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Author has written 17 stories for Simpsons, King Of The Hill, Hetalia - Axis Powers, Bob's Burgers, Little Mermaid, Powerpuff Girls, My Little Pony, and Hercules.

The real house wife's of Hetalia Cast:

Name: Alicia Maine --Girlfriend of Canada/ Matthew

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Hair: Waist-length curly red hair

Overall look: Brown eyes. Black sweater with a red maple leaf on the front. Red skinny Jeans, white converses.

Height/Weight: Average height, skinny

Personality: Quiet, likes to read, take walks, play in the snow (if it snows)

Talents: Singing and dancing

Job: Teaching kids at a dance studio

Main weapon: A hockey stick, but with a hidden sword inside. Her side weapon is a pistol.

Family: Wants to have kids in the near future

Friends: Italy, Ukraine, and Marcie

Her opinion of the Anti-Nation: She hasn't really heard of them, but she has heard whispers on the street and she hasn't told Matthew yet. But she's scared of them.

How They met: On a snowy winter day, Alicia decided to go ice-skating at the local lake. She hadn't gone ice-skating since she was a little girl. Once she got there, she saw that it was crowded, so she waited until everyone left. It wasn't dark when finally everyone went home, the sun was setting, painting the sky with orange, pink, and purple. As soon as her skates hit the ice, she was a different person. No more shy girl, no more pushover. This lake was her stage.

Matthew was walking down to the local lake just to be there. He didn't know why, his feet just lead the way. On the lake he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Long red hair, big brown eyes, and snow kissed skin. He couldn't help but stare, but his feet had lead him onto the ice! He blinked, and she was gone from sight.

"Look out!" The girl yelled.

Matthew turned around and BAM! They were both lying flat on the ice. They landed in a peculiar position. She was on top of him with her legs straddling his waist, and Matthew ended up with his arms around her neck.

"I-I'm so sorry!" Alicia cried, standing up quickly, pulling Matthew up with her.

"N-no, it's my fault. I didn't know what I was doing." Matthew said.

There was an awkward silence for a while before Alicia stuck her hand out to shake.

"M-my name is Alicia. Alicia Maine." She said quietly.

"Matthew Williams." Matthew answered just as quietly, shaking her cold hand. He looked her over and noticed that her whole body was shivering. "D-do you want to go somewhere warm and get something to drink?" Matthew offered.

Alicia looked up at him wide-eyed. No one ever asked her to go out for something before, mostly because no one has actually paid any attention to her. "Y-yes I'd love too." Alicia replies. They walked to the local pancake house down the street.

"Looks like our regular has a guest." The waiter said with a smirk. Matthew blushed. "Follow me." The waiter said, leading them to a table for two.

"I'll have the usual." Matthew said.

"I'll have the five-stack" Alicia said. A dark blush bloomed on her face as the two men stared at her.

"Well," The waiter chuckled, "Looks like your girl has an appetite. I'll be back in a few." Alicia hung her head in shame as Matthew continued to stare.

"You probably think that I'm a pig now, don't you?" She asked.

"No, no, no! Not at all." Matthew said with a smile.

Alicia just had to smile back. The waiter came back with their orders, and they began to eat. Somewhere around seven, it was time to go.

"W-would you like to meet up again here tomorrow?" Matthew asked with a blush as they walked outside. Alicia smiled brightly and nodded her head.

"Sure!" She answered.

Soon after a couple of more meetings at the pancake house, Matthew finally had the guts to ask Alicia to be his girlfriend. Of course she said yes.

She likes him because he's sweet and polite and caring.

Name: Krista-Anne Vainamoinen --Wife of Finland/Tino

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Hair: Brown wavy hair tied into a ponytail

Overall Look: Blue eyes,olive skin,a white tunic with white skinny jeans and tan boots.

Height/Weight: Average and skinny

Personality: Happy,Sweet,Cheerful,and almost like Finland's

Talents: Ninja Arts,Figure Skater,Rythmic Gymnast

Job: Model and fashion designer

Children: 2 girls named Sofia and Mika(Sofia's 4 and Mika's 6)

Friends: Alicia, Chiemi, Japan, Ukraine, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Aria

How did they met: When Krista was ice skating and Tino was her coach. He really loved and she loved him. So they confessed their love to each other and they started dating. Two years later,they married and Krista got pregnant with 2 girls,named Sofia and Mika.

She likes Tino because he's sweet and a wonderful parent to his daughters,who are also figure skaters and rythmic gymnasts.

Her opinion on the The Anti-Nation:Her opinion on the Anti-Nations: She wishes that they would go away and she wants to fight them and end the fighting, Because she doesn't want her daughters to grow up in a world where they are hated for being a country's daughter when they're supposed to be proud and happy. She also wants them to just get along with the idea that she's married to Finland and the other wives/husbands with their spouses and children too.

Krista's children

Name: Sofia Vainamoinen

Age: 4

Gender: Female

Hair: Brown wavy locks worn down with a headband of the Finnish flag,violet eyes,tan skin,a yellow shirt dress with white leggings and brown snow boots

Height/Weight: Average and skinny

Personality: Like her mother

Talents: Figure skating and rythmic gymnastics

Family: She loves them lots and lots

Friends: Kozue, Calvino,and Celia

Name: Mika Vainamoinen

Age: 6

Gender: Female

Hair: Yellowish blonde,light skin,blue eyes,a pink sundress with brown boots and a cowgirl hat, She calls herself a Finnish cowgirl

Personality: She acts Southern and Finnish

Talents: Horse racer and figure skater

Family: She loves them alot, although she asks Finland for too many piggy back rides.

Friends: Kozue, Calvino, and Celia

Name: Chiemi Etsuko --Wife of Japan/Honda Kiku

Age: 21


Hair: Blonde Straight Hair

Overall look: Blue soulless eyes, A white polo,Green and Blue tie with a black cardigan, Dark Green Jogging bottoms and blue flats

Height/Weight: Tall and Skinny

Personality: Personality: Her mood is usually based on how her day is going. So, if it's a good day, she's cheery and smiles a lot. If it's a bad day, well...she has a somewhat quick temper, so watch out. Bad days make her sour, and most of her comments will either be plain old mean or sarcastic, and she'll end up apologizing profusely at the end of the day (she doesn't like it when people are mean, and she's no exception). So, in general, she's quirky, has a quick temper,and she just loves to have fun. Oh, and she loves love. So she loves to try and be friends with everyone, and don't be alarmed if she tries to play matchmaker.

Talents: Useing her katara (Dagger) , Cleaning, Martail Arts.

Job: Japan bodyguard.

Friends: The axis and there girlfriends of course, Japan introduced them to her.

How did they meet: Due to being half Japanese and Half British, people picked on her because of that.
it got so worse she tried to commit suicide Japan stopped her before she could do it .they started talking and soon they became best friends and eventually husband and wife.

Her opinion on The Anti-Nation:Chiemi thinks the Anti-Nations is a terrible thing and fears her daughter will join them

Chiemi's child

Name: Kozue Honda

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Hair: Short black curly hair

Overall look: Blue eyes, A Dark purple Kimono and Yellow sandals

Height/Weight : Short and skinny

Personality: First Impression: Weirdo

In-depth personality: sweet and caring

Likes: animals, pressing flowers, swimming, admiring art, writing, shopping, running,Watching Anime , watching hockey, baking,

Dislikes: Yelling, fighting, yawning, football (Both American and English), the word "fine" in describing how something is. "It's looks fine."

Talents: Baking

Family: Gets along with her mother fine but has a grudge against her father, because he is a different race ((Him being a country)) she Loathes the Axis and there children. As of result She acts more British but wears Japanese clothes.

Crush: Has crazy love for Xiasheng(Jin). She Constantly Leaves loves notes,flowers and little cupcakes on his doorstep.
In her bedroom she has a album full of pictures of him.

Opinion on the Anti- Nation: Kozue thinks the Anti-Nations is a great idea and would even help them. But she seems to disagree on the wife and children part.

Name: Aria Marie Vargas --Wife of Romano

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Hair: Dark brown, slightly curly, down to the middle of her back.

Overall look: Chocolate brown Eyes. slightly tanned skin. wears white/red blouse. Jeans, and sneakers.

Height/weight.: Average in height, but leans towards the shorter side. 125 lb

Personality: Somewhat cheerful, but is stern towards her children. Hates Germany and His wife. She is usually smiling. Very open-minded and somewhat weird. Afraid of Thunder.

Talents: Can sing very well, and can draw.

Job: Works as Romano's secretary, also helps Japan with his Manga writing/drawing/whatever that's called part-time.

Family: Husband-Lovino/Romano

Son- Calvino

Daughter- Celia

Friends: Best friends with Hungary,Japan, and America. Likes to play co-op games with America on Xbox live, Goes Yaoi hunting with Hungary and Japan.

Aria's Children

Name: Celia Anna Vargas

Age: 4

Gender: Female

Looks: Short, shoulder length reddish brown hair, Romano's curl, kept in pig tails. Hazel eyes, frilly red dress. Black sandles

Height/weight: Short, skinny.

Personality: Basically Chibimano as a girl.

Talents: Drawing

Family: Loves her Mummy, is a daddy's girl, and loves her Uncle, but likes to torture him

Name: Calvino Romulus Vargas

Age: 4

Gender: Male

Looks: Dark brown hair, cut like Romano's. Chocolate brown eyes. Jean shorts, a blue tee-shirt with a Tomato on it. black sneakers

Weight/Height! short and chubby

Personality: Calm, somewhat quiet, but has a terrible temper.

Talents: Making messes, and can play the piano.

Family: Mommy's boy, is neutral to his Father, loves his uncle for the pasta.

Name: Marcie Willow-- Wife of America/Alfred

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Hair: Light Green short hair

Overall look: Brown eye's, Yellow Cocktail dress and Black high heels

Height/Weight: Tall and Chubby

Personality: She's a bit bipolar, and she's very much aware of that. When she's stressed (both physically or mentally) she becomes a pessimist, violent, and crazy (laugh in a sea of blood crazy. ex- she has no trust in humanity or society, or herself.) Though when she's not stressed she's clueless and slow- loves to laugh and acts a bit childish. She's headstrong and chooses not to keep her mouth shut most of the time. In times of need though, she can lie perfectly.

Talents: Killing when needed

Job: ??

Family:Alfred, her step-son/nephew Alec and her only daughter Kenna. She used to have an older sister, Patricia but she passed away several years ago due a strange disease.

Friends: The Allies and There wifes (Minues Englands wife.)

Marcie's children


Name: Alec Jones

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Hair: Blonde flat hair

Overall look: Brown eyes,Blue T-shirt, black jeans and Yellow and green sneakers

Height/Weight: Tall and skinny

Personality: So he is a rebellious teen who seek out out at night and goes to compete in underground fighting. He has been kept from nations affairs for most of his life, having only Fletcher as a friend and an occasional visit from Maria.
Talents: MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Family: He has a deep resentment towards his father and has a hard time accepting Marcie as his step mother. Since his real mother past away years ago. He also doesn't like to talk to his half sister .

Doesn't like Marcie because he feels he is just trying to erase his mother, specially since both of them looked pretty alike. He feels that his father didn't grieve too much after his mother passed away and quickly looked for a replacement. He has told Marcie multiple times that she isn't his mother so he shouldn't be listening to her.

Despite not wanting to become a stereotype, he inadvertently became one when he had an 'accident' with a human girl that resulted in her pregnancy. Despite her wishes to terminate the pregnancy Alec convinced her to keep the baby. When the baby was born in the most absolute secret manner he comprehend that being his child and therefor grandson of America, he'll be immortal, so he offered the mother to bond with him so they could be immortals, witch she accepted for her sons sake. Unfortunately due his fighting habits and the secrecy surrounding the whole situation they broke up and she leaft, taking her son.

He sunk into a depression and continue being a rebel without cause. One day he finally hit rock bottom and decided to quit fighting and aboandon his parents to find his family, but that day he was arrested by Alfred and his men. Alec was offered either go to prison or to get involved in nation matters once and for all. He reluctantly agree and used his connections to find his son and girl. Right now she works as Alec's bodyguard and he tries to see his son as often as he can without rising suspicion.

He dislikes Kenna because he thinks that she symbolize the treason of his father toward his mother.

Name: Kenna Jones

Age: 5


Hair: Curly Blonde Hair

Overall look : Blue eyes, Pink sunflower dress and Baby blue flats

Height/Weight : Short and skinny

Personality: Kenna is bubbly, she's usually happy and perky but she's the type to keep to herself because she's an overall quiet person and a bit shy.
While she doesn't mind others starting conversation with her, she wouldn't start conversation unless she had a definite subject to talk about or something to say because she isn't one for small talk.

Talents: Dancing

Family: Loves them both Dearly

Friends: none so far

Name: Berol .P.Jones

Age: 17


Hair: Black

Overall look : She has red eyes and wears a black wonzy

Height/Weight: 5'8'

Personality: She just stands there watching always watching...she has not learned how to talk...She has a passion for writing

Talents: Writing

Family: ... ... . .. ... ... "Awkward just gonna watch"

Friends: no one

Name: Mo'Nique Smith

Age: 14

Gender: Female

What Nation is she from: America

What Nation does she fight for: America

Hair: Straight Blond hair

Overall look: A tall young woman, with dark green eyes and medium length hair. The usual uniform for bodyguards. Otherwise, she wears a white, long sleeve shirt, dark green shorts, and white sneakers.

Height/Weight: Tall, average. About the same height as Alec Jones

Personality: Before she met Alec she was your average teeenage party girl, but after her son was born she becomes more mature for her age as she took on the responsibilities of being a single parent when she left Alec.

Talents: MMA, cooking, cleaning, taking care of children.

Job: Alec's body guard

Weapon: Sword

Alec- A friend, but not someone she would want to be in a relationship with again.
Kenna- A nice girl who needs more friends.
Noelle- A close friend
Alfred- A friend who she is loyal too
Marcie- A nice woman, who she is slightly wary of befriending

Friends: Alec, Noelle, Kirsten, Alexander, most of the younger humans


Alec finished wrapping his hands, flexing his fingers to make sure the wraps were loose enough.

"Time to fight." He murmured to himself, just his coach walked in.

"Ok Alec, ready to go?" The man asked, passing him a bottle of water. He nodded, standing up to take the bottle. Taking a quick swig, he passed it back to his coach before following him out the locker. Hoots and hollers could be heard as he walked out, while cameras snapped pictures of him as he walked. He waved to them before stepping onto the mat. The referee stood in the middle, and nodded as he walked up.

"Ladies and gentlemen, in this corner of the ring: Alec- The K.O. King- Jones!" He yelled into a mic, as people started cheering again. He turned to wave to them once

The man put up a hand for silence, turning to the other end of the mat. Alec took a deep breath, turning to look at the other side.

"And in this corner of the ring: Mo'Nique- Sweet Victory- Smith!" As he said this, a teenaged girl climbed up to the mat, amid yells of approval. Alec frowned, staring at her in shock as they both walked to middle.

"Um ref?" Alec, murmured, turning to the man. "I thought girls weren't allowed to fight here!"

"She's recently been approved." The ref replied.

"But-" Alec stopped as he heard the girl snicker.

"What's wrong K.O. King? Afraid of a girl?" She mocked, grinning at him. Oohs and aahs echoed through the crowd as Alec scoffed.

"Right. The only sweet victory will be mine." He retorted as the ref backed up.

"Okay you two, touch fists." Alec rightly bumped fists with the girl, narrowing his eyes as she went into a fighting stance. "And...Fight!"

Mo'Nique attacked immediately, kicking him back before launching her self at him. Alec rolled into a defensive position, shoving her off as she jumped. She flew backwards, landing on her feet and immediately going into a fighting stance. 'Strange...' he thought, cautiously approaching her. Getting into her range, he waited for her to kick again, catching her foot as it flew at his gut. A smirk lit up his face before her other foot slammed into his face. He staggered, back trying to keep conscious.

'How the hell? There's no fighting style that incorporates that move...except one.' He kept a careful eye on her, blocking hits as she continued to dance around him. Waiting for her to aim for a kick again, he ducked, punching her in the gut. She doubled over, recovering enough to block the punch aiming for her jaw. Dropping to the ground, she kicked his legs out of from under him, smirking as he hit the ground. She started to approach him, but a whistle signalled the end of the round. Both got up and retreated to their corners, watching each other warily.

'This is going to be harder then I thought...' Alec spit out his mouth guard, taking a swig of water. 'How long can she stand?'

"Round five! Ready, fight!" The two squared off again, staring each other in the face.

Alec winced as blood dripped into his eye from a cut from his eyebrow. Bruises were already beginning to form on both of their bodies, while cuts adorned their faces. He instinctively blocked as a fist raced for his face, ducking to hit her low. She returned the favor with a knee to his gut, making him back up. She tackled him to the ground, pinning him down as she tried to choke him out. Wrapping his legs around her waist, he pushed up on her chin, forcing her hold to loosen slightly. But she didn't let go, locking them into that position till the whistle blew. The ref separated them, and the two walked to their corners. Alec looked over to see the judges whispering among themselves, before summoning the ref over. The man nodded a few times as they spoke, before returning to the mat. Alec and Mo'Nique walked to stand on either side of him, and he took their wrists.

"The judges have decided that the this match-is a draw!" He lifted both of their hands into the air, as the crowd launched into a frenzy. Their coaches rushed over, pushing them down the walkway as the crowd shouted. Shoving them both inside a room, they closed the door, quieting the yells. Alec sighed, starting to unwrap his hands.

"You did...pretty well out there. It's been a while since it's come to a draw for me." Alec said, giving her a look.

"You two. I've never gone five rounds before. But could you have punched any harder?" She asked, untying her hair from it's bun. "How am I going to hide these bruises?"

"How am I going to hide a black eye?" He retorted, giving her an indignant look. She blinked, before chuckled.

"Don't know. My parents will kill me when they find out where I am though." She took out a first aid kit, taking out a few bandaid before passing it to him. He accepted it gratefully, taking out the antiseptic.

"Mine will too. And my dad will flip when he hears I hit a girl." Mo'Nique grinned, reaching over to flick his forehead.

"You deserved whatever you get K.O. King!" She mocked, as Alec laughed.

"So, Sweet Victory huh?" He murmured, smiling at her. She nodded. "Any chance you are willing to go see a move with the King?"

Mo'Nique paused for a minute, before grinning. "As long as the King is paying."

2 Months Later...

Alec slipped on his jacket, snapping his cell phone shut as he walked to the door. He rolled his eyes as he heard his name being called out by that woman. Turning slowly, he looked at the green haired woman, who held his baby sister Kenna

"Alec, where are you going this late at night?" Marcie asked asked her step-son, who gave her an annoyed look.

"Out Marcie. I'll be back later." He said, turning around again and opening the door.

"But Alec-" He cut her off by slamming the door, sighing as he got outside. He didn't have time to talk to her anyway, not when Mo'Nique sounded so depressed. Pulling his bike out of the garage, he climbed on, pedaling off into the night. It took him about 15 minutes to reach her house, and another two minutes to calm down enough to knock on the door. Mo'Nique opened it, a completely neutral look on her face. He followed her inside, sitting down on the couch beside her. She didn't speak, instead stared at the images dancing across the tv screen.

"So...your parents aren't here?" He asked. She shook her head, still staring. He watched her for a few minutes, before sighing.

"Mo, if you're lonely by yourself, you're always-" A hand grasped his, as she turned to face him. Alec frowned as he noticed the look in her eyes. "Mo, what's wrong?"

"Remember that that night about two ago?" She asked. Alec nodded slowly, blushing slightly. "Alec. I'm pregnant." Alec's eyes widened, staring at her face, then down to her stomach.

"P-Pregnant? But, you said you had-" "The pill didn't work." "..You told me you had your period." "I lied. I thought it was just inconsistent." Alec covered his eyed, shaking his head.

"I got her pregnant...oh god, I'm dead. I'm in so much trouble..." Mo'Nique stared at him, before sighing.

"I'm going to get an abortion." Alec's head whipped around to look at her. "That way, you won't have to worry about it."

"No, you can't kill it!" Alec blurted out.

"Why? I don't want to keep it!" She snapped, glaring at him. "It'll just be trouble!"

"I don't want murder on my hands too." He said.

"I'm not ready to be a mother!" She shouted.

"I'm willing to be a father!" She froze, staring at him.

"No. That's just make it worse. Please, keep it." Alec murmured. "Please." Mo'Nique narrowed her eyes, but nodded reluctantly.

"That's all. You may go home." She said, standing up.

"Mo-" She gave him a look. "I'll come by tomorrow." She nodded, watching as he got up and walked out slowly.

"A baby..." He murmured, slowly biking home. "A baby..."

9 Months Later...

"He's beautiful. You did a great job." Alec murmured, gently pushing the hair out of Mo'Nique's face. She nodded, staring at the baby on her chest with a smile.

"He is, isn't he?" Alec nodded again, smiling as Mo'Nique handed him the child. The baby's eyes opened slowly, revealing blue eyes.

"He got dad's eyes..." He said quietly, fingering the child's blonde hair. 'My father...my father!'

"Mo'Nique..." The girl looked up at him, a curious look on his face. "I'm immortal..and you know this. He'll probably be immortal too...so, would you like too as well? Would you bond with me?"

"I...sure. I'll bond with you." She replied, smiling. "But I'd like to sleep first. Could you watch him?"

"Yeah. Go ahead and sleep." She closed her eyes, rolling over on the hospital bed. Alec rubbed the baby's cheek, shaking his head. "Well Alphonse, I'll tell you now.

I'm your dad. Don't ever forget it." The baby cooed gently, a smile adorning it's face.

Alec sighed as he walked into the apartment he had bought for Mo'Nique and Alphonse. Bruises adorned his face once more, and a fresh cut was evident on his lip. Mo'Nique looked up at him as he walked in, a frown settling on her face.

"You said you'd stop fighting." She growled, turning back to cutting up the vegetables. He sighed, kicking off his shoes.

"I just wanted to get stay in shape." He mumbled, turning to go upstairs. A strong grip on his arm stopped him, and Mo'Nique forced him to turn around. "I'll quit."

"No. You say that every time, but you never do that!" She glared up at him. "You promised Alec. Also, what was with you hiding in the store yesterday?"

"I saw Noelle. I didn't want her to see me." Alec muttered, noticing the frown deepening. "She might have recognized me."

"What about you saying you'd come to see Alphonse last week and you didn't?" She murmured.

"I was...in another fight. Then dad wanted to know where I was going. The I had training with Noelle. Then I had to watch Kenna." He rattled off in monotonous voice.

"Who is Noelle anyway? And why does it always have to be so secret? And why do you keep breaking your promises!?!" Mo'Nique stopped with a sigh, shaking her head. "I'm sorry Alec. I can't handle this anymore."

Alec frowned, staring at her. "Mo? Mo, what are you saying?" he asked quietly.

"Go home. Now." She started pushing him towards the door.

"Now!" She shoved him out the door, slamming it in his face. Alex stared at the door, hearing her walk away.

He pinched the bridge of his nose, walking away. "It always ends the same way."

The next morning, Alec rushed out of his house, ignoring the weather forecast for rain and Marcie's offer at an umbrella. He reached the apartment as quickly as possible. "Mo'Nique? Open up, it's me." Alex knocked on the door to the apartment, not hearing anything. He unlocked the door, walking in. The lights were off, but Alex froze as he turned the on. It was completely empty; no sign of girl or child anywhere.
"Mo? Mo'Nique?" Alex immediately ran up the stairs, searching desperately. He stopped in her room, stopping as he saw the empty bed. The open closest was empty, and there was a note on the dresser. He picked it up to read it.

Sorry Alec. It just wasn't working. I can't stand the secrecy, the lies...I don't love you Alec. Not the way I used to. You're not the same guy I fell in love with. But now we'll be out of your hair. Hope you have a nice life and stay out of trouble for me, will ya?
Your friend, Sweet Victory.

Alec fell to his knees, holding the note with shaking hands.
"No...no no no, this can't be happening!" He tore the paper in half, stomping out the apartment and outside. The clouds overhead had unleashed their rain, as the prediction had said. "How could she? She said she'd stay with me! She promised-" The boy stopped, tears slowly tracing their way down his cheeks to mingle with the rain. "Promised..." He turned abruptly, heading for the underground fight club.

"But, you're in the shape of your life Alec! Why are you just quitting?" His coach ran his hand through his hair, staring up at the teen, who shrugged.
"I just don't care about it anymore." He said, before walking away. He trudged through the rain to his house, opening up the door and kicking off his shoes.

Noelle peeked out from the kitchen, waving and him cheerfully. "Hey Alec! Could you help with me with-"

"Shut up!" Noelle's grin was immediately replaced with a surprised look.

"What's wrong with you? I'm supposed to ask for help from my superior officer." She muttered, frowning.

"Tell dad I quit the squad. And don't talk to me any more Noelle. You're wasting my time." He turned to walk upstairs, bumping into his dad.

"Hey Alec, how're you doing dude?" Alfred asked, grinning. Alec glared at him, shoving past him.

"I'm doing fine. Since when do you all care? Leave me alone." With that he went upstairs, slamming the door shut as he entered his room. Alfred frowned after him, turning to Noelle who was staring after him as well.

"So...girls aren't the only ones who get periods." She murmured.

"I don't get it..." Alfred sighed, rubbing his temples. He had the feeling this would continue for a while though.

4 Months Later..

"Mo'Nique, how're you coming with that order?" A waiter asked, waling into the kitchen. The blonde passed him a plate, turning to start another dish. She glanced at the clock, smiling when she saw that her shift was almost over. 'Good, I want to see Alphonse.' she thought, finishing the dish.

