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Hey everyone! I'm Silver, and I share this account with my cousin, Shelly. Here's our info on

Species:Phoenix Demon
Hair: Long and Silver with black streaks
Eyes: Lavender
Special Demonic Features: Silver teardrop on forehead and white wings.
Power: Psychic powers, used to be a telepath until she met Shelly, the power of flight, and able to control ice.
Things that Silver do: Fly around being bored, draw, write, buying Pixie Sticks fr Shelly, gagging because Shelly and "Boxxy" are being lovey dovey, begging Hiei to kill her, chasing Sesshoumaru around and demand that he pays back for the fangirl thing, and trying to steal a millenium item so she can have a yami.

Favorite Bishies:
Youko Kurama (don't tell Shelly!)
Yami no Yugi
Ryou Bakura
Malik Ishtar
Ryouji Otogi
Kenshin Himura

Here's Shelly's Info:

Name: Shelly
Species: Kangaroo Demon
Hair: Blonde with mood tips.
Eyes: Light green with a smattering of lavender.
Special Demonic Features: A tail, changing color diamond on forehead, and kangaroo ears.
Power: Balance on her tail and kick people and the al powerful technique that is crying.
Things that Shelly do: Eat Pixxie Sticks, steal Oompa Loompas, being love dovey with boxxy, annoy Silver and Hiei, give Marik free sessions, mispernounce everyone's names, cry, and saying Mooooo-Lah.

Favorite Bishies:
Kurama aka Shuichi Minamino and Boxxy
Hiei aka Leaf Boy
Malik Ishtar
Jounouchi Katsuya

That's about it, I know my list of bishies was a lot longer then hers but I don't know who she likes. This is just a few that I'm sure she sorta like, not like that! Just as friends! She's taken, as for me, she plans to hook me up with someone in the upcoming sequel the the SP Show. Ooops did I just say that?

Hiei: Yes.
Silver: Shut up Hiei!

As I was saying before I was so rudely interupted.*glare at Hiei*

Hiei: You asked a qeustion, I thought I was suppose to answer it.

Whatever, back to what I was talking about. Yes, we are in the making of the sequel to the SP Show. I would tell you more but that would ruined it. Well, it's time for me to go chase Sesshoumaru, once again, for ruining my SHOW! I'm okay, I'm cool. Shelly, can I sing the theme song?

Shelly: No, that would make the story less funny.
Silver: Okay, well, right now Shelly and I have school so we won't be able to post the story yet but it'll be up there someday. As for the Fate of Awakening Love, I don't plan to update it anymore but if I do, it'll be really good. I have to plot all set and ready but I just can't find the time to type it up. Maybe I'll try to finish it on a holiday season but I really doubt I could do that. Ja ne for now, I gotta a puppy to catch and put in a jar.

~*Silver aka The Sesshoumaru Hunter*~*
*~*Shelly aka Hoppy*~*

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