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Poll: It's the RPG Hunger games including characters from my favourite games if successful will make a series vote to keep you favourite character alive! Please vote for 4 characters preferably 2 males 2 females Vote Now!
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Author has written 16 stories for Shadow Hearts, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, Grey's Anatomy, Naruto, and Final Fantasy VIII.

Hey guys, I'm officially leavng fan fiction, I apologise deeply to those who have enjoyed my stories and those friends and fans I have, but I just don't have the time to work on this any more, college and university is taking up a lot of time and I have relocated to www.wattpad.com.
There's a lot of talented writers on here and that's why I have mentioned this website.
Wattpad is a place where you can post your own original pieces online and if you work hard enough you can get them published! I'm currently writing a piece on there named Hellfire, for those who enjoy my work and truly want to become writers, I'd take a look, for those who still want to keep in touch I'm on there as darkangelrawr and will put in a good word for your work, I won't return to ths fan fiction account.
Thank you all for being amazing and funny, and lovely people.

Hey I'm Lou I'm 17 and I'm into heavy metal and rock music. I'm a huge gamer I love RPG's in particular the Shadow hearts series, The Final Fantasy Series and The Kingdom hearts series my fave films include final fantasy advent children and Silent Hill.

A few things about me: I currently have black hair (been every colour :D) , twelve piercings and a badly done tattoo, I love Pokemon and am an avid reader and writer I'm quite intense so a lot of my writing will be descriptive and have a lot of emotional detail, also I'm a sucker for a happy ending :)

I have done a few requests and am always accepting of other requests, just pm me :)

Favourite films and TV shows: Silent Hill, The hunger games, Resident evil series Final destinations series, Saw series, The exorcist, The omen, Final fantasy advent children, Grey's Anatomy

Favourite games: Shadow 1,2 and 3, Final fantasy 7, final fantasy 8, final fantasy 10, kingdom hearts 1, 2 and 358/2 days, Shin megami tensei digital devil saga 2, Guitar hero (any), Balders gate. Naruto storm 2, Crash Bandicoot series, Spyro series, Mario series,

Favourite bands: Pretty much all rock and metal, cannot stand any hardcoremusic Black veil brides suck ass (sorry but I truly detest them) (emolou4444@last.fm)

Favourite Anime: Pokemon, W.I.T.C.H, Naruto, Death note (wanna try Bleach and full metal alchemist.)

Favourite books: I have no idea, read way too many so genre wise: urban fantasy, chick lit, horror.

Fave quotes:

"None of your business" - Squall Leonheart, FF8

"Bite me!" - Yuri Hyuga, Shadow hearts

"Not interested" - Cloud, FF7

"Live or die make your choice" - Jigsaw, Saw "series

"Will you still love me if I fail" - Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy

"I love you like a disease" - Lexie Grey, Grey's Anatomy

"It's too troublesome" - Shikamaru, Naruto

"Got it memorised?" - Axel, Kingdom hearts 358/2 days

"I'm going to become a pokemon master!" - Ash Ketchum, Pokemon

"I will become Hokage, believe it!" - Naruto, Naruto

"Hello students, today I got lost on the road of life" - Kakashi Hatake, Naruto

"The weaker you are the louder you bark" - Tenten, Naruto

A big hello to my good friends on this site: Promiseintherain, HeartlessTitania, Gpeachychan, Hiddensecret564, AliceHyuga, NoelleStrife, all of which are truly lovely and interesting people and brilliant writers, you are all what makes my work on here worthwhile and are truly amazing.

My fan fiction work completed:

Name: Acceptance

Briefing: It's the blitz ball final and Besaid Auroch's status depends on Tidus can he win the tournament and will Lulu and Kimahri finally accept him?

Notes: one of my first ever fan fics, it's not brilliant but what can I say? I tried!

Category: FFX

Status: Completed and up

Name: Beyond the train, forever remembered.

Briefing: Post Alice's death, Yuri goes through the grieving process and buries Alice.

Notes: A short fan fiction relating to the end of Shadow hearts *spoilers included, quite macabre.

