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hi. i'm cornflower9909. i know my profile has a picture of Mathias, but i couldn't find a picture of cornflower that i could use. ,( but, i have about 5 gazillion stories in my head that i have to type up that i was creating before i found this site, so i'll more stuff to post besides the singular story i have up right now. i just don't like typing cuz my mind works way faster than i can type and i make a bunch of mistakes when i type which drives me nuts. soi will get other stuff up soon. i might even put something up after i finish typing this. so go read something else (like the poems below!) while i go type up my other stories!

for your entertianment (is that even spelled right?!) cornflower9909 has posted these poems for you to read while she types her other stories.

the mouse , the mole, and the troll

there once was a mouse and a mole

who were sitting in a hole

when along came a troll

who looked into the hole

and said he was looking for a knoll

where he could make people pay a toll

the mouse and the mole

did not know where to find a knoll

so the troll ate the mole

said goodbye to the mouse and left the hole

still looking for a knoll

where he could make people pay toll

a confisticated jabberwocky

a confisticated jabberwocky

is a rare sight to see

nobody has seen one,

all except for me

if you have seen a confisticated jabberwocky

then you're as crazy as me,

cuz everybody knows a confisticated jabberwocky

is a sight no one can see!

(confisticated is a word i made up)

okay all you fans of mine out there! (wow i never exected to be saying that!) i stink at coming up with names. if you or any of your friends know of some way to come up wit them, then pm me how to pleasei would love to have some way to come up with really creative names for my characters!

another thing: if you really really like my story, then go to and check out my other story, wild ivy by griffinsrage99

okay, people. if you read the review i just posted on my story, i have two things to say. 1. i sighned in last second and forgot to delete the part about not signing in. oops. 2. yes, i am going to try and write 50,000 words in 30 days. not sure how that's going to turn out, but i thought it might be worth a shot.

your probably wondering what on earth i'm going on about, so i'll tell you. see, there's this writing contest/challenge thingy that's going on in november. this is their 12 or 13 year from what i read. the goal is to right a novel from scratch (50,000 words, which is about 175 pages, or more) within the month of november.

it's this international thing, and thousands of people enter every year. it's called nanowrimo, or national novel writing month, and their website is (duh) they also have this thing tht's the same basic principle, only it lets you choose how much you want to write by the end of the month. but that's the one for kids under 13, who are too young to go to the big people site, or the lazy-ish/i don't have a long enough attention span/i just want a lower goal teens between 13 and 17, or english teachers who want to see how well the class writes fiction.

i found (from a blogpost of one of my fav authors whose series doesn't have a category here yet *sniff* that was posted a couple years ago that i was reading today cuz i was bored) and set up an acount with the big people website first, then i found the other website set up an account there too.

and by the way, you can have a buddy list thingamajigger, so if you would like to try it out on one of the sites, i am cornflower909 on the big people website (ididn't realise i forgot the extra 9 until it was too late) and it's the same as the one here on the small people website. see yah then if your doin it!

hhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! i'm doing my silver proect and we've got a blog. go check it out:

stories: star:spirits daughter- in progress (im still writing down the sixth chapter)

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