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Hi there, I'm Emily, Emily Kuso

Pen name: xXDividedMemoriesXx

True name: Emily :D

Age: 16

Birthday: September 19th

I'm your average fanfic writer-well, maybe, I'm not actually sure if I'm "Average" because I'm a crossover writer!

I'm currently entering my junior year in high school this coming September. I'm a very diligent Honors student, that doesn't really know what she wants to do in her future. I usually use things like writing and drawing as my stress relievers for school... as sometimes I get carried away way too quickly lol. Whenever I have free time I love to do these two things, usually revolving around my main fanfiction(with an original plot mind you) "Memories of the Wind". I'll get more into that in a bit.

As a fanfiction writer, I'm obviously a fan of many many many fandoms. My 3 BIG fandoms I love(and happen to be what my story uses) is Bakugan, Pokemon, and Dragon Ball Z. I love pokemon and Dragon Ball Z about the same, but Bakugan will always be my favorite fandom of all(sue me, okay? I like odd things XD). I have many other fandoms love, and a few fandoms I used to love(my friends know what I'm talking about.)

Anyway, that's enough about me, so here's a bit about what you'll be expecting from me.

I write a fanfiction that I like to call Memories of the Wind, it's a combonation of pokemon, dragon ball z, and bakugan. (again, my 3 favorite fandoms of all time). Except the thing is, it's got a completely original plot. It doesn't follow the shows pokemon or dragon ball Z at all, and there's only a few things from bakugan(mostly in the beginning). The story starts about halfway through the time of season 1 of bakugan. The main protagonist, Emily Kuso(yes, it's also the name I go by) is roughly about 9 years old at the start of the first book.

There's a total of 4 books in the Memories of the Wind series, which are as follows

- Line of Trust (1)

-Ray of Destiny (2)

- Aura's Illusion (3)

-Redemption (4)

I have a lot of conceptual characters that do appear throughout the story, which you can find on my deviantart here http://xxdividedmemoriesxx.deviantart.com/

I don't really want to spoil too much else about what I have in store, so I'll leave it at that. PM me if you have any questions _



Updates ol' fun:

Chapter 6: Done :D

Chapter 7: I'll start it...when I have. Hope to have it posted by the end of the school year.

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