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Hi guys!!!!!

Penguin Jinchou reporting for duty *salutes* I am here to serve you, my precious readers, and write stories that I truly value!

So, now, what could you possibly want to know about me?

Name: Penguin! (yeah, no it isn't but just go with the flow 'K? Refer to me as Penguin, or Pen, I don't care!)

Likes: Food, penguins (!), writing (duh), beautiful, sexy vampire men with nice bods (*cough*Zero!*cough*), beautiful, vampire men with nice bods's twin brothers (*cough*Ichiru!*cough*), reading, music, drama and ART!

Dislikes: School, maths, homework, maths, studying, maths, tuna, maths, maths, snakes and...oh did I mention maths?

Height: about 160m, I don't know. Haven't measured myself in years

Weight: YEAH RIGHT! That's never gonna happen XP

Favourite Food: Chocolate!

Favourite colour: Don't have any

Religion: I go to an Anglican school, my family is Pentecostal, my mom grew up Catholic but I'm finding myself to be agnostic lately *shrugs* Live and let live, I say.

Favourite anime: Is this a joke?

Race and ethnicity: Black. Mostly Zimbabwean but I found out that Gogo (my grandma) was South African so I think it's safe to say 3/4 Zimbabwean :)

Additional details: I'm a huge anime lover, but I have to thank my big bro for that! I only really started enjoying anime after I watched Black Cat a few years back. Train Heartnet is SOOOOOO hot XD

Um, I'm a child at heart though I'm 16. I suppose could say I'm childlike? I like to watch Phineas and Ferb on Disney Channel and Spongebob. I love animated movies and dream of becoming an animator one day. I will alwayslove anime and it will be a part of my life forever.

I guess I'm what you could call zany? I'm the weird one in my family. I'm going to dye my hair blue/purple when I'm in college and I have the most random train of thought. Like I can change the subject of the conversation at least five times when I'm talking. It's weird.

My feet, for some reason, like to trip me up. I wear glasses (although VL said I don't, I actually do, but not when I'm reading. I'm short sighted). I'm atrocious at Math and want to murder it. My friends all ask if I'm from America because I have the accent although I just have never been out of Southern Africa except for French Tour. I blame watching Looney Tunes and various Nickelodeon shows for that, though. I picked up my English from there, and now it's my first language. I would like to learn Shona, (I'm from Zim) buuut, se la vie, ne?

I LOVE ANIMALS! It's a shame I don't have pets because I'd lather them with love! ANIMALS AND ANIME ARE MY KRYPTONITE!

I love, love, love the Joker. My philosophy is: if you don't, then why the hell do I know you? He's amazing and witty and funny and cunning and bloodthirsty but AMAZING! Favourite villain, hands down.

If you wanna reach me or hear story updates, I started a Facebook page. It'll help me update faster if you pester me, especially since I'm SUCH a procrastinator.

[link], the page is called Overlord Penguin. Right now it has Aidou for a profile pic, just in case you're all 'THIS ISN'T THE PAGE!! I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION!

I also have a deviantart page. There's no art on it but in due time that will change when I figure my way around it and such.

[link] https://

Pictures of Kai will be posted on both And if any of you're willing to draw for me too just PM me or put it in the reviews of Vampire Light and I'll post it on my profile. You will be acknowledged for your art.

Here's a link to Kai's profile too

[link] http:///art/Kai-Kurosaki-Vampire-Knight-OC-profile-394214422

OKAY, so time for my general opinion on some frivilous matters, because I know how much you guys value it.

Vampire Knight

Do you think that Kaname is sexier than Zero?

"hmmm, that's a good question. Although I love Zero so very, very much, Kaname just has this aura that radiates from him. I guess i should say that Kaname and Zero are both sexy in their own ways. The way Kaname presents himself and the way he moves and acts are just sooo sexy (cue watering chibi eyes) but then, Zero has this whole bad boy tsundere thing going on, and you can't say no to silky, straight silver-white hair! A very difficult argument...but if I had no choice but to choose, I would say yes, but JUST BARELY!" - is what I said before but now my answer is simple. NO.

If you were a VK character, what would you be?

Well, if I could choose, I'd be either an aristocrat or a pureblood vampire, despite Zero's obvious hatred for the likes. Definitely not a human or a vampire that was human. Although I love Zero so DAMN much, i just don't think I would like to go through what he did, and becoming a level E just doesn't seem to be on my list of 'things I would do if I somehow landed up in the VK world'.

What powers would you possess as an aristocrat?

Get ready for this, I'd like to be...psychic! Which, in my book, means I can mind read, use telekinesis and have telepathy, plus I can fly!

If you were stuck in a room with Hanabusa and Shiki, what do you think would happen?

