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Author has written 11 stories for Tokyo Mew Mew, Hunger Games, and Clannad.

Please Note: I have a life outside the fandom. I have a job, I have a boyfriend, I have a bestie, my parents are going through a divorce, and I might be homeless for Christmas, so if I don't update for a long time, DEAL WITH IT. I have more pressing issues right now.

I've started a forum for Tokyo Mew Mew! You should go check it out. http://www.fanfiction.net/forum/Christian-Symbolism-in-Tokyo-Mew-Mew/130778/

Disclaimer: I do not the copyright for whatever game/anime/book/movie that I may base my stories off of. The name of the website is FAN FICTION, for cryin' out loud. That name says it all.

Now, shall we get started on the real info?

I write stories that seem to materialize out of thin air. I thank God for blessing me with a natural talent for writing.

My preferred topic is the anime/manga Tokyo Mew Mew. I seem to have more inspiration for this than anything else, but occasionally you may find a fanfic for an otome game.

My pet peeves... Oh, gee whiz. Where to start? Well, bad grammar and bad spelling are both big ones. And I will tell you right now: Age is no excuse. I once heard of someone who put on facebook, "Sory if i cant spel nething bcuz im 14 so thatz y." If you use your age as a crutch now, you will never learn the right way to spell/punctuate/construct a sentence. Start now! I mean, it would be really embarrassing if later you're saying, "Oh, I can't spell. No big deal. I'm only 45." So, START NOW!

Another thing I can't stand are stories where the character is off or the scenario is impossible. I once read a story where Kisshu (TMM) cried in every chapter. *gag* And another one I read had Ichigo randomly break up with Masaya, calling him a "crazy stalker". For anyone who hasn't read/seen the manga/anime, stalking is Kisshu's role, not Masaya's. The only reason Ichigo would EVER break up with Masaya is in scenario like that of Whitewolfffy's "Hearing Voices" story. (Yes, I gave you a free plug because it takes some serious skill to write an IxK story that I don't hate.)

People, don't judge me for my opinions on the matter. I am entitled to them. I just think that after everything that happened between IxM, only death or mental illness could separate them. (Nope, not even mental illness, apparently. Masaya already has multiple personality syndrome, and they're still going strong.) If you guys think that Ichigo should have chosen someone else, be happy that the character to whom you are attracted is available for an OC pairing with your RP character. People make the wrong choices in life all the time and regret it later, but she made her choice, so deal with it. Better yet, get revenge by having her stalker move on! ;)

Coming to this point, there is one thing I hate strongly. BAD CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. For anyone who doesn't know what that means, character development is the way you show things about your character's personality. Is Jimmy afraid of spiders? Make him have an encounter with one. Does Lacey have a weird fetish for whipped cream? Slip into a daydream or two. Is Oliver having a hard time trusting Jenny? Make him think about that. Seriously. It's not hard. You know how your brain works (I hope). Make their brains work the same way. It may be different from someone else's character, but no one reads a story with cookie-cutter characters anyway.

The last thing that bothers me is cliches. Now I'm not talking about in wording or phrases like, "Little did he know..." or "So he thought..." or other such trite expressions. Those are fine. The cliche to which I am referring is the lack of original plot-line. If your story is an exact copy of the story that inspired it (with the exception of a new character or a name change or the victory of a different pairing) then in my opinion, it is NOT YOUR STORY!

And please, no cussing. It's extremely uncouth. If my characters cuss, I always star it out or put it in another language.

Okay... Now that I am finished ranting, you can probably tell that I have a very blunt personality. I say it like it is with no coats made out of sugar. Sweets always made me sick at my stomach anyways.

Now, for the things I like. A good metaphor or simile is always appreciated. (If you don't know what these are, then... no. Just... no.) I like people who think original. (I would actually like to find the first fanfic that had Ichigo turn into a kitten to be kidnapped by Kisshu, as it was a smart idea. The copycats should have known better.) I like a story that I have to piece together, rather than a story that tells me everything. I want a story that gives me the characters' personalities in detail and see if I can predict their next move. I applaud you if I can't and your character isn't OOC at all.

For everyone who agrees with my TMM rants (or at least finds them amusing) you may enjoy my story, American Mew Mew. I'm currently trying to conjure up a sequel for it, as well as a collaboration with Whitewolfffy. Then there's those two crossovers and the fangirl story... Yeesh. I've got my hands full. Oh! And that inception thing. Almost forgot about it.

