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Author has written 5 stories for Assassin's Creed, and Walking Dead.

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted

Hey guys! Check out my YouTube account! xtinkerbell265x

My personal Tumblr account is, tinkerbell265blr. You are more than welcome to follow/communicate with me there! I have another account, FablesFromTheCreed and it's strictly short stories about our favorite assassins. Go check it out!

Please, PM me and review my stuff (I don't bite!) Also check out my favorites because they are pretty much fantastic.

My OTP(s): Zutara, Dramione, Connorline, Olicity, Bethyl... I will sink on these ships! And already have on most of them. :( These OTPs are painful and will destroy you... Fun fact.


Chapter 8 is getting the final touches. Should be up this Monday. Chapter 9 is in the beginning stages. (ASD)

Chapter 3 is in the works. (IR)


(ASD) - Monday... Seriously. Monday.


I like slow going romances... I hate when two characters meet and automatically fall in love with one another. I kinda hated Twilight for that reason (Sorry!) I just need more sustenance than that type of relationship. So in my fictions, with the exceptions of One-Shots, my characters take their time building their relationships. :D

There is never rape in my stories... It may be referred to or even a close call at times but I just don't like that stuff. It makes the overall experience less enjoyable. ;P

Any OC's I place in my fictions - none of them are based after me. I find that ridiculous... And dull. It should never be done.

Also, I do what I want and usually warn my readers of anything they should be wary of... That way, if they don't like it, they don't have to read it. C:

I update on Mondays ... :}

Current Stories!

1. A Shot in the Dark


A Shot in the Dark is an involved AU that is set after the Revolutionary War and is written from Aveline's POV. She and Connor are thrown together after he becomes one of her targets. Of course, killing him would end the story. So instead of successfully assassinating him, he defeats, and captures her instead. Connor, still being very involved in his Native American society, takes her back to his village where she must battle between her attraction for him and her desire to complete her mission. It doesn't take long to question where her loyalties lie.

Status: In-Progress. (7/??)

Reveal Trailer: Angel of War

First Trailer: So Cold - A Shot in the Dark

Secondary Trailer: Bleeding Out - A Shot in the Dark

2. Ready to Fall


Ready to Fall
is an Assassin's Creed fiction based on the life of Connor Kenway. It's a slight AU (alternate universe) and is written from Connor's POV. His love interest is, of course, Aveline de Grandpre. Both She and Connor are trained together under Achilles and along with learning to be Assassins, they are also learning how to get along and work as a team. Meanwhile, they inwardly battle their growing attraction to one another.

Status: Complete. 15/15

Trailer: Ready to Fall Trailer

Tribute Video: (X)

1-Fan Art:

2-Fan Art: TinkLink

3-Fan Art: TinkLink

4-Fan Art: TinkLink

Ring of Presage: TinkLink

3. Rise

An Assassin's Creed One-Shot starring Connor Kenway and Aveline de Granpre. Basically, it's a lemon with a bit of a plot. Again, its a slight AU since Connor and Aveline are not actually love interests... But hey, I can dream!

Status: Complete.

4. Resolution and Honor


The story has been removed because it wasn't very original. I'm ashamed, as an author, to admit that I was taking someone else's ideas and using them for my own.

The good news however, is that I plan on doing a reboot of the entire fiction. It will still be a Capture fic involving Zuko and Katara but this time, the ideas will stem from my own Imagination instead of someone else's. All the original ideas that were incorporated into the fiction will be reused in the reboot. Also, it will fall under the same title.

I can't stress how sorry I am. ;[

5. Infernal Rapture


An AU featuring Edward Kenway and an OC. It's a tricky fiction for me to write considering all the era jumping I'll be incorporating so there won't be frequent updates.

Status: In Progress (2/??)

Trailer: Infernal Rapture Trailer


Next Fiction...

Title: The Highest Bidder

Abreviation: (THB)

Pairing/Fandom: Altair Ibn-La'Ahad/OC - Assassin's Creed (Original)

Status: In The Works. (Chapter 1/? completed)

Release Date: TBA


Next Fiction

Title: The Reaping


Pairing/Fandom: Dick Grayson (Nightwing)/ OC - Young Justice

Status: In The Works

Release Date: TBA


Next Fiction...

Title: Primal

Abbreviation: None

Pairing/Fandom: Dean Winchester/OC - Supernatural

Status: Outline In The Works

Release Date: TBA


Next Fiction...

Title: Solace

Abbreviation: None

Pairing/Fandom: Dean Winchester/OC - Supernatural

Status: In The Works (Chapter 1/? completed)

Release Date: TBA


Next Fiction...

Title: Retribution

Abbreviation: None

Pairing/Fandom: EzekielGadreel/OC - Supernatural

Status: Outline In The Works

Release Date: TBA


For extra fan art head to yordansuarez's page. He promotes a LOT of my stories with drawings and things. So go check him out :D

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