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Author has written 3 stories for Newsies, and King Kong.

Name: Brook (and get this, my last name is Queens-Land. Like the state in Australia!)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Favourite Sport: AFL, baseball

Favourite Movie: NEWSIES!! And Sandlot I guess

Favourite Song: The World Will Know, Seize The Day

Favourite Characters: Skittery, Spot Conlon, Kid Blink, Les, Jimmy (King Kong), Griffin O'Conner, Englehorn

My Characters for Newsies

Charlie Sullivan: Originally Charlotte Sullivan from the year 2009, she volunteers for a science project advertised in the international paper. Charlie ends up back in the year 1899, with explicit instructions by the inventor of the machine, to find a specific item. She is at first mistaken for a boy because of her short hair and is taken in by Jack Kelly. Charlie is proud and often stands up for the younger boys. She can take a beating and give back just as much and loves to hold grudges. She is also very secretive, not wanting to be sent to an asylum, and has a sisterly love for Blink. She fancies Itey, but hates to tell anyone.

Rabbit Roberts: The leader of the Queens Newsies, she's nicknamed Jack Rabbit because she is a real good runner and loves jumping obstacles. She is the one that Jack passes Charlie off to, on acocunt of her being a girl in the first place. Rabbit has a good head and adores her newsies and would do anything for them. She fancies Skittery but has too much pride to admit such a thing. She's a semi main character in my first Newsies story but will be the main character in the sequel.

The Queens Gang: Consists of second-in-command Picket, the two watchers Ace and Dice, the birdies Arrow and Tricks, and the messengers Flyer and Nickel. Picket is a compulsive pickpocket, thoguh he claims to be a kleptomaniac. Ace and Dice are identical twins, though Dice is a girl. Arrow is a wisecracking smoker, Tricks is a quiet prankster, Flyer is a charmer and Nickel is a smart little sonovagun.

May Holden: An understudy for Newsies the Musical (Broadway), May is humorous, sarcastic and blunt, with a great deal of patience. She enjoys singing and designing and is always seen with her best friend Lucy. She often helps out with anything that needs helping and is often teased by Lucy for her crush on Mike Faist, though she denies it by saying that crushes are for teenage girls. Her dream is to sing Defying Gravity onstage and she is extremely flexible.

The Synopsis of...

The Newsie

Charlotte 'Charlie' Sullivan, born in 1994, offers to be the guinea pig for her uncle's potentially hazardous experiment. However, due to the effect the experiment has on Charlie's brain, her uncle gives her a note explaining who she is and why she is there. Charlie ends up living with the Manhattan newsboys, and sees the strike of 1899 with her own eyes. However, soon after the newsies of New York win, Manhattan receives a threat regarding Charlie and her origins. To protect both Charlie and Manhattan, Jack sends Charlie to live with his foster sister Rabbit; the new leader of the Queens Newsies...

The Queen

This takes up where StP finishes. Rabbit's birdie Arrow starts to report beatings that are happening in Mid Town, and threats that have been shifted from Manhattan to Queens. Rabbit struggles to keep this quiet from Manhattan and Brooklyn, along with helping her newest newsie Charlie. Charlie has to find certain items that are around Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Harlem, but with the current threats and violence, Rabbit struggles with keeping Charlie contained. Rabbit's troubles are doubled when her foster brother and ex-flame finally discover what she's been trying to keep quiet...

The Hunter

The third story. Rabbit has been cornered by her foster brother and finally reveals the danger Queens is in. Threatened by both Bronx, Harlem and East Side, Rabbit has a week to give up Charlie Sullivan. Charlie's secret; her origin, has led the three bigger newsie groups to believe that Charlie knows the future and can assist them in any way, shape or form. Rabbit now faces the ultimate test of courage and leadership. With Brooklyn, Manhattan and Mid-Town on her side, will Rabbit be able to save New York from turning into a battlefield? Or will she send Charlie to her possible death? Either way, it won't be pretty and either way, Rabbit will lose someone close to her...

The End

Simply an epilogue to The Hunter. A series of one-shots, on how various newsies are dealing with the events that happened at the end of The Hunter, and how they're coping. Planned newises so far are Rabbit, Jack, Ace/Dice, Racetrack, Blondie, Picket, Itey and Charlie. Further information is classified.

You Know You’re Obsessed With Newsies When...

1. You slip into a New Yawkan accent unintentionally as you speak
2. When someone angers you, you shout, “Shaddap, or I’ll soak ya, ya scabba!”
3. You dance to every Newsies song secretly in your room
4. You’ve made up your own Newsie name
5. You’ve bought yourself your own Newsie outfit
6. You’ve seen the movie at least twelve times
7. You know full portions of the script
8. You know every lyric to every song of the movie
9. You freak out when you learn Mush, Spot, Blink, Crutchy, Dave, Race and Jack were real people
10. You sing “Carrin’ The Banner” as you wake up and start your day
11. You’ve managed to convert at least five people into Newsie lovers
12. Your new favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees (and the Dodgers but that's for Sandlot)
13. For whenever the situation arouses, you lapse into one of the movie’s songs
14. You have a never-ending desire to visit New York City
15. You attempt to convince your music teacher to stage Newsies as the school’s next play
16. You’ve attempted to email, or contact one of the cast members
17. You connect every school project to Newsies
18. You’ve undergone extensive research about the newsie strike of 1899
19. You’ve added Kenny Ortega to your list of God’s Gift for creating the movie
20. You’ve added any chosen character to your list of God’s Gift
21. Whenever someone asks you how you slept (if the situation aroused), you respond, “On me back Mush.”
22. You find yourself salivating over men many years older than yourself
23. You find yourself wanting to learn choreography with a never-ending urge
24. You have found the guts to wear your Newsie outfit in the public
25. You endlessly quote from the movie as means as talking
26. You wish to travel back in time to see the cast in the making of the movie
27. You wish to travel back in time to the actual strike in 1899
28. You have been hit in result of your endless chatter about Newsies
29. You have gone through the entire movie just to spot funny “observations”
30. Everyone who’s everyone knows about your obsession with Newsies
31. You have posted pictures of the Newsies in your room and in your binders
32. When you’re late for class, you yell, “Cheese it!”
33. You’re written an entire book about newsies in general

And the grand finale!

