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Yo. Let the mindless nonsense begin...

Name: Raven Gonzales... probably

Call Me: You may call me Raven-sama... emphasis on the -SAMA... or if you're too shy; Raven-san is fine. I like using Japanese Honorifics. They're Awesome! Raven-CHAN isn't appreciated though.

Gender: Isn't it obvious?! If not, well then, i'm not a guy if that's what you're thinking.

Age: uhmmm... 16? I don't really remember.

LOOK!! A bunny!! It must be Aoi-bunny-chan!!*


1. I am easily distracted. If you haven't picked up on that from the above personal data, then you're either not paying attention or you're brain dead.

2. I am mostly kind but I am also mean. Yeah.

3. I am not a very sociable person, especially if you're a stranger. Exceptions can be made if you are an Awesome stranger. Aside from that, i'm a clam that refuses to share my precious pearl with the world. [That sounded WRONG for some reason...]

4. I am crazy. You may not see it now, but i will have those moments. This point will be proven if you try PM-ing me and i like you enough to keep chatting with you... you'll see.

5. I have a magic wand and i'm not afraid to use it. I turned a chatting buddy into a bunny once. But that's only because she turned me into one first. Worry not, for i do not wish to harm passers by. Unless you catch my attention, then i warn you: RUN. Run and hide.

6. My minions love taking over my account sometimes. Yeah, i have minions. They are awesome and i love them. But it seems my craziness have rubbed off on them and so now they sometimes open my account to do stuff with. If you happen upon Elfair language being used in my profile or anything regarding this account, then those are my minions.

7. I have opinions that many of you don't like. They're mine. I'm entitled to them. If you don't like 'em, then just ignore them. I hate receiving PM's for close minded people. If you have a valid point and want to try to sway me over to your side of the line, i'm open to discussions.


If you are still here, then either you're fine with my reminders or you're idiotically curious. I'm fine with both. But i lean towards the latter. Heh.

Raven: Welcome to my profile. Not that i can let you leave anyway. So hi. I don't know what you expect to read here but let me warn you not to expect anything you're expecting. Let me just let you in on some personal stuff about me.

I am not new to this site, since i have been here for like a year. But i am an average writer and still in the process of learning stuff. Usually, when i read things, i scout out the 1st to the 3rd chapter and see if i like it enough to continue reading it.

My favorite anime/manga's are: [in no particular order]

Naruto Who can resist the awesomeness that is Naruto? I mean; yeah it's got lots of flaws and yeah, Sasuke's stupid for ignoring his brothers wishes, BUT! Sasuke eventually decides to help against Madara and Obito with the assistance of Orochimaru and the ressurected Hokage's... [yes, i spoiled it whoever you are who hasn't read the last update before the current one, mwahahahaha. ha.] So all's well and good! The plot's still awesome, the characters are forever great and none can go against the gravitational pull Kishimoto has on his readers.

Fairy Tail Ahh... how magic calls to my very soul. Seriously. I love magic. And i also love great lessons in life. Plus my love for comedy knows no bounds. And my love for all that is creative is bottomless. So since all the things i have mentioned that i love are all in this anime/manga series; I LOVE FAIRY TAIL! Not to mention the eye candy that is Gray Fullbuster. And the epitome of awesome that is Erza Scarlet. Ahhh Mashima-sama is my hero for making this series.

Bleach Soul Reapers. Hollows. Spirits. An orange haired guy with great looks once he gets rid of the scowl implanted on his face. Rukia and her rabbit drawings. The greatness of Hitsugaya and his Bankai. Byakuya and his secret sisterly love for the octopus haired reaper. What else could you ever ask for if you're searching for action and other stuff? Although, it's sad that Bleach has gotten boring and repetitive with almost everything revolving around fighting the Arrancar and others. I'm not that updated about this anime, but it is great. I still love it.

Beelzebub Hahaha! I love baby Bel! And Oga. And Hilda. Basically these three, plus the Demon Lord, are the only characters i really love about this anime. I mean, the silver haired dude [best friend of Oga, forgot his name] is such a pervert it isn't funny anymore. Alaindelon [did i spell his name right? No? Boohoo for you] is cool too. The story's great, and it's funny. The action's awesome.

HunterXHunter Killua!!! I love that guy. His friendship [bordering on bromance if you ask me] with Gon is so... KAWAII! [i just realized i sounded like a fan girl... *shudder] Plus Kurapika and Leoreo are awesome too. nothing else i could say. HunterXHunter is great. Cool. Gon's search for his father is sweet. The plot and characters are wonderful. The drawing [2011 version] has greatly improved. Hisoka's creepy, but he's still awesome. xD

I am currently addicted to:

Harry Potter fan fiction Really. I never knew i had a knack for shipping dude's until this friend of mine from my part time job introduced me to the awesome world of Draco and Harry. I know. Weird. Weird, but great!! No M though. My mind has little of its innocence left and i'd like to keep it that way, thank you very much.

Naruto fan fiction No need to explain myself. Naruto is awesome. That is all you must know. Plus, i love ninja's so that's that.

Drawing my characters You guys may not know this but i do have a knack for drawing. I'm good if i do say so myself. For my readers, i've drawn Kourin. I've already finished Kaizen, Edo-Lucy in Earthland, Lisanna and the creepy old woman, plus Natsu while he was wearing Lucy's scarf [Spoiler!!].