"Fran, I'm home." She announced, walking into the house she shared with her cousin. After she left Alec, her cousin agreed to let her live with her, on the condition she paid for the baby's food. The older woman walked out the living room, holding the baby.

"Hey! How was work?" Fran asked, smiling as Mo'Nique took the baby.

"Eh, same old." She rubbed noses with Alphonse, how cooed in response. "How was Alphonse?"

"Oh, he was fine, as usual." She replied, walking away. "And there was a call for you Mo."

Mo'Nique raised an eyebrow, walking after her. "Who was it?"

"Someone named Alfred Jones." Fran said, turning around to see Mo'Nique staring forward with a scared expression. "Mo? Hey Mo, what's wrong?" She asked, walking over to her quickly.

The blonde blinked, before forcing a smile. "Oh, I'm just a bit tired. I'll call the guy back, so could you take Alphonse?" Fran nodded, taking the child and disappearing into the kitchen. Mo'Nique shakily walked over to the phone, looking up recent numbers, stopping at the one named Jones. She dialed it, swallowing nervously. It was picked up on the first ring.

"Mo'Nique Smith?" A voice asked. She nodded, before gasping.

"Yes, I'm Mo'Nique Smith." She whispered.

"This is Alfred Jones. Please come here, to my house, as soon as possible, and bring the child with you." He said.

"I-I will. I'll be there in two days." She mumbled, before hanging up. She leaned against the wall, covering her face with her hands. Two days...that's all she had left.

Two days later, the blonde stood glaring at the door with a suitcase and a baby in her arms. She took a deep breath before pounding on the door. It opened, and Alec stared at her, before waving her in. She frowned as he ran past her and grabbed her suitcase, walking inside and sitting on the couch.

"So, where's your dad? He wants to talk to me." She muttered, holding the baby close to her. Alec sat in another chair, staring at the ground.

"Dad...didn't call you. I did." He mumbled, flinching as an angry "WHAT!?!" tore through the air, making the baby jump.

"You called me? You gave me a fricken heart attack!" She yelled, rocking the baby. "I thought your dad had figured out."

Alec shook his head. "No. He didn't. I just...I needed to see you again."

"I'm not getting back together with you." She said bluntly, frowning.

"I know that..." he murmured, looking up at her. She stared in surprise at the bags under his eyes, and the completely defeated expression on his face. "Please...I wanted to see you. Both of. He's my child too."

Mo'Nique glanced down at the baby, before looking back at him. "...What do you want?"

"Would you...consider staying here?" He asked, putting up a hand before she could voice a complaint. "I'm not done. I want you to stay here as...my bodyguard."

"You don't need a bodyguard. You're the K.O. King remember?" She murmured, chuckling. He smiled gently, nodding.

"I know...but I want you close to me. You don't need to date me ever again, just...be my friend? Would you do it for old times sake, Sweet Victory?" He locked eyes with her. "I want my son and his mother to be where I know they'll be safe."

The blonde sighed, shifting the boy in her arms. "Fine, for old times sake. I'm your friend. And only your friend."

He nodded, a slight spark evident in his eyes. "Thank you. How can I repay you?"

"You can hold him, I need a nap." She shoved the baby into his arms, and bopping him on the head. "I was rushing around because I thought I was about to die."

"Noelle's room is around the corner. And for the record, she's basically my sister." He said, after her. She waved, disappearing into the room. Alec held his son close to him, a tear rolling down his cheek.

"Hello Alphonse...I thought I'd never see you again." He whispered, kissing the baby on his forehead.

(Alec's and Mo'Nique's child)

Name: Alphonse Faust Jones-Smith

Gender: Male

Age: Eight months

Overall look: Blonde, blue-eyed baby with a tiny birthmark in an odd shape on his shoulder.

Personality: Cheerful and giggly, he enjoys listening to music with his aunt Kenna.

Family: His mother Mo'Nique, his father Alec, his aunt Kenna, his grandparents Alfred and Marcie.

Friends: His family, Noelle, any other children from the Nations

Fernanda Samantha 'Sam' Bonnefoy (Maiden name: Urias)--Wife of France/ Francis


Gender: Female

Hair: Long wavy brown hair arranged in different ways each day.

Overall look : Big dark brown eyes, tanned skin, short height (5 ft) .Dresses formally with a skirt, glasses, and businesslike jacket when she is traveling with France. Too much to Francis dismay (or not) she always drags attention to her.

Height/Weight: Average, with a C cup and somehow big hips.

She has a strong personality and is one of the few persons that can make France stop being a pervert. Just don't give her alcohol, or else she may as well become a France II. Once she decides something not even the universe itself can detour her. She is very motherly, and kind if you are in her good side. The countries think she is a saint for being with womanizer France, but she is very, ajam, devilish in private matters, so this is why France hasn't tried to cheat on her (he also might be a bit afraid of the consequences)


Multitasking at its best, she can speak fluently English, Spanish and French, capable of cooking big quantities of food either Mexican or French food (But don't tell her French food isn't as good as Francis's' even if it is true). Fearless and one of the few people that can actually make France think rationally, (meaning, not to think in girls). Has a death glare that Russia would be proud of it. She can bash, kick and or slap France, but only SHE can do it. CofcofTsunderecofcof

Job: She is a retired medical soldier, so nowadays she spends her days as a normal doctor. Sam studied in Canada.

Friends: Which country's wife's or girlfriends, etc. will she BFF's with.

She actually has a great relationship with Russia's wife/girlfriend (too much to the countries dismay) has a good relationship with Spain's girl and Prussia's girl , looks like she is friend of the wives/girlfriends of the countries often molested by France. So she actually sooth the relationships between them and assuring the wives of the molested countries that he'll pay for being a pervert.

How did they meet and why does she like him?

They meet as usual at one of France many flirting, but the strange thing is that France was flirting with her best friend and she kicked him when he began to be too friendly. They weren't meant to meet again until France saw her again alone crying by the Joanne of Arc statue. He approached with caution and offered her a handkerchief, and she ran to him hugging and crying. Apparently, her big sister, who was also named Jeanne, had recently died of cancer and told him between sobs that her sister dream had been to visit France, but she didn't make it, so in her deathbed she asked her to go and free her ashes by the Joanne of Arc statue. France told her that she also had lost someone very dear to him a long time ago and told her that even if the pain didn't went away completely , eventually it would become bearable. One thing lead to another and they ended up in a hotel room, but when the morning came , France couldn't bear to just go, so despite his usual character he stayed. When things calmed a bit she fell to France charms, but without noticing France also fell for her. At first she didn't trusted him a lot and at the beginning she treated him as a game because of his past as a womanizer. It wasn't until he actually manned up and decided to meet Sam's parents that she ended up fully trusting him.
She likes about him that he is a very intelligent and lovely person (perviness aside). She likes that he treat her as China would treat his last panda.

Her opinion on The Anti-Nation: She hates them, think they are silly humans that just want an excuse to do horrible things. Secretly she is terrified that her family would end up broken because of them, she mostly fear for Louis, because he is the most naive and trusting...She also fears for her daughter, since she had heard the tales on the terrible things those persons do with POW and terrifies her for her daughter being the girl of a notorious country, would be a high prize...

Fernanda Samanthas Children

Name: Lourdes Elena Francesca Bonnefoy-Urias

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Hair: Dark brown hair, at back's length.

Overall look: Big blue eyes, fair skin she dresses at the last French fashion (not that her mother and father would allow her otherwise). She often trends to rebel a bit more skin that the modestly allows, causing (to the surprise of many other countries) fits of jealousy and scolding from her father.

Height/Weight : She is skinny looking but with the bust line of her mother. Almost as tall as Francis

Personality: Basically like France, but more extreme than he was. (Explain it for me please)
She is a flirty girl, she'll flirt even with the rocks, but she doesn't looks vulgar because she can flirt with class. Was known as a heartbreaker of her high school, this caused her father to move her to an all-girls school. Still she is daddy's little princess and is up to her mother that her father doesn't spoil her rotten. .Very political and never yells, she tries everything diplomatic and even when she is insulting someone she uses sarcasm and cynic humor to still look polite. Very smart and cunning she is always one step forward despite appearing a bit of an airhead sometimes. (It is just appearance) Despite her shallow personality she cares greatly for her brother, still going at midnight to his room to make sure he is not cold and to give him a goodnight kiss in the forehead.

Talents: She can play piano at the par of Austria, and had won several awards. She is also very light blooded so she is liked by anyone and anything.

Family: She loves her family deeply, but sometimes finds her parents annoying. During her first hormonal changes (13 or so) and after reading some of his father's 'journals' she refused to speak to him for over a year.The relationship eventually healed after Francesca sneaked out of home and ran with his boyfriend at a time (a guy almost 10 years her senior) and he tried to take advantage of her. Lucky for her, mommy and daddy where on her track an our favorite french guy -literally- kicked the guy all the way to Berlin. After that incident refereed as "The Berlin Incident" inside the family , Francesca (Francy) returned to be a daddy's girl. To much to her dismay she feels her father is overprotective and need to learn how to relax. She hates when other woman hit on her dad, so when her mother isn't around she is the one in charge on keeping France in line (unless a cute boy appears as well).She fears her dad would abandon her and her mother and brother.
Her relationship with her mother is a bit complicated, they both love each other deeply, but they crash too much. Despite all their differences Francy admires her mother and wishes to become like her.
She and his brother are very tight, she was like a second mother to him during his childhood, often having to defend him from bullies. Nowadays they pretend they don't care for each other, but when one is in trouble the other doesn't hesitate to do something about it.

Friends: Unknown for now.

Name: Louis Eduardo Francis II Bonnefoy-Urias

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Hair: Blonde Wavy hair, but cut in a somehow military cut

Overall look : Tanned skin, but significatevely less than his mother giving him a very fair skinned appearance. Big brown eyes with long eyelashes that can make the best puppy eyes any nation had ever seen. Often dresses in expensive clothing but he chooses to be discrete, so there is really no way to tell if he is wearing an expensive outfit or a casual clothing. Very political and never yells, he tries everything diplomatic and even when he is insulting someone he uses sarcasm and cynic humor to still looks polite. Brave as no one and won't tolerate anyone badmouthing his family.

Height/Weight : Skinny, too much for his dismay since he would like to develop some muscles to resemble Germany (To much to France's horror)

Personality: He is more like his mother when it comes to being serious, but without the weaknesses she has. (Make it more detailed for me please.)
He has an even personality and sometimes thinks he is the only sane man in his household. He is often the moderator in family matter and the one to bring Francesca back to earth each time she think of eloping with a crush or sneak to go shopping with his dad credit card. He like his dad has a natural charm, but unlike his father he is not interested in other girls except of certain Kirkland, so too much for his father disappointment he has never been on a date. He is a helpless mama's boy and there is not biggest treat than a glare from his mom. Protective of his only sister, more than once he had to keep away perverts away from her at sword treats (without his father knowledge or said perverts would be in the French catacombs).

Talents: Has won several fencing award, he hopes one day to go to the Olympics and represent his county (and father)

Family: He often has differences points of views with his dad. But since he is very calm they both get along fine. They train fencing together and consider his dad his role model (perviness aside). He consider that love is once in a lifetime, so he recent a bit his father for being a womanizer for many years.
He and his mother get along pretty well, her mother loves to tease him about certain Kirkland girl. Louis does have a rage button regarding his family and when the daughter of Japan (They were about 10 at the time) said that his mother was nothing more than another girl in the life of the French and how eventually he'll abandon them same as he abandoned Jeanne D'Arc . (causing his sister to become hysteric) thing were at the verge of a nuclear meltdown aka WWIII (this happened during a World meeting). They settled it with a sword's fight that ended up in a draw, but the Japanese girl never said anything again against the French family.
He pretends that he doesn't really care about his sister and that he'll be happy when she moves out, but same as his father is jealous when he sees his sister with someone else.He is called "Baby Bis" in his home because of his sister that was too young to pronounce Baby Louis when they were little.

Friends: Unknown for now.

Crush: Has strong feelings for Rosalie Kirkland (England's daughter).


When they were little (and after the little incident in Rosalie's bio) they began to see each other in world meetings and gala events. They start to become friends because they find each other amusing , when Rosalie's mother forbid her to see the French boy again and Louis mother start to suspect something was up, they began to sneak up just to see each other and go play in the park or just go for an ice cream. Once they were caught up by both parties when they were 9, and their fathers swore they wouldn't let "their precious offspring to became friends with that lowly county offspring" and took them apart dramatically they swore the'll stay friends. They kept in contact by secret mails and e-mails.

Name: Rosetta Zaira--Wife of Italy/ Feliciano

Age: 24


Hair: Light Brown and long

Overall look: Brown eyes and a White summer dress with Sandals

Height/Weight : Short and Skinny

Personality: She is strong willed but usually quiet, and is actually a romantic. She is sweet and can be funny. Though she is a bit serious. She doesn't know how to swim, and is very scared of lightning, due to the fact that a lighting once shot down and killed her mother. She is also stubborn, and will not back down from an argument. She is usually patient, but when she is pushed past her limit, she can get pretty angry. But she is a trustworthy and a kind friend.

Talents: Cooking and Stitch work

Job: Designer

Family: you have two children, twins, one boy one girl, I'll send you there form later.

Friends: The Axis,the nordics and there Girlfriends

They met in a shopping mall . Rosetta was Carrying her new designs when she bumped into italy. Italy Panicked And helped her He asked her out on a date she said yes. Then things happened.

Her opinon on the Anti-Nation: She Worries that they will strike at any time. Sometimes she even bursts into tears thinking about it.

Rosetta's kids

Name: March Vargas

Age: 4

Gender: Male

Hair: Short red hair

Overall look: Brown eyes, Black t-shirt, brown shorts and white sneakers

Height/Weight: Average and skinny

Personality: a coward like his father and good with ladies

Talents: Cooking, Flirting

Family: Loves his family but gets scared when his mom shouts or gets angry.

Friends:Unknown for now.

Name: Simotte Vargas

Age: 4

Gender: Female

Hair: White long hair

Overall look: Orange eyes, a long silver dress

Height/Weight: Average and skinny

Personality: She is a mute, a very cold attitude to everyone


Family: she isn't sure if there her real family

Friends:Unknown for now.

Name: Edith Abigail Kirkland (Maiden name Edwards) --Wife of England/ Arthur

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Hair and Overall look: She has jet black straight hair at shoulder's length, Blue-grey eyes with strong eyebrows. She dresses in a very modest way always having decorum. Her clothes when he is with Arthur at a world meeting are long skirts and long sleeved high necked blouses. She dresses in a kind of Victorian fashion. Uses glasses, but she doesn't need too, makes her think she looks more professional in comparison with the other wives/girlfriends.

Height/Weight: She is shorter than England and with a solid format that you could say is average trending to chubby.

Personality: She is very even mannered, acting always with a poker face expression and has achieved to communicate with Arthur in a nonverbal way with just small twitches on blinks. Very cunning, despite looking very boring. You can almost (or not so almost?) swear she was once a spy.

Talents: She can play the electric guitar in an absurdly good way. Photographic memory plus she knows every musician that has ever been born in English soil and knows every single one of their songs. She can also see magical creatures (some of them)

Job: Is the owner of a bookstore in London's downtown. If you see her on the street you'll think she is an English or Literature teacher.

Friends: Which country's wife's or girlfriends, etc. will her BFF's with.
She gets along with all the Commonwealth wives, but has a hard time dealing with France wife despite her polite attitude. This may be because she is a pure blooded English woman. Dislikes America's wife (thinks she is too unstable), despite keeping a cool attitude toward her. Surprisingly she has a soft spot for Alec (America's son), who she thinks is a troubled boy that only longs for his mother.

How did they meet and why does she like him?
The story of how they meet is not one they relate to anyone because it would ruin both husband and wife image of 'sober proper English'.
They actually meet in prison when she was 17, they were both at a punk concert where things turned sour and when the police showed up both of them were arrested. They shared a cell during the night but were a bit too drunk to realize it at the time, when morning came they both had a horrible hang over and slowly regained consciousness. They began talking (both of them still a bit drunk) and she revealed that she had ran away from her home a couple of weeks ago , because her father beat her, and two weeks ago he had tried to surpass the moral boundaries, so she ran to the street without looking back. Her mother had died when she was 8 and his father had become a drunkard with no job. England noticed she has an insane quantity of piercing in the ears, eyebrows and lips when he asked why she responded with a sad smile that that kind of pain was more bearable than her sad existence. She also showed her a Union Jack tattoo in her lower back, stating that even if her life was a mess she was proud English. She also told him that he used to have an elder brother who was a red haired guy with an insane quantities of freckles, he was almost ten years older than her, but died with her mother in the same car accident.
When Arthur asked her name, she painfully laughed saying that she usually nobody asked her that, and only referred as her as 'the girl' or 'the punk'. She told her that her name was Edith A. Edwards, and that she didn't like her second name due the irony of the meaning (Father's joy) and the fact that sounded very American.
When she finished her story she grabbed hum by the collar and gave him a quick kiss in the lips.

Whispering "Thank you for listening, gentleman" and she proceeded to break out of the cell with a bobby pin. England was in shock. When Scotland appeared to bail him off the first thing he said to his brother was:
"I think I'm in love" earning a weird look from his brother and a trip to the doctor to make sure that he wasn't sick. When he became to his 'normal' self he turned London upside down searching for the girl. He found her in an alley at the verge of death, with cuts in her wrists and heavily beaten. He rushed to the hospital and despite being a taboo used a bit of magic to keep her alive until she arrived to the hospital. When she woke up in a warm bed she was puzzled, especially when she saw the blonde in a chair next to her bed. She was about to sneak out when she saw a fluffy green bunny landed in her lap

"Hi, you must be Edith!" said the little bunny with a cute voice "I'm flying mint bunt, nice to meet you"

"What kind of medication do they gave me?" she thought

"It's alright! Arthur was very worried about you; he literally carried you a full three km to the hospital on his back"

"Did he?" she asked touched

"Yes" he really likes you. Edith blushed. "So don't run away" he said fading.

When Arthur woke up he saw a pair of blue eyes staring at him. "Why did you saved me?" was the first thing she asked him.

"Because" he said blushing a bit "I hate seeing wasted talent"

They sat in silence.

"What happened?" he asked as she explained she had been hungry and stole some scones from a bakery and the owner had gotten very angry and beated her to an inch of her life so she decided to end it. Arthur shook his head sadly. "Death solves nothing; you can trust me in that one".
He offered a place working for the government as a special intelligence agent, informing her that he had read her file and knew she was what the country needed.

Despite her first negative she eventually accepted, being in service and turning her life around 180 degrees. She worked for 3 years before retiring due an injury to a quiet bookstore.

She likes him because: Because he is a gentleman and he is a powerful man at the same time. He understands her and doesn't judge her. They can do thing they both like together and she adore he is such a lovely father. (They also have a VERY interesting marital life)

Her opinion on The Anti-Nation: SHE HATES, LOATHES, DESPISE THEM WITH ALL HER HEART AND SOUL. The reason of this is because they have left a great wound on her
heart. Let's leave it like that.

Edith's child

Name: Rosalie Eleanor Kirkland-Edwards

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Hair and Overall look : She has short bright red hair --inherited by both her maternal and paternal uncles—always pulled back in a low ponytail .She have no freckles. She dresses with knee lengthen skirts, military boots and baggy shirts that make her look badass at the same time she looks cute. The union Jack is always present in one or another accessory .Green eyes like her father and big eyebrows like both of her parents.

Height/Weight : She is very skinny, and has a little complex (same as Liechtenstein) that people confuse her with a boy.

Personality: Used to be a quiet girl, but nowadays began to make her own rebel phase. (Something her father greatly fears). She is very strict with time and always has a watch in her possession. Stubborn like her dad, when she wants something she'll move sea and earth to get it. She however has something about her mother in her, and that is that she is always observing her surroundings and always has a backup plan. She distrusts Francesca (France's daughter) and thinks she is too much of an airhead.

Something she HATES is that people try to use her. When she was in grade school (7 years old) she told her then best friend the true about his father. The little girl told her mother, her mother began to use Rosalie family name to her own benefit.

Eventually Rosalie overheard a conversation between the girl and her mother ordering her to continue being her friend despite the child wishes. "She is too strange mother, why do I have to pretend I like her? She is not even human."

"Human or not she is a Kirkland, she and her family may be have some more power than the Queen herself, so you are to continue being her friend" "But mother…she is a freak, her father is a nation and her mother a boring human, she is not one or another, she disgusts me"

Rosalie ran from there with tears in her eyes until she bumped with someone. That someone turned to be Samantha (France's wife) that was in London due a world meeting.

"Little girl, are you ok?" she asked using her motherly voice

"Yes, I'm o…ok….so..rry for bumbing into you." She said very proudly.

"You don't look well, come on" she offered her hand "Where is you mommy or your daddy"

"Mommy told me not to talk to strangers…"

Sam bit her lip and then her eyes grow bright.

"Let me introduce you to someone" she said gesturing a little boy that was behind her. "This little one , is my son, his name is Louis, you can play with him sweetie"

The boy extended his had with hesitation "I…I am Louis Eduardo Francis…"

"Louis, one name is enough" scolded her mother a bit. "Now, sweetie, what is your name?"

"My name is Rosalie" she said with hesitation

"Ok, Rosalie, you look a bit lost, what did your mommy and daddy told you to do in case you got lost?"

"If I got lost then I'll ask a grown up in uniform to dial this number and to stay right in there" she said showing a little laminathed card

"May I dial this?" she asked The little girl nodded. Sam took her phone and began dialing.

A mechanical voice began. 'Alert code # 8958 R.E.K.E' please remain in your position a representative will be in your location shortly'

"What?" asked Sam.

--Meanwhile at a World conference--

"So yes then we need continue investing in green energy because…" suddenly Arthur's and Edith's phone began to ring.

"My apologies" he said as both answered "Hello?"

"Alert Message #8958 R.E.K.E, coordinates downloaded in your phone"

Arthur's eyes opened very big as he glanced to his wife when also had a worried expression. They nodded.

"I'm sorry, I need to leave" he said "I left you with my wife to answer any questions" with hat he dashed out of the building while Edith continued his speech.

"As England was saying we should investigate more in…"

Arthur took his car personally and began heading for the coordinates in his phone. If he recalled correctly that should be an Ice Cream store.

"Be alright Rosie" he though as her passed a red light.

"So what are you doing in London?" asked a now calm Rosalie to Louis "My dad's job" he said "We are always traveling with him"

"Really?" she said "My dad also travels a lot, but ususally I can't come with him"




They were chatting happily while Sam watched them with concern. "This girl looks familiar, but…"

Suddenly a Rolls Royce braked soundly and a dash of green approached the kids. Sam became full alert.

"You punk! Get away from my daughter!" said the English man

"But daddy he is…"

"I don't care! He might be bait for…" he didn't finish until he felt a hand in his shoulder.

"You better tell me you are not yelling to my precious son…" said a scary voice

When he turned around ready to fight the both stayed frozen.

"Arthur? !"

"Samantha? !"

"So Rosalie is…?"

He nodded


After some apologies Arthur got his daughter in his car. As they drove off she waved to Louis.


"Yes princess?"

"Can we live Paris?"

If Arthur had been drinking tea, he'll probably have spited it.


"I want to meet Louis again; he is a very fun boy! He even gave me this flower "she said taking off a little rose "I don't know where he had it but it was too fun" she said sighting a bit

"Oh no" mumbled Arthur

Talents: A great archer that hopes to go to the Olympics (may or may not made a pact with Francis II in that aspect). Also she is one of the best soccer players between the children's of nations.

Family: She is daddy's little princess, in every sense and she is very tight with her father, but sometimes she becomes to close with him what causes her to begin swearing and cursing (especially during soccer matches).She loves her mother, but thinks she is to strict. (She doesn't know her mother's past)

Friends: Kouze is her childhood friend. She knows that Kouze is half Japanese and Britain and still accepts her.

Crush: She also has strong feelings for Louis, despite her mother's disapproval.

Name: Anneliese Eisenberg--Wife of Germany/Ludwig

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Hair: Blood colored hair

Overall look:Golden eyes, Always wears a black midriff tube top, white skinny jeans, and knee-high black boots with buckles.

Height/Weight: Average and skinny, but also well build in muscle

Personality: Loves to go running, likes to exercise, LOVES to prove men wrong and show that she is NOT just some pansy pushover.

Talents: Dancing, running

Job: General of the German army

Friends: ITALY! And Canada

How did they meet and why does she like him? They met when some guys were trying to beat her up and she kicked their asses instead. Germany thought she was impressive so they started to hang out more. then they got married.

Her opinion on the Anti- Nation: She thinks that they are good for nothing pieces of crap with their heads shoved up their butt looking for power that won't be theirs.

Anneliese's Child

Name: Fletcher

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Hair: Overall look: Has blue eyes like his father, Strawberry blonde hair. Wears a dark blue shirt and tan cargo pants with black sneakers.

Height/Weight : tall and kinda muscular.

Personality: a real lazy person, with a cool attitude,
helps his mother when she needs it.

Talents: Fighting

Family: Real Rebellious against his father, always skipping on his training, his mother is mutual.

Friends: Alec, his best friend.

His cousin Victoria, Fletcher does consider her as a sort of a big sister, and actually trust her very much. He thinks sometimes she is a bit TOO much of a mother, but he considers that given her past is acceptable , but him being a teen sometimes feel her a bit obsessed. When they were young (before either of them hit puberty) and Fletcher didn't want to train with his dad, Victoria would put a wig and train with Germany, that's why she has such a great shape. (That's until Germany realized his 'son' had boobs and amber eyes).


