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Author has written 31 stories for Left 4 Dead, Angel Beats!/エンジェルビーツ, Pokémon, Halo, Vocaloid, Ouran High School Host Club, Sonic the Hedgehog, Clannad, and Fire Emblem.

Update: I'm in the Army now! Hooah! This does, however, cut into my writing time considerably. I do have some new one-shots I did, so maybe I'll go ahead and post those...? It'll be hard to update my older stories as the versions on here are the only copies I have of the files, heh... Oh well. I'll try writing more on the weekends though.

Hi! I'm Sonixawesome. I'm 18 years old my favorite thing to do is, of course, write!

I've set up a facebook page for my profile! Here's the link!


Breaking news, I'm not dead! Yippee for m- *kicks the bucket*
jkjk. Anyways, it's been a long few months lol. With pretty much my whole social circle changing and life turning into a general sh*thole all in one year, I've more or less started to recover (Because Sonix is teh best of course) with the help of some new friends on and off the internet.

anyway, I'm not really going to be all that active still, unfortunately. I am working on the next chapter for Palm of a Tiny Hand and have started work on a new crossover, but that might be a while before it comes up. For my continued existence you can thank these people:

Blaze the Samurai, my new internet little sister
Pixie Ann, a wonderful girl who has become one of my closest friends, and
Some new IRL friends whose names I won't give because safety o3o I've come back ready for more fanfictions. I've also created a youtube account where I'll be taking requests for one shots and then making videos where I read them aloud for Youtubez. Anyways, that's about it for updates as of now. ttyl guys!

Sonixawesome's top ten favorite Pokémon list!

#10: Gengar

Gengar, guys. What can I say. Ever since I started playing Showdown and first built an OU team, this speedy sweeping monster of a Pokémon has been tearing teams apart at their hinges with his unmatched swiftness and powerful Special moves. While Psychics usually take him down easily, when he does manage to serve a use in battle, he really serves that use to the best of his ability.

#9. Garchomp

This one is also a result of my time on Showdown. Garchomp is a beast with his Choice Band, filling the part of the physical attacker where Gengar takes up the Special Attack. What a tool of destruction, for real! Garchomp has no problem with throwing your teams down a storm drain, and his great movepool allows him to cover nearly anything. He's naturally fast, meaning I can devote most of his EVs towards Attack and other things that will keep him fighting fit.

#8. Donphan

Another Showdown favorite, Donphan's bulk has saved me from a myriad of near losses. Donphan even once managed to hold out against my opponent as my last Pokémon, and WON. That's right, Donphan swept half a team on his own, with nothing more than pre-set up Stealth Rocks, Ice Shard, and Earthquake. What a boss!

#7. Celebi

As you can imagine, Celebi is also a Showdown Pokémon. It defeats nearly all in its path with Psychic, laughs in the face of water Pokémon with his Leaf Storm attack, U-Turns to psych out Dark Pokémon, and altogether can eff you up unless you've got something really tricky up your sleeve.

#6. Reuniclus

This has to be my favorite of all Pokémon in the OU tier. Reuniclus is one of the slowest Pokémon in the entire metagame, with a base stat of 30 in Speed. Give it zero IVs and a nature that subtracts speed, and you've got something that probably moves about two inches a second. But give it Trick Room and BAM! It's a bolt of cellular shaped lightning! I've only once run into a Pokémon that outslowed Reuniclus, and I STILL won the battle. That my friends is BOSS. Reuniclus is my OU master of Psychic!

#5. Tyranitar/Dragonite

Now I enter the sentimental choices. Tyranitar has been among my top favorites since Pokémon 4Ever introduced him as one of the main antagonists. Yeah, his 4x weakness to fighting is a downer, but he more than makes up for it in AWESOME. And who doesn't love a strong rock type? I paired Dragonite with him as they're both powerful Pseudo-legends who overcome their weaknesses through brute force. Dragonite also has to fight through weaknesses, also having to deal with taking 4x damage from Ice type. Fortunately for the big guy, Ice types aren't often seen in OU and he usually manages to take them down with moves like Fire Punch. In terms of sentimentality, Tyranitar is kind of strange, as I've only used him very little in HG and Platinum, but as I said before, I loved him in 4Ever.

#4. Pidgeot/Staraptor

As I can't really put all my favorites on this list individually, I'm grouping up the sentimental pairings based on the roles they've played in my playthroughs of the game. Tyranitar and Dragonite were the powerhouse pseudo-legends, and these two, Pidgeot and Staraptor, were my loyal bird Pokémon. In Leaf Green, my Pidgeot rose to prominence on my team thanks to her powerful physical attack and reliability in battle. Then, in Heart Gold, Pidgeot again played a similar role, this time growing to become far stronger than my first ever was before I lost the cartridge. Jetta, my Staraptor, was my third level 100 Pokémon in Platinum, following Ren the Giratina and Inferna the Infernape. She was also heavy in the physical attack department, able to take down opponents with not much more than a Brave Bird attack.

