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Hi there :)

I go by 'Snowshinobi' or 'Snowshinobi.11' (some of you might recognize me as an anonymous reviewer)

. . . So I haven't been back here in months and I'm quite honestly mortified by everything I've written

Anyways, I've only written shizz for Naruto (by Masashi Kishimoto), and specifically for this pairing NejiTen. XD.

They just . . . they just do it for me. The feels. THE FEELS.

(long-reminiscent-rant-ahead warning :D)

I think I started out as a Neji fan, after hating his guts for being a jerkhole and beating up his sweet little innocent cousin, but then episodes 6063 happened and Neji talked and it turns out he was just an emotionally screwed up scared insecure little kid on the inside despite his outward jerkiness and genius status. And I dunno . . . his sob story melted mah heart. And the kid made me root for him. After Naruto hit him in the face and stuff, that was good, Neji needed that .

The part where he really smiles, I mean really smiles, not smirks, not . . . idk. Just smiles. Genuninely. And thinks aloud, as if talking to his dad, after he heard the truth about his dad's death and how his dad chose death as a kind of freedom.

You kind of have to hand it to the kid, he could've felt hollow and crushed, since he built a lot of his life and personality traits on his grudge against the Main Family for 'murder' that turned out not to be murder after all. But instead, Neji saw the error of his ways and set a goal to aim as high as he could even if he was a 'caged bird', no matter how doomed his fate seemed to be. AND HE LET THAT FATE CRAP GO, OH MY GOD THANK YOU. XD.

And then once Neji made me jump ship and start rooting for him, I noticed Tenten 8D. It's sad that she doesn't get more screen/panel time, because in the little amount she has already she's a total bamf. I really like her concept, the whole weapons specialist thing, and I like how she fits in with her team's dymanic, Neji and Lee as hand-to-hand combat people, and her being able to provide backup - AS WELL AS fight on the front lines if need be (episode 184 of Shippuden, people. Love that episode.) She is NOT useless (I see too many comments where people say that, it is not true, not at all, in my eyes. If you ask me, Tenten is the female character ((of the Konoha 11)) who helps her team out the most - Team Gai has exceptional teamwork from what we've seen, Neji just has to say Lee or Tenten's name and they're like "Yup, got it" and know just what to do. Their planning is flawless, they're well balanced ((Neji = ninjutsu, Tenten = weapons/tools, Lee = taijutsu/raw power)) and they get shit done. Well. I don't think any ONE of them is 'useless', hell.)

Her personality, from what we can see, appears to be nice too. She strikes me as cheery without being off-the-deep-end or overly enthusiastic (Lee and Gai have enough enthusiasm for all four of them, and I think Neji'd seriously go insane if Tenten wasn't vaguely normal too). Yet she's spunky, not afraid to speak her mind, practical, and driven (one of the moments I think of when I think of Tenten is when she shook Lee by the shoulders in the Curry Of Life arc when he was being all drunk/crazy and yelled "GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!" )

I really don't see how people find it in their hearts to not like her, and yet find Neji devastatingly hot -_-'. If personalities were looks . . .

(alright guys, that's the last of it XD)

Not going to drool over NejiTen/rant about it for pages (although I could. I really could. It's actually sad ._.), but I will say that I think they compliment eachother well personality-wise. Neji's had enough tragedy/crazy in his life, he needs a little sunshine. Not BLAZINGLY BRIGHT WHITE sunshine (Lee provides an overdose of that), but some warm yellowy sunshine'd do nicely. And I think Tenten's just that :). They've already got the whole friendship thing going so it's clear they get along, and it looks like they both trust eachother too.

To be honest, I'm still pondering exactly what Tenten would get out of it . . . Neji'd probably be a little high-maintenance and require some fixing up and TLC and patience, but . . . I think Tenten'd consider him to be worth it. If the whole thing about her not having any family is true, (we don't see her house/family at all in the show/manga), then I think she'd like being needed/wanted, so . . . XD.

If there's one thing I don't like though, it's when people say they 'look cute/nice/hot' together or something. That isn't the point - I know they're just characters and it's just a pairing and I'm not trying to judge, but . . . personality should matter more than looks, at least for me. If they happen to 'look good' together too, then great, that's a bonus - but my main reason(s) for shipping NejiTen is because of how they click as people, as personalities.

. . . That, and, they'd have some amazing hilariously awkward moments XD. Team Gai is great for comic relief, Lee and Gai have like . . . dramatic humor XD and Neji has what I like to call 'awkward-moment' humor. I think Tenten can pull off both (again, episode 184 for the dramatic humor example XD, and she's usually on Neji's side when he breaks up Lee and Gai's bromance moments either by yelling at them or refusing to join in, so . . . yeah).

Just imagine them as a couple. Just for a minute. For me.

. . . idk you guys, I just ship it so much, I don't even know how it happened.

I also do fanart, horror of horrors. These guys have literally started eating my life . . . -> and I'm more active there on dA, so. I also like to think I'm getting better at drawing. But honestly . . . no. Anatomy is never going to like me no matter how much/with what I try to bribe it with, and anyways Neji always puts up a fight if he doesn't like what I'm drawing. Tenten has her moments, but she's usually nicer about the whole thing

. . . What? Me? No, I'm not crazy :D . . . characters are real . . . in my mind . . . um . . .

Just don't read my writing, ish crap ._. Go read some Science magazine and learn about blind crayfish who live in caves. Yay caves 8D!

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