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Author has written 15 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Inuyasha, and Naruto.

For those who've stumbled upon my page... Welcome!

Let's see... I'm twenty years old and love to read, write, and watch anime! I'm really into the series Naruto. I love just about every character in there... I've started a fic - my FIRST Naruto fanfic YAY titled Blossoms - it's a Sas/Saku fic. I know, I know, but I really like this pairing.

09-16-08 I am currently working solely on Rewriting The Soul however... I think I'm in love with my own story, lol. But as soon as things settle on the home front, I may start up on my other stories sooner than planned. I'm also looking for coupling suggestions concerning Yugioh, my all-time favorite is Seto/Jou and if I don't get any thoughts or suggestions I will most likely write another story on them. _ When I started writing Rewriting The Soul, I didn't like the Peg/Seto pairing to be honest, I wrote it because there weren't very many stories to begin with and I don't know, I think these two have such a checkered history - it shocked me when I saw the lack of deep, passionate fics on them. In fact, at the time, I don't think there were any chapter-savvy stories for them and so I decided what the heck, couldn't hurt to try... And NOW, I'm obsessed with my story, though I hate the fact that its been four years since it first started, but I think it's for the best because I truly believe if I had been on time back then, when I was still unsure about the pairing myself, it wouldn't have turned out so emotionally impacting and sincere. In fact, who knows, after this story, I think I might write another story of this rare delight...

10-08-08 My Public Apology And Explanation For My Latest Absences

I am so sorry for the long halt in my pause. I was on roll delivering these out - I was proud of myself. And then my grandma fell and broke her ankle in two places - she had to have surgery and they put two 'plates' in her foot, which was apparently a long operaton because she has a bit of osteoperosis sp? so my mom was ordered to stay by her side until the doc says she's ready to be left on her own. And I was there for the first two-three weeks to help my mom with the my youngest siblings and of course my grandma too. So, hopefully now that things are looking somewhat better and my grandma's 'recovery' is going well, I'm back at home and ready to dish out some chapters. I've just posted 35 of Rewriting The Soul and am already typing up 36... Okay enough reading this, go on. Go. Lol.

I haven't forgotten this account and will finish my stories.

In My Arms: Joey is so cute in this story. Ironically, I see him so strong and more or less enjoy him as the dominant one finally overpowering my dearest Seto-kun... But anyways that's not this story, at all. Kaiba is set on shutting that damn mouth of Yami's, who hates the CEO with an undying rage. Joey is in love with Seto Kaiba... Kaiba knows about this secret that even his friends are in the dark about (save Anzu). What better way to get to an obsessive ex-Pharaoh than by manipulating one of his dearest friends? But when Kaiba's plans become more intimate and serious, will he become a victim of his own game?

Rewriting The Soul: Seto Kaiba; CEO of Kaiba Corporation is finally able to attain some normality. He doesn't have to deal with magical forces, Millennium Items and/or long periods with the annoying 'Dream Team'... All of that has finally faded to the past - until Pegasus comes back into his life... With an apology and an offer too good to pass up... Suddenly Kaiba's life of normality doesn't seem so normal after all. Who knew how broken Kaiba's heart really was and can Pegasus bring light to his darkened soul?

Blossoms: When he left, he gave up a lot of people, so many friends, so many hearts... His best friend Naruto vowing to bring him back eventually leaving for some training with Jiraiya. Two years and a half later, Naruto has returned to the people of Konoha. But Sakura Haruno, a medic ninja under intense training with the Hokage, still thinks to that cold chilling night 'he' left... Sasuke Uchiha... She still sees him, still hears him... Life has seemed to made due without him - but what happens when he comes back? ...Why is he back?

Hostile Takedowns: Everything fell into a peaceful routine, no problems except for running out of coins at the arcade or being forced to play Anzu at Dance Dance Revolution. But as things have calmed, something evil begins to reveal itself. With a boastful attitude and assured confidence, will he take down whom others before couldn't? Atemu, Seto Kaiba, and everyone else are forced together to face a foe... Someone they never thought they'd see.

You think that it is easy-

To be the one they all adore.

But honestly, it's misery

When you want something... more...

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Rewriting The Soul reviews
Warning PegSeto pairing Life has finally gone back to the way Seto Kaiba remembered it. No more talk about Millennium items, or stories of lost Pharoahs and magic. All was normal for him until Pegasus J. Crawford becomes a part of his life...
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Thinking about him even after two years, she still feels the heartbreak, still feels the pain. When he returns to the Village, will he end up shattering what all remains of her heart? Why has he returned in the first place?
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The battle to save the world from Naraku's clutches is tough and almost impossible. Can Inuyasha and the gang defeat him-Or will the victor be Sesshomaru? Will anyone kill Naraku or will he murder them all?
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Sometimes reviews
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