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Just a crazy girl

Who takes pen in hand

And allows her insanity

To flow onto paper

The Obligatory Fandoms and Pairings I Adore List:

1. The Vampire Diaries

Eljiah x Elena: I'm one of those people the TVD fandom doesn't like to talk about...the Elejah shippers. Despite recent events, I have only one thing to say about my enduring love for this couple: No matter what kind of events happen to my ship, I will cling to the damn railings, a la Titantic, shouting, "I'll never let go, Elejah!"Caroline x Klaus: If the above pairing doesn't give you any indication, I'm a horrible sucker for the older guy/younger woman phenomena, as well as the evil-attracts-good relationships. Klaroline? Yeah, pretty much fits the bill on both of those accounts. And seriously, all you have to do is watch Klaus generally be a bashful, tongue-tied guy in Caroline's snarky presence, and you will fall in love with this ship.The Originals x Happiness: Okay, I don't think I will ever, EVER, forgive the writers for systematically offing nearly every family member. The awesome plotlines that could have originated (hehe, I know, horrible pun) from their being together and reunited after such a long time were limitless. Therefore, in all of my stories and headcanon, I have them all living together as one big, dysfunctionally blissful family. Because I can.

2. Once Upon a Time

Emma x Hook: I'm a newbie to this fandom, and I greatly enjoyed season one...and then season two happened. Killian-freaking-Jones happened. Killian-freaking-Jones-and-Emma-Swan-having-eyesex happened. If you don't ship this while watching this show, you're doing it wrong. They're the two most wise-ass and bad-ass characters on this show, whose personalities and histories are so complementary that this has to be deliberate on the writers' parts.Prince Charming x Snow White: Usually I like less conventional couples, but these two are just so irresistibly lovely together. One has to be careful about watching OUAT with me, because I usually begin making fangirl noises when they're having parental moments with Emma.

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy x Spike: See above reasons for adoring Klaroline. Buffy and Spike were the original "rebellious and evil vampire falling in love for the bouncy blonde girl quite capable of kicking some major butt".Buffy x Angel: They're sweet. They're tragic. 'Nough said.

4. Grey's Anatomy

Mark x Lexie: Hahahahahaha. Yeah. Anyone who watches this show will realize that laugh was one born of misery and sadness.

5. Firefly

Mal x Inara: The fact that this show was canceled is a travesty. I'm a ginormous Joss Whedon fan (the fact that he took over making 'The Avengers' series was a huge source of geeky fangirling) and this show was one of the most brilliantly written ones ever. And Mal and Inara pretty much won the award for Most Unresolved Sexual Tension To Ever Be Displayed On Our Television Screens.

6. Thor

Loki x Jane: After seeing Thor 2 I got sucked into this unlikely yet ridiculously captivating couple. Which probably means I'm going to have to chain myself to my desk and churn out a story or two for them.
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