conceived by Malware. He in an orange colored Mechamorph with a large, bulky physique that is very destructive. His capabilities have evolved to immense strength and power along with his regular abilities as a Mechamorph. However, his brashness comes mostly without thought, practically the polar opposite of his conceived twin. More on him will be revealed in the fanfic: The Five.




The MPG - The device invented by Azmuth that enables the user to travel into alternate universes. Once registered in its system, the MPG can allow for a person to travel to any universe he or she has visited before. It also allows for communication between universes, and includes a randomizer function so that users may travel to new universes. The users of this device are the members of the Omni Force.

Adaptability Gene - A term coined by Rook Blonko that refers to the anomaly where people from different universes gain abilities from others. This was first witnessed with Ash Ketchum and Gingka Hagane when they first discovered their chakra in Naruto's world. There is a distinct possibility that everyone has this gene within them, but the ability they have yet to adapt is yet to be determined. USERS: Ash Ketchum (Lightning Style chakra, Armament Haki), Gingka Hagane (Wind Style chakra), Kyoya Tategami (Wind Magic), Alain Regulus (Fire Magic).

Equestrian Drive - A term coined by Sunset Shimmer in regards to the Rainbow Power pony ups for her and her Canterlot High School friends. In this stage, their abilities are enhanced tenfold, and may even increase to points where there may be a secondary form, such as Sunset's Daydream Drive. USERS: Rainbow Dash (Rainbow Drive), Sunset Shimmer (Phoenix Drive, Second Stage: Daydream Drive), Applejack (Apple Drive), Pinkie Pie (Balloon Drive), Fluttershy (Butterfly Drive), Rarity (Diamond Drive).

Magic Fusions - Fusion between magic powers of alternate universes, most commonly seen with those from the Fairy Tail universe and Equestria Girls universe. EXAMPLES: Sunset Shimmer & Natsu Dragneel (Fire Dragon Equestrian Flame, Fire Dragon Phoenix Strike), Sunset Shimmer & Sting Eucliffe (White Dragon Equestrian Flash, White Dragon Equestrian Nova)

Crossover Pokémon Teams: (AS OF NOW IN XY&Z SERIES)

Rarity: Carbink, Glameow, Metang, Ferroseed, Vivillon (2 PRINCESS KEYS) (DID NOT MAKE MASTER CLASS IN TIME)

Applejack: Gogoat, Rhydon, Furfrou, Machamp, Camerupt, Ursaring (8 BADGES)

Pinkie Pie: Slurpuff, Vanillish, Cherrim, Haunter, Flaffy, Minun (3 PRINCESS KEYS) (LOST IN PRELIMINARIES OF MASTER CLASS SHOWCASE)

Mirajane Strauss: Dragonair, Phantump

Erza Scarlet: Bisharp, Carbink


Dylan Regulus: Chesnaught, Talonflame, Raichu, Blastoise (Mega Blastoise), Tyrantrum, Lucario (Mega Lucario). RESERVES: Gardevoir (Mega Gardevoir), Froabble (Greninja).

Rachael Hagane: Jellal (Delphox), Oracio (Pidgeot), Tinkia (Florges), Oheron (Venusaur (Mega Venusaur)), Powdes (Hippowdon), Clampesta (Barbaracle). RESERVES: Doomer (Houndoom), Ringolo (Klefki), Baroon (Jigglypuff).

RJ Salazar: Megala (Meganium), Rocky (Steelix), Poliara (Poliwrath), Togeo (Togekiss), Arcia(Arcanine), Jolts(Jolteon). RESERVES: Pinsus(Pinsir), Cani(Growlithe). RESERVES: NONE.

Raya Dashilee Tennyson: Emboar, Seismitoad, Crustle, Sigilyph, Ferrothorn, Druddigon. RESERVES: NONE.

Boruto Uzumaki: Mudders (Swampert (Mega Swampert)), Lisanna (Gardevoir), Brea (Breloom), Ninbato (Crobat), Frossa (Glalie (Mega Glalie)), Smoker (Heatran). RESERVES: Decepta (Mawile).

Natalie Dragneel: Wisp (Infernape), Dragon (Gyarados), Ellie (Pachirisu), Screa (Misdreavus), Spearia (Drapion), Abomanation (Abomasnow). RESERVES: Katie (Chansey).

Kenny Tennyson: Tank (Torterra), Lynx (Luxray), Quack (Golduck), Krowl (Honchkrow), Tucker (Lucario). RESERVES: NONE.