Happy reading, wish me luck, and thank you for reading this far. If I ticked anyone off, then I have done my job as a writer. You can't speak a lick of truth these days without being labeled "offensive". So if I "offended" you, then I was honest, and thank you for your compliment. :)

Profile Update: 8/19/12

Okay. As of today, I have finished American Mew Mew and moved onto the sequel, May Peace Prevail. (Possibly could be changed to For The Future of Earth, May Peace Prevail.) I am writing it in a notebook first so that I can have a nice, solid story worked out for you guys instead of something random.

I have finished what was referred to above as 'the inception thing'. It's title it: "This Has to be Some Kind of Inception or Something". (I credit Whitewolfffy for the title, but we're even since I titled her 'Noteworthy' story.) I am considering a sequel for this story as well, since many readers did not understand the ending. Do I really have to explain my cliche 'it was all a dream' ending? I mean, seriously? Have you guys even seen the movie "Inception"? That word was in the title!

I have put aside the fangirl story, as well as the crossovers for the time being. My attention is turned to May Peace Prevail and Darker Than Death. Darker Than Death is my newest, published story. It is an angst/drama story about the aftermath of the Cyniclon apocalypse. That's right, TMM fans. Cyniclons take over the world. (I would prefer this instead of the 'zombie apocalypse' that the rest of my generation seems to joke about all the time. I mean... zombies are gross. Cyniclons are sexy.) So if you want to know what would happen if a bunch of fine aliens took over our planet, read Darker Than Death.

Also, I have discovered another anime. It's called, "Wolf's Rain". It's mostly cool, but slightly weird. My favorite character is Toboe. He's so cute. I'd totally let him be my pet if he wanted to be. I actually discovered this anime from one of my followers. Another author reviewed two of my stories, and their reviews seemed intelligent, so I made it a point to check out their profile. And so now I'm watching an anime about hot wolf-boys. (See. If you guys review, I may check out your profile to discover your favorite animes. And after that, I might look some up on Wikipedia and read the basic plot. If it doesn't sound too weird, then I'll watch it. And if I watch it... who knows? You may see some fics about it pop up on my page. So review!)

Also, my updates may slow for a while. School starts in two days. And this is senior year, so... things might be totally hectic for a while. Please pray for me, all of my fellow Christian fanfictioners! And now if you'll excuse me, Hige is trapped in a cage and I have to finish the sixth episode of Wolf's Rain to see if he gets out.

Profile Update: 11/2/12

I finished watching Wolf's Rain and don't think that I could write a fic about it. It one of those endings that covers everything pretty much perfectly.

The crossovers have been terminated. No one was really looking forward to, "Mew Mew Chara" or "Mew Mews of Waverly Place", right? It has been too long since I've watched Shugo Chara and Wizards of Waverly Place for me to write a story that doesn't butcher their characters, so I won't try. And going back to watch them again would take time that I don't have.

Now, I have posted a Hunger Games fanfiction. It is called the Seventh Quarter Quell, and it is beyond awesome.

About Darker Than Death, I'm not going to lie, I'm encountering a tiny block with that. I'm going to try to finish the Hunger Games story first before I update that again.

My Halloween themed fanfic, "Trick or Treat", is another TMM OC thing. It was started on a whim, and I have no idea where it is going, but just bear with me? The updates for that will probably take a long time, and I could have held off on you guys, but I just really wanted to post it on Halloween. I wrote that chapter literally the day before Halloween and didn't check it for grammar or anything else, so I hope that it's okay.

And finally, later this afternoon, I plan on posting my TMM fanfic, "Something About a Peacock". It is another one of those stories that the genre is riddled with: a girl in Japan finds out that she's a Mew Mew and joins that team. However, my OCs don't suck like the others, so once that story is posted, you should check it out. ;)

I'm currently writing six fanfics at a time, so updates will slowing down as I try to equally distribute my time to each story. Sometimes big inspiration hits, and sometimes writer's block happens, so they may not always be updated equally. I'm trying, minah-san! Don't give up on me. (I should actually be writing a summary on a book I read for Spanish 3 right now, so you guys have got me procrastinating homework! That never happens to me. I usually LOVE homework.) So anywho, read and review. Those are my two main motives for writing more.

December 18, 2012

I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year! I have finished Darker Than Death and The Seventh Quarter Quell. I have also posted a three-chapter Christmas special entitled A Very Kisshu Christmas. I updated Something About a Peacock six days ago. It's hard to write because I have to work up Kisshu and Kyandi's game before the tide can turn.

I'm online today, but no story updates, I'm afraid. I had a sleepover with a friend last night that consisted of no sleeping whatsoever. Lack of sleep is not good for the brain, so I can't write today. I set limits for myself. It's my own special form of quality control. You guys want my chapters to be good, right? Ok. Then I must rest my brain for today and get back to you guys later. Thank you, all of my loyal readers.