I don't remember seeing much when I left my warm space, everything was a blurry mass. I recognize my mom by her heartbeat; it comforted me yet again as she laid me to her chest. I recognized my father by his voice; I remember it speaking words to me when I was still inside the warm space. "Would you like to hold him?" That was my father. What is he talking about now?
"Sure." I felt myself being moved from one warm embrace to another. Looking up, two amber orbs hovered above me, peering at me.
"He's cute. What's his name?" The person asked. 'I'd have to remember this person…'
"His name is Fletcher." My mother replied. The strange person placed something on my face, moving the hair out of my face. 'A name on this person would be nice!' I thought.
My parents started talking, a garbled mess of something filling the air. The amber orbs moved closer, till I felt something soft and warm touch my forehead.
"It's nice to meet you Fletcher. I'm Victoria." The person said. 'Finally. A name.'

3 months:
"He really likes you Victoria." Anneliese commented, watching as her son toddled over to Victoria's side the minute she walked off towards the dining room. Victoria sighed, reaching down to pick him up.
"Fletcher, you can't always stay with me." She murmured, walking over to the couch and putting him down. "Now stay there."
Fletcher looked up at her with a pitiful expression, making her immediately guilty. He instinctively reached his arms up for her, smiling as she started bending down to pick him up. A ringing noise came from her pocket, and she stopped her descent to reach into her pocket. Fletcher frowned slightly as she placed the phone to her ear.
"Hello? Oh, Xiasheng. Yes. Yes. I'll be right over." Victoria closed her phone, before leaning over to ruffle Fletcher's hair.
"Sorry Fletcher. I've got training with Xiasheng. See you later." She walked over to the door, starting to slip on her shoes. Fletcher watched in horror, before climbing down from the couch. Waddling over to her as fast as his legs could carry him. Hearing a short cry and feeling a sudden weight, Victoria looked down, raising an eyebrow as she saw the boy clinging to her leg.
"Fletcher, I need to go." She said firmly, picking him up and transporting him to the couch. Turning to leave, she stopped as she felt arms locked around her again. She lifted her leg up, watching as Fletcher held on even tighter. Victoria removed him carefully, gazing into his eyes.
"I am leaving Fletcher. You need to stay here." She stated, her eyes locked with his. "If you behave yourself, I'll stay with you all day tomorrow. Nod if you understand."
The boy gave a single, short nod, tears coming to his eyes as she placed him on the couch. Bending down to kiss him, she straightened up, walking away without looking back. Closing the door, she pulled a blank face at the sobbing coming from inside, masking her emotions.

7 months:
Victoria stared at Fletcher, narrowing her eyes slightly. Ludwig passed by, pausing to stare at them.
"What are you doing?" He asked, frowning.
"I'm trying to get him to talk." Victoria turned to look at the man, before looking back at the boy. "His pronunciation is all off. Watch. Fletcher, say Victoria."
"V-Vit-or-ee-uh." Fletcher said slowly, watching her.
"He is only 7 months old Victoria." Anneliese murmured from her spot on the couch, watching the two.
"That's more than old enough. Fletcher, Vic-tor-ia." She repeated.
The boy listened intently, before opening his mouth. "Vic-tor-ia."
"Good. All together now." Victoria murmured.
"Victoria." Fletcher smiled brightly, as she nodded in approval.
"Very good. Now, let's move onto this." She held up a dictionary. "Now, first word. Aardvark."
Anneliese and Ludwig shook their heads, sighing in unison as they listened to Fletcher repeat the words Victoria said.

3 years:
"I can last much longer!" "Cannot!" "Can too!" "Cannot!" Fletcher and Louis glared at each other, hands slammed firmly on small hips.
"Let's see then! Whoever can last longer without their big sister, wins!" Louis gave Fletcher an indignant look.
"You're on!" Fletcher replied, narrowing his eyes. Lourdes and Victoria were in the other room talking, not noticing inner turmoil within their little brothers.
5 minute passed.
Then 10 minutes.
15 minutes passed, before Louis' lip started trembling. Fletcher bit his lip, hiding his quivering lip. Both stared at each other, frowning.
"Lou…." Louis stopped, staring at the ground.
Fletcher held in a sniffle, watching as Louis teared up.
"Lourdes! Lourdes!" The boy blurted out, tears coursing down his cheeks. The brunette ran in, obviously confused.
"Louis? What's wrong?" She asked, picking him up and rocking him gently.
"I-I missed you! Don't leave me alone!" He cried, before burying his face in her chest.
Fletcher grinned, turning as Victoria walked in. He stared at her for a moment as she approached, before bursting into tears as well. She sighed, lifting him up easily.
"Silly. If you wanted me here, tell me." She murmured, wiping his tears away. He nodded, sniffling quietly as the two girls said their goodbyes and walked away in opposite directions. Fletcher sighed in relief as Victoria placed him on her back, humming a tune quietly.
"Thank you Victoria…" He murmured, resting his head against her back and falling asleep.

Three years old:
"So, on cold nights like tonight, when snow falls from the sky and the wind isn't howling, you can sometimes hear Jack Frost laughing. But remember children: if you hear a noise against your windows on a cold winter night like tonight, it's not necessarily a tree. It could be Jack Frost on the prowl, looking for naughty little children. When he finds them, that's when….HE STRIKES!" A yelp pierced the air, and the other members of the Beilschimdt family turned to stare at Fletcher, who hid farther behind Victoria. Gilbert cleared his throat, holding in a laugh.
"So Fletcher, how did you enjoy my awesome fairy tale?" He asked, a broad smirk on his face.
"I-It wasn't sc-scary at all Uncle Gilbert." Fletcher stuttered, not moving from behind Victoria. Ludwig sighed, whacking his brother upside the head.
"I told you that stories were like that were inappropriate at this time of night!" He scolded, as Gilbert laughed sheepishly.
"Anyway…it's time for all little kids to go to bed." Annaliese murmured, taking Fletcher's hand and leading him out of the room. The blonde yawned, stumbling alongside his mother till she picked him up. Reaching his bedroom, she put him down, watching as he climbed into bed.
"Good night Fletcher." She murmured.
"Good night mom." He replied, closing his eyes. She walked out, closing the door as the boy drifted into sleep.

Fletcher shivered slightly, looking around the snow filled area. He didn't see anything, much less recognize where he was.
"Hello?" He murmured, walking forward through the snow. A distant laugh could be heard, making Fletcher turn around. No one was there. The blonde continued walking forward, stopping every time he he heard a laugh.
"This is kinda weird…" Fletcher looked around for the source of the laugh, still not seeing anything. "I don't see any-"
"Are you a naughty boy?" came a cold, taunting voice right beside his ear. He froze, afraid to turn around and see the speaker. "Have you been naughty?"
He shook his head quickly, feeling the person move. Something appeared in front of him, making him jump. A tall boy with white hair and dark blue eyes stood there, grinning down at him.
"Hello there. You've been a naughty little boy." He said, pointing at Fletcher. "I don't like naughty children. Time to say goodbye" A blue light could be seen coming from his finger, making the blonde gasp.
"Wait! I haven't been naughty! Stop!" Fletcher yelled, covering his eyes. When he opened them, the snow and Jack Frost had disappeared, revealing that he was in his room. He looked around the room, sighing in relief.
"It was just a dream-" A loud noise against the window made him jump a mile, covering his head with the blankets. After a few moments, he peered out cautiously, climbing out of bed quietly. He rushed out of the room, not stopping until he reached Victoria's room. Fletcher peeked in, swallowing nervously when he noticed that she was fast asleep.
'Victoria won't be happy if I wake her up…' He thought, creeping into her room. The blonde crawled onto the edge of her bed, curling up as much as possible.
"Fletcher….what are you doing in my room?" came a voice, making Fletcher roll over. He was facing Victoria now, who stared at him intently.
"H-Hi Victoria. S-S-Sorry about that." He stuttered.
"It's fine, just tell me why you're here." She rubbed her eyes, sitting up now.
"I…um…had a bad dream." Fletcher mumbled, looking down at the bed. "B-But I'll leave now!" He got down quickly, starting to leave. Victoria yawned, looking at the clock.
"Fletcher, you can sleep here." She said, watching as he turned around and ran back over to the bed quickly.
"Thank you Victoria!" He smiled brightly, crawling under the covers. She nodded, rolling over so her back was to him. After a moment, she felt arms encircle her waist as Fletcher snuggled closer to her.
"Good night Victoria." He mumbled, closing his eyes.
"Good night Fletcher." She replied, already mostly asleep. "Also, Fletcher?"
"Yes?" His eyes opened.
"You won't have to worry about Jack Frost while I'm here." She murmured, chuckling.
"…Thank you…"

6 years:
A small schoolyard was filled with children, boys and girls of kindergarten age ran around, played, or just talked to each other. That's where Fletcher Beilschimdt found himself that afternoon as his playmates gathered around him, talking about the one thing that always puzzled him: girls.
"I first kissed a girl 2 months ago!" One boy said, grinning broadly.
"I did it when I was five!" Another put in, smirking.
Fletcher was quiet, wondering how he could answer. 'It's not like I've kissed a girl before-'
"Fletcher! How about you?" The blonde looked up, frowning slightly as he noticed all eye were on him.
"What about me?" He asked, feigning indifference.
"When did you first kiss a girl?" A brunette walked over, stopping in front of him. Fletcher shrugged, deciding to go honesty.
"I haven't kissed a girl-' He started, glaring at the others as 'oohs' rippled through the throng of boys. "But I bet I can get a kiss from the next girl who walks through that gate!"
"Okay then, let's see!" The brunette said, grinning as the boys roared their approval. They all turned their gaze to the gate. A man walked in, walking over to a girl who latched onto his hand happily. A teenaged boy walked in, waving. Two of the boys from the group jogged over, wishing Fletcher luck.
"Any moment now….Hey, look!" Fletcher blinked in surprise, watching as Victoria walked through the gate. He rushed over quickly, getting to her before she could walk over to him.
"Victoria!" He hissed, getting in front of her.
"Ah, Fletcher. What is it? Are you ready to go?" She asked, looking down at him.
"No, not yet. Um, Vic, can you do me a favor?" She raised an eyebrow, but nodded warily.
"I need to kiss you." He blurted out.
"No way." She deadpanned.
"But I need to! I'm trying to impress the guys!" He protested.
"No way." She repeated.
"Fine…" He murmured, turning and starting to walk away. Victoria watched him for a moment, before grabbing his hand.
"Vic? What is it?" He turned around, blinking in surprise as she pressed her lips to his. She pulled away, faking a smile.
"Victoria…." He mumbled, before clearing his throat. "Thanks."
"1 minute. Then come out through the gate." She walked away, and Fletcher returned to his friends.
"Nice going Fletcher!" Said one guy, clapping him on the back.
"Thanks!" He replied, grinning.
"Seriously…how'd you get her to kiss you?" The blonde turned to the speaker, before shrugging.
"Hey, what can I say? I am a chick magnet!" Fletcher chuckled slightly.
"Still! That girl was seriously hot!" One boy commented.
"I know! How old did she look to you?" Another asked.
"Any chance she'll be here again?" Fletcher placed a hand on the speakers' arm, gripping lightly.
"Hey. She's outta your league, so forget about it." He murmured, before looking down ay his watch. "Gotta go. See ya!"
A few people murmured goodbye, watching him leave.
"I guess he likes her." "Yup, definitely."

Age 10
Thunk. The weapon slipped out of his hands, embedding itself in the ground. Fletcher tugged it out sullenly.
"Why is this so hard?" He muttered, taking another swing. The weight of the weapon embedded itself in the tree next to him. The boy pulled on it, only succeeding in falling backwards on his behind.
"Having some trouble?" He turned to see Victoria staring at him from the tree branches, a book in hand. Standing up quickly, he brushed himself off sheepishly.
"Victoria, how long have you been here?" Fletcher stuttered. She shrugged, dropping down to her feet.
"An hour or so. I usually read up here." She replied, tugging the weapon out of the tree's bark with one hand. It fell to the ground at their feet with a dull thud. "Having a bit of trouble I see?"
Fletcher sighed, scratching his head.
"It keeps slipping out of my hands." He muttered. Victoria set the book down and picked up the weapon, testing its weight.
"It's not slipping out of your hands." She said, looking at him again. "You're letting it go because you're afraid to hold on."
"I am not!" Fletcher crossed his arms, glaring back. She held out the weapon to him, waiting for him to take it.
"Have a swing." He obeyed, swinging the cleaver again. It flew out of his hands once more, thumping into the ground.
Victoria retrieved the weapon, starting to swing it herself.
"Allow yourself to redirect the flow of power." Fletcher watched in avid curiosity as she handled it almost effortlessly. She stopped, holding it out to Fletcher once more. "Now it's your turn."
He nodded, taking the weapon and starting to swing again. Victoria watched him, occasionally giving him hints. He stopped after a while, taking several deep breaths.
"That was good. We'll meet back here tomorrow to practice some more." She said, patting him on the back as she started walking off.
"Wait, tomorrow? Why?" He called after her. Victoria turned, eyebrows raised.
"Because I'm going to be your teacher of course." She continued walking. "Don't ask silly questions, and follow me. It's starting to get late." Fletcher scowled but followed her, lugging the cleaver after him.

Age 13
"I challenge you to a duel." Those words had been spoken a week ago to the white haired girl, who-as usual- wouldn't deny her cousin's request. The two stared at each other from across the grassy field, oblivious to the clouds that were rolling in. Fletcher hefted his weapon, having grown strong enough to handle it with one hand. Victoria unsheathed her sword, testing it against the ball of her thumb.
"Okay. We'll fight to surrender, or knockout." She said, licking the blood off of her injured appendage. "But knockout is pretty unlikely."
"Just get on with it!" Fletcher complained, pointing the cleaver at her.
"You asked me to fight you, not the other way around." Victoria stepped back, the sword still hanging from her hand. "Let's begin then."
He immediately charged forward, bringing the cleaver back for a swing. Victoria stepped to the side, blocking the strike easily. He recoiled quickly, striking in rapid succession. She continued blocking, stepping backwards from the strength of the hits.
'He's definitely gotten better.' She thought as she ducked under his swing, striking him on the side. 'But he's still too anxious.' Fletcher flinched at the slight pain but powered forward, striking her on her sword arm. The two were rapidly trading blows when it first started to rain, water mixing with the blood on the ground. Both slowed down dramatically in the rain and mud, stopping to glare each other down.
"I'm not going to lose to you." Victoria murmured, taking deep breaths. "Just like before, you'll eventually lose." He frowned, taking a fighting stance win his weapon.
"All those duels in the past were merely practice." Fletcher narrowed his eyes, watching as his cousin went into a defensive position. "I'm going to win this time."
Victoria shrugged, running forward before disappearing. Fletcher paused, looking around rapidly before swinging upwards. A squeak could be heard before Victoria crashed down behind him, holding a hand to her bleeding abdomen. He turned, a satisfied look on his face.
"Do you surrender?" He asked, the cleaver resting on his shoulder. Victoria chuckled, tossing her sword to the side.
"I surrender. You take this one." She murmured, laying down on the ground. Her cousin plopped down in the ground beside her, poking her side.
"Feeling bad about losing to me?" Fletcher asked, looking at her closely. She shook her head, giving him a curious side eye.
"Not on your life." Victoria stared up at the grey clouds, wiping away the raindrops on her face. "I bet this is how dad felt when..."
"When what?" He stared at her, raising an eyebrow.
"Nothing, never mind. Just give me a moment, I'm still healing." He nodded, leaning against her. She smirked slightly, before closing her eyes.

Age 14
Victoria plodded down the stairs early one morning, yawning as she entered the kitchen. For the last week she's been doing paperwork late into the night, trying to finish up assignments for her dad. The clock in the kitchen clocked at 6:45. It was too late to go back to sleep, even as tired as she was. The girl immediately started making a cup of coffee, staring out the window. The thumping behind her and her tiredness sent her senses into overdrive. Grabbing a knife in her hands, she whirled around, freezing in place as her eyes rested on Fletcher. The male looked between the blade and her face, before yawning and walking to the sink. The sound of water running clears her mind enough to make her return the knife, returning to her coffee.
"You're pretty tired huh?" He muttered, putting a cup under the coffee machine as well. She shrugged, focusing her attention on him.
"Um Fletcher? Did you have a growth spurt?" Victoria asked, staring. The boy was about the same height as her, able to look her in the eye. He nodded, taking his fresh cup of coffee.
"Yeah. Mom said I'm outgrowing my clothes really quickly." Fletcher replied, adding an ample dose of sugar and cream. "Why?"
"N-No reason." Victoria moved to the table, follows shortly by her cousin. The two sat in relative silence, aside from the sips of coffee. Victoria barely touched hers, instead focusing on staying awake. Being too tired for coffee was a sure sign of trouble.
"So...Victoria." She looked up at her name, raising an eyebrow. "You know what puberty is...right?"
She smiled slightly. "Of course...why?"
"I want to know one thing." The boy leaned forward, a serious expression on his face. "When...is my voice going to fix itself?!"
Victoria choked on her coffee, gasping for air as she started laughing. "Oh gosh, don't ask questions like that so suddenly?"
"But my voice keeps cracking!" He complained, clearing his throat. "It makes it hard to talk to girls!"
"I don't know, probably soon." Victoria replied, resting her chin on her pa. "At least the other stuff hasn't kicked in."
He huffed. "Says you." He muttered, red in the face. She covered another yawn, her eyes mostly closed.
"Don't worry about it. Everything will even out soon." She said. He nodded, getting up and walking to her side.
"Uh huh, I'm sure it will." Fletcher grabbed her cup, moving it to the sink. "Now, you get some sleep. You're not a little kid, so be more responsible." He turned to hear her answer, instead hearing the heavy breath of sleep. Sighing, he picked up one of the couch pillows, lifting her head to rest it on the cushion.
"Sweet dreams cousin." He murmured, walking off.

Age 15
"Victoria, I can do that myself." The girl felt a small stinging sensation in her chest at the words, but nevertheless stepped back. She had only heard this phrase a billion times recently, right? Fletcher hefted the heavy boxes in his arms, walking past without another word. Victoria stared after him, watching with a indifferent expression. Or it would look indifferent to many people; though the surface was calm, a typhoon of emotions raged within her. She followed shortly, taking her usual spot beside him. The boy had gotten a lot taller during the year, and the childish look about him was disappearing as the young man came out. Victoria shuddered involuntarily. She knew what this meant...he was no longer going to need her.
"-oi. Hey, Victoria!" She snapped out of her thoughts at the sound of Fletcher's voice, staring at him in confusion.
"What is it?" She asked, seeing him set down the boxes.
"You don't need to follow me around." He muttered, giving her a sour look. "I can take care if myself."
"I know that. But your father asked me to with you." Victoria replied, ignoring the pain she felt in her chest.
"I know, but it's getting annoying! You're always following me everywhere, like I'm still some little kid!" Fletcher snapped. "I don't need you following me around: I don't want you following me around! Could you just leave?"
She once again stared at him with a blank face, the tightly clenched fist the only outward sign of pain that could be seen.
"...Of course." She turned quickly, walking away as fast as could, going nowhere fast. The teen ended up in the forest near the house, surrounded on either side by trees.
"So...this is it." Victoria slumped against a tree trunk, kneeling close to the ground.
'He'll start to resent your presence.' Her father had said one day, pulling her to the side. 'One day, the boy will leave and the man will arrive. And that's when you'll leave his side.'
'How do you know that?' She had asked, frowning. But she knew the answer, even then.
"Father..." She murmured, tears starting to blur her vision. "You never told me how much it'd hurt."

Victoria sheathed her sword, shielding her eyes from the midday sun. She'd been practicing for the last hour, but it was starting to get hotter outside. She started back towards the house, but slowed down as she spotted two familiar figures in front of a small hill. Fletcher stood beside March as s/he swung a halberd, the heavy weapon slipping from his/her hands.
"No March! You can't let it go!" He retrieved the weapon, shoving it into the Italian's hands. "Try it again."
Victoria sighed, starting to jog over. 'Honestly. You can't be that rough with girls.' She was scowling by now, her hands on her hips, close enough to the handle of her sword for her to retrieve it quickly.
"Hey, Fletcher!" Both people jerked at her call, turning to look at her. Fletcher looked slightly scared, for reason unknown to her, as did March.
"Victoria, I swear I didn't do anything to her!" He said quickly, putting up his hands in surrender. The small Italian suddenly ran over, placing herself/himself in front of Victoria with arms outstretched.
"What are you doing?" She asked, looking down at her in confusion.
"Don't hurt Fletcher!" March yelled, staring up at her. "He's just trying to help me!"
Victoria blinked, seeing a ten-year-old Fletcher on front of her for a split second before the memory disappeared.
"I-I wasn't going to hurt him." She murmured, sighing. "I was just going to ask him to go a bit easier on you." March flushed, rubbing the back of his/her head sheepishly. "Oh...I'm sorry." She mumbled.
"It's nothing. It's nice that you care for my cousin so much." Victoria took a few steps back, turning away from them. "I'll be going then." She started to walk away, before turning and crouching down behind the hill. The two had retuned to relative silence, the only sounds were Fletcher giving March help from time to time. After about an hour, Victoria heard them move to the top of the hill.
Fletcher laid down on the ground, yawning slightly.
"That wasn't too bad. We can practice more later." He murmured to himself, before turning to look at March. S/he was staring at him, her face a bright shade of red.
"March-" he was interrupted as s/he laid down next to him quickly, looking away from him.
"I'm sorry that I messed up so much Fletcher." She mumbled, taking in a shaky breath. "I can't believe I made so many mistakes..."
"March, you're still a beginner at this." Fletcher said softly. "You'll get better at it, honest. Besides, even if you can't learn to fight for yourself, I'll always be there to protect you." S/he turned to look at him, her eyes slightly. "I'd die for you March. We'll always be brother and sister, so it's my job to protect you. I wasn't always strong anyway; I have Victoria to thank for that."
March huffed. "But I want to be able to protect you, just like she can protect you!"
"She's under my protection now, just like you." Fletcher replied, grinning. "I can't let any girl die in front of me, so I have I be strong."
"...If you say so." The Italian murmured, smiling gently. Her eyes closed after a moment as she fell asleep shortly. Fletcher stared at her for a few minutes, before falling asleep as well. Victoria came up to the top of the hill, smirking at the two sleeping teens.
"Idiots. You need someone to watch your backs while you sleep." She murmured, sitting down near them. "Sweet dreams you two."

Austria and Hungary's Child

Name: Maria Theresa Edelstein

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Hair: Dark brown curly hair at waist length. With a Mariazell curl, never tied up.

Overall look : A mole on her lower lip, blue green eyes. She dresses with expensive dresses that make her look like a little duchess.(Not that his father minds) Usually in purple. The one thing she gets from her mother is the favoritism of using a flower in the head. She never shows her bare back to others.

Height/Weight : Skinny and frail, she dislikes sports or anything that breaks her image, so she is also very pale. Healthy, but pale

Personality: She looks and dresses very conservative, doesn't like to mess around so much. Strict and feels great admiration to Germany but dislikes Prussia profoundly, she doesn't know why but really hates his guts. On the exterior she looks like if Austria has just duplicated himself with mitosis as a girl. She hides a dark secret. Despite looking as boring hell little duchess, below that skin of aristocracy is an rebellious wild girl, who actually has two tattoos (one her left hip; a musical note and another that covers almost all her back from shoulder to shoulder; that is the Imperial Coats of Arms of the Austro-Hungarian Empire), drinks heavily and smokes like a chimney. (Since she is the kid of TWO nations those things don't affect her body at all) Without either of her parents knowledge she plays the electric violin at a bar every Thursday at 11 pm. She wears a mask while preforming to avoid recognition and uses the Alias The Last Violinist of Vienna.

Talents: She is the best violin player between the nation's children. As her father expresses his feelings in piano she express them with violin. She has an electric violin (that her father doesn't know about) and an Stradivarius. (Just don't tell the Italys of they'll get pissed of since those are practically national treasures).

Family: She is perfect synchrony (no pun intended) with her father. They like the same thing and even play the same songs.
Theresa has a difficult relationship with her mother and think her mother doesn't behave according to her status of nation and ex/wife of a nation. Still she is proud of her and is stubborn as her. Also , thinks that her mother is hiding something big, but she can't put her finger on what or who it is.

Friends:Unknown for now.

Crush: She has a HUGE crush in America's son, Alec, who is a rebel by his own accord. They bumped into each other in said bar one day, and both got stunned to see each other (they weren't really acquaintances, but knew each other form distance). After making a bow of "you-didn't-see-me-here-ok?" they continued talking during the night.

"So your parents aren't worried you aren't at home" she asked

He smiled "Of course no they don't even know I'm gone, I am very good ninja'" he said ordering a beer.

Maria smiled sadly. "I don't think my parent's know I'm here either, my father is probably playing the piano, obvious of the rest of the world and my mother is probably doing an 'errand'" she said as she drank another beer.

"Puaj!" she said striking out her tongue "No offence but American beer tastes like piss"

"None taken I actually like Czechs' beer the most"

"Cheers for those nations that raised us but neglect us!" she said rising her almost empty beer.
He raised his beer. "Cheers"

Then suddenly Alec had a realization.
"Wait a second...how old are you?!" he said gasping at her as he review her again and again.

"I'm 13" she said happily

"You are a kid!" he said as guilt started to fall "I gave alcohol to a kid! I'm so going to jail! Well, no 'cuz my dad is Alfred, but I'm getting in so much trouble..."

"Are you already drunk?" she asked

"Probably?" he said

"Dude, chill, I might have 13 biologically but I'm older than I look, being daughter of two nations?" she said as she stated the obvious


They began to chat happily until a triad of buff teens showed off.
"Hey isn't that the American brat who defeated you last week?" one of the guys said to the obvious leader.

"Hey, yes he is, and looks like he has company…."

