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Hello, everyone!

I am a human being who likes reading and writing. I write all sorts of stories. I will sometimes write corporal punishment stories [these will most likely include disciplinary spanking or abuse (even though abuse is really BAD, I like messing around with the characters and it can't really be considered cp, can it?) and other forms of corporal punishment] , so if you have a problem with that, I strongly suggest that you don't read. Like I said, I write all sorts... ALL sorts... ;)

I like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games Trilogy and many other things that I can't be bothered to list right now. My favourite thing to do is play around with fictional characters, pairing them together with someone who they hate and torturing them and murdering them :D

Aren't I evil?

So I've written some stories before... but I've deleted all of them because I simply didn't like them or couldn't continue them. Writer's block is a curse. Anyway, here are some stories that I am planning to put up soon...

Dead Or Alive: The characters of Twilight are all addicted to video games and one day, they find that they are trapped inside one. They are given clear instructions to eliminate each other until one person remains. Who will live and who will die? AU, AH. Rated M for torture and gory deaths and... mature content ;)

All That I Need: Peeta is so obsessed with bread to the point that it's not even funny. Complete crack. Rated K.

Never Gonna Happen: Hermione Granger is the intelligent daughter of a Mafia Boss. Ronald Weasley is a pizza delivery boy of below-average intelligence. A chance meeting occurs and Ronald falls head over heels for Miss Granger. She dislikes him with a passion. Could it ever work out for the pizza delivery boy? AU. Rated M cause I'm paranoid.

Not Who You Think She Is: Jasper Whitlock, Emmett McCarty and Edward Cullen are best friends at Forks High. When new girl Bella Swan arrives, Edward instantly falls head over heels for her. Jasper and Emmett warn Edward that he shouldn't look for a relationship with this girl, but Edward disagrees. Edward attempts to woo Bella and win her love, but she just isn't interested in him. Will it ever work out for him? AU. AH. Rated T.

The Death March of a Cullen: When Carlisle and Esme left town for their anniversary, they put Jasper in charge. Edward isn't happy with that arrangement and starts acting like he's the boss. Jasper and the others aren't pleased. One thing leads to another and Jasper and Edward get into a fight. What happens when their parents come home early? WARNING: This story contains disciplinary spanking. If this makes you uncomfortable, please don't read. Rated T.

Complicated: Roy's furious with Ed after Ed endangered his life so recklessly for no good reason when he attempted to lure the homunculi out of their hiding places by getting Scar to attack him. Ed's mad at himself for not stopping the homunculi. Roy decides to have a chat with the teenaged alchemist. WARNING: Contains spanking of a teenaged alchemist. Don't like? Don't read! Parental!RoyEd, Rated M.

The Rogue's Acolyte: AU. The Apocalypse arc never happened and more mutants have joined Xavier's Institute. However, while out on a mission, Rogue gets kidnapped by the Acolytes. While the X-Men prepare to rescue Rogue and take down Magneto and his Acolytes, Rogue starts getting quite attached to a certain Gambit... Rated M just in case.

And... that's about it for now. I'll try to post a new story soon...

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'I was not mauled by a bear. I was not raped by my ex. I was not found in a barren field, or fighting a war. I was dying of an invisible disease. I was choking on water and tripping over air. I was a burden to my family and unnecessary to the world.' There's a new addition to the Cullen family! Will Jordan's new, healthy body be enough to abandon morality? What do the others think?
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Charles and Erik have parted ways, each with their own acolytes. Charles struggles to deal with the separation, often lapsing into recollections of the past; Erik, on the other hand, uses his independence to further his goal for a mutant utopia. A clashing of the forces is inevitable. Warning: may contain corporal punishment, such as spanking, and mature themes. Read at own risk.
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