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Hey, so I just wanted to let you all know what happened if any of you cared. My mother found my story and read some of the more inappropriate things I wrote and so that is why my stories were taken down. I am so sorry but I had no other option. I wasn't planning on continuing writing because taking down a story I'd worked so hard on was one of the most difficult things I've ever done. But then I decided that I didn't want to quit writing because I love it. I created a new account called "Unrivaled Mind" and am already two chapters into one new story and three into another. I'm not sure which I'll be putting up, maybe both, but if you don't hate me forever I'd love for you all to check them out. The reason I started a new account is because it's really, really depressing to log into this one and know what I've lost. So yeah, my apologies again and please check out my new stories if you want. And if you want to PM me at my new account and yell at me, by all means, I will try to explain further haha.