Category: Shadow hearts

Status: Completed and up.

Name: Freedom Yoshiko and Masaji

Briefing: All Sergeant Kawashima has ever dreamed of is being free, little does she knvw that her next move may cause her to die...

Notes: I like this idea, a one shot between Kawashima and Kato, bittersweet.

Category: Shadow hearts

Status: Complete, up.

Name: Holy Waterworks!

Briefing: When a guy's gotta go a guy's gotta go just a bit of Yuri/Alice humorous fluff

Notes: Just a bit of fun random thought about toilets, don't ask.

Category: Shadow hearts

Status: Completed, up

Name: Izzie's torment

Briefing: Izzie never meant to kill Denny (or at least not properly) and now she has to face the consequences as her job, love life, and friendships are in jeopardy.

Notes: This was my first ever piece for Grey's Anatomy, I got one review and half of it was criticism needless to say I was put off of the fandom for a while.

Category: Grey's Anatomy

Status: Complete, up

Name: Kairi's memory

Briefing: For some valentine's day is everything, a day filledwith promise and hope and love, for Kairi not so much, how can you celebrate when your in love with a guy you can't remember...

Notes: Really pleased with how this turned out :)

Category: Kingdom hearts

Status: Complete, up

Name: Lost without him

Briefing: For Sakura the day Sasuke left was the day her whole life altered, can she get over the past to face the future, or will grief overwhelm her entirely?

Notes: First every Naruto fan fic, received some very kind reviews :)

Category: Naruto

Status: Completed, up.

Name: Love at first sight

Briefing: Selphie isn't known for mincing words and she definitely isn't known for sharing her boyfriends, especially when Irvine Kinneas is involved...

Notes: Really pleased with how this turned out despite a lack of reviews, if you're after lighthearted romance, look no farther!

Category: Final fantasy VIII

Status: Completed, up.

Name: Rainey days (requested by PromiseInTheRain)

Briefing: Edea and Cid are evil, Raine is in a coma, Ellone and Squall are kidnapped and the entire world in in danger...

Notes: An almost alternate final fantasy 8 world, may contain spoilers.

Category: Final fantasy 8

Status: Completed, up.

Name: The end of Xion

Briefing: What would have happened if Saix had discovered Xion couldn't use the keyblade? Read to find out!

Notes: Started as a quick fan fic and was extended due to a request by HiddenSecret564, sad ending beware!

Category: Kingdom hearts

Status: Complete, up.

Projects in progress:

Name: Destiny high (requested by G Peachy Chan)

Briefing: When Sora, Kairi, Xion, Roxas, Namine and Riku are thrown into a high school setting things can only go wrong, typical high school story with a slight twist.

Notes: Although I'm enjoying writing this I may be slow updating, includes quite a few characters featured in the kingdom hearts games.

Category: Kingdom hearts

Status: In progress, up.

Name: Final fantasy 8 word challenge! (A collaboration betweenmyself and PromiseInTheRain)

Briefing: Ten words,ten chapters each themed around a different word, lots of characters included. Give it a try you might be surprised!

Notes: Love, love, love working on this and really pleased with how things are turning out just wish it would get a little more attention because certain chapters written by PromiseInTheRain are amazing.

Name: Shadow hearts a novelisation (am planning on novelising all three games)

Briefing: A novelisation of one of my favourite games, includes different character's perspectives, extra scenes, and sidequests, *spoilers*

Notes: This wouldn't be up without my Beta reader's help (MercilessAngelsNeverCry), really enjoying this :)

Category: Shadow hearts

Status: In progress,up.

Name: The RPG Hunger games

Briefing: It's been done before people creating Hunger games and adding their favourite characters but I couldn't resist so inside there is a list of tributes, vote for your favourite's on the poll on my page, through private messaging and reviews, those who are not saved will become cannon fodder! I do not own the Hunger games concept, the characters included or the idea of voting for tributes this is purely for fun and entertainment :)

Notes: Am really excited about this try not to flame and please review you'll earn a review in return for your time :)

Category: Kingdom hearts and Shadow hearts

Status: In progress, up

Upcoming projects:

Name: Flight, the aftermath:

Briefing: Lexie's dead, Mark Sloan is in agony, Arizona may not walk for a while, Christina and Meredith's mental states are at risk as is Derek's career as a surgeon, my take on what could happen int he enxt season of Grey's Anatomy as our favourite character's lives hang in the balance.

