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Author has written 10 stories for Harvest Moon, and Doctor Who.

If you are reading this, then welcome to the inside of my miiind! O.O Hehe.

Gender: Female - ya got a problem with that?

Name: Confidential - unless you're The Doctor

Age: 10,020 :P

Birthday: Timey Wimey but usually April 28 XD

(Note: if you are The Doctor then you would know the 'confidential' stuff) xD

Occupation: N- Actually, I do have a job :P I work at Tim Hortons... but I still have to do college at some point lol

Height: (yes Ik, random) Uh.. approx 176 cm - I forget how many feet/inches haha

Location: Yes, I am Canadian! And proud to be one! GO CANADA GO!!

Rule 1: My profile is my profile aka I can say whatever I want... XP lol

If ya wanna talk or anything like that, don't hesitate to PM me - I really don't bite! Honest!
(Though half the time I don't know what to say LOL!) That's if you want to though :P
Oh, if you wanna find out more about me (specifically my likes), continue; you want updates of my stories and such, go to the very bottom for the latest update - it's right above where you find my stories and choose and such :P

I'm a gal who loves their sci-fi :3 So some of my stories will contain elements of that, if you already hadn't noticed xD But not all though: I will do some fan fics where there isn't a sight of sci-fi to be found.

Hey, I'm always looking to improve my writing: so if you can help, don't hesitate to voice in a review or whatever :) I won't bite your head off, but if you are rude about it... just be nice about it :P that's all I ask; everyone has feelings after all xD
Constructive criticism is what I'm looking for - I wanna be really good at writing one day :) but right now, I'm sort of a beginner xD

I sort of cleaned up my profile but not much xD


What sci-fi shows I recommend/like:

Doctor Who: About a mad man who travels through space and time in a blue police box called the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space); he has many faces since his people, known as Time Lords, can regenerate when near death; currently he is on his 11th face; go check it out!
*sort of influences my story A Secret Not So Secret - cause I can! _ but in no way is it a crossover - just lots of references to it. XD
I Am The Doctor -- awesome piece from Doctor Who (and there's plenty more where that came from xD)
I've got lots of rants about this - and many other shows but for the sake of length, I shall try to refrain. PM if you wanna talk about any of these shows, specifically any sci-fi ones.

Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis: People travel the galaxy through a device known as a Stargate (think wormholes). These two are awesome. Wanna laugh? Watch them! (Stargate Universe was... well, it just wasn't the Stargate that I know and love! So no to that one lol) SG-1 = Milkyway Galaxy; SGA = Pegasus Galaxy

Star Trek: Adventures in space far in the future. Sooo many of this - I'm not a huge HUGE fan of it, like other people, but it's still pretty cool

Smallville: Modern interpretation of Clark/Superman. I couldn't stand the majority of the beginning... like seasons 1-6 (they really made Clark a wimp in the series a bit - like in the comics and such, Clark had all his powers: he didn't "developed" them like he does in this series); it picked up later on though - that's when it got gooood!
Oh and people... his powers comes from the a yellow sun (like ours): he's not born with them. Cause on Krypton, they have a red sun which doesn't give him or any of his people powers.

Arrow: Green Arrow TV show! Oliver comes back home after being shipwrecked for 5 years. He then sets off to clean up Starling City. To be honest, I think this show will do waaay better than Smalliville. It has plenty of action and such and is very dark like the Batman trilogy was. And it seems to have less soap opera stuff (Smallville had a lot of that sort of... stuff)
I actually met the four main characters in it - Oliver (played by Stephen Amell), Thea (his sister, played by Willa Holland), Laurel (his ex-girlfriend, played by Katie Cassidy), and Tommy (his best friend, played by Colin Donnell); it was brief though... it was for an autograph session at Fan Expo Canada (2012) :D

Alphas: Now this is pretty good - I quite enjoy this; about a group of people with superhuman abilities who work to prevent crimes from other "Alphas"; sort of reminds me of X-Men a bit... actually, it reminds me of X-Men a lot!

Primeval: Anomalies in time start to appear all over England, thus allowing creatures such as dinosaurs through. A team is assembled to track down those creatures and return them back to their time. This is pretty awesome! Not sure what's happening with it though... not sure if it's canceled or just on hiatus.

Primeval: New World: Instead of England, it takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia; different new team. It's a spin-off of Primeval and I'm proud to say that it's Canadian! xD Can't wait for it! It starts here in Canada on Oct. 29. Unfortunately for Americans and others, they have to get it later: like next year in the spring.

