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About fanfiction net banning and deleting people for MA content.

I left when they did this years ago and only came back years latter when it was clear they stopped. Oh sign me up for the petition if you haven't already from my earlier post. Still have no idea why they started banning MA material they refuse to say and it's not mentioned anywhere. The wikipedia page states

"On September 12, 2002, FanFiction.Net banned material that was rated NC-17. Stories categorized as NC-17, or advertised as potentially such, were removed. Since then, the site has relied on its users to report stories that are inappropriately rated.
Prior to the new policy, the site would use a pop-up to prompt readers to say whether they were over 17 or not.
While some protested the NC-17 ban and others edited their work to be suitable for an M rating, most simply moved their work. The NC-17 ban also prompted many authors to abandon the site completely for other sites that allowed such stories."

Which begs the question why the change and if you change why didn't you take steps to keep such stories off your site? The only safeguard for NC-17 content is the hope one of the people who read it report it? Clearly most people don't bother and don't mind those stories otherwise there wouldn't be a huge pileup of those stories that they are now deleting and banning. That's worse then having a popup asking if the user is 17 or older that some people might lie about. Now there was no warning about the many stories that have been on the site for years since 2002 except from the authors who wrote them. It is very irresponsible to remove any safeguards you had for under aged people reading such stories to replace it with a vaguely worded statement of what can and can't be posted. If an author has had a story on the site for years and has read similar stories from other authors can you blame them for being surprised and angry when you delete it with no warning? If a story has thousands of reviews, more hits of people who have read it, and has been on the site for years before one vindictive person reports it doesn't that clearly tell you what the majority of the people who use this site prefer? Why not answer legitimate questions about what amount of violence is acceptable in a story? It is very easy to take steps to prevent under aged people from reading adult content whether it's asking if they are old enough, having to register to access those parts of the site or any other of the many things other sites do. Would parents or the sites sponsors be more upset about you having adult content on the site for years while saying there is none and no plan to stop it from happening again or you having such content but taking reasonable steps to make sure only people of age will access it?

I love to read fan fiction currently the main ones are Naruto and Harry Potter.

Harry Potter

As much as I like Harry Potter I had so many problems with the last few books I only read those books once and didn't bother to watch those movies. When it all comes down to it after the good guys won the war just like the last time voldemort was defeated nothing was fixed. The ministry of magic is still corrupt, criminals such as Umbridge, Malfoy, etc go unpunished and unrepented, racist purebloods are still in power and ready to keep the cycle of dark lords going. But my biggest problem was how JKR seemed to take the most incompatible people and paired them together without any buildup or effort to make it even slightly believable. The worst offence being Ron/Hermione.

The only pattern I can see is that it seems JKR likes to pair off a younger girl with an older, sometimes much older man. The one most people seem to notice Tonks and Lupin probable has the biggest age gap. Then you have Bill and Fleur when she is first introduced she's in school around 17 or so Bill has graduated and been working for several years. The last two although not as much of an age gap have Harry/Ginny another couple I hate and Draco/Astoria Greengrass. Now that one really comes out of nowhere putting aside from the fact that Draco should and the very least be imprisoned they had no interaction together. Not only in the beginning books did it look like Draco was with Pansy but if you were going to randomly put him with a Greengrass why not Daphne who was in the same year instead of her younger sister? Thinking of it did Ginny date a single person her age or were they all Harry's year or older?


My favorite couple is of course Harry/Hermione. They stuck by each other had a lot of chemistry and when your honest without someone like Hermione Harry had zero chance to survive. Other then Hermione I like Harry with pretty much any girl besides Ginny. There are a lot of underdeveloped characters in the books and it's interesting to see authors take those unused girls and bring them to life. The problem with that is unless you go the harem route there are too few decent guys to go around.

Thoughts on characters


: It's truly shocking how the books and many fics try to paint him in a good light. You have him planning to rule the world with his lover Grindelwald only arguing if it should be done through force or manipulation. When they separate no talk of him warning others or fighting until the very end stabbing him in the back to take the elder wand. Even then he didn't kill him or turn him over to proper authorities to judge him for his crimes just locked him up in Grindelwald's own prison. When he gets Tom Riddle from the orphanage he knew he was abusing his magic and didn’t warn the teachers or headmaster. While leery of Tom did nothing to stop him learning dark magic or murdering while in school. When Voldemort started the war Dumbledore made the order of the phoenix but what good did it do? Did they help train each other? Did they capture any death eaters they wouldn't have already done such as moody in their jobs as aurors? Did they do anything they wouldn't have if they weren't in the order other then gather information that wouldn't get shared because Dumbledore doesn't like sharing information or getting people like Molly's brothers killed?

