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Hi its me *Evil Laugh* errr any way hello its me here a little bit about what i like


Nickname: Well even if I did tell you my nickname you woudnt get it


sorry if the rest of this profile is random stuff i could no think of anything to type

Favourite TV Show: Huntik, Winx Club, Teen Titans, Pokemon (I like Season 1 to 5 the best) Loonatics Unleashed, Avatar the last airbender, Pop Pixie, Digimon data squad, code lyoko, gormiti, Redakai conqure the kairu, futurama, soul eater, family guy, naruto, the legend of Korra , GRAVITY FALLS ( LOVE IT ), Anohana, higurashi, blue exorcist and FAIRY TAIL

Favourite TV pairing


Raven/Beast boy


















Pairings I Hate

Bloom/and any of the winx club












Beast boy/Terra

I Love Fairy Tail And NaLu as you can guess I love Fairies, Fairy Tail AND NALU (NaLu is the paring of lucy and Natsu from Fairy Tail) I love all mythical and supenatural yhings from dragons to...well just about anything really anyway I will probably do some stories on the Loonatics unleashed maybe or all about Lexi and a hidden past and a Oc...I may also do some short teen titan, fairy tail and Winx club stories

Favourite colour: Royal blue, Cyan blue and Crulean

Favourite Winx: Bloom (Love her power and past)

Favourite Pixie: Piff (AAAAAAAHHHHHH I LOVE HER SO MUCH MY HEAD COULD EXPLODE (PS have YOU SEEN HER IN POP PIXIE AAAAAAAHHHHHH so cute I DEMAND THAT YOU CHECK IT OUT it is an overdose of cuteness review me and tell me what you think)

Favourite Huntik: Sophie (same as Bloom I love her life and I LOVE her accent)

Favourite Minor Titan: Tremayne(ok so I’m bending the rules here sorta because this titan is not in the TV show but anyway SHE IS SO SO (faints...LOUDLY)

Favourite Major Titan: Lunar and Solar (OMG They are awesome such a shame they had a short part and same as Tremayne there not Sophie’s)

Favourite Data squad : Yoshi (She is so cool)

Favourite Digimon: Lilymon (Well...what can I say...she has fairy written all over her and that’s why I like her there end of story)ps and kasumon and zevermon

Favourite Naruto character: Hinata ( again tragic past and the fact that she can still trust and love those people with all her heart especially the fact that she would die for the one she loves)

Fave Teen Titan: Raven ( you know the drill )

ps as you can see i like my characters to have tragic back stories and in the end are very selfless I can't help it I just think that the fact that they can look over what has happened brush of the dust and smile for their friends and be happy and be willing to give up their life so that their loved ones can live no normal person can do that, not everybody has that kind of love and devotion and I find it very touching that someone has that kinda love


i am very Passionate about Winx club and the Loonatics so almost every story will be about them if you don’t like them please don't be horrible about it I won't hate you for not liking them


I love Mythical creatures and I don’t care what science says about it not being real (I don’t have any problem with science) I think there real there will always be a place for fairies in my heart, you can call me childish by I can believe what I want to believe I love them so much (you will probably think i'm a freak when i say this but...) I WANT TO BE A FAIRY


PS sorry i went a bit mad on the profile HeHe

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