"Dude, looks like a little girl!"

"If she was a good little girl she wouldn't be here" he smiled deviously as he called the attention of the teen.

"Yo, Alexi!"
Alec and Maria turned around as Alec groaned.

"Alexi?" she asked rising an eyebrow

"Yeah, my alias for some…uh…business…." He said not looking her in the eye

"Look who is in here, the little American brat who thinks he is smarter than us"

"Look I'm just chilling, keep it cool"

The tug groaned and looked attentively to Maria. "So this is your girlfriend?" he said inching closer to Maria

"She is a friend" he said

"But she has such nice hair" he said grabbing one of Maria's dark locks

"Do not touch me!" she warned as she slapped his hand off.

"Oh, the kitty has claws" he said now grabbing her arm and getting too close to her "I like that"

Despite her position as the child of two countries, Maria was paralyzed with fear and cursed the human instinct she had. "Leave her alone, dude" he asked dangerously putting on some leather gloves.

"Bring it on, kid; no matters how strong do you think you are we are three vs. one."

"I'm not afraid" he said standing up. As they headed outside, one of the guys covered Maria's mouth and dragged her outside.

As Alec began preparing to flee to avoid attention or actually hurting those guys but he watched in horror as they dragged Maria outside, at knife point, making his heroic instincts to boil.

"Hey! Leave her alone!"

"Now, now is not the time to get bratty, Alexi, if you want this sweet girl to remain in one piece you'll do nothing"

Then all of sudden the other two guys began beating Alec out, as he didn't fight back. Tears began to stream out of Maria's eyes.

"Alec!" she cried "Do something! I'll be fine you know that!" she pleaded desperately

He almost smirked as blood dripped from his lip.

"As my father's son you know I can't do that"

"You idiot!" she screamed "At this rate you are going to get killed!"

Suddenly a strong blow right in the head knocked unconscious.
"Aw man, he passed out, there is no fun" said one of the Tugs stopping.

"Well" said the one closest to Maria "We still have the girl" he smirked

Maria's mind began to race, and suddenly she remembered that her mother did once try to show her some defense and attack. And without thinking it she delivered a punch directly in the tug's face, knocking him up.

"What the?" the others ran to her but she knocked them down after a couple of minutes. She ran to Alec.

"Alec!" she said cradling his head "You better be alive you little American Idiot!" she said as she began to panic and took one of the tugs phone and tried to call an ambulance.

The American opened his left eye.
"Call Fletcher" he said


"Call him so he can drive you home, I'll be fine" he said strongly "People already think I'm a mess, but you are that Aristocrat's kid, you have more to lose then me, I'll be fine, just go, and don't turn around."

She wanted to protest but knew he was right, Austria would become a laughing stock is his little perfect little daughter would be found in such situation.
Out of the blue a back Mercedes appeared in the alley. A strawberry blonde boy got out of it.

"Alec!" he said massaging his temples "You tried to be the hero again, right?"

"May be..." he said with his signature smile

Fletcher sighted pulling out a phone "I'll call you an ambulance" he sighted "Let's go Theresa"

"How did you know me?"

"Please, our fathers are practically cousins..."

"Right" She turned around one last time "I'll meet you at the bar three weeks from now, you better show your face or else" she said

The morning after she was having breakfast with her parents.

"Maria, did you know what the son of that idiot did last night?" said Austria as he scanned his newspaper

"What is it Father?" she asked politely

"He got into another fight, you better stay away from him, and he only brings trouble"

"Yes father" she said biting her lip, something that her mother noticed

Three weeks later Alec and Fletcher were at the bar , the latter wounds almost healed.
"Great! At 13 years old she left me hanging" he mumbled to Fletcher, they were ready to leave when suddenly they began to hear sweet violin music.

Suddenly in the stage a girl with a while mask, tiny white shorts and a white blouse appeared with a white electric violin.

"Who is that?" Alec asked to the bartender

"Like it, Huh? She is the new Thursday's entertainment; she calls herself 'The last violinist of Vienna'

He looked at the girl who just winked at him and smiled at Fletcher.
She smiled to herself, the game had just begun.

Her opinion on The Anti-Nation: They scare them. They feel that if they aren't ready they could be the ones to have a big target on their heads. But most of them they fear (Victoria will never admit it) for their mother, because she gave birth to Nation's children, she being a nation. So each of them deal with things different, Victoria is always training and learning , while Maria uses her 'charm' to create connections even in low places...

Name: Alarice Leyna Beildeschmidt-Weiß --Wife of Prussia

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Hair: long white and rather wild.

Overall look: She has a scar on the left side of her face under her eye. Alarice wears a white blouse type shirt, beige pans and black boots, a coat similar to the one Gilbert wears, and a pirate looking hat.(Hence looking a LOT like Gilbert if she hides her hair good enough) She has heterochromia eyes only it's pink a the top and blue at the bottom.

Height/Weight: Average and skinny. Very agile with one of the best reflexes among the wives.

Personality: She is loud and fiery, sometimes has this moments of 'awesomeness' that make her behave like a queen. Nevertheless she is very though full on what she says and she'll rarely would say anything if it is not for a purpose (like reading someone's reaction)

Talents: She really athletic, a skillful fighter

Job: Works as an historian/archeologist for the German government.

How did they meet?
Alarice comes from a very old and long line of protectors. Their job ever since Gilbert was a tyke and Germania was still around was to protect the personification of the Teutonic Knights from any harm external or internal. They swore loyalty since one time Gilbert saved the patriarch of that family during the crusades. And they've been around ever since.

Every fifty years or so a member of the family was born as Weiß, or white person, and that person had the special job to confuse the enemy during a battle or other things for his or her similarity with Gilbert. This clan worked directly under Gilbert's command without regarding the King or Emperor, this was until the father of Frederic the Great ordered a very quiet extermination under the fear they've gained too much power. Alarice was the very last member and was saved when Gilbert discovered the foul play, she was only twelve years old, but the scar on her cheek (among other things) is proof of that night.

She became Gilbert's protégée and he raised her as an apprentice. They weren't meant to be together, especially after she hard he had come into a relationship with Hungary. But everything became 'chaotic' after Victoria was born. He was desperate and depressed, so for the first years of existence Alarice raised Victoria as her own. Eventually Gilbert snapped out of it and raised Vitoria as his 'awesome' daughter. But he also fell for Alarice for being there when he needed her. She also ties to act very motherly towards Victoria because she can't have children as a result of her near death experience.

Friends: BTT wives and Ludwig's wife.

Opinion of the Anti-nations:
As the last member of her Clan devoted to protect a specific nation, she has nothing but contempt for the Anti-Nations. Wished for their doom. (She suspect the Anti-Nations had something to do with the massacre of her family)

Prussia and Hungary's Child

Name: Victoria Frederika Beildeschmidt

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Hair: Light blonde hair, almost white. Straight hair at shoulder's length, with apart of it colored jet black

Overall look : Big hazel eyes. She actually resembles Germania, and like him she always have an –I-never-joke- face. She has the Prussian eagle tattooed in middle back. Usually using open back shirts to show it off.
She dresses almost exclusively in blue under all circumstances, different shades but blue never the less. She is tanned from doing a lot of outdoor exercise and training so she has a lot of muscles.

Height/Weight : A very muscular teen. Germany sometimes wishes his own son would be as disciplined with his training as she. She is at the same height as Prussia.

Personality: People trend to assume she is like Prussia, loud and a bit obnoxious, but she is a pretty intelligent kid and only speaks when she assumes it is absolutely necessary. She dislikes Austria and thinks he is doing no good spoiling his daughter like that. She is sometimes bullied among the other nation's kids because they tell her that she is the daughter of a no-longer-existent nation and a human. Something that really hurts her because she knows that is not the truth.
Because people never had taken seriously she thinks she had to try extra hard to impress others
Victoria is actually pretty wise and old, despite her appearance. She is the not-so-legitimate daughter of Prussia and Hungary, so she has been around for some centuries

Very Religious.

Her biggest defect is that she is a solitary wolf and doesn't like asking for help as she thinks that is showing weakness.
She practically hates Japan's daughter and Italia Romano because they are always bashing her family. Strangely she doesn't hate Romano's wife because of a certain incident.

When she was 9 (appereance) she was sneaking around a world conference looking for her mother, when she heard Romano and his wife arguing.

"I don't know why she is always tagging along with the potatoe bastard's brother"

"May be because is her daughrer?" she said

"Hu, barely, knoking up a mortal out of the wedlock, what a shame"


"What?" he defended "I'm just saying what others think"

"And what's wrong with being a mortal?" she asked dangerously

"Nothing at all, but she is too strange, always with that unfriendly expression and those cold eyes, makes you ponder if she had feelings. Heck, her own mother abandoned her…

"She died!" she said indignantly

"That's what Prussia told us, but as far as we know her mother could've been a hooker that abandoned her child…"
The girl opened the door.

"My mom didn't abandoned me..she…" and then began crying either of rage or sadness.

"Easy, kid, you are more than a century old you are in no position of crying like if you were actually 9…."

"Italia Romano!" she yelled wrapping her arms around the girl. "Who do you think you are to making a child, immortal or not, cry?"

He was speechless

"Come on sweetie" she said picking her up "let's search for your father"

As they got out of the room they encountered Hungary.

"Oh Miss Hungary" she said "have you seen Prussia or Germany?"

Hungary watched the girl crying her eyes out and her maternal instinct kicked in…hard.

"No, but I think I know where they are, I can take the girl to them" she said almost pleading

The woman hesitated but gave the child to Hungary. When she left the child was still crying.

"Victoria…what on earth…" she meet with her daughter cold and harsh eyes.

"You really did abandon us, Elizabetha"

With a swift movement she let go of her mother's embrace. And walked on her own looking for her father. Hungary just cried silently.

Talents: She is a very efficient leader and is one of the few persons that have the ability to shut a crowd of people –humans and nations- with just raising her voice. She is a chess champion and enjoys playing with Russia, too much for his father's dismay. Fluent in Prussian, German, Old German, Russian, Polish, English, Latin, French and Spanish. Refuses to learn Hungarian.

Family: Contrary to the people beliefs, Prussia is actually a pretty strict father; he has raised her to be the best representation of Prussia ever lived. He thought her how to fight with sword, how to shoot, how to sneak and anything related to war, including strategies. But she is very clever in world's history, knows about politics and how to turn things into her favor. She is the most valued person to Prussia.
Tries very hard to get along with his Father's wife, but they are too much alike; often end up wanting to kill each other. She bonds with her while doing exercise or while researching history. Prussia's wife knows the truth behind Victoria but makes her believe she doesn't know.
Her mother is a very delicate topic; in contrast of what others can say she is the daughter of two nations. Her mother left her in his father's charge, and told her father to tell anyone else that she was the daughter of Prussia and a mortal, who died in childbirth. For this reason she resents her mother for choosing her half-sister instead of her. They meet in secret every once in a while, but Victoria is not sure is she could ever forgive her mother for abandoning her and her father. She suspects Maria Theresa knows they are related, but had kept quiet about it.

Friends: Her cousin Flecher, She sees him as the little sibling she never had (since Maria Theresa doesn't know about her relationship). Often being too motherly. She liked to spoil him, but as he grew up she was heart broken when she finally realized that he didn't needed her anymore. Still she tries to be what Prussia was to Germany. Likewise Fletcher sometimes find her a bit annoying.

Crush: Might have mixed feelings for Alec (America's son) Not a 100% sure yet.

Her opinion on The Anti-Nation: They scare them. They feel that if they aren't ready they could be the ones to have a big target on their heads. But most of them they fear (Victoria will never admit it) for their mother, because she gave birth to Nation's children, she being a nation. So each of them deal with things different, Victoria is always training and learning , while Maria uses her 'charm' to create connections even in low places...

Name: Elena "Lena" Rae Carriedo (Maiden name was Sanctu) --Wife of Spain/ Antonio

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Hair: Dark Brown, wavy to midback

Overall look: Hazel eyes (a bit more green than normal though). Pair of dark jeans, usually a blouse or vneck shirt depending on the day (usually shirts are purple or green) and a black leather jacket and a pair of heels or a pair of black or purple flats. She has a cross tattoo on right shoulder blade and a tattoo on the inside of her left wrist saying "Not all those who wander are lost"

Height/Weight: Average height and thin

Personality: Elena is very chipper and sweet, always knowing what to say to make someone feel better, but she also has a temper. She can come off as shy to those she first meets but ends up opening up to them and show them that she is very fun loving and adventurous. She's pretty intelligent and would willing help someone out if needed. She will also stand up and fight for what she believes in, even if no one else will stand up with her. Elena is very kind and gentle who knows how to read the atmosphere and knows how to act accordingly. She is also always willing to listen to people's problems and people feel like they can come to her to talk and that she wouldn't judge them. Two of her downfalls are that she gets riled up easily and is very headstrong and stubborn. Any sort of competition brings out her competitive side. She won't back down from fights and has a hard time admitting that she was in the wrong. She treasures her family and friends and will do anything for them. When angry, she has a tendency to swear like a sailor.

Talents: Cooking- her father is an excellent chef and she has learned what she knows from him. Dancing. Writing. (Right now she is the co-owner and a chef at a high class restaurant her father owns.)

Family: One little girl: Isabella Marie (5 years old). One little boy: Adrián Luis (3 years old)

Friends: She gets along well with certain people, such as the ones her husband gets along with (Bad Touch Trio and their wives). She does get along well with the Italies and America and their wives, as well as Canada and Alicia. Her best friends are England and his wife. She also has a slight soft spot for America's son and mainly keeps an eye on him and an ear willing to listen if he ever needs to talk (She can relate to Alec since she was quite rebellious when she was a teenager since she never knew her parents (she was adopted)).

How did they meet: Elena went abroad to Spain with her father for a year to learn the different secrets of Spanish cooking. During the first week, she was wandering around Madrid one day, just looking at the sights, when she bumped into a very handsome man who introduced himself as Antonio. She told him to get lost and walked away. A few days later, she was at a marketplace, looking at some vegetables, when a carnation was put in front of her. It was Antonio, apologizing for getting off on the wrong foot with her, and asked her out to dinner as an apology. Elena accepted the flower and dinner. As the weeks went by, they had spent a lot of time together and she slowly began to like his bright, optimistic and slightly clueless personality. A few days before her and her father left to go back home, Antonio actually cooked (or attempted to cook) her dinner and asked Elena if they could continue their relationship after she got back home. She thought it was the sweetest thing anyone has done for her and agreed wholeheartedly to keep up the relationship. Six months later, Elena went back to Spain and surprised Antonio by staying for good, saying that everything was better when she was with him.

Why does she like him: Elena loves how optimistic Antonio can be even in times of trouble and how he can make her laugh. She loves his cluelessness at times because his clueless face is "the most adorable thing on the face of the Earth". Elena loves how he is around their children and she seems to be the only one to keep him focused at times. She also likes how affectionate Antonio is towards Romano and is the only one who is able to "save" Romano sometimes.

Elena's children

Name: Isabella Marie Carriedo (Izzy to most people, her father calls her Bella)

Age: 5

Gender: Female

Hair: Wavy brown, to shoulder blades, usually low pigtails

Overall look: Green eyes (like her father), slightly tan skin, wears a white sundress with green polka dots and white sandals

Height/Weight: Short and thin

Personality: Izzy is very quirky. She loves exploring and creating mischief and ends up get in trouble quite a bit. She's quiet, always planning her next adventure, but she can be loud when she's having fun or around friends. She usually drags her friends with her no matter what. Izzy is as brave as they come, always trying new things and things the older kids try. She has an active imagination. She has a habit to drifting off into daydreams during classes that she doesn't like. Izzy is quite respectful to the older kids and adults. She can be very stubborn like her mother and very passionate like her father. She has a tendency to be more like her father than anything.

Talents: Getting in trouble (XD), she's learning how to play the piano and has taken an interest in cooking and dancing.

Friends: Izzy tries to be friends with everyone. She really wants to be friends with Kenna Jones, but doesn't know how to approach her since she (Kenna) is so quiet. Izzy looks up to the older kids a lot.

Crush: She has a small crush on March Vargas, but is to shy to tell him.

Name: Adrián Luis Carriedo

Age: 3

Gender: Male

Overall look: Looks like a mini-Antonio. Has his mother's hazely-green eyes, wears jean shorts and a polos/tshirts and white tennis shoes.

Height/Weight: Short and a bit pudgy

Personality: More on the quiet, shy side. He has a very naïve curiosity. He wanders off at times, making his parents freak out. Adrián wants to know everything about the world. While he looks like his father, he has his mother's gentle, caring nature. He is a very smiley, happy little boy. Around new people, he is very shy, usually hiding behind his mom or dad, but usually opens up if the new person makes him laugh. He is very inventive and resourceful.

Talents: Making his parents freak out, finding new ways to do things (he tries to do exactly what his sister does at times, but can't…so he finds his own way to do it)

Friends: Usually follows his sister around, so whoever is friends with his sister is friends with him. Gets along well with Romano's children (which makes Antonio very happy XD)

Name: Emily Zwingli--Wife of Switzerland/Vash

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Hair: Long wavy Auburn hair

Overall look: Icy blue eyes and always with a neutral expression. Usually wears a military uniform when in world meetings (customized to actually show she is a girl); always armed, but when she is in formal events she usually dressed with a long silver dress. Her work clothes are business suits with usually a red or white shirt.

Height/Weight: Average weight, somehow small chest, Height 5'3

Job: Used to be a soldier, now works as the manager of a bank in Zurich, and is a part time tourist guide to show people how to behave in Switzerland.

Personality: Doesn't trust other very well, she thinks that maybe they are trying to take advantage of her family or her position as the wife of one of the greatest bankers. She does have a soft spot for chocolate that turns her into seven years old. Very efficient. Very strict with time. In contrast with Switzerland, she is not opposed to spoil herself or her family once in a while expending a bit of more money.

Talents: Shooting, she shoots almost as well as Switzerland and is taking sniper lessons with Finland. She also has a very melodious voice, but not everyone has heard her sing, but those who do, swore she was an angel.


Her Husband, Vash Zwingli
Her Son, 12 years old. William Nicholas Zwingli.
Her Sister-in-law Lilian Zwingli (Lichtenstein)

Friends: Mostly with the Nordics and their wives, she is friendlier with the wives of Neutral countries over the world.

How do they meet and what she likes about him:
They meet by accident, literally. She was skiing in the Alps when a huge storm hit the area and she became trapped under a huge layer of snow. With the skills she knew from the military she managed to spend the night without freezing to death. The next morning she realized she had a broken leg and she began walking aimlessly in the snow. She saw a bit of light when her body was about to give up and managed to drag herself to the source of the light, that ended up being Vash's house (Who else would have a house in the middle of the mountain several km far away from civilization?). She tried to knock but she was too weak and hurt to do so she stumbled. Luckily she accidently activated one of Switzerland alarms and he went out to check it up. With a gun. When he saw her unconscious in his door he brought her inside and tried to warm her up. When she woke up she found Liechtenstein Staring at her.

"So you are the girl big brother rescued?"

She tried to speak but her throat was to hurt
"Don't try to speak; sorry" she apologized "My name is Lily, Lily Zwingli"

She nodded

"So, you got trapped in the storm?"

She nodded again

"You are very lucky!" she smiled "not all humans survive those kinds of weather conditions so easily…"

She covered her mouth as she had reveled something important. Emily tilted her head without comprehend.

"I'll tell big brother you are awake, the storm it's already gone, so we can move you to an hospital"

She nodded, as she covered her nose under a blanket. She began to sleep until she heard more voices, so she kept her ears open.

"So, she is a human?" she heard a male voice ask

"Yes, brother, she is very badly hurt, we need to move her"

"How troublesome" he sighted

"She seems kind" added Lily

"What did I tell you of trusting strangers?" reprimanded the male voice

Suddenly Emily began to cough violently and both siblings turned around.
"I…I…I feel dizzy" she gasped with difficulty

Lily touched her forehead and gasped.
"Brother she has a very high fever!" she said running for a cool towel

"Oh no, no one is going to die under my care!" said the blonde rolling his sleeves

Emily began to feel that her body was giving up.
"Sorry, chief, but this is a mission I'm afraid I can't complete…"

"Lily! Hurry up she is delusional!" said Switzerland opening her jacket so she could cool off

"Mission 18976" she gasped "I was entrusted to keep an eye on a Commander in Chief"

"Stop talking" ordered Switzerland

"I thought it was strange since we weren't at war, but I didn't questioned my orders"

"He was actually pretty serious, an always had a frown in his face" she continued as if she was dictating a diary "I guess you can say he is very strict, and is very young to be in that position…." She laughed a bit "I'm dictating this last entry because today is my last day as a member of the Swizz Army, I was strongly suggested to retire with honors because I discovered something of national security"

"Soldier, stop talking" said Switzerland with his command voice

"I discovered that the Commander in Chief I was ordered to keep an eye on Is actually someone is more important….."

"Here are the towels, big brother" said Lily in a hurried tone

"Who would've guessed I had been put in charge of one of the most important persons in Switzerland?" she continued as her eyes closed "The person, no, he wasn't a person, I…I discovered that the person that I was supposed to be guarding didn't need mine or my team protection…."

"Her pulse rate is rising highly" said Lily urgently


"Soldier, this is an order, you don't have permission to die, not under my watch, do you understand?" said Vash mixing something in a needle and whispering 'I think she has septicemia from that broken leg'

"I was ordered to keep an eye on the one and only Vash Zwingli, better known as Switzerland…" and with that she blacked out

She woke up in a white place.

"Am I dead?" she asked

"Hardly, you are in a hospital" answered a blonde

She turned her head and blinked a couple of times. In front of her were the one and only Vash Zwingli
"S...sir!" she said trying to stand up to do a proper salute

He sighted "At ease soldier" she relaxed immediately. "So, Lieutenant" he began "do you understand what happened to you"

She nodded

"And do you understand that to know too much of a national security matter" she nodded
"Given this there is only one course of action…"

He was interrupted by a happy Lily that barged into the room

"You woke up!" she said happily as he put some flowers by the bed "Big brother, we should invite her to dinner once she is out, don't you think? It would be fun to talk with a human that actually knows"

Switzerland was about to protest, until Emily smiled. "I'll love to"

He sighted in defeat. Eventually thanks to Liechtenstein both of them began dating, until eventually he asked the big question. They have been living happily ever since. (Well except during Emily's pregnancy).
She likes about him that he is too responsible and that he tries his best for act as a loving husband. Despite his natural cheapness.

Her opinion on The Anti-Nation: Fears them greatly, but acts more like she is angry toward them. She still has nightmares regarding the birth of her son.

Emily's child

Name: William Nicholas Zwingli

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Hair: Blonde straight hair in a short military cut.

Overall look : Blue deep eyes. Most of the time when he is with his father dresses in a military uniform, but when his father isn't around he dresses with baggy jeans, and sport T-shirts.

Height/Weight: He has very muscular body, but he is very skinny so it barely shows. He is taller than his father.

Personality: He looks very serious but despite having the perpetual frown inherited from his father, he is actually a philosophizer, believes in peace and hot war. This makes him a sort of hippie. Doesn't believe in guns and never had shot one. Switzerland thinks it's good his son wants peace, but thinks he is perusing it in the wrong way. He is also very easygoing trusting anything and everyone. Believes highly in multiculturalism.
Wishes for peace without weapons. Because his own life was about to end before it even started because of a gun…

(The story)

When William was about to be born, his parents had a great fight, and her mother (8 months pregnant at the time) moved out from Switzerland house. What she didn't know was that she was being followed by a radical group that had discovered the identity of Switzerland and his wife. When she was walking toward the airport to go stay on her best friend house (in Germany) she was kidnapped. Vash, still fuming by their fight, sensed something was wrong when he accidentally broke a framed picture of himself and his wife, so he began to track her down and eventually got a hold of Emily's best friend, who frantically informed him that she never made it to the airport in the first place. Meanwhile Emily was held captive in a cabin deep between the German-Swizz borders. Being questioned again and again about some codes for the Onyx (Real life Switzerland's intelligence gathering network). She was insulted beaten and eventually threatened. When she told them that she wasn't afraid and whatever they did to her was like a mosquito bite (Very Germany-like) they said that she wasn't really that important and that they were after a biggest prize, that was, her son, informing her that many people would pay a very generous quantity of money for the child of a powerful nation as Switzerland.
She became horrorized and began to beg for her unborn child's life and told them that only Vash had those codes and by security reasons he never told them to her. Furious they pointed a gun at her belly and asked again. She became hysterics begging again and again, what she didn't know is that by that times the entire Swiss army was looking her, and not only the Swiss army but also the Italian, Austrian, French and German armies were looking actively for her. When the guy was about to shot a VERY enraged country entered the cabin with one kick.

"Listen you piece of junk, stay away from my wife!" In that moment, the cynical man decided to seal his passport to hell and shot. Directly at Emily's belly. Switzerland watched in horror as somebody else shot dead the man and he dashed for his wife.

"Emily! Emily! For the love of all the holy things open your eyes!" he pleaded as tears began to show in his face. She opened her eyes slowly a scream escaped her lips.

"My baby! Oh my God! Vash save the baby!"

"Where is the damn doctor!?" he yelled as he began to lay her down examining the wound. It had been a clean shot, and his kid had to be extremely lucky to avoid such shot.

"Save him!" she yelled grabbing him by the collar "Listen, Switzerland, you have to save him, now!"

Vash was scared she never ever called him Switzerland.

"Take him out! Now!"

The doctor finally arrived.
"Mr. Zwingli, we can't move her, she is losing a lot of blood, if the child is still alive it needs to get out, now, we need an emergency C-section"

Vash nodded as he held his wife hand "Listen to me Emily, this is going to hurt, a lot, you may feel like dying but you by any means are going to allow that, we are a family and family stays together. Remember that I love you"

She nodded as the doctor began to clean the area; he took a scalpel and made a swift and clean cut. She yelled in pain.

