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Hello, welcome to my page. Enjoy my stories. My profile will be updated occasionally.

Things I love-

A good, well written Fan-fic that doesn't make my eyes bleed from spelling errors.

Auto's- I like vehicular transport quite much, despite the fact I can fly, it interests me how an engine works and other parts as well.

Things I support-

CU- they do a good job on this site, I commend them on this and if a member ever reads this, I give you a nice cinnamon muffin for what they do.

Pokemon Fandom- the most obvious reason is that I'm a Flygon but also that everyone's played Pokemon at least once in their life, especially in their childhood. Why not support Nintendo for helping to create the video game industry and giving us a part of our childhood?

Things I despise-

Extremely badly written fan-fics that can melt your mind from the drivel that's being typed up. I also despise rule-breakers and I especially hate people who get sissy-fits when someone gives advice on how to fix your mistakes.

People who talk "liek dis", this is a Fan-fic website not AIM. Talk like that on an IM and your stupid text machines, not here on your stories or in your reviews.


Age: [Redacted]

Hometown: Somewhere in Hoenn.

Sex: Male.

Specie: Flygon.

Family - Mother. Father. Annoying sister who loves to use my computer when I'm not around. (Logs me off, logs herself in and doesn't log off.)

Favorite Quote -

I'll one soon enough.

Favorite Song -

I don't exactly have a favorite song right now, just good mood music; this sums up what I like to listen too -

Favorite Place -

A bed.


Planned Stories

An adopted one - I have my eye on a good concept that's up for grabs, I might do it; but you all will not know what it is my lovelies! *lightning*



Some Legendary Stories - A collab. with me and Scizor X (A good friend.) Link to it -

Story Progress

History Unwritten - 2/??? Chapters complete.

Life on the Wrong Side - Currently done - 2/10 for Arc 1 - Planned Arcs: 4

Legends Fight! Males vs. Females - 4/4 - Complete

Journals of the Legends - 16/50 by December 22 Completed - Next entry/entries - Uxie 2, Cresselia 1 and Giratina 1

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