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Vampire Academy Contests

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We are here, mixing a little bit of sugar and spice every where we go. This is a profile strictly filled of Vampire Academy Contests.

A Chance in a Life Time

Yep, you read that right, we are stoking up a new form of romance.

So Here We Go...

We want Vampire Academy fanfic. More specifically, we want a well-written fanfic. :)

Be original. Be yourself. Be free.

Here is your prompt: Imagine a new, feminine, medical shot came out. A shot that allowed dhamphirs to conceive with each other. Now, this is where you come in. Write a fanfic about two of your most favorite dhampirs and their journey of their nine months together. How will they cope with being parents?


-The story must have a pregnancy as the main theme, but it can take place at anytime during the pregnancy from the first signs and learning about the pregnancy all the way up through childbirth. It is your choice who is pregnant, but it can’t be a character who we have never heard about.

-Your submission must be an original story written solely for this contest. It cannot be part of an existing story or previously posted online.

-Your story must be beta’d prior to submission. We do not expect perfection. However, if after reviewing your submission we feel that the story has not gone through the beta process, it may be rejected.

-Your story may be any length, however it must be COMPLETE at the time of submission.

-No incest, slash, or rape

-Any dhampir pairing is allowed.

-Any rating is acceptable. Just be aware that the judges prefer smut with a purpose (as in it is needed to further the plot) far more than smut just for the sake of smut.

-All genres will be accepted. Please label your story accordingly.

-One-Shots only. No multi-chapter contents.

- Stories may be AU, AH, and OOC.

-This is an anonymous contest and must remain that way. You may not tell anyone except for your beta which story is yours. However, we do encourage you to promote the contest and say that you are entered, but if you or your beta reveal or even hint at which story is yours, your story will be immediately disqualified.

All entries must be emailed with the attached .rtf or .doc file to by April 1, 2012 at midnight Eastern Standard Time to be eligible.

Please include the following header with your submission.

A Chance in a Life Time

Word Count:

Submissions will be accepted beginning April 6, 2012 until April 30, 2012. We will begin posting the anonymous submissions to this account after we’ve had a chance to preview the stories.

Submissions should be sent to We will be posting contest entries on this profile after a brief review.

Winners will be selected both by the judges and by popular vote. Voting will take place on this profile. Voting will begin on April 05, 2012 and continue through April 15, 2012.

Winners will receive:

1st Place: A banner, a button, a bookmark, and bragging rights.

2nd Place: A button, a bookmark, and bragging rights.

3rd Place: A button and bragging rights.

Other Awards include:

Best Couple-

Best Plot-

Best Romance-

Cutest Baby name(girl)-

Cutest Baby name(boy)-

Best Father-

Best Mother-

Best Original Story-

Worst Moment Ever-

Saddest Moment Ever-

Funniest Moment Ever-

Happiest Moment Ever-

Most Fluff-

Judge's Top Pick-

Popular Vote's Top Pick-

Judges will remain anonymous...

Feel free to email us with any questions. Thanks!

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