Notes: I'm not sure if I'll be writing this, it seems the Grey's fandomis full of arrogant people so not sure at all :/

Category: Grey's Anatomy

Status: Upcoming, not up.

Name: Naruto fillers, volume 1

Briefing: A small collection of fillers and small missions which I've designed for myself.

Notes: Not planned this thoroughly yet and will probably change the name.

Category: Naruto

Status: Not started yet, not up.

Name: Shadow hearts twin souls

Briefing: When Yuri and Alice defeated Albert Simon, got married and had their children they were sure that they had got their happy endings but for their twin children Albert Ben Hyuga and Koudelka Anne Hyuga the journey has only just begun, a young harmonixer with a story to tell, a master at majorettes, a french swordsman, a famous vampiric dancer, an american girl half human and half siren and a Japanese archer, all come together to defeat a man who wants to rid the worldof all non magical beings, and rebuild it as his own by destroying Earth's ultimate protector odin.

Notes: Not started but am willing to prioritise, characters planned.

Category: Shadow hearts

Status: Upcoming, not up.

Name: Seven deadly sins: Incarnation

Briefing: Seven main characters are the human incarnations of the seven deadly sins, can they discover their purpose before God's wrath destroys everything?

Notes: Not planned everything yet just an idea.

Category: Dependent on the response to my poll (scroll up, up a bit more, a bitmore, there it is! Just click that vote now button, yep that's the one, make your choiceand...yay thank you!) Most likely Kingdom hearts at the moment.

Status: Upcoming, not up.

Name: Silent hill Vengeance

Briefing: When John Newcombe falls down a flight of stairs the place he awakens in is completely different from the world he once recognised. Tormented by a never ending maze, a montage of disturbing creatures, and little clues to how to survive, John must embark on a quest to disconver his past and escape the terrors of Silent Hill.

Notes: First ever fan fic for Silent Hill, contains elements of both the games and the films...very dark and not for sensitive readers.

Category: Silent Hill

Status: Not yet started, not up.

Name: Undeserving adoration

Briefing: Years ago God took pity on a younggirlnamed Sera,and decided to make the world pay for her tears, now she and Serph are joined as one and are on the way to plead with God to reverse the changes, but Serph isn't who Sera thinks he is and many have died to protect him, God isn't happy and it is one person's fault...

Notes: Just a quick idea still in development

Category: Megami tensei,

Status: Not started not up.

There we have it, my plans for fan fiction, of course I have more idea's but have to finish current projects first, don't be shy people I always take requests and am willing to prioritise any idea's here :) (just PM me)

There's no turning back by Hiddensecret564 reviews
24 tributes, 12 districts and one victor. They only want entertainment of their screams of pain. The arena that's filled with lethal things that only the Gamemakers know. Let's begin shall we? Once you're in, lets hope you come back out...alive. There's no turning back now. Main pairings: NaminexRoxas and KairixSora. Warning: Contains blood and gore.
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Kingdom Hearts - Rated: T - English - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 8 - Words: 21,596 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 11/8/2012 - Published: 7/17/2012 - Sora, Kairi
Final fantasy eight word challenge! reviews
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Final Fantasy VIII - Rated: T - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 8 - Words: 6,702 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 10/6/2012 - Published: 8/17/2012 - Seifer A., Edea K.
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Shadow hearts Attempted Novelization reviews
It all started in 1913...A mysterious girl with the power to destroy the world, a young harmonixer, a female spy, a male sage, a vampire and a young boy desperate to save his mother, all team up to defeat one villain who plans on destroying the world and building it as his own...
Shadow Hearts - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 8 - Words: 39,089 - Reviews: 22 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 9/16/2012 - Published: 3/11/2012 - Yuri H., Alice E.
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