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I am from Great Britain - and proud of it ... JK Rowling is British - and I am obsessed with Harry Potter. I love to read it, and write about it, and I hope that my stories will be enjoyable to you. I accept praise, new ideas, suggestions on areas for improvement and constructive criticism; flames will be used to make a Dr Filibuster's, No-Heat, Wet-Start Firework explode in the face of the flamer. None of the fics I post are how I really think Lily and James got together (chiefly because I haven't decided upon how they became a couple, and also because JK Rowling might tell us soon!), just so you know, although I do use the snippets JK Rowling gives us to help me. Characterisation and detail is something I am big on - I always appreciate a good character and small details in the fics and stories I read, and I feel this is reflected in my fics. Lily and James are my favourite couple in and from Harry Potter series, because we know that it is one of the only couples which definitely exists (or, rather, existed), and also because I think it's useful to not have absolutely everything planned out for you. Anyway, I'd just like to say that I write for myself, and if I choose to post a story, then that's good, but I sometimes won't respond to pressurising to post another chapter: I have a perfectionalist personality, so I write and correct until I'm ready to post.


I apologise for not having updated 'Suspended'. (I've taken down 'Gravy and Peas', because it was awful.) After the release of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows', it obviously needed a little alteration, and unfortunately university has kept me too busy to really get down to that. However, I'm planning to make the changes and post the chapters which are currently written (about 15 in all). I can't promise, though, that it won't be a slow process.


'Suspended' is back up - to my joy (I've always liked this one better than 'Gravy and Peas')! And I worked out how to get breaks in the chapter ... I imagine it will be a couple of months between each new chapter, sorry!


Well, 'Gravy and Peas' is back up - although the stupid formatting tool refused to acknowledge the fact that I actually wanted breaks in my chapters, but I will try and remedy that later, if the site finally lets me upload a complete chapter so that I can change it!


My stories were removed several months ago from fanfiction.net without my contravening any conditions that I know of, and without prior warning. I may be reposting them (with some small changes), but I may not. However, if I don't post them here, in the future I will definitely see about setting up a site on which to post them (with Amelia Bedelia) - so don't despair, my stories won't be gone forever.

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Lily Evans is an enigma to James Potter, and, as times darken, he would love to get to know her. There is only one problem: his friends detest her.
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