Then you have his questionable actions when the Potters are killed. Even if you give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t know who the secret keeper was and the fidelius fell when Voldemort broke through the other wards. When he learned of the attack did he alert aurors? No. Did he send his order? No. Did he himself supposedly the only man Voldemort feared rush off to battle? No. He sent a half giant who was expelled with his wand snapped, had no means of fast travel there or back, should have no idea where the Potters where hiding, and was alone. Even if he thought Serius was the secret keeper learning he let the defenseless Hagrid leave unmolested with Harry and even gave his bike to get him to safety faster you would think he would push for a trail as head of the wizengamot...Nope. It took what a day or two at most for Hagrid to bring Harry to Dumbledore at the Dursely's. But why, I like a lot of others find it hard to believe that parents that loved him and left him money would ever let there be a possibility he would go there legally. So why was Minerva watching the house? When did Dumbledore put up the blood wards? What about the scar did it form right away or was it just a huge gash on an infants head? Considering children spend days in the hospital wing for relatively minor injuries you would think a baby with a horrible head wound from a curse no one survived before would have extensive tests and treatments to insure its health and safety.

Dumbledore condones child abuse. He flat out states he knew what a horrible life he was condemning Harry to when he left him there. Mrs Figg his spy knew all about it. Harry's Hogwarts letter was addressed to the cupboard under the stairs even if it was automatic it was obvious that it wasn't being read and hundreds of more letters were sent and eventually Hagrid. Knowing a problem with the letters getting to him you would check the address and Hagrid knew when he got Harry from the shack. Then there is Snape that Dumbledore lets abuse countless children for years. Snape was only a spy because Dumbledore blackmailed him into it in exchange for protecting Lily which he should have been doing his all to protect anyway. Even then Voldemort attacks the Potters shortly after that and was defeated ending the war. So there wasn't much time at all for Snape to be useful as a spy maybe he gave names after to try to round up the death eaters. But convicted death eaters did that anyway to try to get off lightly as shown in the pensive of where Barty Crouch Jr was arrested. So for being absolutely no use Dumbledore let Snape go unpunished for all his crimes and rewarded him by giving him a job teaching potions and head of house where he abused children, didn't go his job teaching, and encouraged kids to grow up bigoted, racist, future death eaters. Even if Dumbledore knew for sure Voldemort would come back letting Snape who was unchanged from his evil ways abuse and fail to educate his students for years in the hopes Snape might be some use as a spy in the future is a horrible evil idea. So you have Dumbledore know for sure or even worse only suspect about horcruxes letting Snape get away with that. But he doesn't do anything about them. He took time to investigate leads on what might be horcruxes and where they might be but in all those years he never bothered to search for one to either confirm his idea or to destroy one. You don't need to be sure they exist or how many there are to do something to start to take care of the problem.

Dumbledore also constantly endangers students weather through evil, being a dumbass or both. Bringing the philosophers’ stone into the school as bait. The dangerous traps that curious or lost students are way to easy to encounter. After learning about a troll sends students all throughout the school including the last known location of the troll. Leaves a dark object the mirror of erised laying about in an unused classroom without even the crappy lock that separated people from the Cerberus. Letting first years go on detention into the forbidden forest at night. Deliberating takes the long way to the ministry leaving his trap unguarded and not even assigning a teacher to watch it. Hiring a teacher possessed by Voldemort, a fraud, death eater, etc to the DADA position. If the job is really cursed well guess what there is such a career as curse breakers and considering you're in charge of the school and its education it should be a huge priority getting that taken care of. Second time chamber of secrets opened when you were at the school and you cant figure out where it is or what the monster is or do anything to ensure the safety of students let keep the school open? shame. Head of wizengamont but allow Hagrid to be sent to Azkaban without trial? Students repeatedly attacked by dementors when they are useless to stop common rooms from being broken into yet you do nothing? After so many years of students in danger what do you do you start up a tournament that was abandoned for to many deaths ensuring at least one of your students life will be in jeopardy. An under aged student illegally entered into same tournament? who cares. Hey one person who didn’t sign up for the tournament being forced to compete isn't enough lets kidnap four more children and put them at the bottom of a dangerous lake. Contestants recovered from maze after red sparks sent up either crucioed or imperioused? oh dear. Then two contestants portkeyed away? time to sit on my hands. When they come back with one of them dead? Time to promptly lose track of the live one. Ministry sends teacher to torture kids give them truth serum and cast unforgivables? lets just pretend it never happened. And on and on and on.