34. You’re actually reading this

AND ON ANOTHER POINT!!!! The actor who plays Spot Conlon, his birthday is April 23 which is my birthday!!!!! READ THAT AND WEEP LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!!! I kid you not. Cross my heart, hope to die, poke a needle in my eye, pray to the Lord and swear on my dear old grandmumsies grave. (rest in peace)

My Characters for King Kong

Chanel Denham: Seven years younger than Carl Denham, Chanel has built a flourishing museum while her older brother struggles with film. She views everything regarding her brother as a challenge and when he came back to New York with King Kong, the Great Ape, she viewed it as a challenge and immediately starts plotting to one up him. One the outside she applauded him, playing the part of adoring little sister, when in reality she detested him. As soon as Kong fell, Chanel started to make plans to capture another. She enlisted the help of several men whom she trusted explicitly and, with no other option, paid upfront the money for a one Captain Englehorn. Despite the money, Englehorn was dubious due to her last name, until she played the part of a star actress and conned him into letting her and her "entourage" onto his ship. Chanel is devious and has little to no real emotion and hardly any remorse.

October Jacobs: Only 17 years of age, October has no shame and prefers to be called Toby. She originally came from a middle class family and sometimes worked in a zoo, until the Great Depression came around. Thus, she has a keen interest in animals but does not approve of them being in cages. Toby firmly believes in leaving animals to be, and is often called a tree hugger or an animal freak by her co-workers. When she is let go, during the Depression, Toby calls upon a favour from an old friend and gets work aborad the S.S. Venture. There, she spends a total of five days working until they are to set sail for Rangoon then Singapore. Toby is bright and cheerful until she sees Ms Denham spending a lot more time than is proper in the company of both Captain Englehorn, Jimmy and actor turned sailor, Bruce Baxter.

My Characters for Jumper

Sabrina O'Rourke: Brin is quiet and intelligent, but does not shy away from a fight. She was about six when she first Jumped and absolutely hated it. However, she knew that somehow, someone would hurt her family if they discovered her ability so she immediately ran away.

Hannah Wallace: Brin's best friend, Hannah is the only non-Jumper to know of Brin's ability, and vice-versa. Hannah has the ability to tell when a person is being truthful, and to some degree, has shown the ability of mild (very mild) telepathy; hence her ability to detect lies. Hannah is American, born in Brooklyn, before moving to Italy with Brin and living with her. The two are best friends but Hannah's loyalty towards Brin is exposed near the end of Brin's story, where Hannah reveals that she loves Brin, fully and unconditionally, but is fine with staying her best friend.

My Characters for The Eagle of the Ninth

Safia: About sixteen or seventeen years old, Safia was originally a half-Nubian slave until Aquila the Elder freed her after she saved him from a trampling horse. She now resides in his villa and often serves him without prompt. Safia was born of a Nubian woman and an unknown Roman soldier, after the massacre of the woman's tribe and was originally named Asha. However, due to the somewhat recognisable name, her master (Aquila the Elder) re-named her Safia to project the origin of her heritage. She trusts Aquila with all her heart and would do anything to protect him. However, when a little boy whom Safia was hiding is taken by an unknown tribe of neither Briton or Roman origin, she starts to follow him. Her insistency for trying to save him is revealed when her master's newphew finds her and brings her back, where she explains that he is her little brother, though not by blood. Her single, most obvious attribute is her astounding loyalty and devotion to those whom she considers family, such as the little boy (Jahi) and Aquila the Elder.

Jahi: Jahi is eight years old, and another half-Nubian. He was originally sold to a bakery but ran away and stumbled upon the Aquila villa, where Safia/Asha discovered him. He originally had no name, so Safia took it upon herself to name him Jahi which, in her language, meant 'dignity'. He was quiet but strong-willed and, like Safia, possessed astounding devotion and loyalty. When Jahi is taken by the tribe, he suddenly stops speaking, except to repeat Safia's real name; Asha. He looks up to Safia as both a mother and a sister and trusts her to rescue him.

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Complete It can be dangerous to get Spot mad...
Newsies - Rated: K+ - English - Chapters: 4 - Words: 5,860 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 1/16/2005 - Published: 1/3/2005 - Spot C. - Complete
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The Newsie reviews
She ain't nothin' special, that's what Blink said when newsies tried ta hurt me or somethin'. But 'cording to Jack, I am special an' he knows it.
Newsies - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 7 - Words: 11,038 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 4/10/2012 - Published: 3/17/2012 - Kid Blink, Itey
King Kong II reviews
If Carl Denham didn't give up that easily, what's to stop his sister from doing the same? The circumstances are no different than last time. Except for the presence of Toby Jacobs. Rated T for language. Jimmy/OC
King Kong - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,555 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 3 - Published: 4/3/2012
The Little Things reviews
It's those little things that stick with you, Blondie thought. Those little things that stick with you and annoy you. Snitch/OC OneShot
Newsies - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 602 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 5 - Published: 4/1/2012 - Snitch - Complete