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I love anime and watch alot of it so =^-^=;; yea im not gonna name them but ill name my 4 favorites and one video game i love!!

Senkaiden Houshin Engi I really like but its kinda hard to follow if you come in, in the middle of it thats what happened to me when i first started to watch it on the international channel, but then I saw the beginning and it made sense, the manga is better though...

Gensomaden Saiyuki I love this one also not as hard as SHE to follow but its still really good, how they took the old legend with Son Goku, the monkey king, Genjo Sanzo, the priest, Cho Hakkai, Pig demon, and Sha Gojyo the water sprite and made it really fun to read and watch

Galaxy Angels Kawaii and funny! I love the characters and all the situations they get caught in, the book is alot different from the anime for people who like Sailor Moon and Ranma, I recomend it!

Bakuretsu Hunters This one is just plain funny but can also be very serious too, about a perverted man with a curse, a sorcerer, a muscle builder, and two girls and their crazy adventures!

Zero ~Akai Chou~ (Fatal frame 2, Crimson butterfly) This is the video game i was talking about and i absolutely love it because it has such a great story and some mysteryies, its one of those horror games but this one really scared me, unlike silent hill and all those others, I also recomend Siren for people who love real horror games

ookies that ish all! =^-^= now if you came here to look at my profile then your all doneie! but if you came to look at my stories REVIEW!!! :3

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Rinko was a girl who could drive everyone EVERYONE mad, she was annoying, hyper and doesnt need sugar to get hyped up.so what happens when you put her with Taikoubou and co.?
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