"Why is she still feeling?" asked Vash furiously "Didn't you put her local anesthesia?!" he asked without letting her hand go.

"We did!" replied one of the other doctors "Her adrenaline must be blocking it all!"

"Damn!" he said "Be strong Emily, this is almost over"

Suddenly a bulge of blood came out. The doctors began to shake the small bundle.

"He is not breathing!" said one of the doctors who fanatically cleaned the baby waiting for a response. Tears began to flow in Emily's face, but not because they were stitching her like a doll but because of her tiny baby.

"No" she said in a drowned scream

The face of Switzerland was pure and hard sadness and shock.
The doctors shake their heads sadly "We are sorry, nothing could've been done" They gave the small boy to Vash. Who didn't realized he had begun to cry too. He cradled the baby in his arms taking the small hands between his gloved ones. Emily was watching all this in horror as the drugs began to kick in and submerged her into a terrible slumber. Vash removed his gloves and caressed his son's cheeks. They were cold. Then a huge wave of guilt began to overflow him he held his son closer to him. Both of their foreheads touching.

"I'm sorry little one" he said between sobs "This is all my fault I should…I should've" he closed his eyes while sobbing openly not caring who was watching him, suddenly he felt something. A little hand touched his damped cheek. He opened his eyes in shock and watched a pair of bright blue eyes staring at him with curiosity, as if saying. "I know you".

"You…you are alive!" he said as a big smile appeared in his face "He is alive!" he yelled laughing hysterically. One of the doctors approached his slowly convinced the poor nation was losing his mind due grief, but then a sound no one expected filled the room.
A strong and powerful cry of a new born

Emily found herself submerged in nightmares it was as if her own subconscious was trying to torture her for not being a good mother. She was only feeling pain, not only physical, but mentally.

"This was your entire fault!" Her reelection shouted at her as she sank deeper and deeper into an ocean of guilt and despair. Suddenly she felt a warm hand in her shoulder, a boy, not older than 7 smiled at her.

"It's ok mom, I'm fine now"

She opened her eyes so large it hurt

"Dad is waiting for you, wake up" he said smiling

"I…I couldn't protect you" she sobbed

"I'm ok now" he smiled again "dad is waiting for you" and then he vanished in a white light that led to Emily to open her eyes. All she saw was white.

"Now I'm dead" she whispered as tears fell from her eye.

"Hardly, my love, not in my watch" she turned around to see Vash, dirty, sweaty and bloody.

"V…V…Vash" she said barely containing her sobs

"Shhh, Emily, you need to rest, but before that, someone wants to meet you, he has been writing one whole day to meet you"
Emily opened her eyes when she saw a blue bundle moving in Vash arms.
A wide smile appeared in her lips as tears began to roll, but this time there were happy tears.

William has heard that story hundreds of times, his own both inspired him to search for peace and comprehension between humans and nations without violence and promoting hope.

Talents: Write poetry and ponder in high metaphysics issues. Still he is an expert in wrestling and self-defense, wishes to study to be a paramedic for the Red Cross.

Family: He sometimes crashes too much with his father; they both seek the same thing but have very different ways perusing it. He is her mother biggest treasure, she tries to spoil him a lot and tries to educate him into a fine young men. He loves to be spoiled by his aunt Lily, who is the one who always sneaks chocolates even when he is grounded.

Friends: Unknown for now.

Crush: A platonic love on Francesca (France's daughter) and a no so platonic love on Maria Theresa. (Austria's daughter)

Name: Tatiana Kirkland--Wife of Sealand/Peter

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Hair: long wavy black hair that falls to her hips which she usually keeps in a pony-tail.

Overall look : Warm chocolate brown eyes, dark skinned, a mole under her right eye. She usualy wears a tank top, jeans, sneakers and a hoodie

Height/Weight : average and skinny

Personality: She's very suportive of Sealand and will usually follow any schemes he has but isn't afraid to tell him if he's being an idiot. She's very strait forward and loves the Sea. She is a loving overprotective mother, she just doesn't want her kids falling over board and drowning. She is also said to have the fury of hell itself.

Talents: She is an amazing sailor, she can navigate and people usually listen to her.

Job: She is taking care of the kids on some days and on the others she is either scrubbing decks or feeding Sealands goat.

Family: How many kids do they have. (limit is three) She has 2 six month old twins-one a boy named Nemo and the other one a girl called Ocianna, she also has an older brother she never talks to.

Friends: two of the crewsmen wives -Milinda and April- they take turns watching the kids.

How did they meet and why does she like him?
Sealand and her meat when her brother pushed her to far and she snapped and ran out the house and walking down the streets until she bumped into Sealand and he calmed her down from her raging moment.

She likes him because of his child like heart and soul, but also because he can relate to her with family so she feels he understands her.

Her opinion on the anti nations: She thinks their a bunch of lunitics that have a stupid life goal since nations cant die unless the land dies. Bit is wairy of them since they can hall her and her kids.

Name: Alexander Ruben --Soon to be boyfriend of Liechtenstein/ Lily

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Hair: Brown, in a ponytail

Overall Appearance: Green eyes, fit, slightly bushy brown eyebrows. He wears an army uniform with the shirt unbuttoned usually. Outside of work he wears a dark green tank top with black pants and a black jacket.

Height/Weight: Tall, skinny

Personality: Cocky, and headstrong, but also very caring. Reckless.

Talents: Fighting, playing fotbul, and cooking

Family: His son Jin

Friends: Switzerland, The bad touch trio, Canada, England, and Hungary

How did they meet and such: Alexander bumped into her on his way to meet Switzerland for a fotbul game. She was originally lost, so he helped her find Switzerland.

(There Story.)

Alexander's POV

"Yes Luca, I know what day it is...

I know I'm right forward...

I had to wait for my bike to be fixed...

Yeah, I'm almost to the shop...Bye."

Snapping my cell phone shut, I shoved it in my pocket with an exasperated sigh. I was about to be late for one of my favorite past times: fotbul, the beautiful game. Since we only had one replacement, I couldn't afford to show up too late. Checking to make sure no one was coming in my direction, I started running as fast as I could.

"Can't be late, I need to get there." I muttered, not looking where I was going at all till I crashed into something. Something that yelped apparently. Sitting up and rubbing my head, I looked to see a small girl laying on the ground, a few tears already slipping down her cheeks. She was cute too; big green eyes, short blonde hair...kinda looked familiar actually.

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying attention at all!" I said immediately, standing up before offering a hand to her. She stared at me hesitantly, before taking it. Pulling her to her feet, I started brushing her off, wincing as I noticed a bump on her forehead. She was still crying, which made me feel really uncomfortable. I don't what to do about crying girls!

"Um, come with me for a moment!" I took her hand and pulled her into a nearby cafe. Making sure she was sitting down, I ordered a iced drink before returning to her side. "Here, place this against the bump." She nodded, flinching at the coldness of it. I chuckled quietly, before remembering my current problem.
"I really have to go now-" I started to say, but stopped when I noticed her staring at me with a scared expression. "What's wrong?"

"I can't find my big brother!" She murmured quietly, checking the bump. "C-Could you help me find him?"

"I'm really sorry but...I'm late already." I muttered, rubbing my head sheepishly. "Who is your brother anyway?"

"V-Vash Swingli..." The girl replied. My eyes widened as I stared at her in surprise. My boss's sister? He never told me he had a sister! Especially not a cute one!

"You're Vash's sister?" I repeated, watching as she nodded. "I can help you out then, he's at my fotbul game. Come with me." I extended my hand to her, which she hesitantly took. Leading her out of the cafe, I started jogging in the direction of the auto shop, while she ran to keep up. Getting there within a few minutes, I grinned as I saw my bike in the parking lot.

"This'll make things easier." I murmured, climbing onto the bike. She stared at me, then back at the bike. After a moment she climbed on behind me. I passed her my helmet, which she slipped on immediately.

"Wrap your arms around my waist." I instructed, starting up the bike. Feeling her arms encircle me tightly, I smiled subconsciously. Hitting the gas, we were off. I could feel her shaking slightly as we rode, especially when I sped up.

"You're perfectly safe." I exclaimed loudly. Her grip tightened, informing me of her disbelief. I was about to protest, but the soccer field coming up changed my mind. Stopping in front of the field, I cut the engine, and the girl got down quickly. I smirked, waving her after me as I jogged onto the field. She followed me, and I stopped her when I spotted Vash. He was walking towards me when he saw his sister, a relieved look on his face.

"You know, I never did get your name." I said, suddenly thinking of a great idea.

"Lillian, but you can call me Lily." She replied, staring at me.

Grinning, I took her chin in my hand, before pressing a light kiss to her lips. I could hear Vash yelling at me, but I was focused on the blush that rose to Lily's cheeks.

"I'm Alexander by the way. And you can call me whatever you want." I jogged off towards by team, dodging bullets from Vash's gun as I ran. It was definitely worth it.

He likes her sweet personality and her smile.

His opinion on The Anti-Nation: He is against the Anti-Nation after he's seen what they have tried to do to the nations, and he is an avid patriot now. He thinks they're a menace that isn't taken seriously enough by the other nations. Alexander's parents employed him into the Anti-Nation when he was younger, making him one of their youngest agent. He ran off when he saw what the army did to the humans who were branded as traitors. Now he is working to try and dissolve the Army before they start taking out the nations.

Why did he quit: He went on a mission where he killed a family that the father had been a high ranking general in the Anti Nation. He wasn't expecting anybody to be there except the man, but he was faced with the man's wife and kids. So instead of shooting them, he trapped them inside the house and set in on fire. He then watched to make sure that no one escaped. After he was sure that they couldn't escape, he was about to leave, but then he heard a girl (Noelle) screaming for her parents. It had a really bad effect on him. Instead of killing her as well, he left. That was the first time he had failed a mission.

Name: Alekszander Braginskaya --Husband of Ukraine/ Yekaterina

Age: 23

Gender: male

Hair: Platinum blonde

Overall look (Eyes & include clothes, but you
don't have to be super detailed about it):
Brown eyes, t-shirt jeans

Height/Weight (just say tall or average, and
chubby or skinny): tall, with medium muscle

Personality:Quite happy and usually scares Belarus. Before he met Ukraine he was a one of the top generals of the Anti-Nation Army. Originality he was sent Ukraine to go under cover to get information and to kill Yekaterina and her brother and sister, but in time he developed feelings for Yekaterina and it's because of her sweet nature and kindness that made him want to change. It's been 5 years since he deflected from the Anti-Nations, Now married and a child on the way he worries that the Anti-Nations will find him and hurt his family. So he trains daily to prepare himself for when the day comes to defend his family and his country. Since he didn't know his parents as a child he doesn't have a last name so he took Yekaterina last name.

Talents:An experience military Officer and swordsmen fighter.

Family: Ukraine:wife

Andriy: son ?: soon to be child (Ukraine is 6 months pregnant.)

Russia: brother-in-law


Friends: US, UK, japan, China, Italy, Russia

How did they meet: The meet when he move to the farmland and she like him because he is kind and caring and helped her back feel better and carry the heavier things inside.

There story:

"Agent Alekszander, are you prepared for the infiltration?" The blonde nodded, saluting my superior officer.

"I am ready." The younger man murmured, hefting his suitcase.

"Good. You have one week to complete your mission." He said, scribbling something down on a notepad. "Go ahead." The other man saluted again, before walking out the door. He had to catch a train to Ukraine. There was a certain woman he had to meet.

Alekszander knocked on the door, waiting patiently for it to be opened. A strange sound could be heard, similar to drums being pounded. He frowned, just before it stopped. The door opened slowly, and a woman with short hair peeked out.

"H-Hello?" She murmured, staring at him.

"Hi, my name's Alekszander. I heard you needed a worker?" He said, smiling. A smile broke out on her face, and she waved him in.

"Ah, I see! Nice to meet you Alekszander, please come in!" He walked, and she closed the door behind her. "Follow me to the back!" She started walking, and the strange noise stared up again.

"Excuse, Ms. Braginski?" He asked, and she turned around. A grin appeared before he could catch it, as he realized where the noises came from.

"You may call me Yekaterina! What is it?" She murmured.

"I just wanted to know what kind of work I'll be doing?" He said, watching her curiously.

"Oh, you'll be moving the heavy things around here! It hurts my back!" She laughed, leading him outside. Several crates were stacked near the house, and bundles of hay were in various places. She moved in front of him, not noticing how he slipped a knife out of his pocket. "Anyway-Ah!" A short yelp was heard as she tripped over a bale of hay. Alekszander's weaponless hand instinctively shot out, latching onto her arm and stopping her fall.

"Ah, thank you!" She murmured, standing up straight again. He nodded, a frown on his face. The perfect chance to kill her had just passed. "Now, you can help me move the bales of hay from here into the barn." Yekaterina lifted a bale of hay, muttering to herself as she walked towards the barn. A hand reached down, pulling the bale from her hands.

"I've got this; it's my job after all." Alekszander put it onto the already large stack in his arms. She nodded, brushing the hay off her arms.

"Right...thank you." She murmured, reaching for another one. She stopped as she noticed the man's foot was planted on it.

"Oi, Yekaterina. I'm working here, so why don't you do work that won't hurt your back." Alekszander He continuing to walk into the barn. Yekaterina watched him for a moment, before smiling.

"He's pretty nice actually..." Yekaterina disappeared inside the house with a backwards glance.

Several hours later, he trudged inside, wiping off his sweat with his shirt. He had long since taken it off, since it was pretty hot outside. Yekaterina waved at him cheerfully, passing him a cup of water.

"Thank you for your hard work! Now, would you like some food?" She asked, passing by him. He nodded, starting to walk forward when she tripped again.

Alekszander stuck his arm out, pulling her to himself, ignoring the cup that had dropped to the ground. Yekaterina looked up at him in surprise, raising an eyebrow at the shock evident on his face.

"Alekszander? What's wrong?" She poked him gently.

'Boobs...big boobs...in my arms...' Flew through his head, before he blinked back to reality.

"Nothing...we should eat..." He mumbled, letting go off her. She smiled up at him, pushing him into the kitchen.

"Sit down, I've made perogies!" She said, passing him a plate. She sat down as well, starting to eat. Alekszander watched her for a moment before eating as well.

"This...will be interesting..." He murmured to himself, fingering the tip of the blade hidden under the table.

"Did you say something?" Yekaterina asked, turning to look at him.

"No...thanks for the food by the way." Alekszander said, smiling at her.

"It's nothing, I'm glad you like it!" She replied, smiling.

He nodded, turning back to his food. 'It's fine...I'll have plenty of chances to kill her.'

"So...you are saying that you haven't killed her yet?" The voice on the other end of asked, the menace evident in her voice. Alekszander sighed.

"I'm sorry ma'am. It turned out to be harder than I thought." He murmured.

"So you're out of money?" The woman continued.

"And I have no place to stay either." Alekszander muttered.

"That's not our problem, you had a week. Times up. You are not allowed to come back here till she's dead." The voice hung up, and the young man sighed in defeat. Pocketing the phone, he sighed again. A finger poked his back, making him jerk in surprise. He turned around, staring at Yekaterina in surprise.

"Y-Yekaterina? How long have you been here?" He asked, wondering how he didn't notice her coming up behind him. Seeing the really tight shirt she was wearing, he found his answer.

"I come over when I heard you talking. You don't have a place to stay right?" He nodded, rubbing his head sheepishly.

"Remember that barn in the back...there's space near the top for a hay bed...if you're interested!" Yekaterina smiled brightly.

"I'm fine, I can find another place to stay." He protested, waving his hands.

"I insist! You are my worker, the least I can is allow you to stay here!" Alekszander was about to protest, but paused.

'If I'm here, it'll be much easier to get a chance to take her out.' He smiled down at her, nodding. "I'd appreciate that actually; thanks!"

"Of course! Come with me and I'll show you to your room." Yekaterina started walking away, but Alekszander stopped her.

"You're going to trip again." He said, pointing to pile of bricks in front of her. The woman looked down, before smiling.

"You're right. Thanks Alekszander." She stepped around the pile, continuing to walk. The click of a gun behind her should have concerned her, but she didn't notice.

Alekszander held the gun up behind her, but lowered it after a minute.

"Shooting someone from behind...how low." He murmured, hiding the gun once more before following her into the barn.

(Two weeks later)

"Rainy…perfect for a murder." Alekszander murmured, looking over the scabbard of his sword. He sat behind a large haystack, thinking about the perfect time to strike. This was it. He was ready to do his job, to get rid of the nation currently slumbering in her- His thoughts were jolted as the loud sigh of crying came from beneath him. Peeking down, he stared in surprise as Yekaterina staggered into the barn, soaking wet and crying loudly. She attempted to wipe her eyes, but tears continued pouring out. Alekszander took a deep breath, before slipping out from behind the haystack. He approached her stealthily, unsheathing his sword. The country jerked at the noise, turning around with a surprised expression. Alekszander froze, unintentionally locking eyes with her.

"A-Alekszander?" She murmured, looking between him and the sword. "What's going on?"

"I'm not who you think I am, Yekaterina. Or should I say Ukraine?" He muttered, narrowing his eyes.

Yekaterina stared at him, tears still pouring down her cheeks. "Y-You're Anti-Nation?"

"Yes." He lifted up her chin with the tip of the blade, giving her a cold look. "You nations are the problem with this world, and we're here to get rid of you."

"T-That's a lie! Anything we do is influenced by you humans…" She murmured, swallowing nervously.

"Are you saying this is our fault?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "That we're to blame for everything that happens? The wars, massacres, plagues, everything that has affected this world?"

Yekaterina sighed, reaching up to wipe her eyes. "I never said that…"

"So what are you saying?" He growled.

"What did you think of me when you came here?" She asked quietly. Alekszander blinked in surprise, before running his hand through his hair.

"I thought…you were a good looking woman. If a bit clumsy.." He muttered. "And you? What did you think of me?"

A smile appeared on her face. "I thought you were very handsome. And kind as well."

Alekszander frowned, before scowling darkly. "Were wasting time. It's time to die, nation."

"Then go ahead and kill me." She said softly. Reaching up, she unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her chest. He blushed, watching in surprise as she placed the point at her breast.

"Kill me. Then you may go celebrate. But the toll will be hard on you." She continued, staring at him. "And you will never forget. But please, make it quick. I wish to go see the many others that went on before me."

"Stop talking…" He ground out, keeping the sword at her breast. "You're wasting my time."

Yekaterina nodded, closing her eyes. Alekszander growled before removing the sword. "I can't do it…" he murmured, stepping away. She opened her eyes, watching as he sheathed his sword and dropped it to the ground.

"You…pulling a trick like that." Alekszander chuckled, not noticing how she drew closer to him. "As if anyone would be happy to die…" Yekaterina gripped his arm lightly, looking up at him as he turned to face her.

"I…um…thank you for helping me. I really do appreciate it, even though it was part of your cover." she murmured.

"I'm more harm than help." He muttered, looking at her.

"I don't think so…it's been much easier around here since you came!" Yekaterina smiled brightly. "I would really like for you to stay!"
His eyes widened in surprise, before he flicked her forehead. "Idiot. If I stay, the Anti-Nation will-"

"I'm not afraid of the Anti-Nation. I want you here." Yekaterina said firmly. "Will…you stay here with me?"

"I…will stay, if you'll have me. Yekaterina." He lifted up her chin slightly, pressing a kiss to her lips. She reached up, tangling her hands into his hair. They remained locked in a kiss, till they were forced till they were forced to pull away for air.

"I-I don't want to stop here." Yekaterina murmured, looking up at him through hooded eyes.

"Then will you accompany me to my bed Yekaterina?" Alekszander asked, smiling. She nodded, taking his hand as he walked over to the haystack in the corner. He started removing his clothes, before he helped her with the remainder of hers.

"You never did tell me why you where crying." He murmured, kissing her cheek.

"It doesn't matter." She replied, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I guess not. But you will be crying out again soon enough." He smirked, kissing her again. The rain continued long into the night, masking the sounds coming from the barn. The only ones aware of it were the animals inside, who ignored it in hopes it would go away.

(Days later..)

Morning saw the country of Ukraine already up and moving, a boinging noise following every step. Yekaterina set the table slowly, a slightly worried expression on her face.

"I wonder how he'll react…" She mumbled, sitting down just as Alekszander came downstairs, yawning.

"Morning…" He murmured, planting a kiss on her forehead before sitting down. Yekaterina watched him eat for a few minutes, before clearing her throat.

"A-Alekszander, I have something to tell you." She said quietly, flinching as he turned to look at her. "I-I….I'm….I'm…."

"You're?" He murmured, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm pregnant!" She blurted out, watching as his eyes widened.

"Pregnant? I thought you have to be like three months along before you can tell!" Aleksander said, giving her a confused look.

"I'm a nation….as soon as it appeared, I would know." Yekaterina mumbled, looking down as a few tears trickled down her cheeks.

"Oh…that would explain it…A baby…" Alekszander nodded his head, before smiling brightly. "I can't believe it. I'm going to be a dad."
Yekaterina looked up in surprise. "Y-You're not angry? You don't want to get rid of it?"

"No, why would I be? I'm glad it's you. I can't see any other person who would be a better mother for my child." He replied softly, reaching over to wipe away her tears. She smiled, before getting up to put away the food. Glancing outside, she froze in shock as she saw Russia and Vilga exiting a car.

"Um, Alekszander?" Alekszander looked up at her, getting up as he noticed her expression.

"What's wrong?" he asked, following her to the door.

"M-My brother is here…" she mumbled, walking outside. Alekszander felt for the sword at his side, breathing a sigh of relief as he walked outside to meet Russia. The grey haired nation glared at him as he walked out, his pipe clenched tightly in his hand.

"Alekszander…how dare you come here and try to kill my sister." Ivan hissed, approaching him with a glare.

"Brother, it's not what you-" The nation put out a hand for silence.

"I know exactly what happened, Yekaterina. And I completely disappointed in you." He turned the glare on her momentarily, before turning back to Alekszander.

"I am not here to kill her." Alekszander murmured, backing up slightly.

"No, but I'm here to kill you." Ivan growled, before attacking. Alekszander pulled out his sword in just enough time to block the pipe, dodging the next few attacks barely. Yekaterina watched with a nervous expression, before turning to Vilga.

"Vilga, please make him stop!" She begged.

"Even I can't stop him now." Vilga murmured, pointing at Russia. "He's smiling." Yekaterina looked over to see a sadistic grin spread across Russia's face as he attacked. Alekszander was constantly being forced back, unable to attack for fear of being hit by the pipe. Ivan kicked him, sending him staggering back. He barely had a chance to recover before the pipe flew at him, throwing up an arm to protect his face. Alekszander flinched as he felt the bone crack under the force of the hit, hissing in pain as Ivan grabbed his arm, pulling him closer to him. Ivan continued hitting him, ignoring Yekaterina's cries for him to stop. Vilga struggled to hold her back, frowning as she saw tears flowing down her cheeks.

"Ivan, please stop! You're killing him!" She cried, trying to get over to him.

"You're going to get hurt if you go over there!" Vilga said over her cries.

"But he's getting killed! Alekszander!" Yekaterina froze as she noticed that he was barely able to block Ivan's hits. Ivan glared at him, ceasing his punches for a moment.

"This is your end." He growled, before swinging down. Alekszander threw up his hand, catching the Russian's wrist. Ivan gave him a slightly surprised look as he opened his mouth to speak.

"The baby…if you are going to…kill me…let the baby… live." He managed to get out, before releasing his wrist. Alekszander closed his eyes, waiting for Ivan to finish him. The Russian narrowed his eyes, glancing at Yekaterina before climbing off of him. Alekszander opened his eyes to stare at him. Ivan grabbed his good arm and hauled him up, chuckling darkly as he winced.

"I do not want my niece or nephew to despise me for killing their father." He muttered, before walking over to Yekaterina. He frowned down at her, before sighing.

"I did not realize you were pregnant." Ivan ran his hands through his hair, exchanging a look with his wife.

"I didn't get a chance to tell you." She mumbled, wiping her eyes. "Though I did try…."

"I will be leaving now, but I will be checking on you." He walked past her, taking Vilga's hand as he passed. "Goodbye Yekaterina."

"Goodbye Ivan." Yekaterina watched as they climbed into the car and drove off, before rushing to Alekszander's side. He slumped against her, sighing.

"That was…ouch." He muttered, letting her help him inside. She positioned him not he couch, sitting beside him quietly.

"I'm sorry….my brother is-" He nodded, cracking a smile.

"He was looking out for your well being. I'd probably do the same thing." Alekszander murmured, closing his eyes. "I'm just happy that….the baby will be safe."

"I need to call a doctor for you…" Yekaterina started to get up, but stopped as his hand grabbed hers.

"I'm fine for now…just stay here for now." She sighed, sitting down beside him again. He moved till his head was on her lap, before she could hear a light snoring.

"You're really troublesome you know that? And too reckless..." She murmured, fingering his hair gently as he slept. "But that's fine. I love everything about you…everything."

Name: Ming Li --Wife of China

Age: 39

Gender: Female

Overall Look: Blue eyes, Black Waist length hair. Very petite, she is shorter than China.

Tee shirt and jeans, she dresses in very sport-like outfits like if she is always training, even if she gained immortality, she still continues training her body. She is a somehow contrast to China's girly looking.
She does dresses in fine silks and elaborated hair garments when the situation is required.

Personality: Bright and bubbly, and is good at comforting people, tomboyish. For being the 'oldest' among the countries wives the others frequently come to her for advise and comfort. She gives great ancient advice (even if she had to invent them on the moment to adapt to the situation.) She is also very motherly and adores kids. She is Chinese, moved to Japan to study college.

