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Author has written 3 stories for Familiar of Zero, and Fate/stay night.

A Brief Grammar lesson for those that seem to not know.

your: second person describing possession of something such as (This is not your problem.)

You're: A contraction of "you are: Such as in (These are not the droids you're looking for.)

Not a whole lot to say really, I like to read a lot in my free time when not cursing Calculus to the seven circle of hell. I decided that I should try my hand at giving some written word back to the world. I don't really see myself as a particularly skilled writer by any means but I do try to go out of my way to keep from churning out crap. My personal preference for writing is to start out with a goal or set of events and let the words fill themselves in. That being said anything I am likely to put up here will be nearly as new to me as those who bother to read it. The plus side to this "strategy" is that it makes my writing flexible and I can easily work in suggestions from those who want to see something I haven't included. All in all I look forward to subjecting people to my diarrhea of the keyboard.

Challenge: Familiar of Zero: to another world

The challenge is this, through some means of your choosing Louise gets transported to some other world where magic is not viewed in the same light as it is in Tristain. She can go with as many of the other students and staff from the academy as you choose. For example Louise could really screw up the summoning ceremony and instead of summoning a familiar she gets herself summoned. Crossover are acceptable.

Must Haves:Louise has to go to a different world away from the one she is comfortable with

The people in the new world cannot share her same conceptions as hers. Magic can be non-existent, mages can be ostracized by the general public, or they can be living in plain sight but unknown by the general public.

Anyone who tags along with Louise has to suffer the same hardships she does.

Must not have:

Louise cannot ingrain herself into the new society effortlessly. There musts be some form of hardship from her new life.

Louise must not be able to get away with her high and mighty nobility is better attitude.

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