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Hi I am TheFlameBlade.


Name: No Need To Know

Age: I am an Adult

Gender: I am a Dude


Food: Steak

TV Show: Dr. Who

Movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Book: I Have No Mouth but I Must Scream

Game: The Walking Dead

Youtuber: Tomska/DarkSquidge

Game Console: Nintendo Gamecube

Band: Queen

Drink: Water

Dessert: Cookies n' Cream Ice Cream

Weapon: Katana Made of Meteorite

SSB Character: Marth

Shoe Brand: DC

Super Hero: Deadpool

Pokemon: Typhlosion

Yu-Gi-Oh Card: Blue Eyes Shining Dragon

Beyblade: El Drago

DBZ Character: Vegeta

Things I F_king Hate!!:

Grammar Nazis:Yes I know I don't always do every single thing perfect but that is no reason to leave a long-ass review explaining all of my mistajes. Just shut up and let me write how i want to.

Threats to report stories:If you don't like rule breaking then you don't do it. I don't understand what is so bad about interacting with other authors through an SYOC or ToD or whatever. Last I check the site's logo says "Unleash Your Imagination." Well thats what all of us our doing so just leave us be.

Trolls/Flamers:Simple. You don't like a fic don't review. Besides that is all opinion. For example I will admit I F_king hate yaoi stories and i have no problem with homosexuality but I'm straight and i won't read or write a story with yaoi but you don't see me go to every story involving yaoi i see and did it and leave bad reviews I just don't read them.

That's all for now. Maybe more later on.

Main OCs:




Appearance:Has orange hair that goes to his shoulders,has blue eyes,an open leather jacket,a white tank top under,has human skin despite the fact that he is a dragon,a red dragon tail with silver spikes on the end,ripped jeans,and vans,he is also '6,1".

Personality:Is very kind,stays to himself though has a great sense of humor,is always brave,never leaves anyone behind,and grows wings teeth sharpen and gets lizard eyes when someone angers him,when someone hurts his friends turns full dragon,a 17foot red dragon that has a buff upper body.

Weapons:A Meteorite katana in a sheathe at his side,and a revolver in a holster on the back of his pants,plus energy blast.

Abilities:Every martial martial art known to man,can fly even without wings,super speed and bullets don't hurt him.

Background:Came from the distance planet of Dragolon where he was the prince before it was destroyed by who-knows-what,has wondered the Earth for years.

Theme Song:American Idiot(Green Day),and When I'm Gone(Eminem)

Anything Else:Hides most of his feelings except when thinking about his family,and his 10 year old Brother that he knows is alive but hasn't seen him since the destruction of his planet.

Name:Shadow Night (real name Shane Raymen)



Appearance:Wears a black version of those ninja turtles mask(just so you get an idea), also wears the bottom of a ninja mask, a black long-sleeve shirt, black jeans and regular black and white Van, has like a bedhead mostly, dark brown hair, and has a light tan.

Personality:He keeps to himself, he never holds back in a brawl no matter what, He rarely shows any emotion other than anger, friends with few people,Is very brave,will fight until death if he has to,and the only person he trust is his best friend Sunlight(I'll tell you a bout her later).

Weapons:Has 2 long-ish hidden blades and a mace in his back pocket.

Abilities:Can control shadows and darkness but sometimes can't control it and temporarily turns evil,parkour,and martial arts.

Background:He grew up with his dad when his mom died when he was 3,His father is a billionaire but Shane didn't like being rich,he wanted to protect the Innocent but he didn't know how,he eventually made his costume and became the vigilante known as Shadow Night.

Theme Song:Sing For The Moment(Eminem),Boulevard Of Broken Dreams(Green Day)

Anything Else:He hates Brussel sprouts.

Deuces Up!


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