Talents: Flexible, Gymnast. May or may not have represented China in the Olympics some time ago.
Family: 4 Kid, The 19 year old is possibly from China's first wife

Friends : Allied Forces, Liechtenstein, Japan, Italy

They met in a meeting, and Japan dragged her along, saying it would be fun. She was Japan's pen pall for several years, and eventually became best friends. On the day they were supposed to meet, Japan had an emergency (or so did America said) wildlife conservation meeting and begged her to accompany him so they wouldn't lost their day together. He assured that it was a normal meeting among some 'government representatives'. But normal wasn't an appropriated word to describe it. It was yelling insults tears, laughing and pandemonium, while Japan was distracted she went out of the meeting room and began to wonder in the building eventually seeing a figure in the corner with an obviously depressed aura. He looked Chinese, so she tried to be polite.

"Ni…ni…ni hao" she said to the depressed man

The man looked at her wit curiosity

"Nǐ hǎo, nǐ shì shuí? Nǐ bù xǐhuan kàn biérén..." he bagan speaking , and she didn't undertood a word other than 'ni hao'

"Duìbùqǐ, wǒ bù huì shuō zhōngguó huà, wǒ zhǐ zhīdào shuō'nǐ hǎo'" she responded in a mechanical prase, other than 'ni hao' she only knew that phrase to inform the other Chinese speakers that she didn't understood the language.

The man just shook his head. "English?" he tried

She nodded

"Why does everyone speak English and not Chinese, we are a sixth of the human population and jet we need to follow that little brat…" he said mumbling between his teeth

"I'm sorry?" she said

"Nothing aru" he responded

"Why are you here all alone?" she asked.

He looked at her "Those idiots inside never agree to anything, but I was hoping this time they would listen, since this meeting is mostly about the pandas…."

"Pandas are cute" she said

China's eyes got bright "They area they are and they are in great danger, did you know that? That's why these idiot countries should try to keep them safe, I swear that that America alone will drive us to an environmental doom, I don't need to follow all the rules because I' a growing power and…" he continued rumbling about pandas, environments, and how America owed him money.

"I'm sorry sir, but why are you referring to America as a person?" she asked hoping she hadn't lost anything in his thick accent.

China's eyes grew alarmed in one second
"Who are you?" he finally asked

"I'm Ming Li; I came here to accompany Honda-san to this meeting…"

"Are you…are you a human?!" he asked now very, very alarmed.

"Aren't we all?" she laughed "You are funny, would you like to go and drink some tea? These guys are still yelling inside…"
China nodded

"Oh but first I need to get my purse" she said as she entered the noisy room inside, just in time to hear the blonde guy with glasses proclaim

"And I'm the United States of America, the Hero! So we should do what I say!"

"Well I'm England and I don't need to follow you or your horde of peasants!"

"Well than I'm the Federal Republic of Germany and I say that you all need to shut up!" said Germany with a powerful voice leaving the whole room in silence until a tiny voice was heard.

"You are countries?"

Realization hit everyone as a bucket of cold water, and then the girl passed out.
"We might have a problem- aru" said China watching Japan as a scolding

"I can take care of her!" volunteered America's wife

"NO" exclaimed China and Japan at the same time.

Germany sighted.

"China, Japan. Take care of this; the meeting is in a recess"

After that when she woke up Japan tried to explain her everything, making her promise not to tell anyone. She promised she won't as long as she could still had her tea from the panda guy.

"That'll be China" he said

"Okay, I hope he still want's too"
Eventually they began going out, and eventually got married.

She likes him because he's kind, sweet, and funny. Plus, both of them adore pandas.

Her opinion on The Anti-Nation: She thinks of them as foolish, how would they try to take a country older than 4000 years? She is wary of them, specially regarding her stepson's connections. Tries not to think much of it, but she is prepared in case of an eventuality.

China's son

Xiasheng Jinguo Wang: (little birth/martial art's master, building the country, China's last name) AKA 'Jin'

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Brown eyes and brown hair as china, but he wears his hair short. Have a kind of tanned skin and a neutral face resembling Hong Kong. Dresses mostly the same as china and with his serious look China manages to look like a younger brother, rather than a father.

Height/Weight: Skinny, and tall, almost three inches taller than his father, why or how is still a mystery.

Personality: Very serious, tries to 'work in the shadows' for his dad. You can say he is the second in command in China. However like his father has a weakness for pandas. Gets very aggressive when his mother is brought up in a conversation.

Talents: Kung Fu master, despite his young age and one of the best ping pong players in the world.

Family: Thinks that his father is way too old and stubborn; and that he should open to more ideas. Not exactly to become a full capitalist, but to find an economic equilibrium that doesn't lead to their destructions.

His mother is a very, very painful topic he doesn't like to talk about. She was an undercover agent of the Anti-Nation group and when he was 10 she was given the order to kill her son. She agreed and almost completely succeeded injecting him a lethal dose of morphine while he was asleep. China, who had a strange feeling at the time went to check his son and caught her red-handed. She tried to deny any shady behavior, but being 4000 years old, China didn't buy it. They had a very intense fight involving swords, during the fight Jin –who was drugged by the drug— received a scar on his right arm. She managed to escape in the darkness, but China give her an ultimatum. If he ever saw her again he would kill her without any hesitation. She eventually ran into a group of bandits, she tried to join, but being known as China's wife didn't helped her case and she had to use her body to convince the group. She began working with them and eventually became the leader. Thus, forming the Tiger's Clan.

Friends: Basically the world, using his dad commercial route he travels all over the world. He has tried to soothe relationships with Taiwan, Japan and England agreeing to small compromises at his father's back.

STORY: Xiasheng age 14

"Xiasheng? Where are you going? Yao asked, noticing his son slipping on his shoes and heading for the door.

"I'm just going for a walk baba." Xiasheng said, waving goodbye to his father as he closed the door. The teen walked outside, breathing in the fresh air. He started walking along the path behind his house.

"It's pretty nice day outside…Baba will be happy to see that his dragon lilies are thriving." He murmured to himself, bending down to examine the flowers. He stood to continue walking, but stopped as a piercing cry split the air.

"What was that?" Xiasheng wondered, frowning. "It didn't sound human, but…" It sounded again, slightly farther away.

He jogged in the direction of the sound, flinching as he heard it again. Rounding the corner, he froze, staring at the scene before him. Several pandas were lying about the ground, their bodies torn up as their blood stained the ground. Xiasheng approached slowly, before another cry took his attention. Running now, he rushed to find the source of the cries.

'What is this? Who would kill pandas?' He wondered, stopping as he heard a low growl.

In front of him, six tigers were clawing and biting at the dead pandas' cubs. Xiasheng unsheathed his sword, stabbing the closest tiger, killing it instantly. The others immediately started circling him, and he angrily started slashing at them. One slashed him across the chest as he turned to block an attack. Xiasheng stumbled back, before impaling it. Another jumped on his back, biting down on his shoulder. He yelped, falling over. It stood up, about to attack again when he pulled out a knife, stabbing up as it jumped at him.The two remaining tigers ran off, leaving him alone with the remains of the panda cubs. He pressed his hand to his chest, staring blankly at the blood there.

"Why? Tigers don't usually act this way." He murmured, a few tears trailing down his cheeks.

"What does it mean?"

"It represents the end of the Panda Clan." Came a voice behind him, the smirk evident in their voice. Xiasheng stiffened, turning slowly. Near the edge of the clearing, a woman stood there, a smile on her face.

"Li…Lihua…" He murmured, narrowing his eyes as she drew closer.

"You're supposed to call me mother, haven't I taught you that?" She asked, watching as he flinched.

"You're not my mother. Not after what you did." She shrugged, stopping in front of him.

"It doesn't matter. I've come to finish the job." Planting a foot, on his chest, she shoved him over, positioning herself above him. She pulled out a knife, going to slit his throat. He pulled up his knife in just enough time to block it, wincing as his shoulder dug into the ground.

"You're barely able to block this, hmm? Pathetic." She pulled out another knife, about to stab him him before a short cry was heard. A white and black blur slammed into her, knocking her off of him. She rolled to her feet, staring in surprise as she saw a panda hissing at her.

"Lihua." She looked up, frowning.

"If this is a sign of the end of the Panda Clan, it also means that one will rise up to defeat you." He grabbed the panda cub, running away as fast as he could. Lihua followed him at a slightly slower pace, not worried about him escaping. Xiasheng stumbled several times, almost dropping the cub. Lihua smirked, tossing a small dart at him. It stuck in his back, and he reached behind to pull it out. He grimaced as he saw the remain of a drug drip out.

"Dad! DAD!!" He yelled, trying to make himself heard as he got around to the front of the house. Xiasheng finally dropped to the ground, falling on his back. The panda crawled off of him, nosing him to try and get him up. He looked up through dazed eyes, watching as the woman walked to stand above him.

"Well, it's been fun. Goodby Xiasheng." Lihua chuckled, before a frown came over her face. She jumped back, dodging a slash from Yao's sword.

"I believe I told you what would happen if you ever showed your face in my country again." He hissed, showing his rarely seen dark side. He continued attacking, the two about evenly matched in strength.

"It's nice to see you as well." She said, blocking a strike. "But this is no longer fun. Goodbye Yao." Smirking, she backflipped, landing several feet away. Waving, she disappeared before their eyes. Yao glared for a few more minutes, before running over to his son's side.

"Xiasheng! Xiasheng can you hear me?" He asked, lifting him up and carrying him into the house. The panda followed him, watching as Yao laid Xiasheng down and proceeded to start treating his wounds.

"Damn her…I told her what would happen if I saw her…" He murmured to himself, pushing his son's hair out of his face. "Xiasheng, what happened?"

The teen stared blankly at the ceiling, barely noticing the wet nose touching his hand.

"Pandas…panda clan…" he murmured, closing his eyes. His father blinked, looking down at the bear in his house.

"Pandas…I will go make some tea for you. Please rest." He got up, walking away. Xiasheng nodded, not opening his eyes as he drifted asleep.

Name: Vilga Valeriya Braginski (Maiden Name: Solaris)--Wife of Russia

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Hair: Short Brown buzzed cut hair

Overall look :Dark brown eyes, but turn red when she goes crazy. She has a very well build body. Her body is almost the size of a female body builder, but she is still slim.

Height/Weight : The same height as Ivan, weights about 168lbs, most of her weight is in muscle.

Personality: She is a very strict woman, raised to be like her brothers. She enlisted in the Russian Army when she was 13 while working for the Anti Nation as well. In one year she rose above the ranks and eventually became a lieutenant. Now she rules her unit with an Iron fist. Her goal is to raise her children to be strong and powerful.

Talents: Experience in fighting Has the ability to control fire

Friends: Allies (Mutual)

Rival: Anneliese Eisenberg

How did they meet and why does she like him?
Their meeting was very complicated. She joined the Army under the name 'Alexandra Petrova' and trained with the other soldiers without being identified as a spy. She became very efficient and was accended to Liutenat in one year. Just after her riese, she was summoned into Ivan's office.
"I've been reviewing your progress, Liutenant" he said viewing a folder "Quite impressive despite being only 14…"
"Thank you sir" she said a bit nervous, she wasn't supposed to meet Ivan until she was older and could actually take him.
"Tell ma abot your family Liutenant" he said smiling
"My…my family sir?" she had to admit she wn't expecting that question


She had a flashback of her family. Her two brothers and she fishing in a lake in the few times they weren't training by her strict mother. Her harsh training in the Siberina tundra, despite being only a tyke, all to comply the objective of being usefull to the Anti-Nations. She had been created for that purpose, and her mother reminded her dialy about it. 'You came from a very strong bloodline, whose only objective is to destroy those damn nations, never forget you were born for that purpose'.

"I have two brothers, sir, my mother and father are already dead…"

"I see" he said still with a smil. Ivan got up from his chair and looked at the window, it was snowing. "I have siblings too" he said putting his hand against the glass. "But I'm sure you already know that Vilga Valeiya Solaris" he said clenching his hand all of sudden.
She was stunned, he had used her real name

"Sir, I think you confuse me with someone…"

"Nyet, Solaris" he turned around the smile gone "I know exactly who you are…Solaris, means 'sun' in Latin, I'm right? Solaris, the cursed bloodline that came to Moscow when Constantinople fell, people tend to forget that Moscow is the Third Rome…"
She gulped hard, her cover had been blow, how, she didn't knew, but she needed to get out of there before she ended up dead.

"Do you know what happens to the ones who try to destroy Russia in Russia?" he asked as a purple aura surrounded him. She nodded nervously.

"Da, they are executed….if they are lucky…" he said with a smile on his face that only made him more terrifying.

Then in a sudden movement he grabbed her by the neck, lifting her from the ground.

"So this is what the Anti-Nations came to, using children for their stupid plans, pathetic." She tried to move his hands off her neck but he was too strong. She wasn't ready!

"Now you are going to answer all my questions, Solaris, and maybe I'll let you live, da?"
She was still struggling and began to feel hot, like her body was on flames. And with one movement from her hand a candle nearby started to bur Ivan's scarf.

He released her as he tried to extinguish the flame of his precious garment. 'Kol's' began to come out of the nation's mouth.
"That wasn't really smart" he said removing his coat. "But It has been a while since someone had tried to enrage me" he cracked his knuckles. "And also looks like my investigations are correct, you do carry the cursed blood, the flame controlling blood…"
She narrowed her eyes, positioning herself in a battle stand. But then became really surprised when he began to laugh, hard.

"Looks like the little mouse doesn't understand her situation, you can be as 'strong' as you think you are you can even have a 'special' blood, but you can never ever defeat me, I'm Russia, I'm a country, that's something your stupid organization can't understand…"
He putted unbuttoned his shirt and showed her his chest filled with an enormous quantity of scars. "Even if you tried, your attempt would only be another scar in my collection" he said as he buttoned his shirt and putted on his coat.

"You can stay, little mouse, you can continue with your unit, because at the end there is nothing you can do…."

And she stayed, and tried numerous murder attempts but none of them ever worked, whether she was alone or gained accomplices. Over the course of the years she began to fall for Ivan, not realizing she had 'bonded' with him. After a huge battle in one of the multiple wars over the years, Ivan really looked like he was about to die. They were alone, and she had the chance, but she couldn't do it, she had fallen for him an without realizing it he had fallen for her. She left the organization a week after the war incident.

She likes that he doesn't treats her like if she is made of paper an actually listens on what she has to say.

Her opinion on The Anti-Nation: She has them resentment, because of them she couldn't have a childhood. She did gain her brothers, but still. She knows their reach power, so she tries to be wary all the time specially when her daughter is around. Suspect that they had something to do regarding her son's sudden change.

Vilga's chlidren

Name: Ambrosii Ivan II Braginski


Gender: Male

Hair: Bald (His hair color is actually the same as Russia)

Overall look :
In battle mode: A very muscled teen, has big biceps big legs and has all the face of a bodyguard. Purple eyes and an angry face all the time. Tight black pants and a navy blue short sleeved shirt (Jackets in Russia are for wimps apparently), and anti bullet vest all the time, has leather gloves and military boots. His legs and firearms are filled with knives and other weapons. Usually wears a black beanie hat to cover his head. Uses body paint in his cheek and the fact that you see it like this means you are either in trouble or dead.

Human mode: He is a very thin man with a face of an angel, rarely does he show his human form, only his little sister has seen his true form. Dresses with a black military pant, uses black converses and a black t-shirt with some details in yellow. Uses a long coat similar to Russia's but without the medal or the details is different colors. Uses a 'Russian hat' that cover for his lack of hair an covers his ears.

Height/Weight: 7"4 looks very impressive due his muscles.

Personality: More like his mother, secretly he works for the Anti-Nation, using him as their lap dog to replace his mother. (Reasons remain unknown) His parents don't know that even if the Russian army is trained to follow him he always manages to sneak out. When he was 13, just before his sister was born was a very sweet kid, he was loved and was his parents treasure (Lithuania almost got a heart attack when he was little and Ivan presented him , because he was an exact copy of the Chibi Russia once that once asked him to be friends when he was strong) He got along with other nations' kids and even had a crush on Victoria. But when his sister was born a certain incident happened that turned him into a bitter lap dog of the Anti-Nations

Talents: Has the power to control fire.Plus one of the best spies in the world.

Despite not showing it, he loves her mother and sister to death, seriously he wouldn't think twice to take a bullet for either of them. Now, he practically ignores his mother except during training. He remains close to his sister and teaches all he knows for survival and emergency escapes.
His father is a completely different issue. He was a papa's boy and did everything with Russia; they went hunting they played hokey and even terrorized some other countries for fun (AKA the Baltics). After his sister was born he cut all the relationships with his father and refuses to look him in the eye or even to be in the same room as him. His father did resent this change and his heart almost fell out, but eventually took a cold attitude toward his only son. He suspects something is off.

Name: Zoya Anastasya Braginski

Age: 4

Gender: Female

Hair: Long grey hair like her father, usually uses a big bow in the top of her head in an attempt to look like her aunt Belarus.

Overall look : Under normal circumstances she looks like an angel, with her big blue eyes and an adorable small, always dressed in winter clothing. Mittens and hat included. If she is upset she start chanting her father's 'Kol's'

Height/Weight: Very short and skinny.

Personality: More like his father. She can be completely charming in one minute and be terrifying in the other; still she trends to exaggerate, because her brother told her that if she acts a bit crazy people will leave her alone more for the fame of her father than her attitude. She wishes she could be more adorable or that people didn't ran far from her just for being Russia's daughter. She resents Celia (Romano's daughter) because she can act rude and awful and people still consider her adorable, while her has to act polite just to get a neutral attitude.

Talents: She plays piano very well and considers Igor Stravinsky one of her idols. She also has a glare that can make people say everything they know.

Family: Loves her brother and always believes what he says. She tries to be close to her mother but always feel that her mother is worried or sad, so she tries to keep her distance despite longing her mother's affection. She is very loyal to her brother, what he says is law, period. Her father is always very protective of her but she can't understand why.

Rival: Simotte Vargas (Italy's daughter)


Zoya looked up in surprise, hearing footsteps approaching. She stared at the newcomer, a boy not much older than her she guessed. Standing up, she brushed the snow off her knees, smiling brightly.

"Privet. I'm Zoya." She said, as the boy stopped in front of her. "What's your name?"

Jin frowned at the question, unsure whether to answer. "Privet. I'm…Alexander." he replied.

"It's pleasant to meet you Alexander." Zoya looked around to see if anyone else was around, before looking back at him. "Want to play with me?"

"Not in particular. I have something to do." Jin murmured, narrowing his eyes. 'I should't need to use a knife on her…at least this should be easy.'

"But you will enjoy yourself! Come on!" Zoya ducked instinctively as Jin kicked for her head, moving to the side.

"What are you doing?" She asked, dodging a punch. Jin stared in shock, launching another kick. Zoya moved, letting his foot pass in front of her face.

'How is she able to dodge me?' He thought, continuing to attack as she avoided his hits gracefully, almost as if she was dancing. 'Though I am a bit slower in the snow while she…is in her element.;

"This is really fun!" She exclaimed, giggling softly.

Jin blushed darkly, before growling under his breath. "This isn't a game!" he snapped, lunging for her.

Zoya waited till he was within arms' reach, before her hand shot out, palm outstretched. It connected with his chest, forcing him backwards. He flew backwards, slamming into a tree.

"Ouch…" he hissed under his breath, taking a pain filled breath. 'I forgot that she has her father's damned strength…I think I lost a few ribs.' Jin attempted to get up, but stopped as pain racked his body. He looked up to see Zoya approaching, and flinched slightly as she stopped in front of him.

'I guess this is the end for me.' He shut his eyes tightly, not knowing what to expect. The Russian girl bent down in front of him, pressing her lips to his forehead. His eyes flew open, staring at her in apparent surprise.

"Thank you for playing with me Alexander! I had a lot of fun." She smiled at him, before running off.

Jin watched as she walked off, disappearing past the trees. He huffed, trying to erase his blush. Taking in another deep breath, he forced himself up, groaning as he started jogging.
'Besides the pain…that wasn't too bad.' he thought to himself, trying to locate the path he had taken.'I wonder if I'll see her again. Though for her sake, that's probably not a good thing.' He saw Stephan in the distance, and rushed towards him.

"Hey bro, I checked out my end. Not much to speak of. You?" The older boy asked, looking down at him.

"It was too heavily guarded this time." Jin replied, holding his side and sneezing. "Without the map, we don't have the list of blind spots. Maybe next time."

"Oh. Sorry about that." Stephan chuckled, before frowning as he noticed his brother's pained expression. "Jin, are you okay?" He bent down beside him, touching his side. He frowned as he noticed the wince.

"I fell from a tree." He muttered in answer to his unspoken question. His brother gave him a disbelieving look, before sighing. He grabbed him before he could protest, lifting him onto his shoulders.

"You stay up there. We're going back to the plane." Stephan murmured, before taking off. Jin held onto his head, looking back in the direction of Russia's house.

"Okay then." Jin murmured, before sneezing.

"And we can get Adela to make some hot chocolate! How's that sound?" The teen asked cheerfully, still running. The five-year old sighed, smiling softly.

"Sounds good Stephan." He murmured, resting his chin on his brother's head. "Really good."

Ivan looked up as a knocking sound was heard at the door. Getting up, he opened it, stepping back as his daughter traipsed in.

"Enjoy yourself?" He asked, bending down to help he remove her extra clothes.

She nodded, smiling. "Yes! I met a really nice boy!"

Ivan frowned slightly, brushing snow out of her hair. "A boy?" He glanced outside, before looking back at her. "What was his name?"

"Alexander! He was really nice, and he played with me!" She exclaimed, slipping off her boots.

"Is he still there?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I don't think so…Papa, will I meet him again?" She stared at him, waiting for an answer.

"I'm sure you will Zoya. Now, I have some hot chocolate waiting in the kitchen, would you like some?" Zoya nodded, taking her father's hand as he walked into the kitchen.

Name: Maxim Nikita Michalevich--Husband of Belarus/Natalia

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Hair: A military cut with a little curl in the front.

Overall look: Dressed in a military uniform in his daily basis and very flattering tuxedo when necessary. Has a beautiful smile that can melt any woman nation or non nation. He is always smiling, very flexible and lean, but has very strong muscles. Always wears a glove in his left hand because of a scar.

Height/Weight : He is tall, but not taller than Russia. He measures 1.77m (same as America) , has a flexible figure and a smile that can conquer any woman in the world regardless the age, marital status or nation/non nation status. (Thus making him antagonist with other nations or husbands of nations)

He usually acts like a complete and desperate romantic, trending to every little wish of Belarus. Their relationship could be described as Slap-Kiss-Slap, he is the masoquist while Belarus is the sadist (not that either of them minds). He is however one of the persons that can make Belarus tries to socialize with others and he has the faculty of making her smile in a not threatening way. Plus he is one of the few people that understand that all Natalya is actually a very lonely nation. DO NOT BADMOUTH BELARUS IN HIS PRESENCE OR YOU ARE DEAD (Just ask America for the time he called Belarus psycho in front of him)

Talents: Plays the flute, too much for Belarus annoyance (She likes it but doesn't admit it) likes to go skiing AND a perfect knife dodger. (More a survival tactic than a talent, but…)

Job: Belarus personal assistant (almost slave)

Family: Has a brother and a sister, who ironically are also in a relationship with other nations. He doesn't remember his real parents, so his siblings and Belarus is all he has.

Well, he doesn't have that many fiends per se…tries to bond with the other nations. One of his few friends is Lithuania and France (as long as he doesn't bring France's wife and/or daughter to the conversation).

How did they meet and why does she like him?
Maxim was assigned the missions to accompany another agent of the Anti-Nations to take Belarus down. The other agent tried subtle approaches to her but she rejected him humongusly. One day while he was strolling around an office building he heard someone crying and saw her watching old pictures, after dodging a dozen of knives he eventually approached her and gave her some encouraging words. They began to see each other in the government office until Maxim's partner had enough and cornered Natalya with a gun having Maxim as a backup, she was afraid, but didn't show it. And when he aimed to the head Maxim shot him on the leg. They were both arrested and sentenced to death, but Belarus moved some influences and kept him as his assistant (slave?). Despite his airhead personality they love each other deeply.
She likes about him that he doesn't consider her nuts and that actually cares for her.

(There story)

Belarus identity was well hidden and only Alexi (Maxim's partner) knew. When Maxim found Natalia Crying he didn't know who she was and just saw a damsel (armed with knives) in distress. While she was very renuent to even look at him he began talking to her about his siblings, that despite they weren't related that they were very important to him. He said he considered his sister a bit weak and his other brother too rough so he said that he was the good brother of that family. Natalya listened and listened and listened, surprised that the man hadn't shut up, but in the other hand she didn't want him to stop because listening to 'trivial' human matters did distract her form the fact she was rejected by Russia (again).

Eventually she put a knife in his throat and told him to shut up. He complied, but told her to come the next day if she needed distraction. She found herself going since those years were very stress full, he talked and talked and talked and ability she hadn't found so amusing in humans until now. She rarely spoke, except for shutting him up, but she found herself growing a sentiment towards the handsome human. (Not that she'll ever tell him). One day while they were talking he told her that that would be the last time they'll see, because after that night he'll be leaving the country. She was saddened but didn't say anything except a quiet "Thank you for the distraction"

That same evening while she was thinking in the obnoxious human she felt someone pushing her into a vacant room. She stumbled a little but quickly threw knives, that missed by mere millimeters. And she was there face to face to another human that had tried to talk to her in the past month. Behind him it was a figure she couldn't identify.