People try to excuse Dumbledore for being old and having 3 full time jobs but it just doesn’t work. He could quit any of them at any time was removed from them at times but desperate to get them back and so utterly bad at all of them. Started as a teacher but Riddle got away with murder all under the watchful eye of Dumbledore. Failure. Headmaster several criminally bad teachers, endangering and letting others endanger students, teaching students they can make racist remarks, bullying, breaking rules, attacking students, attempted murder etc all without punishment. Failure. Wizengamont letting criminals go unpunished, standing by while people break laws and watching and allowing people to be sent to azkaban without trial, letting Harry be sent to a kangaroo court for under aged magic while defending himself, knowing Draco is trying to kill him and injuring students in the process but doing nothing, etc. Failure. Head of the ICW well not much is known about what they actually do but considering there is no mention of him trying to get them to help out against Voldemort and how horrible he is at his other jobs I am going to go ahead and say failure. Even if you try to say he is stretched to thin, overworked and in the end believes everything he has done is for the greater good there is a little saying that the way to hell is paved with good intentions. The only way to try to make him guilt free is if he is so batshit senile he should have been committed years ago. But he has been doing things so long you have to ask yourself exactly how long ago youre trying to claim he went crazy.


Did he have a hard life growing up? yes. Did the marauders give him trouble in school especially Serius sending him to death by werewolf? yes.(another huge knock against Dumbledore) Does that excuse his crimes? no. Lots of the characters had a horrible life such as Harry but you are responsible for how you deal with it and the choices you make. In school he was a bigoted racist who spent his time inventing dark curses. Later he joins a group of racist, murdering, torturing, rapists. He wasn't like Regulus Black who was pressured into it by his dark family who quickly regretted his decision and died trying to bring it down. No he was very involved, high up, well liked and extremely close to Voldemort. Voldemort isn't the type to spare his enemies but was on such good terms with Snape he was willing to let Lily live presumably to bring back as a gift for Snape. So no Snape didn't join the DE as a good guy to spy. And if he did turn spy latter which is hard to believe it was only for petty revenge against Voldemort for killing Lily instead of bringing her back as his slave. You can't expect us to believe in his redemption when he spent years as a "teacher" being just as racist and biased as always. He doesn't teach just writes instructions on the board never helps out or shows them how to do things. He actually hinders learning by being there yelling, taking points and assigning detentions unfairly. You could take pretty much any adult or student to replace him as an improvement. All they would have to do is make sure the students were behaving, doing the work, preventing them from sabotaging potions or fighting and it would be a vastly improved learning environment. There is not a single instance showing Snape obtaining any useful information as a spy or doing anything for the war. The only good things he did was try to counter Qurriels curse on Harry's broom to settle a life debt. ( I can't see how it would when he should do that as a teacher anyway and had been working all that time with Dumbledore to set Harry up to die) And show Harry to the Sword of Gryffindor during the horicrux hunt which was an incredible stupid way to get the sword to him. So there is no way I can see him as a good guy childishly holding his hate for James to Harry calling him spoiled and arrogant which more accurately describes Snape's godson Draco evil little shit he is with his daddy buying his way onto the quiditch team and strutting around Hogwarts like he owns the place.


: While a nice guy is way to devoted to Dumbledore and dangerous creatures. While he wasn't the one responsible for Myrtles death he deserved to be expelled for having Aragog in the school. Considering there was a girls death but no proof and he just got expelled with his wand snapped and later on there was no proof and only some petrifactions and he was sent to azkaban it goes to show how lucky Hagrid was that Dumbledore wasn't chief warlock back then. It does however show more stupidity of Dumbledore hiring someone to work around kids who didn’t learn his lesson about bringing dangerous beasts near them as Hagrid latter brings a dragon egg to the school. Not to mention letting him teach Care of Magical Creatures without the qualifications. Just because Hagrid is able to survive around deadly beasts doesn’t mean he is able to teach how to do it. But then again as mentioned above Dumbledore doesn't care about bringing dangerous beasts near kids as he asked Hagrid to provid the Cerberus or about student safety in general.


: The books go to great effort to show just how racist, evil, and dishonorable he is. Just because he was too much of a coward to look Dumbledore in the eyes and kill him doesn't mean he isn't capable of murder. He is shown willing to curse people in the back. Poisoning someone’s drink is just as much murder as casting a spell at their face. Just as sending them heavily cursed objects. Just because they didn't work doesn't mean he didn't fully intended them to kill. He cast multiple unforgivables and in no way did anything to deserve a happy ending in the epilog. It just showed the ministry stayed as corrupt as it always was. Draco fans claim he was pressured into a life of evil and that’s not who he is deep down. What they try to forget is his mummy, daddy, and godfather spoiled him to much to think about hurting him. Then when his father messed up and got Voldemort mad Draco learned what it was like to hang out with that kind of crowd without his fathers protection. Now Draco was the one taking orders instead of giving them to his two goons and being cursed for mistakes instead of doing the cursing and wanted out. He would have been fine standing next to his father watching other DE being punished even being the one to crucio them he only didn't want to be part of that life when he and his family fell toward the bottom of the pyramid.


