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I have lingered here for many a year, I'm sure I've had a couple of accounts along the way, all of which I have little recollection.

So I'll say, HylĂ´! I'm Eddie. Born in the year of 1991. I am male. I'm from the West Country (not born, but lived here the majority of my life) and I'm proud of the area. The amount of enjoyed delights that actually originate from this 'ere region is astonishing: Cheddar cheese, cider, scones, clotted cream. I am British-European for national identity. I prefer to link myself with Europe over the other English-speaking countries (such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA), although I am fascinated by Canada in particular, perhaps for their being, out of the rest, the most in tune with the First Nation aboriginal existance.

My heros: Stephen Fry, Seth MacFarlane, Miriam Margolyes, Sir Michael Gambon, Sir Ian McKellen, Stewart Lee, Russell Howard

I am a Secular Humanist, so you should not expect any unfair judgement from me, but be aware I may not tolerate intolerance. Tolerate the intolerant, but not the intolerance itself. I believe I heard that from my Government and Politics lecturer. Brilliant man. I do love looking into the historic pre-christian civilisations, and have learnt much about the history of certain religions. I do tend to favour writing about Nature-based religions over the others, they may crop up in some fictions. There will be warnings where appropriate (such a shame they even need to be there, that people actually are offended by something so non-judgemental).

I love Politics and Governmental issues even to the point where I can get so passionate that it tires me out (I am very UK Lib Dem, to people of the US: we're all lefties to your politics, even our Conservative Party is very left by your standards, some of you will like it, the more conservative of you will probably not understand - that's Europe, if selfless liberal equality scares you, I have many holiday ideas for you which are outside Europe and Canada). I am very much the same with campaigning from current affairs. In my past I have put time in for LGBTQIA issues, genocide in Darfur, prisoners of conscience, and environmental issues (I am for sustainable, renewable energy, just removing the carbon-footprint isn't enough, it needs to be renewable). In some fictions, I will probably include political analysis and pressure group activities in my fictions (most likely in the Final Fantasy VII - it's so very easy to do). With these there will be warnings for these mostly likely under "boring topics ahead/included".

Now, I cannot stress enough, the person to which this 'ere profile belongs is completely LGBTQIA-friendly. That being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transsexual, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual. I am at least two of these myself. Do you want to guess? I don't mind if you do or don't. And if you want to ask I shan't hold it against you, I will answer if, as far as I can tell, you are a decent person. I do relish curiousity myself.

Okay, now for a more concise look. Not terribly concise, but less than a paragraph per item.

Likes in general: politics, languages (Spanish, Mandarin, German, Welsh, Japanese, Hindi), science, nature-based religions, equality, tolerance, Illamasqua, MACosmetics, vampiric fiction.

Music: erhus, bowed instruments, eclectic, chillout, punk, Llewellyn, opera, ethnic, folk, Damh the Bard, classical, minimalist, Ludovico Einaudi, E.S. Posthumus, Green Day, George Shaw, latino, Juanes, Shakira, Niall, Linkin Park, Soundtracks (Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core, Harry Potter, Doctor Who), Murray Gold, Nicholas Hooper, Alexander Desplat.

Films/TV programmes: Blackadder, QI, Mock the Week, Mongrels (yes, I can be that crude), Doctor Who, Murdoch Mysteries, Jonathan Creek, 'Allo 'Allo, Would I Lie to You?, the IT Crowd, Black Books, Fist of Fun, Red Dwarf, Sooty and Co., Super Ted, Bear Behaving Badly, The Naked Gun all three of them, Advent Children, All the Harry Potter Series, Hotel Rwanda, The Breakfast Club, Hot Fuzz, Paul.

And I love Pantos. If you fancy, there are some good pantos ITV produced over some 10 years ago, they are all on Youtube if you're interested. Of course, the innuendo might shock you if you aren't from the European continent.

Books: Harry Potter series, Blood Sucker: Legend of the Zipangu, Love Pistols (its Josei, so shoot me), language reference books of all varients, various poetry books (yes, LOVELESS is included).

Dislikes: heavy music where the lyrics are so distorted you cannot understand them, intolerance, displaced arrogance, gore, most horror films, false sanctimony, false history, narrow-minded critical comment and subjectivity.

When it comes to writing, I am something of a perfectionist, so you might not see any work for a long while. I do often just write for myself. But if any of you are curious about my writing style (I doubt it) please post in ideas for what you'd like to see. I write all: General, Yaoi/Slash, Shounen-ai, Yuri, Shoujo-ai, Heterosexual (sexual and/or romantic), AU (in any way you interpret it, I really don't mind), PWP..etc. I have very few pet peeves about fan fiction when considering reading and writing, in fact I can't think of any pet peeves at all, so, you are so very unlikely to infuriate me with any of your requests, unless perhaps you want me to write an anti- fiction. Intolerance, remember? Bear in mind I have no first-hand experience of sexual relations, so if they are inaccurate I apologise. I know no better.

My fandoms are mostly Final Fantasy VII, Doctor Who and Moonchild. This may extend. I have also written Green Day fiction and Harry Potter fiction in my time. Some of these are up for request, and if you want to introduce me to any others I am happy for the challenge.

Favourite Characters: Genesis Rhapsodos (seems a lot dislike and even hate him, I can't), The Doctor (I do love Matt Smith as well), River Song (Melody Pond), Amy Pond, Angeal Hewley, Yuffie Kisaragi (the royal tomboy brat is charming), Sho, Kei, Vincent Valentine, Rufus Shinra, Cait Sith, Sephiroth, Dr. Grimoire Valentine (brilliant name), Dr. Lucrecia Crescent, Tseng, Reno, Nero the Sable and Weiss the Immaculate, Cissnei.

These are my favourites, that does not mean I dislike the rest. There are some that I detest such as Hojo, but that doesn't discount him from my writing, not at all.

Okay, I'll have bored you now. To be honest, you don't have to read any of this. But some people do not want to read stories written by certain people because of something or other and I want to give you the option to disregard my fanfiction as you see fit.

"Another small note, though this is more general. You don't have to enjoy slash, but you should be respectful to those who write and read it. A simple courtesy is a must. I do not click on your stories and review them with cruel and malicious reviews because of the pairing you choose to write. I believe I deserve the same modicum of respect. Also, if you rag on how much you hate homosexuality and slash stories on your profile or in your author notes, I will also refuse to read your stories, as it shows a disrespect for your fellow writers and fellow human beings. Decency and respect is a must for this fandom."- Strange and Intoxicating -rsa.

It was really nice to see this after seeing some terribly homophobic comments, or even just certain comments that flouted common decency. Its strange that most people would consider racism and such indecent, when homophobia can be seen as decent, and homosexuality indecent. Sai, you are a star shining brightly through overcast night skies. For me, the intolerant people are destroying fandoms.

Also, if you start having a go at people who write OOC slash pairings and rag on about how sure you are that these characters aren't gay, you're also showing very poor character. Simply, how do you know? Unless of course they have girlfriends/wives, which granted doesn't make them "gay", but yet, equally it doesn't rule out them having homosexual relations. It seems people have forgotten the spectrum sexual orientation can come in. It annoys me when those people have a problem with those slash pairings, but will present straight pairings which are just as unlikely. You're steamrollering over your own point. Also, if you are silly enough to suggest that they do not follow stereotypical examples of homosexuality/bisexuality therefore...I won't dignify you with an answer. Stereotypes have changed through the years to show a contradiction of each other, so how could you have a point?

I don't mind people writing for whatever purpose they want, I'm not so pompous as to judge.

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