Duh, I'd go all fangirl on them! Isn't that obvious enough? I'd probably even tie them down with some kind of invincible rope or something so they don't get out of my site. Yes I'm psycho like that.

Favourite pairing?

Hands down Zero and Yuki. Really, it's no argument that the two were made for each other.

What would happen if you were stuck in a room with Headmaster Cross?

I'd totally go fangirl crazy. I love him so damn much! He's just that amazing, and hilarious. I wouldn't mind having him as some kind of sibling or even a dad if I had the chance.

Do you like Kaname?

Hmmm, another good question. I guess its kind of a love hate conflict that's going on for that topic. I love him because he saved Yuki all those years ago (I know he's her ancestor or whatever so shut up), and he seems to genuinley care for her. But...of course there's the whole turning her back into a vampire thing and the conflict between my sexy Zero and himself so as I said before, it's more of a love hate thing.

What are your thoughts on Ichiru?

Sexiest. Thing. On. Two. Legs! I love him so much! Really! I do! So damn much! It's a damn shame he died, I think there could've been more to his story.

Death Note

L or Light?

Hmm, er, can I come back to you on that one? No? Okay then, its a tough choice but if I really needed to make it...I guess it depends on the situation or the mood I'm in. If I'm feeling really sadistic and want people to just die and feel like straight brown her and a model student is sexy, then Light. But if I feel a strong sense of justice and don't want people to die for their 'crimes' and feel that spiky gravity defying hair and a person with a *cough, cough* love for sweets is hot, then L.

Not much of an answer for you?

Okay, okay, I know, stupid answer. But if it were a matter of life and death...Light?

Face it guys, he's hotter than L.

But L is the good guy...and he has the sexiest voice.

So I'm going right out and saying it. L...I think.

Screw this. Next question

How do you feel about Misa?

Good question. Misa's okay, I guess. You know, when she isn't acting desperate.

Matt or Mello?

Hmm, video games or chocolate? Considering infinite love for both of these, I will have to rely on their personalities. If I want a guy with a good sense of humour, Matt obviously, but if I want a a badass then it'll be Mello. So, great jokes or a guy that can totally kick anybody's butt?

Mello hands down.

L and Light or Matt and Mello?

Matt and Mello guys! They're so amazing, even I have no words for it.

If you were in Death Note, whose side would you be on?'re basically asking, "Light or L" again, right?

L, I guess. That's the side Mello's on!!

In the Kira task force, who do you like the most excluding L?

Pffft, come on guys. Matsuda! He is so cool, and I genuinley love the guy. In fact, I'm pretty certain that if I were ten years older in the Death Note world...

If you had the Death Note, what would you do?

I don't know. I like that Light wants to rid the world of crime and evil, but in doing so he's doing a crime and being evil. So I guess I would't use it, probably forfeit it.

But I'd probably kill my maths teacher first.

And the entire subject too, if could while I'm at it.

If you could meet any three characters from Death Note?

Hmm, Mello, Matt and Matsuda. Yes, I know that Matsuda was just really random, but seriously, I love him so don't judge me.

Dragon Ball Z

Goku or Vegeta?

Damn, this is gonna be hard. I don't know, like this time I seriously don't know. Not even in a life and death situation. Next question.

Trunks or Goten?

This is easy. Trunks, of course. Who wouldn't want a dude with purple hair? Hey, I think I can answer the first question now...

Goku or Vegeta?

Vegeta because if somehow I land up in the DBZ world and plan to marry Trunks, he won't kill me for liking Goku better than him.

If you were in the DBZ world, what would you be?

Not human, that's for frikken certain. I'd be a Saiyan chick, like Kyoko in my story Grey Tale, but more badass.

What power would you have?

You know Shiki's power from VK, where he uses his blood like a whip? Something like that, but like on a Saiyan level, if you know what I mean. If I had my own ki blast, I'd called something like "kurenai tora hitofuki" which very, very, VERY roughly translates to "crimson tiger blast"

Ouran High School Host Club

Who's your fave character?

Umm, do I need to answer this? Okay, if I had to choose it would have to be Kyoya. He's so dark and mysterious and I find that incredbily attarctive in a guy *blushies*

What's your take on Hikaru or Kaoru?

Some people may say 'they're the same, so why should I bother?' but I think that their incredibly different. Just like Haruhi said, their very different, and I have to say that I love Hikaru more than Kaoru. I want to say it's because he's sexier, but they look the same so you won't understand. I like he's personality and the way he takes charge, it's a lot more attractive.

If you were stuck in a room with Tamaki...?

I don't know. I mean, I'm not much of a Tamaki fangirl (sorry guys). I guess I'd see how much I can annoy him...

And with Kyoya?