Rabbits and Foxes Not a good combinations since foxes tend to eat rabbits. But you can's stop me from loving these fuzzy critters. They're cute! My all time favorite are arctic and Fennec foxes, but i also adore baby rabbits. A BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY BUNNY: AOI-CHAN!!! xD

Things i like about fan fiction:

1. Reviewers who take their precious time to PM me just to get to know me. Well, maybe not to get to know me at first. More like threatening me to continue a story i haven't updated for a while, and then we end up getting to know more about each other. It's fun to find out stuff about your readers, especially the creative ones! xD

2. Long and meaningful reviews. Things like: Please Update! or OH MY GOD!! UPDATE!! and even F*cking update woman!! I don't like them. Sometimes though, as the hypocrite i am, i do them myself. But then again, i don't type bad words. Of course i'm flattered with the fact that you like my story enough to review. But seriously. It hurts sometimes. [Cue dramatic music] *Sigh* Anyway! I love reviewers who take their time to comment on the chapter, tell me their opinion honestly [though sometimes they're so blunt, it stings, comment on what i need to improve, and make their predictions on what's gonna happen. Creative reviews are my favorite of all!!

3. Awesome stories. Who wouldn't like them? Especially stories that make you wish it was cannon. Those stories are not so rare, but not so easy to find either. I love it when stories touch my heartstrings.

4. Awesome authors. Of course, with awesome stories there are bound to be awesome writers. They're the ones that take the time and effort to write stuff worth your time. *Sigh* I bow down to them.

Things i dislike about fan fiction:

1. Discontinued stories. Yeah. It sucks when you're getting to the good part, but then the author suddenly says: Hey. I'm bored with this story already. Sorry guys, i'm gonna discontinue it. Like. What the hell??! If you start a story, you HAVE to finish it. I may take my time, and by time i mean a REALLY LONG time, but i intend to finish it.

2. Mindless stuff. Not really mindless, but stories need time and research to prepare. Characters have to be IN CHARACTER. If not, then at least warn your readers. Type OOC or something in the summary. I mean, this may be a fan fiction site, but that doesn't mean you can up and change everything about the characters except their names. AU is understandable, as long as they are still the same people from the anime or manga. OC is understandable, as long as you have a valid point and reason. I may have a different opinion from you, [whoever you may be, but really. All of us do.

3. Uhmmm... Wrong grammar and the likes? I hate them. Although sometimes i do them too, but at least i try so hard to edit, re-edit, and re-re-edit my stuff before posting them. It's meant to be read so it should be readable. Oh don't cry. I said i was mean.

4. Hmmmm... Rude people. That's all you need to know.


* To be honest, just deviant art really... Calyx18's my name in there >>> It hasn't been update for like, a year or so, but i HAVE placed my drawing of Lucy as Kourin in there. I forgot what other stuff i've uploaded in that account.


1. Forget Me Not:

Main Characters>> Lucy, Natsu, Lissana, Edo-Natsu, Edo-Lucy.

About it>> It's an adventure/romance story focused on Lucy after she got stuck in Edolas in some sort of null-ice that can't be sucked in by the anima. It has something to do with Lissana and this creepy old woman... After some time, maybe a year and a half, Lucy is returned to Earthland by Mystogan who gambled with fate and made a portal he wasn't sure could send her back. It worked anyway. And then Lucy spends half a year doing stuff under the guise of Black Rose. She encounters Gajeel, long story short, she goes back to Fairy Tail as Gajeel's cousin. OH! And before all that happened, Fairy Tail forgot all about Lucy for some reason. Except Makarov, Juvia, Wendy, Gajeel and the exceeds though. Also, Gray found his brother.

Regarding the major OC's>>

OC #1: Sythe Fullbuster I know there haven't been any hints from the manga OR the anime that Gray's got a brother, but i NEED Gray to have a brother in this story.

OC #2: Creepy old lady with no name yet She hasn't made an official appearance in the story yet so no discussions on her.

What I intend to do with FMN>> Well, that's something i'd have to keep to myself wouldn't I?

2. Possessed:

Main Characters>> Lucy, Natsu, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Levy.

About it>> It's another adventure/romance story but with more angst and stuff. It's about Lucy getting some sort of sickness. Since i haven't updated it yet *sheepish smile] i can't explain it much. But the important thing is that something happened to Lucy that changes everything. The magic council and the whole of Fiore is going to be involved and a powerful magician too.

Regarding OC's>> There probably will be OC's since i don't know much about the magic council and the Fiore royal's aren't that much elaborated yet in the Manga. Just the princess and some other people.

What i intend to do with Possessed>> I'll have to keep it a secret.


1. A Naruto Fanfic: Honestly speaking, i want it to be NaruSasu. I find that couple sweet. No M's though. Like i said, my remaining innocence must be nurtured and protected. It's probably gonna be a time travel fic. Orochimaru and the Akatsuki are big characters here. I might kill off some characters. I'm gonna have pairings you people might not appreciate. And I KNOW they're gonna have kids. I don't know how that's gonna happen, but they will. I'M LOOKING FOR A BETA FOR THIS STORY BY THE WAY!!!

2. A Harry Potter Fanfic: I'm a full Slytherin, or so the sorting hat says, so i want to write a fanfic for Draco. Not necessarily a romantic one, but that's to be decided later on. He's awesome in every way and his family background is a plus! I'm surely gonna have him friends, albeit their relationship is shaky at best and nonexistent at worst, with Harry. Maybe even more than that! xD Not really sure yet though. Still gonna think about it.

TO EVERYONE: Raven is currently unavailable and will be for several more months. Forget Me Not and Possessed has not be forgotten as well as those stories she has agreed to Beta. She apologizes... About when she will return... PM her account and maybe she can answer by then.

>> Jeffrey [i'm a cousin]

And that is all. I'm out.


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