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Well, you've come to read my user profile, and regretfully, I have to admit I don't have much to put down here.

As you can probably already tell, I have some interest in science-fiction (and especially writing about science-fiction) but my pursuit of this genre has lessened over the last couple of years. I now find myself more often drawn to film - and it's a very pedantic taste in film, too. Other interests include... well, not much. My lifestyle, up recently, has been incredibly busy, and all I've had time to do is work, and attend to essential everyday life activities. Now, however, I find myself with more free time, and I am able to start on a new story (Star-Fox: Cohesion), and hopefully get around to re-writing and finishing some old ones (Final Fantasy VII: Black Dawn and Metroid Essence).

I've been writing since I was a very young child, possibly even before I had learned to enjoy a written story. I don't consider myself good at writing, but I believe I have the knack of throwing together a unique story accompanied with interesting characters. I've looked back at old works and noticed that my writing ability has improved over the last two or so years, but whether that is due to age, experience, or both, I do not know. Lack of these answers makes me wonder if I have the potential of becoming a stable writer who can author a good, or at least average story - and also, a lack of energy leads me to believe that I do not have the patience for developing my writing skills sufficiently.

Nevertheless, I never thought I'd be writing a story (of which my seriousness for is concerning) about a group of animals flying around in space trying to pass themselves off as Star Wars veterans, but here I am, always thinking about where I can take it, what I can do with it, what it can become... So I guess you can say one thing and do another, rendering my previous points moot.

There are many authors I enjoy the works of and respect in this community, but their names have been featured everywhere else, and I do not wish to repeat them here. One person I will mention though, has paid attention to more than one of my Star-Fox stories, and has provided me with encouragement along the way. Furthermore, I've watched this person develop as a writer. I remember his first stories that I read being a bit of a mess, but I cheered him on anyway. Now, he has written some popular works around the Star-Fox section (including Black Skies), which seems more woven together with better descriptions and better word usage. Also, he has a great vision of what he wants to portray.

No doubt, like myself, like everyone, Sir Raphael has room for plenty of improvement, but I've seen him make it. If he sticks at it, he might find himself writing one of the classics on

So thanks for your reviews and support, Sir Raph.

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Episode VII: Fall of the Empire
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The last run of the Vixen. That was the ‘when’. Intersections of circuitry and mechanics. That was the ‘where’. The ‘what’ remains a mystery to me, and the ‘who’ was certainly not of this universe as I knew it. ‘Why’ was the question I’m still asking.
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