The first man began a speech of how the nations were the root of all evil and bla bla, and then a thunder illuminated the room allowing her to see the other man. To her surprise it was Maxim, who was as surprised as her.

"Alexi, I think you got it wrong, this is Natalya, not Belarus..."

"Silence Maxim" he said "This 'thing' is Belarus no doubt of that, didn't you see the knives?!"

"I thought of them as amusing, not as an indicator..." he said thinking out loud

"Shut it!" he said furiously, "you are only here as a backup!" he glanced again to Belarus "Any last words, you bitch?"

"Nyet" she responded harshly, she had been wounded before, but never at such short distance nor one vs. two.

"Da pabačennia, Arloskaya" said Alexi, but just when he was about to pull the trigger, another boom was heard an it came from Maxim's weapon.
Suddenly half of the army entered the room and seized both men. They were scheduled to execution after some harsh interrogation (torture). The night before, she want down the prison to see the curious human before dying and found a skeleton with skin and black hair, he was playing an improvised flute with his right hand. Strangely he was smiling.

"So what did a low life such as I do to receive the honor of being visited by the most important person in the county?" he asked covering his left hand.

"You are going to die" she said bluntly

"Yes, I know..."

"Then, why are you smiling?!" she asked enraged "You've been tortured humiliated and scheduled to die, and yet you smile as if you were embracing the death, why?!"

He chuckled "You have lost important people, don't you?" he said more as an affirmation than a question. "If you were to die, wouldn't you be happy to be reunited with Kievan Rus?"
She bit her lip, hard.

"You see Natalya, or is it Belarus now? If I live I'll live my life at my fullest, and if I die, I'll be reunited with my lost ones, isn't a win win situation?' he asked smiling in a nostalgic way.

"You are irritating" she said

"Since I'm going to die anyhow" he said "How about if you talk this time?"

She remained quiet

"So then I will ask" he said scratching his chin "According to the reports you love your brother dearly, why is that? Don't tell me is complicated, since you are basically talking to a corpse..."

"I love my brother" she responded in automatic

"Yeah, I know, but you love him because you don't want to lose him or are just that you really love him?"
She remained silent for some minutes "I don't want to lose brother, nor sister"

"I see" he said

They remained in silence until he spoke again "Well then Ms. Belarus I'll sleep now, I have an execution tomorrow, and I want to look fresh" he said grabbing some rags that were in his cell.He turned around and began snoring in the cold ground.

Belarus went to her room and thought all night about the human; he was interesting never the less his personality produced her warmth in her chest.
The day of the execution one by one each prisoners was read their sentence before begin decapitated by a huge ax. When Maxim's turn was next the guard stopped him.

"Hold it pretty boy, they required you upstairs"

He was puzzled, but followed another guard that instructs her into the chambers of the nation.

"Ms. Natalya, the rat you ordered" said the guard pushing the chain bounded man to the ground.

"You may leave" she said and the guard left. He looked at her curiously "I'm not known for my kindness, human, however I find you interesting enough to be kept alive…"

He tilted his head without comprehending.

"If you swear me loyalty for the rest of your days, not to Belarus, but to Natalya your life will be spared but you'll be condemned to serve me every day for the rest of your life. Do you Maxim Nikita Michalevich accept this burden, and this life line or you'll choose death?"

He watched her intently. She wasn't joking, she seriously wanted him around. No one beside his siblings had wanted him around other than a backup or a tool…

"I hereby swear my entire loyalty to the master Natalya, for me and my descendants to carry this privilege until the stars from heaven run cold…

She nodded and snapped her fingers making a servant to appear.

"Yes Ms. Natalya?"

"Give this man a bath, he is filthy and skinny, when he is decent he shall take the responsibilities as my assistant. Understood?"

"Yes ma'am!"

His opinon on The Anti-Nation: Fears them (but doesn't show it) He knows firsthand what are they able to do and at what cost. He being an ex-member of them, knows that always they aim from the back. Considers them cowards.

Belarus's children :

Name: Artem Nikovich Arlovskaya

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Hair: Dark Black hair, same as his dad but longer and curlier.

Overall appearance: Lean muscled, taller then his dad, big blue eyes just like his mother and a not so friendly face. He wears also a military uniform as he is an active member of the regular army.

Personality: He may be a carbon copy of his dad but has the attitude and yandere personality of Belarus, he just as his mother is an expert throwing knives but his personal favorite is to throw axes. (Admires Spain for his ability to use the humongous axe with ease).

He is yandere toward one person, and that is his sister, he believes that no man on earth is even worthy of being in the presence of his beautiful little sister. And will try to eliminate you if you try to get too close to his sister. (AKA less than 10ft away). Too bad for him ever since he is a member of the regular army his time with his sister has been reduced by a lot.

Even so he thinks his cousin Ivan is crazy, because even crazy have standards and suspects he is in into something deep. Some of his talents include the throwing sharp things to specific objects and playing the flute, his mother doesn't know this.
He has a strange interest in Francesca and in Victoria; he thinks they are the only nation's kids that are actually useful/worthy.

Name: Darja 'Dasha' Nikovna Arlovskaya

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Hair: Light brown wavy hair at shoulder's length

Overall appearance: Tiny and petite, very white and baby blue eyes. She looks defenseless and innocent and has this ability to charm every man in a room. This causes some stains with his brother. Usually wears a green version of Belarus dress minus the bow.

Personality: She is a sweetheart, just like his dad she is charming polite, of course deep down she is still Belarus daughter and she is very fast with dodging things. Such as knives axes punches bullets etc.

She is mostly quiet and a total daddy's girl she also plays the flute and the songs she plays are always calm and relaxing and more then once have saved her form a scolding from Natalia.

Unlike his bother she plays in the open, She also has a weakness for kids and babies something that just adds a even more giant label of 'Adorable'. Still when she is pressured she can be very manipulative and when she is bored she may sometimes makes a couple of guys fight for her for her mere amusement.

Talents: Running and dodging things really fast, her nickname 'Dasha' besides being a diminutive of her name is also a reminiscent of 'dash'.

Name: Cyrillus 'Cy' Nikovich Arlovskaya

Age: 7

Gender: Male

Hair: Blonde and straight like his mother

Overall appearance: He is like a chibi version of male Belarus. He always has a neutral face. Despite anything is happening in his surrounding. Other nations consider him 'The only completely sane human living in Belarus home'. He has deep blue eyes that are almost violet. Often wears very warm coats and hats.

Height/Weight. A bit chubby and short for his age

Personality: He rarely speaks but when he does it he always hit right in the nail, giving him the title of "THE Deadpan Snarker". Then again when the family household becomes a bit too crazy just one word is enough for them to return to 'normal'

Talents: He just started his flute lesson, but he prefers playing piano with his cousin Anastasya.

Name: Arlene Adnan (Wife of Turkey/ Sadik)

Age: 21

Gender: female

Hair: long, red, a little wavy hair which reaches up to her back, which is often on two plaits.

Overall look: amber eyes and puffy short red dress with a white ribbon as a belt on her waist.

Height/Weight: kind of tiny, short and thin.

Personality: seems really kind and gentle, but in reality she is extremely sarcastic and cruel with her words. When she gets angry she isn't any gentle or kind anymore. Destroys even walls and throws everything out of her way what she is able to get in her hands when angry. The one who causes her anger (mostly her husband) is always going to be cruelly abused... At these times no-one is brave enough to approach her. Is really short-tempered, but her husband still makes her furious all the time. Has this Russia-like creepy aura around her at times. Is always kind and gentle around children and animals. Is really organized. She is really tomboyish at times. She's not Always extremely sarcastic with her husband. She's actually really sweet and cute when she's with him, like she wouldn't need anything else than him. But when she's in a bad mood.

Talents: is really strong, can destroy walls with her bare hands. Is horrible cook, but makes good spicy food (because she covers the bad taste with spices). Is good tiding up. Is nearly the only one who has the talent to keep Turkey silent and in order.

Job: works as a writer, is pretty famous by the way. Writes mostly crime novels and romance stories, but also horror and comedy. Writes also plays.

Family: lives together with his husband Sadiq (Turkey) and their dog Felek. Is planning to have children, but his husband doesn't seem really excited about it yet, since she's still very young. She has a brother named Derin.

Friends: she is really good friends with both Axis and Allies and their wifes. To his husband's rage, her best friends are Greece and her wife/gf. She comes along woth everyone else than Switzerland, because she just simply doesn't like him. Not that he liked her neither. Even though she spends lots of her time with the nations' wifes, she also hangs even more with the nations' himself. She just like to hang with men (as friends, to remind you).

How they met:

It was cold winter night. Turkey was just coming from a exhausting world meeting once again. He had fought with Greece all the time for being too near of Japan and all he wanted was just to go home. He stepped out of the building and suddenly forgot all that exhaustion he felt when he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He stared to stare at her without even realizing it.

Arlene was waiting for her brother to show up from his girlfriend's practice, when he saw a tall man in a long coat come outside from a building in front of her. He had a white mask on his face. And he was looking at her. She felt a wild blush to come on her cheeks. She started to look at the man. He was definitely older than her, that's for sure. He was still really attractive. She felt that she was blushing even more. Suddenly the man turned his glance away and... was he blushing?! Wow, older man blushing because of her? Well that was something.

Turkey felt wild blush coming to his cheeks. I was staring at her and she noticed! Why am I so nervous? Am I falling for her? He was shaking his head. This hasn't happened in centuries... Or had it even happened ever? I don't know. But I only know I like that girl. He tried to gather his courage a moment. When he finally thought he's ready, he went and walked to her and open a convertation.

They chatted a moment shyly, both of them blushing wildly. Turkey was thinking what would Greece think if he saw him blushing like a teenager. Arlene just was thinking how old was he. Finally she asked him for his phone number. They changer numbers and said goodbyes to each other and went home. Arlene was so excited that she even forgot about her brother and weren't thinking about anything else than him. He's a lot older than me, she thought. But I still think I love him.

Turkey was also thinking about Arlene. He felt something bubbling inside him. He hadn't felt like this since... well, never. That if something was love at first sight.

After that night they texted and called each other all the time. Soon they started dating, and only after 2 months of dating Sadiq proposed Arlene. He told that she was the only girl who ever had him feel like this and that he wanted to be with him forever. She answered that she felt the same way. And answered yes.

After hearing that Sadiq was a nation Arlene wasn't even surprised. She just nodeed and didn't even once question that. They never had anything hidden or lied to each other. They always told the truth, so why would she question it?

Why does she like Turkey: Arlene loves the trustworthyness and straightness of him. He was always open for her worries and always comforted her and helped her with her problems. He would always listen to her opinions (except about Greece), and he always respects them. He's also so kind and careless. He's also short-tempered, but so was she, so it didn't matter. Even thought their fights were sometimes nothing else than a shouting competition, they still always made them up and were never long angry. He was also so gentle to him. Those were only a little part of those things she loved in him. She loves her husband more than anything else.

Her opinion on the Anti-Nation: She was actually one of them for a little while as a teenager, because her gang were all part of it, but she changed her opinion after meeting Sadiq. Now the Anti-Nation hates her, and she hates the Anti-Nation. She hates them for the sake of every nation, her husband, her friends (the nation's wifes and their children) and herself. She wants to take them down.

Name: Flora Frei --Girlfriend of Iceland/

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Hair: Shoulder-Length, Black, Wavy Hair

Overall look : Blue eyes, black blouse, grey converse, jean shorts, and always has on a black and white weave bracelet, and light brown skin.

Height/Weight : Average height and hourglass figure (skinny).

Personality: She is like that little voice that tells you what is wrong and right, but she can be a lot of fun. She isn't a girly girl, but then again she isn't a tomboy.

Talents: Writing, Gangnam Style Dancing, Archery, knife and axe throwing

Family: They are still dating, but think in the future they will have 2.

Friends: Nordics, Scotland, Bad Touch Trio, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Italies, Seychelles, Taiwan

How did they meet and why does she like him? They met after her and his brother, Norway, got into a fight in the grocery store. Flora likes Iceland because he is different than other guys. He is kind to her, and backs her up. She also likes him because he is passionate, and not afraid to express his opinions.

Her opinion on the Anti-Nation: Flora's opinion on the Anti-Nations is that they need to be stopped, and quickly as possible. They are a threat to to her boyfriend and
many of her friends.

Name: Mayli Qiang--Wife of Hong Kong/

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Hair: Dark brown and curly, reaches down to her mid back when let out. Usually worn in buns.

Overall look: Asian skin tone with amber eyes. Small chested, to her chagrin. She usually wears a red karate shirt, black belt, and black karate pants, with black fighting shoes. Otherwise, she wears a red Chinese dress.

Height/Weight: Average and lithe

Personality: She typically a bit shy; especially around guys, but will show her louder side to close friends. Has a tendency to be motherly, and loves children. She will not hesitate to break up all arguments and fights, even with the possibility of getting hurt. Afterwards she'll lecture both parties. Is extremely protective of her friends.

Talents: Cooking, singing, dealing with children. Does MMA, but mostly does kung fu. She can speak Chinese and English.

Job: Works at her family's restaurant after she's done with classes. Also helps out at an orphanage in her free time.

Family: Yes, they do

Friends: All the Asian countries and their wives/kids. The Allies, Vash's family and Alexander.

How did they meet and why does she like him?

She was serving as a cook at her family's restaurant when she had to fill in for a waitress.
After taking down orders, she brought it to the kitchen, then left to attend to another customer. The blonde man was sitting at the table alone, a scowl on his face. It was immediately replaced with a smile when she approached. "Hey there gorgeous." He said in a foreign accent, winking at her. Ignoring it, she passed him a menu. "Ni Hao! I'm Mayli, your waitress for tonight." She said, smiling down at him as she waited for him to look over the menu. "Are you ready to order?" The man nodded, reaching a hand over to rub her leg. "Fried rice, dim sum, and a Coke." he said, grinning. Jerking away from him, she smiled nervously. "Certainly. Please wait." She said, walking away. She bumped into a table, giving a hasty apology to the occupant, a another man about her age. He started to say something, but she rushed off after apologizing again.

Returning after a bit with the food, Mayli set it down in front of him. "Anything else?" she asked, itching to leave. The man put his hand on her again, this time on her back side. "How about a bit of time with me?" Finally snapping, she grabbed his drink and dumped it over his head. Spluttering he stood up, shouting curses. "You are not allowed to touch me!" she yelled, making him angrier. He raised a fist to hit her, but then fell over. The boy who she had apologized to was standing there, looking at her. "Are you okay?" he asked, stepping over the man on the floor. She nodded slowly, noticing her father coming over. "Um, thank you for helping me out. I'm Mayli." she said, extending her hand. He took it somewhat hesitantly, shaking it. "I'm Kaoru." Mayli nodded, before her entire face turned red. "I-uh-I..." she stuttered, pulling her hand back. By now her father had reached her, and hugged her tightly. "Mayli, are you okay? I heard you yelling." he said, patting her on the back. "I'm fine Baba." Kaoru had meanwhile grabbed the other customer by the arm and was dragging him out the door. He returned a few minutes later, sitting back at his table.

Mayli walked over, fidgeting a bit. "May I sit here?" she asked. He nodded, and she sat across down, still blushing. "Thank you for helping me back there." Mayli said, smiling. "I'm usually not supposed to fight others in public." Kaoru nodded, smirking a bit. "That would have been interesting to see. And it was nothing." She stared at him, before looking away. "So Kaoru...do you live around here?" He shrugged, still smirking. "You could say that. My family lives a bit farther away though." Mayli cocked her head to the side. "Really? Haow many siblings doy ou have?" Kaoru bit his lip, rubbing his head. "A lot. A whole lot. Both of my parents were rather...productive people." She chuckled, but tried to hide it. "I see! I bet it's fun to hang out with your whole family." Kaoru laughed, standing up. "Something like that. Anyway, I should be going." He started to walk away, but Mayli quickly grabbed onto his arm. He looked down at her in confusion, as she pulled her hand back. "I-I'm sorry." she stuttered, blushing again. Kaoru chuckled, bending over. "I didn't get dessert today. Make sure I get some next time." He said. With that, he walked out.

She likes that he is gentlemanly, but not completely aloof. She also likes he doesn't force her to be someone she's not.

Cuba's son

Name: Javier Hernandez

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Hair: Thick black dreadlocks that reach close to the ground

Overall Look: Brown eyes, 6'2, wears a black tank top, blue shorts and always wears a joker card brassed in gold on a gold chain around his neck. Wear a blue rasta cap often. Has tan skin like his father, has very well built body.

Talents: Pranking people, cracking jokes, getting out of trouble, MMA, running.

Family: Cuba(Carlos Hernandez), his mother, and his twin sisters.

Friends: Majority of the countries and their children, Noelle, Zoe, Clair, Joel, Jacquelyn, Alice, Oliver, and Henry

Girlfriend: Noelle Ragantz

Why does he like her: she's easy to tease, she is good at pranking, she's fun to be around, she's pretty, and she's not completely helpless.

Personality: He is always a happy person, never negative. He loves a women who can fun and crazy at parties. He is best known for pulling some of the best pranks in world. He could even prank the Nations with ease. His most famous trick was tricking his father into believing Canada was America. No one has been able to prank him or out prank him.

Name: Svea Oxenstierna --Wife of Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna

Age: 22


Hair: Blonde Long Straight Hair in a Braid

Overall look: Blue eyes, Ordinary jeans, A white tank top, An unbuttoned lumberjack shirt and red old converses

Height/Weight: Medium Hight and Skinny

Personality: She isn't like Sweds usually are, quiet and a little cold towards the ones they don't know and happy and warmhearted towards their friends and family. She is happy towards everyone and always want to make friends with everyone she gets to know and she is always willing to help. She can do anything for her friends and her loved ones. Even though, she can have her periods when she can be really sad and depressed because of that the countries (and anti-nationes) always have to fight and people have to die because of that. She believes that the world will never be peaceful. But she hides that side of her away so that she won't hurt anyone else with her problems, only Berwald knows.

Talents: Cooking, Gardening and Shooting (with bow and arrow)

Job: Before she was in the Swedish Archery Team, but now she teaches Archery instead. She may go back to the team in the future though, but know she just wants to make a family.

Friends: The nordics and their wifes/girlfriends(her BFF is Krista, Svea was born in Finland but moved to Sweden when she was 10. But they grew up together as best friends and they still are), and France and his wife (Berwald doesn't approve). But overall, she is kind off friends with nearly all the nations and their wifes/girlfriends/boyfriends/husbands.

How did they meet: It was during the Midsummer celebration in Sweden and Krista and her husband Tino (didn't know then he was an nation) came to celebrate it with Svea. Svea was very happy since she had not seen her BFF in a while and the three of them had a really good time. During the celebration Krista started to talk about that Svea had not have for a long time, but Svea said that she didn't think to much about it. Even though she had, but she didn't want to bring everyones mood down just because of that she was forever alone. So she just laughed at it.
Tino did suddenly said he noticed someone he knew and left them. It did look like Krista understood something that Svea didn't when Tino said that. A while later Tino came back to them together with a long, blonde haired Swed. He was actually kind of good looking body, but his face was in a plain mask and almost looked a little angry. "Krista, Svea, This is Berwald. A childhood friend" Tino introduced them. "'ello" Berwald said. ((Really, got no more fantasy then that so excuse me for that o.o))

Her opinion on The Anti-Nation: Svea dreams of world peace, and she knows that the only way to reach peace is to fight the Anti-Nationes. She really just want everyone to get along without war, so if they weren't so violent she would be okay with them.

Name: Stina Oxenstierna --Daughter of Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Hair: Long Blonde Curly hair

Overall look: Green/blue eyes, Skinny black jeans, grey abercrombie and fitch t-shirt, glitter Uggs

Height/Weight: Tall (for her age) and Skinny

Personality: She is good looking and she knows it. She has been a little of a player in the past, but now she is just waiting for the right one. She is popular but some people thinks that she can be a *. But it is only when she is with her family she feels she can really be herself and doesn't have to pretend anything. She loves her siblings and would do anything for them.

Talents: Make-up, hair styling and cooking

Friends: She has a lot of friends, but no one she is really close to and can talk about serious things with. When she needs to talk to someone, she talks with Berwald or Svea.

Name: Simon Oxenstierna --Son of Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Hair: Short blonde hair, he likes to spike it up like Denmark's hair (Berwald doesn't aprove this either)

Overall look: Blue eyes, green hoodie, ordinary jeans and white street shoes

Height/Weight: Short and regularly weight

Personality: Simon is full of energy and loves to hang out with his friends, go skateboarding and go hunting with Berwald (Svea tried to make to make him use the bow and arrow, but he liked guns more) He is sometimes a little carefree, but is always happy and helps you cheer up.

Talents: Skateboarding and shooting (gun)

Friends: ((Don't know really but if you feel like he and another of the nations kids could be friends please make them '))

Family: He really likes his family, but he notices that his mom is sad in secret sometimes, and that makes him sad too.

Name: Anna Oxenstierna --Daughter of Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna

Age: 6

Gender: Female

Hair: Short straight blonde hair with bangs

Overall look: Blue eyes

Height/Weight: Short and regular weight

Personality: She believes that everything and everyone is nice and is always happy toward everyone. She loves Pokémon and everything that comes from Japan.

Talents: ((She loves drawing, so she will be an really good artist one day))

Friends: Mika and Sofia ((Finlands kids))

Family: She loves them very much

Human OC: Cast

Name: Noelle Ragantz

Age: 15

Gender: Female

What nation is she from: Jamaica

What Nation does she fight for: America

Hair: Brown dreadlocks in a ponytail, down to mid back

Job: Kenna's guardian or bodyguard

Overall look (Eyes & include clothes, but you don't have to be super detailed about it): Dark brown eyes, and brown skin. Wears green tank top, and black army pants with a yellow belt and black combat boots. In a formal event, she wears a long green sleeveless dress.

Height/Weight (just say tall or average, and chubby or skinny): Tall, skinny.

Personality: A cheerful prankster, she loves jokes-but is not always good at telling them. Loyal and trustworthy, she can carry out dangerous missions with practiced ease. Hates being serious, will try to make others laugh. Tomboyish.

Talents: Great at cooking, fighting, at making others laugh. Multilingual, can speak almost every language except tribal ones.

Weapon of choice: .9 mm handgun, and an AK-47. (too specific?)

Friends: America, Canada, the Bad Touch Trio, England, both Italys...everyone's wives/girlfriends/boyfriends/husband and children

Boyfriend: Javier Hernandez

Why does she like him: he's funny, his looks, the fact that he's good at pranking, and that he is overall a really nice guy to be around.

Background story and reason for joining the Army:

Born into a military family, Noelle is the youngest of ten, the only girl out of them. Her father was a general in the Anti-Nation before he decided to quit after a violent mission went wrong. He moved his family to the States out of fear that he would be assassinated or his family would be harmed. Getting a large house in Texas, he made sure his children and his wife could defend themselves. Noelle listened to her parents talk about the Anti-Nation, and started to worry about them attacking again. She learned a bit more about them as she got older, but there was only so much she understood. By the time she turned ten, she was no longer worried about them attacking. And that's when they did.

"Mama, I'm going out to the store." Noelle said, walking to the door. Her mother nodded, waving her off with a smile. Jogging in the direction of the store, she didn't notice black cars driving up to her house. She also might have noticed the men climbing out had guns with them. But the ten-year-old was too busy skipping to notice.

Finishing up her errand, she started walking home. Several fire trucks rushed past her, with an ambulance following. Noelle continued on her way, but starting when she saw where the fire was. Her family's house had been set aflame. Dropping her bags, she ran over. "Mama! Mama, where are you?" she yelled, gaining the attention of the firefighters. Running up to the door, she tried to run in, but one of the firefighters held her back. "Kid, you can't go in there." he said, picking her up and bringing her to one of the trucks. "But Mama's in there! And Papa!" she said, tears streaming down her face. "I'm sorry. There's no way they could have survived." She covered her ears, shaking her head frantically. "Stop lying!" Noelle yelled,

By the time the fire had been completely put out, the house had been burned to the ground. Noelle sat in a chair, staring at the ground as a man asked her questions. "Do you have any relatives that can take care of you?" "No." "Are there any friends who can take care of you?" I don't think so." "If there was, where do they live?" "Back in Jamaica." The man sighed, scribbling down something. "I guess we'll have to put you in an orphanage." he muttered, walking away. Noelle climbed down from the seat, and walked out the door. Seeing no one around, she started running again. "I'm not going to an orphanage!" she yelled, before crashing into someone. "Ouch..." she muttered, rubbing her head. Looking up, she saw a blonde guy eating a hamburger.

"Dude, are you okay?" he asked, giving her a hand. Noelle stared at him, before bursting into tears. "Whoa, calm down!" he said, reaching into his pocket for something. Taking out a hamburger, he shoved it into her mouth, silencing her. "There."

Noelle frowned, taking the hamburger out of her mouth. "Thank you." she mumbled, taking a bite of it. The blonde grinned, patting her on the head. "No problem, Alfred the hero is here!" he said, sitting down beside her. "So, why were you crying?" She looked at him, eyes filling with tears again. "Mama and Papa and all my brothers are dead, and it's because of the Anti-Nation!" Noelle blurted out, wiping her eyes.

Alfred frowned. "The Anti-Nation? You sure little kid?" he asked, standing up. She nodded, glaring at the floor. "Well, that sure changes things." Taking her hand, he started walking. "Um, where are we going?" Noelle asked, looking around. "You're staying with me." Alfred said, not turning around. Wrenching her hand from his, she pulled a out a gun, aiming it at his head. "How do I know you're not Anti Nation?" she asked, glaring at him.

