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Greetings mortals, and welcome to my lair. I am !!Fwoosh!!, maven of mining, defender of dwarves, and lord of the da... What? Someone took the name Fwoosh already? Seriously? Fine, lets start this over again. I am !!Fw00sh!!, maven of.. Oh forget it, this is getting quite silly.

Anyways, in my spare time between surfing the internet, reading webcomics, doing school stuff, playing Dwarf Fortress, and attempting to rule the world, I occasionally take time out of my busy schedule to do some writing. It might not all be *masterpiece* quality and the formatting can be wonky at times, but that doesn't mean it can't be highly entertaining. So far it is mostly about XCOM, Prototype, and Dwarf Fortress, which if you haven't heard of you should definitely look up, but I may be expanding my INTERESTS with things from Homestuck, Looking for Group, or any of the other various webcomics I read. Since Discworld is awesome it is likely I might do some writing about that as well. So read on my friends, and be prepared for some serious !!FUN!!


XCOM: Viral Offense

As anyone already reading it has probably noticed, XCOM: Viral Offense has not updated it quite a while now. Although there are dozens of excuses I could give for this, the most brief is that life is obnoxiously in the way sometimes. Fear not though, it is NOT DEAD, merely on a bit (wow understatement) of a hiatus. I've also been considering starting it over from scratch but that's a whole other discussion that I would not mind PM's on if anyone has an opinion about that they want to share. But in one form or another, the story will go on. Hopefully soon, but until my wayward muse returns we might be in for a bit of a wait. - 5/19/13


XCOM: Viral Offense

You know how over six months ago I said this story isn't dead? Well that's kind of still true, but as I mentioned then, a huge rewrite is currently in the works. Starting college kind of slowed things down a bit, but if there still isn't an update by February feel free to send angry PM's until I'm guilted into finishing the thing. If I ever drop the story entirely I will let you know, and every notice of a follow, favorite, or review helps reminds me I'm actually supposed to be writing something.

On another note I'm considering changing the title, possibly rifting off of Enemy Unknown instead. Suggestions are very welcome. I'm planning to go a bit darker route with the story this time around, and from what I've got of the prologue so far I might even attempt a bit of a horror movie feel every once in a while. Got a couple pages of notes on background plot and am attempting to seriously intertwine the two universes involved, so expect a couple surprises. So wish me happy muse hunting, because this time I'm not going to let it slip away. - 12/4/13

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