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Hello, I am Nullumstiamdictum. My screen name comes from a longer Latin quote " Nullumst iam dictum quod non sit dictum prius," or, roughly, "nothing is now said which has not been said previously." I thought the title rather fitting for a fanfiction writer. I also go by Terence, the common name of the playwright Publius Terentius Afer, who originally wrote the quote as a line in his " Eunuchus." Evidently, he may have been under suspicion of plagiarism at the time of the play's publication.

I do not have much to say about myself. I created this account for the sole purpose of publishing "Silent Leges enim inter arma," a Hunger Games fanfic. The work began as a guilty pleasure, but once I found myself with a mostly-completed story, I decided to share my embarrassing little novel with the world. Updates will come as chapters edited, and I welcome all reviews, positive, negative, and neutral. Feel free to point out any grammatical errors, any places I have strayed from Suzanne Colin's work (aside from obvious deviations,) and any other errors you catch. I have contemplated writing a sequel to the story, but even if does become written, it will not come out anytime soon. I'll keep you posted. Thank you for reading my work.

As a side note, check out how applicable the lyrics to the Yellowcard song "Lights and Sounds" are to the Hunger Games.

"Hello you
How was the rest?
You made it through
But nevertheless
I got you, out on a wire
You be love and I’ll be a liar"

This is like right when Katniss gets back, and she's stringing along both the Capitol, and Peeta.

"Stop, turn, take a look around
At all the lights and sounds
Let ‘em bring you in
Slow, burn, let it all fade out
And pull the curtain down
I Wonder where you've been"

The tributes have to absorb the Capitol norms, and let its citizens change them to survive. And once the show's over, it's not quite clear how much of the real them is left. The Capitol alters Katniss, and neither she nor Gale ever really find the girl she once was again.

"Make it new but stay in the lines
Just let go
But keep it inside
Smile big, for everyone
Even when you know what they’ve done"

This part is where I first noticed the connection between the song and the book. These lyrics pretty much describe what a tribute needs to do to win.

"They gave you the end but not where to start
Not how to build, how to tear it apart"

All the tributes know going in, is how many people they have to kill. There are no rules, or regulations, or instructions. It's just kill, and destroy.

"I’ve got a way to work this out
I’ve got a way and you know how"

This line repeats a lot. I feel like it's the mantra of the tribute, that they have a plan but they know no-one's going to like it. As in, 'I know how to get out of this, and you know what's going to happen in the end'. Everyone knows they're going to have to kill and kill, and this is the tribute coming to terms with it. It's about coming to terms with the realization of all the horrible things they'll have to do to make it back.

"You've earned everything you've found
And painted faces frown
I'll say I knew you when..."

This is coming home. The idea is that the unknown third person singing is saying that the tribute deserves whatever they get coming home. Whether their reward is good or bad is left unsaid. The painted face is the Victor returning, after concealing all their emotions with a mask. The "I'll say I knew you when," bit could either be talking about how the returning Victor is no longer truly known by their friends and family upon return, or it could be the Capitol citizens bragging about how they knew the Victor. Either way, spooky.

Just thought I'd share my little idea with the world. I don't think the song and the book are deliberately related in any way, it is just extremely interesting how nicely the lyrics and the story link up. Have fun reading!


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