Here is a profile shout out to SonicXMinagirl for being awesome and helping me out of my funks.

December 20, 2012

Here's a fun thing that I wrote awhile ago, but it got yanked off of my story page for being a list. You know how people write those "101 Things" games? Well, I made one for Tokyo Mew Mew.

101 Things Not to Do in Tokyo Mew Mew

1. I will not ask all of the characters why they are named after food.

2. I will not walk in on Ryou while he is changing.

3. I won’t hold catnip above Ichigo’s head and chant, “Here kitty kitty.”

4. I will not call a Chimera Anima a “predasite”.

5. I will not call Ichigo, Mint, Lettuce, Pudding and Zakuro: Zoey, Corina, Bridget, Kiki and Renee.

6. I will not call Kisshu “Dren”. EVER

7. I will not ask Pudding why she attacks with giant Jell-o.

8. I will not nickname Ryou “Neko-kun”

9. I will not become a Mew Mew. It is against the rules.

10. I will not ask Ryou to turn into a cat and then lock him in a pet crate for 20 minutes.

11. I will not remind Pai that he killed his own brother.

12. I will not remind Kisshu that even though he sacrificed his life for Ichigo, she still doesn’t want him.

13. I will not tell everyone that they are fictional characters.

14. I will not talk to Mint about her brother.

15. I will not talk to Mint about Zakuro.

16. I will not talk to Mint about how she always drinks tea instead of working.

17. I will not call the aliens “elves” in reference to their long ears.

18. I will not kill Aoyama Masaya. (That is not to say I won’t try.)

19. I will not pull the Blue Knight’s ponytail.

20. I will not playfully bite the aliens’ ears. (That is not to say I won’t try that either.)

21. I will not use Masha to powder puff my face.

22. I won’t spill soda on Ryou’s computers.

23. Nor will I spill any on his DNA infuser machine.

24. I will not call Ichigo “vulgar”.

25. I will not call Ichigo “old hag”.

26. I will not call Taruto “runt”.

27. I will also not call the aliens Yoda.

28. I will not sing “Strawberry Wine” around Kisshu.

29. Nor will I sing it around Ichigo.

30. I will not remind Ichigo that her first kiss was an alien.

31. I will not call Keiichiro “Akasakasakasakasakasaka-san”.

32. I am never to express my disapproval of Aoyama-kun around Ichigo, for fear of my own life.

33. Nor will I express any approval for Aoyama-kun around Kisshu, also for fear of my own life.

34. I won’t grab Ichigo’s tail and pull on it.

35.I shall not ask Kisshu what his planet is called.

36. I will not ask Pai to use the dream Chimera to trap Kisshu in my head.

37. I will not rig a bucket of melted chocolate and dump it on Kisshu or Ryou as a prank.

38. I will not do #37 and then proceed to lick the chocolate off.

39. I will not challenge anyone to a fight.

40.I will not dare Kisshu to try and steal Ichigo’s spirit.

41. I will not reprogram Masha to sing “My Sweetheart” instead of screaming “Alien! Alien!”

42. I will not jump on the back of a Chimera Anima and yell, “Giddy up!”

43. I will not greet customers at Café Mew Mew with, “Welcome to McDonald’s.”

44. I will not point out to Ryou that the name of his café is too obvious.

45. I will not hide the Mews’ pendants.

46.I will not experiment to see if Masha can be flushed down the toilet.

47.I will not remind Ichigo that her boyfriend was Deep Blue.

48. I will not suggest a game of spin the bottle between the entire main cast.

49. I will not steal Masha in order to have my own alien presence detector.

50.I will not ask the aliens if they know Darth Vader.

51. I will not tell Kisshu about the Christmas tradition with mistletoe.

52. I will not yell, “To infinity and beyond!” when I see the aliens flying.

53. I will not sing Katy Perry’s “E.T.” whenever I see Kisshu.

54. I will not do #41 with the song mentioned in #53.

55. I will not volunteer to compare body chemistries with Pai.

56. I will not jump off of a high building and scream, “Help me (insert alien’s name here)!”

57. I will not ask everyone, “Where’s Berry and Tasuku?”

58. I will not cut off Keiichiro’s ponytail.

59. I will not say,“E.T. phone home” around the aliens.

60. I will not reprogram Masha to scream “Chimera Anima” every time he sees Aoyama.

61. I will not point out that Mew aqua is scientifically impossible because pure, crystalized water is called “ice”.

62. I will not give the candies Nerds or Smarties to Ryou for his birthday.

63. I will not stick Masha in the oven to see if he will explode.

64. I will not ask Ryou if he always calls Masha “R2000” because he is jealous that Ichigo named him after Aoyama.

65. I will not play Bloody Mary with Ichigo.

66.I will not EVER give Pudding a double espresso.

