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Author has written 4 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh.
Name: Rachel
Age: 16
Country: England
Animes: Yu-Gi-Oh, Cardcaptor Sakura, Escaflowne and Beyblade.
Current Fics:
The Light Within - My newest fic. I've just updated my fourth chapter. Hopefully the next will be out quicker now I have no school.
Hentai Ryou - This is the fic I'm working on mostly at the moment. I know I'm a slow updater but I don't have a lot of free time on my hands. Chapter 14 is in the making, and should be out soon, I'm just having some slight trouble wording things.
Darkness, Light, Sugar and Pranks - *frowns* I'm changing the name of this fic. Anyway, I'm kind of stuck with this. I got through a bit of the fifth chapter and then I didn't know how to carry on with it. So it's on hold for now. Gomen.
Let Me Love You - Contrary to belief, I will finish this someday. ^^; I've actually started the next chapter, which is most likely to be the last, and it'll be a happy ending, I promise!

Upcoming Fics:
I don't know when I'll ever post these. Probably not for a while, because I don't want to start another fic that will take me forever to update. ^^;
Currently Untitled - Yugi meets a handsome stranger at a club, who grows a strange attachment to the little duelist. What does he want with Yugi? Probably just another plotless story to get Yami and Yugi together. ^_^
Saigishin - One-shot. With girls swarming around both Yami and Yugi, it's no surprise that they both end up jealous. But will that jealousy cause them both to admit their true feelings? I've written most of this, I just need to finish it.
Currently Untitled - AU. On an expedition, Yugi accidentally uncovers something untouched for 3,000 years. The discovery leads to love, danger and one ticked off blonde. How will the 18-year-old cope? With Yami's help, of course. I've got a lot of written ideas for this, but I won't properly start it until Hentai Ryou is finished.

Yami/Yugi - These are just so cute! I really do love this pairing. *Huggles Yami and Yugi plushies*
Bakura/Yugi - Okay, so it's an unusual pairing. But I really like it.
Ryou/Bakura - Like Yami and Yugi, these two just go together! I like the more light and comical versions of these two together, that's why I wrote Hentai Ryou. Depressing fics just...depress me.
Malik/Ryou - Again, mainly the word cute comes to mind. They'd make great best friends, especially the way they're the opposites of each other in a non yami/hikari kinda way. And eventually they'd end up in love. It's just bound to happen. ^^

I'm not going to bother with the least favourite pairings because I could go on and on and on...but my main dislikes are het. Or a yami/hikari pairing with someone else. I don't like threesome ficcies that much. Three's a crowd in my opinion. But there are a few I've enjoyed reading.

Current Obsessions:
1.) Obviously my first one is Yu-Gi-Oh! Anything Yu-Gi-Oh related catches my interest. Especially doujinshi or shounen-ai/yaoi content! Yami/Yugi seems to be my curreny favourite coupling at the moment.
2.) Big Brother 5 is out in the UK, and unlike the past ones, I'm actually paying attention. I try to watch it when I can, especially on E4. Needless to say - I'm hooked! *waves banners* Dan and Shell rule! Whoo!
3.) Outlaw Star. I've seen almost all of this, as it's only a short saga. But I really do love it. I especially like the intro song, and even downloaded it, even if it is in Japanese. ^^;
I'll put more up when I get them!

Oh and hello Celes-chan! aka Celestialic! I thought I'd just randomly mention you here! ^_^ Go read her fics, they rule! *Nods*

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Hentai Ryou reviews
Ryou's not as innocent and naive as he seems. In fact, quite the opposite. Poor, poor Bakura... -Chapter 14 up, Finally!-
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