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Hello there! :)

Welcome to my fanfiction profile! I am in no way a professional writer, but I do enjoy writing fanfictions as well as roleplaying with friends. I’m an avid reader and love the written world and all that it has to offer. I'm always willing and eager to chat with people about their stories as well as what inspires them. I role-play mainly on GaiaOnline currently; if you're interested in starting a unique and fun role-play with me, just let me know! If I'm not busy I would love to start one with you!

Currently I am living in Hawaii, and working full time. I’m a recent college graduate just getting on my feet, but refusing, as best I can, not to grow up too quickly! ;) I love art and sketch when I can, although I don’t post up my art for many to see. I can often be found reading, drawing, writing, listening to music or watching movies. If you ever have any questions or just want to chat feel free to message me! :)

Have a great day and don’t be a stranger!

(3/9/12)- Thank you all for the story favorites and subscriptions! I truly appreciate the support! :)

(3/13/12) - WOW! Thank you all so much for all of the support! Believe it or not this is my first fanfic! AH! I will continue to do my best! I wont let you down! :)

(3/23/12) - If you havent seen Hunger Games, GO GO GO!!! It was awesome and very much like the book! And HUZZAH, it was enough to rekindle my inspiration and rid me of my writer's block! HORRAY! So, this evening/tomorrow (cross your fingers!) I will likely have a new chapter out! So stay tuned folks!!! P.S: I'm looking for Beta reader if anyone is interested ;) PM me for details!!!!

(3/30/12) - I apologize for the delay, Ive been very busy the past week and then I was sick on my days off :( I'm working on the latest chapter now! Thank you for your patience!

(4/3/12)- For those who noticed, the newest chapter's dialongue was NOT bolded, much to my disappointment. For some odd reason the word document had a glitch or something. :( I'm working on it, I may have to retype (I HOPE NOT!) but hopefully I'll get it fixed :) Anyway! Thank you again for all of the support! *Runs off to enjoy her birthday!* YAY!

(4/7/12) - WOW! What a response to the latest chapter! Thank you all for the reviews and for your continued support! :) I'm sure youre all wondering where this latest twist is leading! Where did Peeta go? Why did he leave? Will he come back? Will Gale take this oppertunity to swoop in and get the girl? Stay tuned for the next Chapter to find out! :)

(4/23/12) - Aloha All! It seems that I've hit the idea wall and got slammed backwards! But never fear! I've decided to re-read my fanfic to refresh and reboot my brain! ;) I'm sure that after I do I'll be able to continue with full force! So hang in there and I'll update as soon as I can! *heart*

ADDITION: WOW...I've only read up to chapter 3 and I'm already embarassed by all of my errors! No wonder people were suggesting I get a beta reader! AH! Eventually I'll edit and correct every error and report the chapters but for now I'll just have to leave them. Sorry guys! Thanks for putting up with my mistakes! *heart*

(7/10/12) - I promise to do more regular updates from now on! OMG Im so sorry for the delay!

Questions answered:

Q: Why do you bold the dialogue?
A: I bold the dialogue because I find it easier to read when presented with large blocks of text. ;)

Q: How often will you be posting chapters?
A: I will be posting chapters as often as I can, Im currently aiming to put out a chapter a day.

Q: Why do you use so many adjectives?
A: I like to be descriptive and with that comes adjectives. I know not everyone likes the style, but like I have said, I'm not a professional writer, I just do this for fun. :)

Q: Longer chapters? ;)
A: I believe in quality over quantity, but I'm trying to make them longer! :) Just might take longer, which means fewer frequent updates... *sadface*

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