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Author has written 24 stories for Hellraiser, Harry Potter, Family Guy, A Clockwork Orange, 1984, Sweeney Todd, Misc. Movies, Exorcist, Clive Barker', Halloween, Tank Girl, Cat People, 1982, Misc. Books, StarTrek: The Next Generation, Shining, Abarat series, and The Thing.

Hi, guys! You're either looking at this profile trying to get an idea what this person is like or weather or not you'd like this person after you've read a story or two from me, (I think most of you are saying there's something wrong with me but then again who isn't). If you want to know if I'm a real person, my name is Natasha and yes, I'm a girl. If you want to know more, I'm afraid I can't do that unless I get to know you more or something.

Stories Completed: There Is Only Flesh: This was the first story I was actually able to complete and you don't know how happy I was to have it actually done even though I don't own any of it of course. The idea came to mind after I watched 'The Goblet of Fire' almost at the end. I was 14 at the time and when Voldemort came back I had this thought in my head that he looked like a Cenobite. This idea had dwelled in my mind for some time over the years. Sometimes I would ask myself why I would think of him as a demon from Hellraiser until I looked back at Querrill. Through the rest of the books he's hardly mentioned at all as if he'd never existed. Think about it, there's no talk about his childhood, no recollection of him being at Hogwarts, or better yet how Voldemort got in the back of his head. Also in the sixth Harry Potter book I don't remember who but I recollect somewhere Voldemort's father, Tom Riddle was put into question. Sure you might say that in the book he looks exactly like his father but that's were I'm getting at, he looks exactly like him. There is no recollection of him sharing any family traits on his mother's side and looks like an exact copy of Tom Riddle. So in short I think this is disguise that had been slowly stripped off as he becomes more acquainted with dark magic. As for Hellraiser there is little mentioned of the derelict and the Cenobites god Leviathan. With Querrill being hardly mentioned and the derelict and Leviathan being hardly mentioned as well I just thought of him being the same person. At first I thought I should drag Voldemort to hell but then I thought if Leviathan wanted to do that he'd just take because he's of greater power and wouldn't have to bother with getting a stone unless he had a perfectly good reason. That's when I thought about him being the father, at least in a Lovecraftian way.

There Is Only Desire: After Flesh was done I decided to make a prequel. I believe Merope to be a powerful woman but has been delayed all her life by her family until she runs away and marries Tom. Even though she starts her new life with Tom she still hasn't reached full potential until ironically falls in love with her 'Curse'. In short, love is found in the most unlikely of people. For people that are waiting for There Is Only Hunger and Azaeil I have no idea when I'll to writing those stories mostly because I really don't have any interest at the moment.

Eternally Shine: At first I didn't plan on making this There Is Only... but I couldn't resist, to me it made perfect sense to have this part of the series. This story came to be after I read a certain fanfic with Pinhead wanting no part in Angelique and the daughter they made so I made a response and a moral. In my personal view when a child is involved by accident it's the parents job to love that child no matter what regardless if they hate each other and also be careful what you wish for cause most of the time you won't like the results. I also made this story as a response to Pinhead/Kirsty fanfics, most of them involving romances between the two. For one I've never thought of them being romantic with each other, in fact, I've never really looked at Pinhead as being sexually attracted towards woman in general (except for Angelique, Joey, and Female but that's it). Don't get me wrong there are some Pinhead/Kirsty romances that are good but most of the time it sounds like you're hearing the same old tune and leave all other options out. Plus if Kirsty was to be with Pinhead I believe it would either be through force or view it as part of surviving a game.

Tortured Hearts: A sequel to Eternally Shine. This story is more about emotions and how they're just as painful as being stabbed in the back. The main focus is on Pinhead and Angelique getting back together but I wanted you to see the other things happening around them. So all in all this story is mainly to leave you hanging what's going to happen to the characters (Noel, Carrie, Christine, etc.) and I do plan to have a new story out in the future.

Servant of Midnight: Like Eternally Shine I wasn't planning on making it part of There is Only...but then I couldn't help it. After all Abarat was written by Clive Barker, the same person who wrote Hellraiser so I thought it would be fitting. Whenever I think of Clive Barker I think otherworldly things like Lovecraft or Blake, powers that are greater then any wand a wizard or witch can point at in the Harry Potter universe. So I thought Lord Voldemort should meet Christopher Carrion, he may not be the most powerful in the Abarat querdret but he's sure as hell more powerful then Voldemort.