The Walking Dead: Aye! This one is quite graphic; zombies and such - it's really good! ...when there isn't a whack of drama lol! I still enjoy it! It's more horror though. (but I still classify it as sci-fi)

Continuum: A detective from the year 2077 finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver and searching for ruthless criminals from the future. Canadians also get this one before everyone :3 Awesome show and has some people from other shows that I like as well

Revolution: Electricity goes out - completely goes out: can't turn it back on... or can you?

Falling Skies: Aliens, known as Skidders, come to Earth and invade, taking also children and latching harnesses onto them. FINALLY SPACE is showing this! And I'm liking it! :D

Lost: The survivors of a plane crash are forced to live with each other on a remote island, a dangerous new world that poses unique threats of its own. Got a chance to see it on Netflix and I loved it! It's probably the closest thing I'll ever see to the Lost in Blue series - you know, surviving and such.

Eureka: A town full of geniuses: problems are to be expected. Awesome show! And rather hilarious at times! Carter is SO my favorite character in this lol! He's hilarious! Unfortunately... it's now done, over... stupid network called SyFy... but still - check it out!

Terra Nova: Centers on the Shannons, an ordinary family from 2149 when the planet is dying who are transported back 85 million years to prehistoric Earth where they join Terra Nova, a colony of humans with a second chance to build a civilization.
Ah, this one; the one where I thought had potential; but yet they had to cancel it... This is quite a drama really, but I rather enjoyed it! Too bad it didn't get another season... (note I don't believe in the whole "millions of years" ago thing... sounds to much like a fairy tale [millions of years ago in a galaxy far far away... {'bout the size of if}] - if you have a problem with what I believe then... that's your problem: this is my profile :P but I still can enjoy sci-FI: science fiction for a reason ;) lol)

Chuck: Quite funny at times; I find it a sci-fi since Chuck, the main character, has the Intersect downloaded in his brain - CIA stuff and like that; pretty good.

V: The newer one; I only watched the 2nd season and thought it was pretty good - again, another one that got canned... (what is with networks and their vendetta against sci-fi?)

K-9: Australian show; this is about K-9 (from Doctor Who) and I guess you can say adventures, though this really isn't related to Doctor Who... sort of; it's complicated, but I enjoyed it. :)

The Sarah Jane Adventures: Now this is a spinoff of Doctor Who; about Sarah Jane, one of the most loved companions of all time (her debut in Doctor Who was during the 3rd and 4th Doctor), and her adventures.

Uhhh, there maybe more that I would recommend/really like but that's all I could think of lol!


Other TV shows I enjoy/recommend:

NCIS: This one I love! Hilarious! DiNozzo is absolute funny - they all are in their own way! Crime solving show with humor! (I wouldn't have it any other way)

NCIS: Los Angeles: Spin-off of NCIS; and it's SO funny! lol! Deeks and Kensi are soooo funny! They all are in their own way! Also crime solving show with humor!

Hawaii Five-0: The newer one; I haven't seen the older one, but I wanna one day! :) Crime solving and humor as well!

Burn Notice: Spy show where an agent got burned and such and wants back in - that kind of stuff; and it's absolutely HILARIOUS!Though for some reason I can't really watch the newer seasons anywhere where I live... but what I've seen I love this show! :D

The Firm: Now this is quite interesting and tense! Conspiracy and such - I love it! ...though it's no more now..

Human Target: I believe an ex-assassin - he helps other people out who are marked for death so to say... I think; I've seen the majority of it and found it really good! To bad it got canned... has dark humor in it

Endgame: Crime solving again - really smart chess player, afraid of the out doors, solves crime from his hotel room and such. Quite funny too - unfortunately, got canned early...

Monk: Loved this! Crime solving as well with plenty of humor! Definitely recommend this!

Dragon's Den: Canadian entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to 5 'dragons' to get investment - quite good actually.

Touch: Unique, but I don't know how long it'll last (started in 2012)

XIII: The Series: A series that probably not many know of; though you may have heard of the movie; conspiracy I believe - I rather enjoy it!

Covert Affairs: CIA show with a touch of humor add to it (you can tell that I like funny shows xD)

Reviews on the Run and The Electric Playground: The 1st is reviews of movies and video games and the latter is about anything electronic and such - cool stuff! I watch this once in a blue moon.
If you ever get the chance to meet 'em -- DO IT!! They are sooooo nice and just simply awesome! :D


Oh, and WATCH OUTLANDER!!! IT'S AWESOME!!! Though I wouldn't suggest it to people who have weak stomachs or youngins' -- it is quite violent and such. I love the movie Outlander!!! :D
Vikings and Sci-Fi xD
Oh, and this is one of my fav music from it: Setting the Trap
Lot of good music from that movie :3

Movies: too many to name but I like action a lot and I do occasionally like dramas and such -- of course it has to have humor as well! :D Oh, and of course SCI-FI!! Though not a huge fan of horror and some fantasies...