Well then, I'd pin him down right there XD 'nuff said.

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

How will you react if you were stuck in that universe and was chosen by Deus to participate in the games?

Ummmm, I don't know. I mean I love Mirai Nikki but it's one of those things were you love watching it but not being in it. I'd go crazy with fear I guess.

What would your strategy be to win the games?

Kill Yuno. As much as I love her, I don't think I want to be in the games if she's there. She scares the crap outta me and I'd thank my lucky stars that I don't find Yuki attractive otherwise I'd be in some deep shit.

If you were Yuki?

God, why doesn't he just embrace the fact that this Yuno girl would do anything (including kill) for him? If I were him I'd be so excited. Seriously, he was a shoo in to win from the start (Spoiler, soz)

If you were Yuno?

Could you imagine the possibilities? That girl can turn anything into a weapon and even if she's an obsessed stalker she's smart. I don't think I'd even bother with Yuki because he's such a wuss! God, can you even imagine?

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Do you think this is an anime?


Do you enjoy the series?

Hell YEAH! Come on guys, I fell in love with it from the beginning

Who's your favourite character and why?

I love Zuko. Sad to say I don't think I liked him from the very beginning. I think it was only like mid season 2 that I felt compassionate towards him and then in season 3 I finally fell in love with him. And that scar! It totally completes that badboy, badass look that he has going on! And have you seen him with his shirt off?*major nosebleed*

Who's your favourite female character?

God, I would love Toph for a sister. She's sassy, snarky, witty and even has smarts! Plus she and Sokka totally add that comic relief that the show needs. They balance each other outs quite nicely.


I suppose Sokka and Suki are my most favourite. The other two don't exactly sit well with me.

Non-canon couple?

Zutara! I mean, I know its a massive cliché but they're total opposites and that's what would make them a great couple! They balance each other out like yin and yang. He's hot-headed and impulsive and she keeps a cool composure and thinks things through. They both share have something in common, they both lost their mothers! If this wasn't a match made in heaven then I don't know what is!

Least favourite canon couple?

Zuko and Mei. God, when they're together I just wanna puke all over Mei's existence. Maybe I'm biased, I don't know, maybe it's because I'm a massive Zutara shipper but one thing's for sure: I hate Mei. She's emotionless. She has this monotonous drawl that makes me wonder what the hell he sees in her. Zuko offered her a shell! A pretty one at that! I don't know about you but I'd freaking put that thing on a pedestal and place a spotlight on it with a label that clearly says 'Prince Zuko (who, FYI is my boyfriend, therefore, unavailable ladies!) gave me this beautiful shell and I shall cherish it and so shall my children and my children's children and their children too!' and every year on the day he gave me the shell would be freaking international 'Give the one you love a shell day' because the event will be that amazing!

But then again, that's just me.

What element would you like to bend?

Ah, the age old question. What element would I, Penguin, like to bend? It's difficult aint it? I want be able to bend fire and have that amazing feeling of the flame at my fingertips but then again I want to bend water and have that feeling of serenity at my disposal. I can only have one and that's it for life unless I'm the Avatar (God forbid giving me that responsibility). But I think fire would be great, I mean it's wild, it's passionate, it's crazy, it's unpredictable and that's just me I guess.

Various other anime

Which anime do you currently find as the best?

I CAN'T DECIDE! Durarara!, Hellsing, FMA, Gintama, Lucky Star, Sword Art Online, every single one of these (and more) I've come to love, especially now. It's difficult being an anime fan when you don't have the time for anything...

If you could be stuck in an anime?

I'd love to be in Gintama working alongside Gintoki even if he is crazy weird. It would be amazing to meet him in that world.

Any dream cross-overs you'd like to see?

Is it weird if I say I dream of a world where Goku and Ichigo meet? I don't know, but it would be pretty sick if that were to happen XD

Other cross-overs?

If Light Yagami were to meet Lelouche...omfg. That would be EPIC! imagine? Would Light've died? (oops, spoiler alert)

Out of all the anime characters you have a crush on, who do you think is the hottest?

Hardest. Frikkin. Decision. EVER! Umm, let's list the hotties shall we?










Wow, tough decision. Maybe I should round it down to the top five






Top 3




Out of these three? Daaaaaaamn. Er, well I love them all equally for different reasons.

Hey, notice how these characters sort of have some kind of dark part to them :O Even Ichigo! What does this mean?????

Anywho, I'd say it's a three way tie. No, don't argue, I'm sticking with that

After answering all these questions, do you think that anime has taken over your life?

Yes, yes I do.

Word Scrambles:

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When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:


When you rearrange the letters:

Now that you've smiled at least once, it's your turn to spread the stupidity copy and paste this into your profile! XD

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