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Author has written 9 stories for X-Men: The Movie, Black Jewels Trilogy, Song of the Lioness, Harry Potter, and Supernatural.
*Updated December 18, 2003*

OK, so right now I have nothing better to do so I'm going to actually write a bio. I'm sure a lot of people don't ever bother to read bios but I know for myself I often like to check out authors that I've read. So anyway here's a bit about me. (There isn't a lot of personal stuff, mostly just my likes and dislikes.)

Name: Ciela Night (this isn't my real name, just my pen name)

Age: between 14 and 25 ( I don't want to give my actual age because I don't want people judging my stories and my writing ability by how old I am. By the way, this doesn't mean I'm 14 either.)

Location: somewhere in Canada, more East than West

Occupation: Student

Stories: 3 up now!

My first story is now finished. It's called Monster. It's X-Men fic, about Bobby Drake after the end of X2.

Second story: Set in the the Black Jewels world. I've written 6 chapters so far. Next chapter coming soon.

Third Story: Dispatches from the 9th Rider Group. This story came to me totally out of the blue and demanded to be written. So anyway, even though I really don't like original characters (unless they're written really well) the narrater of this story is an OC character... we'll see how this goes I guess. I will try my upmost to respect the canon and not make the character a Mary Sue. Please feel free to comment if she is becoming too Mary-Sue like.

So far I only have the first chapter up. Am also looking for a beta reader for this story, if interested please email me.

Authors I like: Tamora Pierce, Garth Nix, Anne Bishop, Phillip Pullman, Jacqueline Carey, Juliet Marillier (lots of fantasy writers), J.K Rowling, John Marsden, Alex Sanchez, I could go on but I won't.

TV Shows I watch: Alias, CSI, The O.C., The Amazing Race, Scrubs

Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, X-Men, Center Stage, Fame, Mulan , no one favorite genre.

Favourite kind of fanfiction:
X-Men (movie not comics), the O.C., Black Jewels Trilogy, Alias (Sark/Sydney is prefered 'ship), pretty much any Tamora Pierce, Lord of the rings (humourous stories).

Why I write fanfiction:
Pretty much the stories just pop into my head, demanding to be written. I have no say whatsoever, they won't leave me alone until I've written them down. :)

Some stories that are bouncing around in my head and will probably be demanding to be written soon:

- A short piece about Karla and Morton's return home to Glacia after Karla is made Territory Queen. (DJT Fanfic)
- A story exploring the background of Khevin, a landen half-Blood (seen in Heir to the Shadows) DJT fanfic

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