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Hey! I'm Nikolai247. I'm interested in all kinds of fanfics. Everything from Madness Combat to Mario. I haven't written any fanfics yet although I have several currently in the works. I'm a good speller and have a pretty good imagination, so I hope that carries over to my fanfiction. I'm completely open to criticism as long as you tell me why my story sucks.

Okay, here's a little bit of info about me.

Sex: Male

Birthday: December 21,1997

Current Status(as of 11/10/12): one story currently in progress

Favorite Games: Metal Gear Solid series(FUCK YEAH!), Sonic the Hedgehog series(not Sonic '06), Super Smash Bros.(BRAWL!), Dead Space(also known as HOLY SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING?! WHERE DID IT COME FROM?!), Kingdom Hearts series(gotta a Disney game that involves creepy, soul sucking monsters) ,Phoenix Wright series( what do I need to say, besides OBJECTION!)

Favorite Online Games: Dead Frontier(best MMO I've ever played), Madness: Project Nexus, Newgrounds Rumble,Madness Retaliation,The Last Stand series

Favorite Flash Movies: Anything by Egoraptor, Madness Combat series(definitely not either of the Tricky Madness's),Blockhead series(Have you seen my Weevil?), Xionic Madness series,Anything by ScottFalco,Rebooting the Madness One and Two

Favorite Game Quotes:

"War brings death. Death brings sorrow." (The Sorrow, MGS 3)

"Just like old times, eh Snake?" (Gray Fox, MGS 1)

"It seems Hell had no vacancies." (Vamp shortly after being shot in the head, MGS 2)

"Kept you waiting, huh?" (Solid Snake, Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

"Look! A giant talking egg!" (Sonic to Dr. Eggman, Sonic Adventure)

"This is the ultimate!" (Shadow, SA 2)

"Die a lonely death!" (Espio the Chameleon, Sonic Heroes)

"Make us whole again!" (Nicole, Dead Space 2)

"I'm full of bad ideas." (Isaac, Dead Space 2)

"JESUS! That thing was angry!" (Isaac after defeating second Brute, Dead Space 2)

"We're all going to burn for what we did to you Isaac." (Foster Edgars, Dead Space 2)sf

"My friends are my power!" (Sora, Kingdom Hearts)

"The door ... has opened." (Riku, KH)

"BURN BABY!" (Axel, KH2)

"I'd rather we just skip the formalities." (Luxord, KH 2)

"Beware the winds of despair!" (Xaldin, KH 2)

"Can you spare ... a heart?" (Xemnas, KH 2)

"Kingdom Hearts! Lead us into the light!" (Sora and Riku during finisher move, KH 2)

"Silence traitor." (Demyx, KH 2)

"OBJECTION!" (Phoenix Wright, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)

Favorite Flash Movie Quotes:

"I shall be the instrument of Armageddon." (Jebus, Madness Combat 8)

"OMFG! YOU DON'T KILL CLOWN! CLOWN KILLS YOU!" (Tricky, Madness Combat 5)

"So be it." (The Auditor, Madness Combat 8)

"Heaven or Hell!" (Omega, Xionic Madness 3)

"How about I give them all a chance to drag you to Hell with them!" (Kary shortly before summoning an army of zombies, Xionic Madness 4 pt. 1)

"Weevil wants a sandwich! Weevil gets a sandwich!" (Blockhead, ep. 8)

"I'm the number one guy!" (Blockhead, ep. 3)

"Have you seen my hoothoot?" (Blockhead, ep. 11)

"IS THIS A SANDWICH?!" (Blockhead, ep. 8)

"Then I flushed all the potties and had a WATER CARNIVAL!" (Blockhead, ep. 5)

"Shut up unless it's your ass talking!" (Snake to Meryl, Metal Gear Awesome)


"Shut up! I know how to climb a goddamn ladder!" (Snake to the Colonel, MGA)

"You like men!" (Psycho Mantis to Snake, MGA)

Stories in Progress(as of 10/25/2012):

Nikolai's Legacy: A Madness Combat Fanfiction

Stories Currently in Development(as of 10/25/2012)


NOTE: I am currently a member of a forum known as The Madness Combat Fanfiction Revolution. This forum was founded by Spirit9871, author of the longest Madness Combat Fanfiction to date, and is dedicated to making Madness Combat a well-known Fanfiction topic and making the Madness Combat archive much larger.

To see or join, click this link:

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Special thanks to anyone who gives enough of a shit to look at this!

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