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It's another night of hearing Mirajane's lovely voice singing to all of her fans, but this time, she's not alone! FEATURING ASH X MIRAJANE! ALL SONG RIGHTS GO TO THE CREATORS, MEGHAN TRAINOR, AND JOHN LEGEND. PLEASE READ, REVIEW, AND ENJOY! TAKES PLACE DURING FAIRY TAIL TIME SKIP!
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Entering the world of teenagers, Raya Dashilee Tennyson has been no more than your average human girl with superheroes for parents. But she's about to find out that her life may not be as normal as she thinks... What challenges await her as she's witnessing the start of a new era? PLEASE READ AND REVIEW! BEN 10/EQUESTRIA GIRLS CROSSOVER! RATED T FOR SAFETY
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A little Christmas oneshot for the holidays! As the Omni Force goes to Fairy Tail to celebrate, the boys have Ash daringly stand under the mistletoe until he gets a kiss. Though the one he ends up getting it from is very unexpected! Featuring multiple pairings! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! HOPE THIS IS A NICE PRESENT!
Crossover - Pokémon & Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,290 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 6 - Published: 12/19/2015 - [Ash K./Satoshi, Mirajane S.] Pikachu, Laxus D. - Complete
Friendship Games: The Omni Force Crossover reviews
Welcome to the Friendship Games! As the Wondercolts prepare to take on the Crystal Prep Shadowbolts, something seems amiss… Twilight Sparkle's in the games! As Sunset Shimmer tries to figure things out, Ben and Rook suddenly appear with horrific news! Is the end of the multiverse nigh? THANKS FOR 10,000 VIEWS!
Crossover - My Little Pony & Ben 10 - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 110,672 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 38 - Follows: 21 - Updated: 11/21/2015 - Published: 9/23/2015 - [Rainbow Dash, Ben T.] [Sunset Shimmer, Rook] - Complete
Outlook reviews
Will everything be all right in the end? As Avatar Korra is now out of commission for the time being on the Omni Force, Ben has to present her new main member status to a new partner, Sunset Shimmer! But while that's going on, who's the masked man tearing up Undertown, on the hunt for alien weapons! Featuring Ben X Rainbow & Rook X Sunset pairings! Big Hero 6 villain within story!
Crossover - My Little Pony & Ben 10 - Rated: K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Suspense - Chapters: 10 - Words: 69,113 - Reviews: 60 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 9/20/2015 - Published: 8/10/2015 - [Rainbow Dash, Ben T.] [Sunset Shimmer, Rook] - Complete
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Starfire's been kidnapped! An alien intruder kidnaps the Tamaranean princess, and the Titans call on their former friend Ben Tennyson for help, along with his partner, Rook, and his girlfriend, Rainbow Dash! But will they be able to save her, or will the Earth be in grave danger of destruction? Featuring Ben X Rainbow Dash! STORY IS NOW COMPLETE! THANKS EVERYONE!
Crossover - Teen Titans & Ben 10 - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Friendship - Chapters: 10 - Words: 75,663 - Reviews: 64 - Favs: 32 - Follows: 19 - Updated: 8/9/2015 - Published: 7/9/2015 - Robin, Starfire, Ben T., Rook - Complete
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After what happened in her Showcase debut, Serena's still feeling down… So Ash decides to cheer her up by taking her and his friends to Canterlot High! But when shenanigans start to take place, will the performer ever get her spark back? Contains Ash X Fluttershy, Ash X Serena, and Clemont X Pinkie moments. POKÉMON/EQUESTRIA GIRLS CROSSOVER!
Crossover - Pokémon & My Little Pony - Rated: K - English - Humor/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 31,630 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 13 - Published: 7/2/2015 - [Ash K./Satoshi, Serena/Sarina, Fluttershy] Pinkie Pie - Complete
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Change is coming to Korra's universe as she, her friends, and the members of Team Omniverse all gather for the exciting adventures of Book 3! STORY IS NOW COMPLETE! THANKS FOR 10000 VIEWS!
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The Teen Titans continue to fight the mysterious white creature! Will Beast Boy be able to help them? And what connection does this creature have to Ben! THANKS FOR 1000 VIEWS EVERYONE!
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What happens when Rex and Applejack are left alone at the house for a while during a storm? Look inside to find out! EQUESTRIA GIRLS/GENERATOR REX CROSSOVER! SCENARIO INCLUDED AT THE END!
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The Club Battle Ninja Tournament! reviews
DISCONTINUED! Heading back to Icirrus City on account of hearing about another battle tournament, Ash and Co. head back to compete, along with their friends. Not only that, but Gingka also returns from his departure in Mistralton City to partake as well! However, the opponents Ash, Gingka, and the others face are far beyond expected!
Crossover - Pokémon & Metal Fight Beyblade/メタルファイト ベイブレード - Rated: K - English - Suspense/Friendship - Chapters: 6 - Words: 55,746 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 7/15/2013 - Published: 12/9/2012 - Ash K./Satoshi, Ginga H.
Goggles reviews
IT'S REDO TIME! Rather than just wait around, I edited, and perfected my favorite story out of my current collection. Summary is inside the one-shot! Features Crossover shipping between Gingka and Skyla
Crossover - Pokémon & Metal Fight Beyblade/メタルファイト ベイブレード - Rated: K - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 10,151 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 2 - Published: 1/9/2013 - Skyla/Fuuro, Ginga H. - Complete
Dreams In The Air reviews
IT'S SEQUEL TIME! As Ash and Co. pass through Lentimas Town to get to the Unova League they meet up with Gingka, and then a sandstorm hits town! Thankfully things clear up, but then... Professor Juniper arrives, along with Skyla! But wait, why is she ignoring Gingka? Horrible summary, I know. But the story will clear things up.
Crossover - Pokémon & Metal Fight Beyblade/メタルファイト ベイブレード - Rated: K - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 9,843 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 2 - Published: 11/25/2012 - Skyla/Fuuro, Ginga H. - Complete
Star Crossed & Sky Crossed Loves! reviews
The Unova League hs concluded with Ash as the winner, moving on to the Champions' League with his friend, Gingka Hagane who was also accepted. Now the two have to go to a celebration, and bring dates! Who will they be? Ash X Iris & Gingka X Skyla ships. STORY IS NOW DISCONTINUED. Sorry to anyone who enjoyed it.
Crossover - Pokémon & Metal Fight Beyblade/メタルファイト ベイブレード - Rated: K - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 11 - Words: 26,617 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 4/20/2012 - Published: 3/4/2012 - Ash K./Satoshi, Ginga H. - Complete
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