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Favorite Games- Ninja Gaiden Series, DOA series, Devil May Cry, God of War, Mortal Kombat, Halo Series.

Fav couples

Doa/Ninja Gaiden

Ryu x Kasumi

Ryu x Ayane

Jan Lee x Lei Fang

Elliot x Ayane

Hitomi x Hayate

Favorite DOA characters

1. Ryu Hayabusa

2. Kasumi

3. Ayane

4. Hitomi

5. Hayate

6. Jann Lee

7. Lei Fang

8. Kokoro

9. Helena

10. Brad Wong( Cause of his ability to fight a hangover all the time)

Favorite Tv Shows/Animes/Other stuffs


Code Geass

Death Note

Deadman Wonderland

Umineko No Haku Koro Ni


Ao No Exorcist


Avatar TLE and Legend of Korra

Young Justice


Air Gear

Too Many to Name I'll think of more later - _ -

Oc's I've Created

Suzaku Hayabusa

Height 5'10

Age: 17

Personality: Sardonic, Cold, Impatient, Dark

Clothing: He wears a red coat over a white shinobi garb in which is similar to the Legendary Black Falcon outfit. The Kanji marked on his coat says " Mastery"

Bio: A modern day ninja similar like his blood brother Ryu Hayabusa. He holds the greatest respect for Ryu, his father Jo and Momiji. He does disregards many people as weak and insignificant. Unlike Ryu, Suzaku has underwent many missions in the West, which has been the influence to his fighting style and technique. He uses a variety of weapons from the Kitetsu which formally was owned by the demon samurai Doku, to a claymore-like blade known as the Liberator which he forged from a slain dragon. He also uses modern day weapons like pistols and rifles also which contrasts the ancient Hayabusa style. He is a master of the katana, attaining his training from both Ryu and Jo Hayabusa. Unlike his relationship with Ryu and Jo, Suzaku has always been a distant outcast at the village, due to his dark past. His trust for those around Ryu though is quite different as he expels quite the Hatred fro not only Ryu's best friend Hayate but the Mugen Tenshin Clan. He also has a problem with Ryu's lover Kasumi, who he constantly belittles and disrespects despite the fact that she is older than him. More updates about my Oc later, he can be found in my Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3 fic.

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