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I'm not really new to fanfiction, but I've never had an account before.

I have read many stories here, and I finally decided to make an account so I could keep track of my favourite stories.

I love Harry Potter! The books were a great read, but what I love about it, is the world it created. There are some stories in this site that, I think, surpass the actual books. My favourite pairing is H/Hr. They had great chemistry but, so did R/Hr. Because this is fan fiction, I have mainly read H/Hr and completely ship them together. My favourite kind of Harry Potter story, is time travel. If anyone can give me a title of completed time travel H/Hr, it would be much appreciated! I'm sorry to those who like H/G, but I hate them together. I just hate the fact that the president of the Harry Potter fan club got the guy. She's only ever seen him as a hero or prince charming and it was a rushed pairing. Anyway, to each their own, right?

I have also read all the twilight books. I will not compare these two books because they're totally different, with a different target audience. Twilight was written to help pass the time and have girls' romance fill, satisfied. I'm a girl and I completely enjoyed the books. I didn't read it to have some epiphany about life or love. I just wanted to have an escape from reality, and it gave me that fantasy. I didn't mind the sappy ending because life needs a happy ending every now and then. It wasn't a perfect book, but I don't think she was aiming for that. I also do not think Meyer wrote the book to beat Rowling. With that said, I do not like Renesme. I didn't want Jacob to imprint on Bella's baby, it's way too creepy. Anyway, there's my rant! Thank you for reading all the way here. My favourite type of story is when a girl from the real world appears in the twilight world. If anyone knows of a good story about that, PM me please!

Favourite themes:

Alternate dimension

Time travel



Favourite pairings:

Harry/ Hermione

Jared/ Kim

I've recently tried my hand on writing and I found it... freeing? I've never written stories before, except for school, and that is way different. I'm really new to this so please feel free to give me constructive criticism. By the way, reviews are like golden stars for me. They give me the boost of confidence, if they're positive, that motivates me to write more. It's also a way for me to work on being a better writer, for the less positive ones.

I've only written one-shots, so far, because longer stories seem so daunting. I just realized how hard it is not to make Harry a Marty-Stu, and have him go through conflicts instead of solving everything because I, the writer, already know what he has to solve. I give my respect to all the authors out there and aspiring authors. Actually, I give my respect to all writers. Peace!

A great muse to me is a composer named Adrian Von Zeigler. His music is enchanting, beautiful and so magical. His music inspires and motivates me to write. If you're stuck on a Harry Potter fanfic, I recommend listening to him. I warn you that it is all instrumental, and maybe not for everyone. It does remind me of how magical and dark the wizard world should have been.

Thank You!

I want to thank all my reviewers! Your words mean a lot to me, and I thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to review. I want you to know that I take all your suggestions into consideration. :D

For those who have made my fics a favourite or in alert, I'm so grateful to you. It's amazing how much you guys can inspire someone to write with a simple click.

If you are both, then I really appreciate your time and effort. Thank you so, so much!

I don't usually do this, but I am willing to do anything for my wish to come true!

Do it one by one, don't look ahead!

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7. your favorite number?

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Jacob's Letter reviews
Jacob would have had a life after Bella. Isn't it possible that he would love again? This is a letter written by a girl that will love him. Is imprinting enough, when you're not over your past? No renesmee AU. This is continued in my other account. Sierrakrystalblack07. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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