#3. Kangaskhan/ Ho-Oh

Kangaskhan and Ho-Oh both originate from the same save file, but I consider them to have been an inseparable team. Kangaskhan was literally a godsend, having been captured from the Pokewalker. I realized quickly that Kangaskhan was not a rare find, she wasn't even what I'd thought she was (I mistakenly believed her to be Rock type. Derp.) But when I used her against Falkner, I was anything but disappointed with the Pokémon. She overpowered him with little more than Mega Punch and Dizzy Punch.

#2. Blastoise/Infernape/Meganium

Starters, what more do I need to say? They can kick some major butt.

#1. Giratina/Mewtwo

My two most powerful legendaries. They can usually take down whole teams on their own ingame.

You might be able to consider me a loose 'Genwunner'.

By that, I mean that Kanto is competitively my favorite region, only beaten by Johto. (Does that make me a Gentooer or something else kindergartenish like that?) I really dislike any derogatory terms for people who like an older generation. You don't see me calling the kid who says Genwunner a Genfiver or some crap like that.

As a region, I actually don't mind Unova. Like all the regions before it, it has unique Pokemon as well as some derpy unoriginal ones. But the younger fans who say that if we dislike even some of the Pokemon we can go kill ourselves (Not saying I've heard that before, but who knows what the younger children of today will say?) are the only reason that I dislike the new generation.

Don't hate the game, get mildly annoyed with the player. That's my policy for this subject, because Unova, as I said before, isn't all that bad. And if I said 'Hate the player' it would be as bad as when people say 'Genwunner', even without the kindergarten term.

Still would take a good LeafGreen over it any day. Mainly because that was my first game.

Also, I was looking through comments on Youtube videos, and I see a comment of "Filthy casuals".


I didn't know people got that low. What is this, Poke-Supremacy? So I can't spout crap about EV's at will and I'm suddenly 'Filthy'? How stupid is that???

Sonixawesome's Pokémon history!


Pokemon Leaf Green saw my earliest save files, with nearly all being named "CHRIS" or "CHRISTIAN". One of my playthroughs, I decided I would get all three starters to use on my team. I already was using a Blastoise, but I just couldn't defeat the E4, continually falling to either Lance or Blue. I was still a noob, so my team was just my level 80 Blastoise and the Legendary Trio, all entirely untrained. I traded over my Blastoise- a female whom my brother had named after me against my will- and started a new save file. This time, I decided on the name "GEKI" and chose to play as a female. I also named my rival and my pokemon, Bulbasaur, exactly the same. Bulbasaur leveled up quickly, however I decided I didn't want to go through the entire game again. I started over again, naming myself CHRIS and being a male once again. I still didn't manage to defeat the elite four, even with my new team of CHRISTIAN the female Blastoise, GEKI the female Venusaur, and HOPEFUL the male Charizard. Unfortunately, I lost the cartridge. I managed to get a new one, also Leaf Green. I didn't get all the starters. I chose Blastoise, naming him CHRISTIAN and naming my character, a male, CHRIS. I named my rival ASH, and went through the game. I captured a female Pidgeotto just outside of Fuschia, who quickly became a powerful asset to my team as a Pidgeot, and I named her HI-FLY. I met the person who gives you the TM RETURN, and started the tradition of teaching my bird Pokemon RETURN. In Celadon, I got to playing the slots a lot, and obtained a Dratini, whom I named DRAKE. This became my team throughout the game, defeating the elite four. My first victory over my rival went like this:

All my Pokemon but CHRISTIAN were completely unable to battle. I'd run through all my revives and full restores, and my companion was in his yellow stage. I managed to defeat Alakazam with a Hydro Pump attack. The music picked up as ASH sent out his last Pokemon- ARCANINE. I knew it was my chance. With the music filling my ears, I selected Blastoise's attack-

Hydro Cannon. The screen switched to negative, and Blastoise fired his jet of water. ARCANINE's health dropped to zero, and the victory fanfare came on. I had finally, after three unsuccessful attempts, I finally had earned victory over my rival, the champion. After playing through the Sevii islands quests and capturing Mewtwo, my friend asked if I could give her my two strongest, MEW the Mewtwo, and CHRISTIAN the Blastoise, to defeat the Ruby elite four. It took her quite some time, but eventually she was done. In this time, I lost the cartridge, which still held DRAKE and HI-FLY- this is the origin of the story "Forgotten Leaf". Fortunately, I was able to recover Blastoise and Mewtwo, trading Blastoise and Mewtwo into Platinum.


I actually didn't play a game in Hoenn until very much later. Ruby saw many failed attempts, but my first success came with Sosuke, my "Ninja" Trainer. I caught a Nincada outside Rustboro, and it rose as a powerful team member. I was having trouble with the Mauville gym leader, so I evolved it into Ninjask- more importantly, I obtained a Shedinja, who swept Wattson with nothing more than the attack Fury Cutter. Shedinja continued to destroy my opponents, however was not too effective against Flannery. I actually was able to defeat her with an Aron using Rock attacks. I defeated Norman using pretty much all my Pokemon, as he took out most of them. I won over Mossdeep using Pelliper and a Wailmer. The final gym, Sootopolis, was no problem, and I just about swept him with Sceptile. I also used Pelliper, who knew Shock Wave. I took a while to defeat the elite four as I was still in the level 40's and 50's, but I eventually beat Steven, taking out his powerful Cradily with Pelipper, having taught her Blizzard.