67. Nor will I do the same for Taruto.

68. Nor will I do the same for Kisshu.

69. I will never ask Zakuro to be a more sociable waitress.

70.I will not suggest we repaint the café.

71. I will not put a mouse in Keiichiro’s kitchen.

72. I will not do #71 and then proceed to laugh hysterically when Ichigo chases it.

73.I will not ask Zakuro if she howls at the moon.

74. I will not ask Zakuro why she’s so unfriendly if wolves tend to form packs.

75. I will not ask Mint if she wants a cracker.

76. I will not ask Lettuce if she likes pie.

77.I will not ask Aoyama if he has split personality syndrome.

78. Nor will I ask this to the Blue Knight.

79. Nor will I ask this to Deep Blue.

80. I will not tell Kisshu that Ichigo turns into a cat when kissed.

81. When Ichigo coughs, I will not ask if she has a hairball.

82. When Ichigo becomes angry at me for asking the question in #81, I will not respond with, “Well don’t have kittens!”

83. I will not call Masha a Furby.

84. I will not buy Ichigo a scratching post for Christmas.

85. Nor will I do the same for Ryou.

86. I will not ask the aliens if they sparkle.

87.I will not experiment with Masha by giving him helium and listening for voice changes.

88. I will not put cones of tin foil on my head whenever I am around Kisshu, Pai and Taruto.

89. I will not ask Pudding to do the monkey.

90. Nor will I do the same of Taruto.

91. I will not ask Lettuce if she eats salad.

92. If the answer to the question in #91 is yes, I will not shout, “You cannibal!”

93. I will not use Masha as a baseball.

94. I will not ask Keiichiro to make a strawberry quiche.

95. Nor will I ask him to make a pudding tart.

96. Nor will I ask him to make a lettuce pie.

97. I will not dress up as Ichigo for Halloween and then kiss Kisshu.

98. I will not ask Taruto if he eats Chimera Anima crackers.

99. I will not ask the aliens if they use feathers dusters as Q-tips.

100. I won’t offer to help the aliens take over the earth.

101. I won’t make blond jokes about Ryou.

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What if the Mew Mews lost? With all of the Mews dead, the rest of humanity struggles to survive the hostile aftermath. The Cyniclons have taken over. Humans that haven't been executed have been enslaved. Two human girls with totally different views find their fates twisted together inexplicably. Can they make it? ... Uses OCs. No new Mews. COMPLETE!
Tokyo Mew Mew - Rated: M - English - Angst/Drama - Chapters: 15 - Words: 33,049 - Reviews: 31 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 11/7/2012 - Published: 8/5/2012 - Kish - Complete
This Has to Be Some Kind of Inception or Something reviews
My name is Kaylee Smith. I was just a normal TMM fan like you. Tokyo Mew Mew was an anime. I knew that it wasn't real. I thought that it was all fiction. But then Ryou Shirogane caused me to wreck my car into a ditch, and now I know just how wrong I was. I have to save the world from the aliens. Just one problem... I'm a Kisshu fangirl. COMPLETE!
Tokyo Mew Mew - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 10 - Words: 18,047 - Reviews: 75 - Favs: 33 - Follows: 20 - Updated: 8/7/2012 - Published: 8/1/2012 - Ryou S., Kish - Complete
American Mew Mew reviews
When Professor Shirogane started the Mew Project, he tested the animal DNA on several subjects. Something caused this DNA to remain dormant in his subjects' bodies, but it was somehow passed to their children. Now Ryou is back to finish what his father began. But the aliens have unfinished business too... Uses OC's, not badly written ones though. COMPLETE!
Tokyo Mew Mew - Rated: T - English - Spiritual/Romance - Chapters: 31 - Words: 69,607 - Reviews: 59 - Favs: 28 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 7/27/2012 - Published: 4/30/2012 - Kish, Ryou S. - Complete
Summer Fling reviews
Here is the oneshot I promised as reader appeasement. I normally don't write this kind of stuff, so hopefully you'll like it. Dedicated to Whitewolfffy. The setting is at a summer camp. The characters are a mystery. See if you can solve it before this tiny story ends.
Tokyo Mew Mew - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Mystery - Chapters: 1 - Words: 377 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 1 - Published: 6/17/2012 - Complete
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