Little Stargate humor: When life gives you lemons... torture McKay.

Yup! I love my TV! :D lol!


Now time for video games -- make my profile even longer! XD

Harvest Moon: I like this very much -- some stuff in it I couldn't care less for; but I love the idea of a farming game and getting married in it -- definitely the best farming game! What ones I have? FoMT, MFoMT, AWL (both boy and girl), BTN -- the PSP one, you know Boy and Girl one and maybe more :P
Couples I like: Gray x Claire, Jack x Ann, Kai x Mary, Cliff x Popuri, Doctor x Elli, Rick x Karen; Jack x Celia, Jack x Muffy (meh, a little), Jill (the main girl) x Marlin. Maybe more, but I can't think off hand lol

Lost in Blue: A series that needs more love! It's a survival game - you get shipwrecked (usually) and land on a deserted island; and it's your job to survive and get off. I really hope they do another one!

Ratchet & Clank: LOVE this series! It keeps getting better and better! :D Action/Adventure game.

Jak and Daxter: Another series I love! I want more of them! Please Naughty Dog? Action/Adventure game.

Sly Cooper: Enjoyed this series too - some things in it I didn't like really, but it's fun to play. You play a thief. Action/Adventure game.

Infamous: Oh my goodness! I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! The main character gets superpowers and you choose whether you use them for good or evil - I SO hope they make a 3rd one!

Mario Games: Okay, not all of them, but the majority I like - I have too many of them lol

ModNation Racers: Cool combat racing game! You can customize a lot of stuff!

There maybe more video games and even TV shows that I like but those are the ones I could think of :P
Oh, and I'm very picky when it comes to TV and games.


Now here are my fan fics so far:

Something To Do: Bored, Claire decides to calculate when the festivals in MFoMT are in real life. Two unexpected guests come to her house.
*related to A Secret Not So Secret but not in storywise; this gives the dates in the actual game and such in real life; how I did it: I used the equinox thingy for the 1st of Spring (in real life), etc. then I counted from there; so say in game Spring 14 - times 14 by 3 you get 42 and then count 42 days from the 1st day of Spring in real life; sciencey stuff lol!; the dates are an estimation... and really, I may "adjust" some of the dates and such in A Secret Not So Secret cause... I dunno... to spread things out *shrugs* I'll wing it x)*

A Secret Not So Secret: "N-no w-way! I can't believe it!-" Mineral Town, a town located on an island far from normal. Claire moved there, not expecting romance or any surprises. She didn't even expect to find things that she thought didn't exist in the real world, little did she know that there's a lot more to the island than she had originally concluded: fiction would take a whole new meaning to her. [work in progress]
*my likes play a BIG role in this, cause I can xD; lots of references; it does start of slow (and is to some extent), but it definitely gets interesting, so stick with it (and give it a chance); it is a Graire story, but it's slow: I didn't wanna rush things; there are other pairings as well; based on one of my daydreams - the basic storyline follows what I made up, but since I'm messed up I changed the details lol; oh, and it's done according to OUR time, not the games - hence the slowness? of it*

Dishes: Dishes... ugh! I didn't know exactly why I hated them so much, since I love to clean; but I guess even with unpleasant things - not just dishes, by the way - something good can happen, something totally unexpected, something that I wouldn't even have thought of. And it all started with Jack of all people. A one-shot which morphed into a three-shot.
*Told from Ann's point of view; it's a Jack/Ann fic - they are an awesome couple!!! There should be more fics about them!! It's a one-shot that morphed into a three-shot lol; and a story which doesn't seem to be popular since not many people read it *shrugs* maybe it's the couple - I personally love these 2 together :3*

Memories of My Chair: Little theory on Oswin Oswald from "The Asylum of the Daleks"; so definitely *spoilers* up ahead to those who haven't seen it. Come in and read at your own risk. *may change summary in the future.
*Didn't expect a great reception to it, but surprisingly people liked it - thanks every one of you out there :3*

Letting Go: Marlin prepares himself for asking the big question...
*Heck, I don't really know what else to write up there - just know that it's a Jill/Marlin one-shot and a contest entry with "leafs" being the theme*

Hide and Seek the Bowtie: The Doctor realized something he should have a long time ago
*Oh my goodness... this one was a flop: NO reviews on it .-. ehh, don't matter: wasn't the greatest and was sort of on the silly side*

Before It's Too Late: Related to A Secret Not So Secret: takes place around chapter 17-18
*Too lazy to write the full summery here lol*

Ya know - I'm considering on doing a Doctor Who/Stargate crossover or just a Doctor Who or just a Stargate or even all 3 ideas lol! Whatever I decide, I'm really REALLY considering on putting my made up Ancient in it as well: and yes, she is unlike the rest of her people - like I mean WAY off; she's quite rebellious! :P So those who know Stargate might go o.O at her or simple hate her lol but like I said, she's TOTALLY unlike the rest; so expect her to act non-Ancienty if that makes any sense. (and of course, I'll be adding some romance involving her) And also expect some non-Ancient tech too (and yes, some maybe inspired by other sci-fi shows lol) cause well, like I said, she is TOTALLY not like the rest of her people.