My third Pokemon game was Platinum. It was the peak of my phase of terrible naming, as I named my Chimchar Chimpette (I had learned that you could use lower case letters), and pretty much everything the same way. It became Inferna, and my other pokemon with bad names mostly got renamed. Unfortunately to say, I didn't change other names devoid of creativity- Gabette, the Garchomp in Chris and Jasmine, is still Gabette. Ralman is the same. I can't remember what Jetta was before I changed it, but it was not creative. Even Ren the Giratina, the one whose name seems most creative, is only based on his pokedex entry, as he is the RENegade pokemon. Jetta, Inferna, and Ren are all now level 100's, with Ren having a whopping HP of over 400. Blastoise and Mewtwo are also lvl. 100's, and a lvl. 100 Tyranitar. This is my lvl. 100 team, the first six Pokemon I've ever had at all level 100's.


Next came Heart Gold- I decided against using "Chris" and named my character "Percy". I chose Chikorita, naming it at first Chika until I reached Goldenrod and realized it was male. He became Chico rather quickly. In this time, I had already started my team, mainly using bugs that I captured and never used again. I did, however, use some of the Pokemon I captured throughout the game- a Kangaskhan from the Pokewalker that was vital to defeating Falkner and became a war machine powerhouse on my team. I also caught a Pidgey at level 4 that helped defeat Bugsy, and is now a level 80 Pidgeot that holds the Luck Incense, which allows me to earn buckets of money in the E4. In terms of naming, I kind of went easy with it. I didn't name any except Chico. I've gotten more creative, but I just think that Kangaskhan and Pidgeot will always just go by their species names, as that's the name that's stuck for me. I actually prefer this trio over my lvl. 100 team. Why, you might ask? The challenge. I don't go in to sweep the elite four. I go in to battle hoping that I get close to the edge and find a way out of it. A battle in which I spend a half an hour frantically reviving and full restoring my Pokémon in hopes that one of them will manage to defeat the opponent set before me is an enjoyable one to me. If the game were filled with OHKO's, it would be no fun at all for me. The challenge of these games is what has always kept me playing.

Please read and review! I write not for myself, but for you! (Lol Johanna reference.) I want to know how you like my work, and reviewing is the best for that! Please!!!

So, I guess that's enough for my Pokerant. Something else, nya?

Thanks a bunch to anyone who will help!!!!

My real name is Christian _. It's funny because my initials spell C_.

xD Internet safety ftw

This is where I'm putting new stories that I'm working on developing!!!


Legend of Zelda

This will be set in the time after Twilight Princess, before Skyward Sword or Spirit Tracks.

The main character is, of course, the newest Link, after the time of Twilight Princess. But he is far different from any Link to come before or after him.

I will also introduce a new Companion Fairy. She will be far more involved in the storyline than most before her, and will have secrets of her own that Link will discover as he travels through Hyrule.

Link will be able to use the skills of his original personality before becoming Link, which will cause him to temporarily lose the allegiance of the Master Sword.

I probably won't involve romantic feelings between Link and the current Zelda.

Category: Halo

This will continue on the events of 'Escaping Reach', and might involve interactions with a certain Gunnery Sergeant.

I might involve a new AI.

Nothing much else.

Category: Left 4 Dead/Portal

Chell escapes Aperture to find herself in the zombie Apocalypse. With help from an unexpected ally and a good gun or two, can Chell survive this new task?

Chell will discover things about herself that she never knew, and possibly a family she never expected to have.

Category: Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is faced with a challenge far greater than ever before. Even with friends old and new, can the Blue Hedgehog stand against the Dark?

Sonic will be joined by everyone's favorite characters (And even some less popular ones) to take down a greater evil than anyone could have ever predicted. But can they stand against the darkness within?

Sonic will face off against the strongest enemies he's ever faced. An axis of evil that plans to destroy Sonic, and anything else in their path.

One of my favorite enemies will return, and cause the most devastating battle in the history of Mobius.

Images of my characters! (Using





Noble Six (My image of him):

(Imagine the rest under Mjolnir Mk IV armor)

Sabella Platinum (In an upcoming Pokémon story- 'younger' twin sister of Sabrina Platinum.)

Sabrina Platinum ('Older' sister of Sabella)

Conrad Briney (Supporting character that quickly becomes a co-main character.)

Saturn (After Galactic)

Mars (After Galactic)

Eiji Ito (Main character of AB: The Vanguard)

Akemi Sasaki (Eiji's love interest)

Akihiro Takashi (Eiji's false identity)

Masato Suzuki (Eiji's best friend)

Yuki Kitamura

Katsuo Makimori

Haruki Hamasaki

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The Divine Dragon Princess, Tiki, has long known the feeling of loss, and of pain and sorrow. However, when weighted down so heavily, even a straw may break the camel's back. This straw was the death of her lover, Robin. When Robin finally does return to the world of the living, he receives a rather rude awakening... Some gore warning, as well as likely swearing.
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