: Wow. How can such a terrible friend and person be considered a hero and get a girl and not just any girl but the main protagonist girl. He went from being a complete asshole making Hermione run off to cry in a bathroom and be attacked by a troll to still being a complete asshole and fighting with her and demeaning her at every turn. The only reason they were friends is because they were friends with Harry although why Harry stayed friends with him is a complete mystery. I can understand Harry had a shitty childhood and didn't have many friends but he didn’t deserve to put up with all Ron's bullcrap. You would think with Bill and Charlie out of the country, Percy being a dick, and the twins always pranking him he would be close to Ginny and Luna being close in age to him and living nearby. But no he is a horrible friend calling Luna loony not spending time with Ginny or notice her acting weird when possessed by the diary. He constantly insults Hermione doesn't respect her or anything she believes in. Takes advantage of her to get his work done so he doesn't fail but belittles her for wanting to study and doesn't put effort into his own education even though his supposed greatest desire is to become head boy which he would need good grades to accomplish. With Harry his constant jealously, lack of trust, and betrayals is not anywhere near worth what little he brings to the group. Which consisted of being good at chess because JKR didn't want to write the stereotype of the smart bookish person being good at chess and she needed him do to something to get past the obstacles for the stone. It would have made more sense for Ron to be the one good at quiditch seeing as she made all the weaslys good at it but no she had already made Harry naturally awesome at quiditch for no apparent reason. It makes no sense for a girl to marry the jerk who she’s hangs out with because he is friends with her actual friend. Hermione stayed with Harry supporting him and believing in him when no one else did so why would she get together with Ron the guy she can't stand who kept betraying and abandoning Harry her true friend and herself when they needed him? Then there’s the fact that Ron is almost as prejudiced and racist as Draco. Just because Ron didn't want to kill muggles doesn't mean he wasn't racist against them. He felt they were beneath him and even in the epilog after being married to Hermione didn’t see anything wrong with using magic on a muggle to cheat and get a drivers license. Yeah it make so much sense to marry a guy who doesn't respect you, your beliefs, your parents, or your friends. Ron is a lazy, prejudice, racist, sexist, jerk. He has no manners to include his horrible eating habits. I don't like reading fics where he is pared with anyone as I don't feel he deserves anyone and wouldn't want to punish any of the girls by having them date him. There is no logical reason for Hermione to be with him and didn't even think Lavender was stupid enough to date him. I fully agree with the fics that have the explanation of Ron and Ginny using love potions to get Hermione and Harry as that is the only thing that makes sense.


: She was a minor character in the books until JKR started to force a relationship between her and Harry. Ginny went from stupid fangirl to school slut to Harry's true love? No sorry not buying it. It came out of nowhere and there wasn't any buildup to make it believable. The only thing JKR did was apparently try to make Harry's type girls who like quiditch and have a boyfriend already in Ginny's case a lot of boyfriends. If she wanted Harry to be with a girl who played quiditch she could have set him up with Katie Bell or one of the other Gryffindor chasers. But to make it believable by putting the effort to give them some interaction and to develop the relationship. Other then JKR's fetish of having young girls with older men she also seems to believe jealousy = love. She had Ron jealous of Hermione going to the ball with Krum and Hermione jealous of Ron and lavender. Then she had Harry jealous of Ginny and Dean. Apparently suddenly getting violently jealous of someone you have never shown even a slight interest in being with someone else is a sure sign of true love. I hate Harry/Ginny fics even ones that try to slip her in as a minor girl in harem fics to try to appease fans that for some reason like Harry and Ginny. I agree with people who think Ginny used potions on Harry after all he wasn't violently jealous of Cedric taking Cho to the ball although he did seem very depressed that he didn't ask Hermione to the ball before Krum did. He also wasn't violently jealous of Neville taking Ginny to the ball or coming back to the dorm afterwards extremely late and very happy practically bragging about getting with Ginny. That would even had made a lot more sense as a couple as Ginny and Neville both started as extremely shy people although I like Neville too much to wish Ginny on him. There you go Cho, Ginny, and Hermione going out with diferent people and Harry had a crush on Cho so he was old enough to like girls if he was the type to get violently jealous that would be the time to show it. Because you didn't havng him spontaniously getting violently jealous over Ginny latter just screams magical manipulation. Did no one find it odd that Harry doesn't seem like the type of guy to try to get a girl to cheat on her boyfriend or leave him for himself? Ginny dumped Dean like a bad habit to be with Harry even though there was nothing to suspect he was a bad guy or boyfriend. Who would want to date a girl who would cheat on or dump a guy for no reason just because he is more popular and rich. The same thing with Ron and Lavender they were dating and then all of a sudden he is with Hermione? So not only does JKR think jealousy is love but apparently it's ok to toy with peoples emotions by dating them and then cheating on them or dumping them as soon as someone else shows interest.

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