Upcoming Fics:

A Lost in Blue one for sure! Though not sure what storyline per say -- may base it off of Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked.

I would like to do another Harvest Moon, a long one specifically, featuring Jack and Ann. There really needs to be more fics of them! Not Ann and Cliff or Jack and Mary but JACK AND ANN!! They are epic together! And I refuse for them to be with anybody else lol! The first one may be based on the classic story The Prince and the Pauper.

Oh, planning to do a Jack and Claire fic - BUT! It's a sibling one lol I don't like ones where they are a couple - it's just not my tastes... But it'll be about... hmm, I guess you can say long lost siblings? Claire doesn't know who her parents are and has no idea that she has a brother. Meanwhile, Jack finds out that he has a sister and goes out to find her. Need to work out the details though. :P But like that. :)
Ooo, for this one, I am SOOO considering on during a sci-fi twist on this with Claire's character and maybe even Jack's... though not sure on his. lol, I need a life! :P hehe, gotta love my sci-fi :D ...but maybe I won't do a sci-fi twist and just do something different. Like lots of lots of drama, maybe hurt, maybe angst - like that. Idk, I'll wing it X)

Alright: since I recently watched Firefly and all this story will be inspired by it: there is this brother and sister in Firefly, right? Well, their story will sort of influence my Harvest Moon one with... Jack and Claire being brother and sister! :) Cause well, you all know I'm a sucker for brother and sister stories lol

Sort of a rich guy, poor girl story... sort of: you'll know what I mean when I get around to it - again, Harvest Moon. Most likely Claire and Gray but will include other pairings.

Claire gets raped and moves to Mineral Town - yeah, not exactly the most happiest story lines here: I will try to insert my humor in it when it is deemed appropriate: but I will warn you: it WILL deal with controversial themes. May give her a brother in it too though it's not in stone yet.

Alright - THIS idea is SOOOO asking to be done and I am going to do it eventually. Okay, you know how there is a character named Romana in AWL/AnWL? Well, there's another character with the same exact name in Doctor Who - yup, you guessed it; MAJOR cross-over for this one. Heck, a prequel for this one may come out as well. Don't know details but lets just say that I am pumped for it all!

Another Doctor Who/Harvest Moon cross-over: it will be like the show how The Doctor picks up a companion but ever so once in a while they will come back to her town (may have a reason for that but I'm not sure). Most likely there will be NO romance between her and The Doctor: she may have a boyfriend but she is SOOO not treating him like Rose did with hers - Rose was cruel to him... one reason why I don't really like her. I may give her the some traits of Romana in her - you know, treating The Doctor as HER companion (cause that's what Romana did lol)

Jenny and Romana in Doctor Who meet! Don't know the details but I'm soo doing this cause these two are SO some of my fav characters in the show - ROMANA IS AWESOME!!!

Another theory on Oswin Oswald - it's similar to my other theory but at the same time it's not - you will see once and if I write/post it :) (not sure if I'll write it though...)

This one is a HUGE iffy cause the category isn't even on this site: I may just hold off indefinitely, considering it's a main goal of mine - trust me: this movie series NEEDS to be remade either in the form of movies or a TV show: it can do both well, if done right and I would love to be the one who does. And the way it ended... well, lets just say it's asking for a continuation lol

And a whack of one-shots lol

NOTE: I do delete updates when they are obsolete so to say -- if that makes sense lol!

Days to remember: November 15, 2012 (sometime around 11AM), Minnie, my cat, died. RIP, my Dittle Min Min.

Please keep this in mind that my job now really eats up my time. I do the very best I can do - that's all one can do. Plus, there's been some really stressful things happening in my life... that doesn't help either...

Sept 4, 2014
Well, well, well... I've got nothing here.
Things really REALLY have been crazy. Still at my job - full time too. And looking to finally start college at some point. Difficult stuff happening at home too, but nothing I can't handle, though I will admit it's very hard at times. I really do apologize for my lack of activity here. It's just... well, you know: things. Whether good or bad, things always get in the way. I AM done FINALLY OH MY GOODNESS - finally done chapter 20 of ASNSS and I hope to upload it really shortly: just as soon as I'm done cleaning up some stuff here on my profile and even the little author notes in the story cause since then I have really matured.

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