Droog: Ahh, my most prized story yet! This story was actually inspired by a short story I've written in a creative writing class called Smile for Me and thus is the reason I'm writing today. To brief the reader who hasn't read the story yet it's about a female serial killer named Zoya Lovejoy who makes a bargain with the government to be a reality t.v. snuff star. The idea came up when I was looking at 'disturbing movies' on my computer while watching some reality show on MTV and I came across A Serbian Film. I have not watched this movie but, I've read the plot, seen reviews, and reactions on YouTube to make my skin crawl yet I want to watch it so that I can witness its morbid reality. In this case I thought what if society and the media get so bad that snuff films become popular. Think about it, we're not just desecatized to violence, we glorify it so imagine the day A Serbian Film becomes undisturbing to a generation that doesn't feel fear. This story I plan to re-write and publish in the future.

The Fantastique series: If you haven't noticed yet you're probrably wondering what these stories are all about and who on earth is Demitri? First off you don't have to follow these stories in a certain order, they're not meant to be. However some of them have branched to sequels or have mingled with another story. Also Demitri is a fictional clone of Malcolm McDowell in Droog and in The Frau, a story I've written from FictionPress. Demitri is what I'd like to call love-sick and obsessive when it comes to Zoya Lovejoy, he might be a copy of Mr. McDowell he has no memories and shares little to no traits to the actor besides his physical appearance so in a way he is like the twin brother McDowell would be glad to never meet. I plan to write a series for Zoya because after all she is almost as crazy as he is.

The Infection: This story I'm going to admit was more out of a whim after I read 1984. My dad and I always have talks about what would happen if the alien took over the planet. Dad believes that once it takes over everything it would just leave to another planet to infect and the host planet would be nothing or something similar along those lines. As for me, I actually went into deep thinking mode at this point. The Thing's main goal is to absorb, imitate, and adapt to its surroundings very well, so in a strange sort of way its like a highly intelligent animal. Going into deeper thinking mode I thought about the human needs to survive. True we need food, water, shelter to survive and to reproduce to continue the human race but we are more complex then that. There have been test done by science that without emotion we will die. Without anger or fear we wouldn't be able to defend ourselves to fight back. Without love or happiness life is less worth fighting for. When I look at 1984 they make me think of what the earth would be like if it was invaded by the pod people and they have no emotion what so ever. So in a strange way the thing is more human then the humans of the dystopian 1984.

I do have more to say but I am busy with college and all so I will give out more detail on my works eventually.

If you want to look at original works I'm under MissStrange at FictionPress.

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The Shapes that Fire can Make by Two Parhelia reviews
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Meg is accidently taken into another demention called the Abarat. While on her journey she makes an unlikely friend who seems to repluse anyone in their company, Leeman Vol. In the misadventure they soon start to fall for eachother. Leeman VolXMeg Griffin
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Pinhead is married to Kirsty but, has feelings for his old love, Angelique. Kirsty has a secret that she is keeping from her former lover. When love and deceit is in the air, evil is brewing in paradise. Sequel to 'Eternally Shine'.
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The Goddess Artemis is ordered to kill the future Caesar of Rome, Caligula only to find it hard to kill him. As for Caligula he plans on becoming the most powerful Caesar and with the help of the Goddess he'll be more powerful then the Gods themselves. Under his power and under her spell they can't stop the inevitable fall for each other. (Based from the movie 'Caligula')
Misc. Movies - Rated: M - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 23 - Words: 26,640 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 11/10/2013 - Published: 9/11/2013 - Complete
3 AM
Joe Mercy has called in priests to help exorcise his wife Mary from the demons inside her with gruesome results.
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Voldemort is dead but, death's only the beginning. The Dark Lord's soul is tranported to the Abarat and is met face to face with a man more terrifying then himself, the Prince Of Midnight. Soon he discovers many forms of magic, falls in love with one of the seamstresses, and soon discovers who and what he really is.
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It's 2075, Zoya Lovejoy our humble narrator and serial killer is convicted of murder on multiple counts. Lucky for Zoya, the government has given her a choice: Be the first person to star in a snuff film or face the death penalty. Guess which one she chooses?
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Pinhead never wanted to be involved with the 'mistake' Carrie until she leaves. He soon knows the pain of lossing a child. Carrie has a vision of a Hotel that promises her happiness but soon finds out it's not what it seems. The Overlook sees the girl as a vessel that would keep the party going for an eternity. Will Carrie make it out alive? Read on!
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Harry Potter killed Quirrell or so he thought. Quirrell is Leviathan, God of Hunger, Flesh and Desire. Now he is trapped in the mirror, waiting to be freed. Once Quirrell gets out, there is going to be Hell to pay.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Hellraiser - Rated: T - English - Horror/Fantasy - Chapters: 23 - Words: 25,151 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 8/13/2012 - Published: 4/25/2012 - Q. Quirrell - Complete
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