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Author has written 3 stories for Pokémon, X-Men, and Martin Mystery.

Hello! I am of, TheNashNetwork, and as truth be told, my name is Nash.

If you have any story ideas concerning Pokemon, Martin Mystery, Totally Spies, X-men or anything I am familiar with, feel free to suggest! I think of a lot of my ideas while being bored in school or trying to fall asleep. I get spontaneous ideas by the minute, varying in quality :P but feel free to PM me with ideas, and like always, R&R!

I have been a Pokemon fan for over 8 years and when I stumbled upon this site looking for Pokemon Transformations in Google (I know, pathetic), I decided to join the ranks and submit my own stories to be improved with reviews or torn apart by reviews. Either way, I truly embrace your opinion.

I take ideas for stories to because me and my friends tend to come up with crazy stories that I just have to write.

Birthday: September 17

I like: Pokemon, Friends, Collecting: Lego People, Pokemon Cards, Hot Wheels, Matchbox cars, Vintage toy cars, and coins; I like reading, writing, laughing, making fun of things, adding funny lines to pictures, play piano, play guitar, sing, write songs, make youtube videos (Don't watch unless you like bad jokes and pack openings like pokemon and lego, but pretty boring), and bothering my younger brother.

Dislikes: Assholes. I am nice, therefore don't like mean people.

Skills: I am clearly a writer which I get praise for at school, although I may not be the straight A student that everyone dreams of, I still get good grades in my specialty subjects like computers or french and so-so grades in Math. But hey, C aren't really that bad, right? I guess I am also a leader, I don't specifically volunteer for a role in that area, but if faced with a situation, I tend to step up to the plate, but I am not bossy! I am also a great friend, it is not a skill that can be taught, I was just born with being a good friend!


"Their are dreamers, and thinkers, and people who can't do either." By: Nash

"Black Holes are where God divided by zero." Steven Wright- Comedian

"What bugs me is people tend to ignore genius." By: Nash

"It doesn't matter, as long as your ok." By: Kylie

"Dude, come on. I don't care what floats your boat, I will sink it if I have to!" By: Nash

A Message:

You can't just crap out ideas and expect them to be perfect, the right idea will come at one point so don't loose hope if you claim to have no inspiration.


Restaurant: Old Spaghetti Factory

Pokemon: Mew

Pokemon Card: Either Articuno ex from Ex Firered Leaf Green, or Dragonite movie promo.

Series 6 Lego Person: Statue Of Liberty

Vacationing Spot: Mazatlan

Food: Shark Tacos

Candy: Spicy Mexican Lollipops

Animal: TIE! Panda, Seal and Red Pandas.

Type of Dog: Labradoodle Border Collie (My dog has unique typing :P)

Colour: Orange

Season: Summer

Weather: Light misty rain or vibrant sun

Legendary Pokemon: Mew

Pokemon Collectible: Pikachu Pachinko machine

Art Style: Mix of anime, cherub and animal illustrations (I draw furries with clothes thank you very much :P)

Film: Does anyone really care? Fine... Kung Fu Panda series

GameCube Game: Pikmin 2, Luigi's Mansion or XD: Gale of Darkness (maybe Sonic Adventure 2: Battle)

GameBoy Games: Ham Ham Games, Wario Ware Inc.

Ds Games: Pokemon Diamond and Black, Olympic Games Series

Song: Changes every week but now... The Darkness: I believe in a thing called love

Book: Oh, tough one...Hunger Games? Or the Gone series by Michael Grant?


Country you want to visit?

Australia. Obviously.

Do you hate anyone?


Do You Think You Can Sing?

No Shit! I am like Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, Johnny Cash, and Jack White.

Can you open your eyes underwater?

Yah, it is loads of fun.

Can you whistle?

Love to whistle, just love it.

Do you like super spicy foods?

I love any type of spicy food.

Can you multi task?


If you could wish for anything what would it be?


What job do you want?

To be a professional singer.

Favorite Artist?

Any person who draws anime and TFs.


I support furries.

I RolePlay.

I read books.

I draw furries.

I draw TFs.

Check out my Deviant Art with the same name!

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