The blonde scratched his head. "Cause...I am a Nation?" he said, pushing the gun down. "Sheesh, ten-year-olds with guns." Alfred took her hand and started walking again. "You must be American." "I'm Jamaican." "You are? So that explains the accent!" "Where'd you think I was from?" "...Virgin Islands?" "I don't think they have accents." Noelle put the gun away, still following the blonde. "Alfred?" she mumbled quietly. "Yeah?" he said, turning around to look at her. "Thanks..." The blonde laughed, grabbing another hamburger for himself. "Don't worry about it! The hero can't let others cry! So smile, it's much better!" Noelle grinned, laughing softly.

She thinks of Alec and Kenna as close friends, but she thinks Alec shouldn't be as serious. She wants him to get closer to his family, but doesn't want to force him either. Noelle thinks that Kenna should be more outgoing, but she likes her perky personality. Noelle thinks that Marcie is pretty nice when she's not stressed, but generally avoids her when she is. When she notices Marcie is stressed, she makes sure her gun is loaded.

Name: Kirsten Johansen

Gender: Female

Age: 16

What Nation is she from: Norway

What Nation does she fight for: Finland

Job: Babysitter/Krista's assistant

Hair: long brown upper-back length hair worn down

Overall look: A light pink t-shirt worn down with blue jeans and black flats.

Height/Weight: 5'5 and 99 Lbs.

Personality: Kirsten is a fun-loving person who is considered a sister to the Vanamoinen family. She is usually babysitting Sophia and Mika, who love her to bits and pieces as an older sister. She has a low tolerance level, so it's best not to mess with the family or the children.

Talents: Rythmic gymnast, Horse rider and a writer.

Weapon of choice: A AK-47 and motolov cocktails

Friends: Norway(She really wants to marry him), Iceland, Finland, Sophia and Mika, Krista, the rest of the wives and their families.

Background story and what is her reason for joining Finland's army: As a child, Kirsten's family worked with Nations and she was even raised by one when her parents were away. One day, her parents never came home and she had found out they had died. She went away to find Krista and Finland, and they found her as a child. They see her as a daughter and she sees them as parents.

She joined Finland's army because she wanted to show her parents that she could follow in their footsteps as well. She wants to date Norway but is heavily afraid of rejection.

The Nation that use to raise her was Norway, and she slowly fell in love with him day after day. She at first liked him as a friend, although one night, when he couldn't come back anymore, he kissed her. She was still awake, but pretended to be asleep. After that, she wondered why he never came back. The reason why was because he wanted to take her with him but instead sent Finland for her, since he couldn't care for her any longer.

Name: Jacquelyn

Age: 14

Gender: Female

What Nation is she from: France

What Nation does she fight for: France

Hair: Wavy brown hair that reached to her waist

Job: Louis's bodyguard

Overall look: A very pretty and elegant looking girl with a constant smirk on her face.

Height/Weight: Average height, average weight.

Personality: She is headstrong and believes that Louis must be with a proper French girl, not with a some English whore like Rosalie. She has an extreme disdain for English people and their food. She also has a quick temper, and can be very violent.

Talent: Acting like she's harmless, fighting, yelling, speaking French, cooking.

Weapon: A huge bung hammer

Friends: The other two guardians of Louis and Louis

Name: Joel



What Nation is he from: France

What Nation does he fight for: France

Hair:messy black hair

Job: Louis's bodyguard

Overall look: He wears a fine white blouse shirt with grey dress pants and shoes. He has has small patches of facial hair. Looks like a slightly older teenager.

Height/Weight: Tall and slightly chubby.

Personality: Quiet and reserved, he tends to think before he speaks or acts. He is extremely protective of Louis, and do anything to ensure his safety.

Talent: Fighting, espionage, fencing, French cooking.

Weapon: Rapier

Friends:The other two guardians and Louis

Name: Clair

Age: 7


What Nation is she from: France

What Nation does she fight for: France

Hair: Long, slightly curly white hair

Job: Protecting Louis

Overall look: A small and fragile girl, with pale skin and ice blue eyes.

Height/Weight: Short and thin

Personality: She's really cheerful, and tends to be the one who calms Jacquelyn down when she's angry. She is especially good at cheering Louis up when he's down, and is also known for getting in the most trouble. She cannot resist the urge to prank someone.

Talent: Fighting, singing, cheering people up, hand to hand combat, and cooking.

Weapon: Her fists

Friends: The other two guardians, Louis, and Rosalia

Name: Zoe Durian

Age: 18

Gender: Female

What Nation is she from: Lichtenstein

What Nation does she fight for: Switzerland

Hair: dirty blonde hair in two pig tails

Eye color: green eyes

Overall look: A weak looking girl in a very worn out red dress, looks younger than her eighteen years.

Height/Weight: Average height and weight

Personality: A very quiet girl, has a hard time talking.

Talent: Staying silent, keeping an eye on William, shooting, memorizing information.

Weapon: A gun

Friends: William, Vash, Lillian, Emily, Alexander

Name: Alice Rohen


Gender: Female

What Nation is she from: England

What Nation does she fight for: England

Hair: Long red hair

Job: Rosalie's body guard

Overall look: A small girl with a constant frown.

Height/Weight: Short and average

Personality: She has a short temper, strong and quite violent when angry. She's extremely protective of Rosalie.

Talent: Fighting, yelling loudly, protecting Rosalie

Weapon: Sword

Friends: Rosalie, Arthur, Edith, the Flying Mint Bunnies

Name: Oliver Ethan

Age: 57


What Nation is he from: England

What Nation does he fight for:England

Hair: Short black hair

Job: Rosalie's guardian

Overall look: Very muscular

Height/Weight: Tall, average

Personality: A silent type

Talent: Taking charge, being calm in bad situations, fighting

Weapon: A giant Lance Drill

Friends: Rosalie, Alice, Arthur, Edith, the Flying Mint Bunnies

Name: Henry Rayden

Age: 34

Gender: Male

What Nation is he from: England

What Nation does he fight for:England

Hair: Scruffy red hair

Job: Rosalie's Body guard

Overall look: A large middle aged man with brown who wears all red clothing.

Height/Weight: Tall, and fat

Personality: A cheerful man, he is often seen smiling and is also very talkative. He is protective of both Rosalia and Alice.

Talent: Talking, cheering people up, fighting, cooking, eating.

Weapon: Huge axe

Friends: Rosalia, Alice, Arthur, Edith, Oliver, The Flying Mint Bunnies, and whoever will talk to him.

Name: Tobias Hertzgog

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Hair: Brown and slightly curly

Overall look: A gentlemanly looking man with icy blue eyes and an imposing demeanor. Has a strangely calming smile.

Height/Weight: Tall and thin but slightly muscular

Job: A big name politician

Personality: A seemingly good natured and simple man, he is extremely calculating and intuitive, as well as corrupt. Has a somewhat yandere personality, will snap quite violently when angry. Adores his sister, hates her husband with a passion. Has mixed feelings about her son, and is flirty with with Lily.

Family: Emily(sister), Vash(brother-in-law), and William(nephew)

Friends: The Anti Nation, Lihua and the tiger clan, some of the more trusting nations.


Several shots split the air, scaring the birds in the area. A man watched them with a bored expression, before reloading his rifle.

"You'd think the targets here would be a bit more entertaining." He murmured, walked over to one. All the fatal spots had been hit, while the other spots on the target were untouched.

"And, perfect as usual-Whoa!" He stumbled forward a few steps as he looked down, spotting a small piglet. Reaching down, he snagged it, holding its' squealing form in front of him.

"A poor little piggy! Life isn't fair is it? I'll never be the head of the country..." The man cooed, smiling somewhat sadistically. "Sadly, you shall never see the light of another day." He walked away from the targets, reaching a small shed. A small axe was stuck in the ground, and he reached down to grab it. Placing the pig on the ground and pinning it under his foot, he hefted the ax.

"Goodbye" He said with a chuckle, preparing to swing downwards.

"Killing small animals I see. Same old Tobias I don't think it's quite big enough for eating." Came a voice, right before the ax was wrenched from his grip. Tobias turned to see a teen standing behind him, chucking the ax into the shed.

"Alexander, can't you see I'm having a bit of fun?" He asked, frowning.

"That's exactly why I'm stopping you." Alexander replied. "Creepy old man."

"I'm only 25." Tobias muttered, narrowing his eyes slightly.

"Yeah, 25 going on 50." The teen said, snickering.

Tobias walked over to him, oblivious to how the piglet got up and scrambled away.

"What do you want?" He asked, annoyed.

"Vash is looking for you. And he's angrier than a lion with a toothache." Alexander murmured.

"Oh? What's he angry about now?" Tobias gave the teen a curious look.

"You haven't seen Emily since William was born. You should at least visit your nephew and sister." He replied, frowning. "Vash was reloading his pistol last I saw."

"Ohhh, I quiver in FEAR!" Tobias muttered in a dark voice, a hand flying out to latch around Alexander's throat. The teen blinked in surprise, watching as he pulled out a knife, tracing it over his face.

"Perhaps I should do the world a favor and get rid off his precious subordinate." He murmured, grinning as he squeezed hard enough to leave a bruise.

'If I strangle her brother, Emily is going to kick my butt!' Alexander thought, flinching as the knife touched his jugular. His eyes widened as a hand came to rest on Tobias' shoulder.

"Tobias" Vash said boldly.
"Hmm." Tobias turned to look back at Vash.

"Drop him." Vash muttered. Tobias chuckled, letting go of Alexander, who took several deep breaths.

"Why if it is't my big brother in law, who banged my sister repeatedly just so he could get what he wanted." Tobias murmured, putting the knife away.

"Why haven't you visited your sister in the Hospital?" Vash asked calmly, raising an eyebrow. The man smirked, walking towards a small shack were all of the ammunition was stored. The other two exchanged glances before following him.

"I haven't visited her once since my nephew was born?" Tobias asked, fake shock lacing his voice. He placed his finger nails at the window, almost absentmindedly.

"Oh I feel simply awful." Tobias said, scratching the window to create a loud screeching noise, successfully annoying Vash and Alexander. "Must of slipped my mind."

"Well as slippery as your mind is, when your sister was arriving in the hospital you should have been there first for her!" Alexander snapped, jabbing his chest with a finger.

"I was incredibly busy at the time." Tobias replied calmly, pushing the teen's hand away.

"Sure, busy at one of your ridiculous parties!" Alexander growled. "You could have left for a few minutes to see William."

"To see William? So we're forgetting about my sister and talking about him?" The man chuckled, shaking his head. "I really don't care for children."

"He's your nephew! Your esteemed sister's son." Alexander muttered, narrowing his eyes.

Tobias frowned. "Are you insulting my sister you mutt?" he asked.

"I'd never insult her. But you are." The teen replied, frowning at the insult.

"Hmm, I'm just not interested in having to deal with a little brat." The man said.

"That is one is my son and your future superior." Vash put in, growling slightly.

"Well then next time I'll act less like an asshole, hey." Tobias said sweetly, before turning to walk away.

"Don't turn your back on me Tobias!" Vash said loudly.

Tobias turned his head slightly, smirking. "Oh no Vash, perhaps you shouldn't turn you back on me."

Unable able to hold in his rage, Vash shoved Tobias against the shack wall, glaring at him.

"Is that a challenge?!" He asked, narrowing his eyes. Tobias shrugged, getting up and dusting himself off.

"Temper, temper. I wouldn't dream of challenging you." Tobias replied as he rolled his eyes.

"Pity! Why not?" Alexander asked, smirking.

"Well, as far as brains go, I've got the true blood of a noble man." He murmured, looking away. He turned back to them, a glare settled on Vash.

"But when it comes to brute strength...I'm afraid I'm at the sallow end of the noble pool." Tobias murmured, turning and walking away.

"Well, he's going to be a problem." Alexander murmured, rubbing his throat.

"Yes, I'll have to keep an eye on him." Vash sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Is it possible that he's in allegiance with the Anti Nation?" The teen asked, turning to look at Vash.

"…No. He might hate me, but he loves his sister." The older man said after a moment, shaking his head. "They'd kill her, along with the rest of us."

'They might make an exception.' Alexander thought. "Anyway, don't rule it out entirely."

"What am I going to do with him?" Vash muttered.

"He'd make a very nice throw rug!" Alexander suggested, as the two walked out of the shack, going in the direction of the hospital.

Vash bopped him in the back of the head. "Alexander, that's not very nice."

"But just think! Every time he gets dirty-" The teen slammed his fist into his palm with a grin. "You take him out, and BEAT him."

The man started laughing, ruffling the other's hair affectionately. "That…is not a bad idea."

Name: Anastasjia Romanchuk

Age: 18

What nation is he/she from: Belarus

What Nation does he/she fight for: Belarus

Gender: Female

Hair: short combed hair

Overall look : She dresses in a female white verion of a Belarusian army uniform.

Height/Weight : About the same height as Darja and skinny

Personality: Has a very bossy attitude, never changes her facail expresstion. Just like Artem she makes sure that her men are in tip top shape. She is secretly in love with Artem and will stand by his side until her life ends. She tends to act very angry if you judge her or Artem. Not one for small talk she never dressses any other way besides her uniform.

Talents: A master at poetry and in soccery in lighting

Weapon of choice: A spell book and a sword.


Artem: Loves him and wants him badly.

Darja: Thinks of her as more of an idiot, but still considers her a friend.

Nikita: Kind of a weakling for a guy, but is ok to talk to.

Name: Nikita Aleksej

Age: 15

What nation is he from: Belarus

What Nation does he fight for: Belarus

Gender: Male

Hair: Short white-blue hair

Overall look : Wears a puffy white sleeveed half shirt that shows his stomach

Height/Weight : 5'7 and skinny

Eye color: Green

Personality: A very shy boy, only talks to Darja. He is a very reliable person, unfortunalty he tends to be used by everyone. He never really speaks for himself Darja tends to speak for him. He hates fighting, but if his friends get hurt then he will not hesitate to kill there enimies.

Talents: Can cook, clean, and do all of the house chores for Darja.

Weapon of choice: Ninja stars


Darja: Finds her as a close friend even though she uses him as a slave.

Anastasjia: Finds her bossy, but at the same time he could see the gental side of her when he see's her with Artem.

The Anti-Nation Army officers:

Name: Jin Ruben

Age: 5

Gender: Male

Hair: Messy black hair

Overall appearance: Green eyes like his dad, two thin scars on his cheek. Outside of his military outfit, he usually wears black pants and a red shirt. Otherwise, he wears fatigues.

Height/Weight: Tall for his age, thin

Weapon:Glock, Colt, a small knife that ejects from within his sleeve.

Personality: Quiet, avoids conversation as much as possible. Extremely observant, gentle unless he's on a mission with his mother. Despite the constant talk about him being the Angel of the Anti-Nation, Jin is actually very uncomfortable with his title. He doesn't understand why the nations have to die, but he doesn't question it. Generally, he will follow any instructions to the letter, whether or not he thinks it's right. Jin loves his siblings a lot, even the ones who don't like him as much. He hates thinking about the fact that they will die eventually but he'll continue to live.

He's completely unlike his father in terms of his recklessness and cocky attitude. He does take after his caring personality when it comes to his family. He's rarely headstrong. He has a bit of a split personality: during missions, he tends to get bossy and refuses to work with anyone but his siblings or his mother. He takes charge immediately, making sure it's executed throughly.

Talents: Fighting, killing, stealth, disguise, surviving on his own. Soccer.

Family: His father Alexander Ruben, His mother Wang Lihua, his half brothers Stefan Chrila and Pace Miller, His half sister, and His half brother Xiasheng Wang

Friends: None at the moment, except for his siblings.


Jin's POV

I remember my first mission distinctly: I was four years old, and it was a Thursday, during the month of December. My mother called me downstairs, interrupting me from my reading. The History of Combat Techniques in East Asia is always an interesting read, but I have already memorized it so I heeded her call. She was sitting on the couch, drinking her 5:00 cup of coffee. I stopped before entering the room, clearing my throat.

"Yes mother?" I murmured, watching her curiously.

"Jin, we have an assassination to do today. You are coming too." She said simply, looking at me. I nodded, taking a deep breath.

"Who's coming, what are the details, and who's in charge?" I asked. A smirk tugged at her lips as she passed me a thick file. I flipped it open as she started to talk.

"Jonson Hagarts, one of our new assault team members left earlier this week. He claimed to be on a mission, but he has actually been giving information to the Nations." My mother replied.

I gave her a slightly interested look before returning to the file. "Adela, Stefan, and Pace will be with you, as usual. You're in charge, but I'll be around." I nodded, before freezing. Why was I in charge?

"Mother..." I murmured, giving her a confused look.

"The youngest person to ever lead a mission was your father, at the age of eleven. You're setting a new record. You have ten minutes to get ready." I blinked in surprise, before going back upstairs to my room. Preparing for a mission was extensive, especially when you're four years old.

"Jin. We're here." Pace muttered, stopping the car in front of a large building. Stefan shook his head as we climbed out, chuckling to himself.

"Why would he stay in the city when he should be trying to escape?" He passed me a bottle of apple juice. I took it gratefully, drinking the juice quickly.

"He probably think we'd be onto him so quickly." Adela murmured, putting a silencer on her gun.

"Can we just make this quick? And make sure no blood gets on my clothes." Pace shoved me forward, ignoring the dark glares from the other. I nodded, brushing out any wrinkles in my shirt. The target was currently attending a formal dinner, unaware that it would be his last. We walked over to the door, where a guard stopped us.

"And who are you children?" He asked, staring at us. Stefan walked up, presenting a card.

"Our parents are already inside and expecting us." He replied, giving the guard a smile. The man glanced at the card, before moving out the way.

"Please have an enjoyable evening." We all thanked him, walking in.

The dining hall was massive; with many people sitting around and chatting. Adela looked completely annoyed; she always did hate too much talking. Stefan had immediately started flirting with a guest, ignoring the fact that we had a mission to complete. I glanced around, looking for Jonson. Spotting him standing by himself against the wall, I pointed him out to Adela. She looked over as well, before nodding. Pace nudged me, passing me his Gerber. Pasting on a desperate expression, I ran over to the man.

"Mister, could you take me to the bathroom?" I asked, looking up at him. He gave me an annoyed look.

"Can't you ask your parents?" He muttered.

"I can't find them, and I gotta go bad!" I put my hands between my legs for emphasis, clenching my legs together.

"Okay okay, I'll take you. Sheesh." Grabbing my hand, he started to pull me towards the bathroom. I exchanged glances with the others as I passed them, before turning my attention to Jonson. We reached the bathroom shortly, and he walked in with me.

"I really have to-" "Please wait for me mister!" I pleaded, before running into a stall. I heard him sigh in exasperation, but he didn't leave. Sighing in relief, I unsheathed the knife, looking it over. I remember being taught how to use it; I could kill a man in more ways than you could count. But I've never killed one. The drills were always with plastic trainers and and other trained personnel. Shuddering, I walked out of the stall, the knife hidden in my sleeve.

"Thank you for your help!" I said happily, smiling up at the man. He nodded absentmindedly, checking his watch.

"Sure thing, can we go now?" He asked. I shook my head quickly, waving him closer.

"Could you bend down for a moment?" Jonson sighed, kneeling down in front of me. I stared at him, locking eyes with him. That's when I struck. Pulling out the knife, I sliced through his jugular, stepping back as blood spurted out. Red stained my hazy vision, and I threw up, covering my face as the scent of blood filled my nose.

"W-Why?" He managed to stutter out, staring at me through dimmed eyes. I wiped my mouth, turning to stare at him.

"Mother doesn't like traitors." I said quietly, before stepping over him and walking out. My siblings looked at me as I walked out, but I passed them and went to the door. I could hear them fall in step beside me.

"Nice job Inger." Stefan murmured, patting me on my back. I nodded dazedly, climbing beside him and Adela into the car.

"I was just about to get her phone number too. Thanks a bunch." Stefan muttered, climbing into the driver's seat and hitting the gas. I mumbled an apology, closing my eyes shakily. The images of blood and the look of surprise as his life ended before would stain my mind forever...

Name: Pace Miller

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Looks: Has short, straight brown hair, and blue eyes. Wears the Anti Nation uniform, or wears a blue athletic top and and white pants and a matching jacket.

Height/Weight: Tall and thin, slightly muscular

Weapon: Twin sais

Personality: Really cocky and abrasive, he tends to speak before he thinks. He is extremely concerned about his appearance, and rarely gets his clothes dirty or his hair messed up. He can be pretty flirty. After Jin was discovered to be immortal, he developed a jealousy towards him, and started to act like he hated him. He boasts of his own abilities, but is usually ignored.

Name: Adela Jakobsson

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Looks: Has long, slightly curly red hair and brown eyes. Wears a female version of the Anti Nation uniform, or wears a white dress and boots.

Height/Weight: Petite, and thin.

Weapon: Sword

Personality: She has an extremely short temper, and will not hesitate to lash out at anyone(save Jin and Lihua). Despite her appearance, she's strong and quite violent when angry. She can rattle off facts pertaining to the Army easily. She loves her mother and especially Jin to death. She would give up her life if it meant Jin would be safe.

Name: Stefan Chirila

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Looks: Has medium length black hair and green eyes. Wear the Anti Nation uniform, or wears a green athletic shirt, and black pants with a matching jacket.

Height/Weight: Tall and lanky, a bit more muscular than Pace.

Weapon: A multitude of different knives and a hand gun

Personality: For reasons unknown to most, he is extremely perverted and says a lot of naughty things. He likes to flirt, and frequently teases his siblings but is very dangerous when angry. He loves Jin, and would give up his life for his safety.

There story...

"So, I heard mom is pregnant again." Pace muttered, examining the ends of his hair. Stephan nodded, smirking as Pace pulled out a small mirror and stared looking at himself.

"Yeah, I heard too. The whole Army has been in a buzz about it lately, though, I don't know why." He murmured, waving to Adela as she walked over.

"Hey Adela, how's mom doing with the baby?" Stefan asked.

"What do you mean? She gave birth yesterday idiot." Adela said, rolling her eyes. The two gave her stunned looks.

"Let's go see the baby!" Stefan exclaimed excitedly, as Pace put the mirror away reluctantly.

"It's a baby. We've seen them plenty of times before." He grumbled under his breath, following Adela as she led them to a door. She knocked five times, before a

'Come in' was heard. The three filed in, staring as they watched Lihua explain the parts of an Uzi to the baby lying on the bed. She stopped as they approached the bed, lifting up the child so they could see better.

"Aw, he's cute. Who'd you bang to get him?" Stefan asked, rubbing the baby's cheeks gently.

"Someone you don't know. Adela should though." The woman replied, turning to the girl expectantly.

"Alexander Ruben, the sniper specialist and the youngest soldier in the Army to date who disappeared nine months ago. He was branded a traitor." She said, staring at the baby. Lihua smirked, as Pace covered up a shocked look.

"So, what's so special about him anyway?" Pace muttered, raising an eyebrow. Lihua looked up at him, locking her dark eyes with his.

"He is the One. Our dark Angel of deliverance." She murmured. "Do you know what that means?" The three exchanged glances, shaking their heads.

"Jin is immortal. Therefore, he is the one who can kill off the Nations. He is the solution to the curse of the Nations." Adela gave the baby a surprised look, before turning to her mother.

"But...how do you know this? How do you know he's immortal?" She asked quietly.

The older woman unwrapped the child from it's blankets, effectively waking him up. The child started crying, and Lihua immediately shushed him. The baby stopped instantly.

"The immortals are extremely intelligent from the time of their appearance. Jin can already understand simple commands. They start talking clearly within a few months, and can learn to read along the same time." Lihua explained, before wrapping up the baby again. "Jin, close your eyes and go to sleep." The boy shut his eyes, and within a few minutes was snoring gently. His three siblings stared in disbelief.

"Incredible..." Stefan murmured.

"Anyway, I have a special mission for you three. Many people will try to influence Jin, and if he can be taken to the Nations' side...they'll have our only chance at their destruction." All three children nodded, listening intently.

"Pace. You are his mirror. Keep him on his path, and make sure he always remember who he is." Pace nodded obediently.

"Adela, you are his sword. Fight for him till he can fight for himself, and continue to fight." Adela paused, before nodding.

"Stefan, you are his shield. Do not allow the enemy to lay a hand on him, or get a word in edge wise." Stefan nodded.

"I entrust him to you. Now, go and eat. You have training tonight." Adela walked out silently, and the two boys followed her slowly. It wasn't till they got to the hallway that they spoke again.

"Jin is really something...And we've been entrusted to watch him." Stefan chuckled, running his hand through his hair. "I'd gladly defend such a cute baby."

"I agree." Adela murmured.

"So what if he's immortal? I could easily defeat the Nations myself!" Pace said, eliciting glares from the other two.

"Don't insult him. And remember, mom's word is law." They said in unison, walking away from him.

Pace narrowed his eyes, following them. He certainly wouldn't allow himself to be belittled by this pipsqueak who just showed up. Never.

Name: Michael Ragantz

Age: 58

Gender: Male

What nation is he from: Jamaica

What nation does he fight for: The Anti Nation

Hair Color: Black shot with grey

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Height/Weight: Average, muscular

Talents: Assault, shooting, survival, fighting, playing the steel drum, eating.

Job: He's a high ranking general in the Anti Nation

Overall Look: Average height, pretty fit for for his age, muscular. Looks like an older man.

Personality: He has the personality of a Marines general, and is highly respected, so he acts like a man of his rank. He is extremely intolerant of traitors, and is known for his brutality in his field of expertise. He tends to be stoic, but he will get angry whenever his niece is mentioned. Michael is also extremely stubborn.


Nothing could have surprised Michael Ragantz more at 7 in the morning than an officer at his door, hat held over his chest.

"Do you need my assistance?" Michael stared at him, wondering why he was here.

"We're sincerely sorry, but your brother and his family are all dead, save one person, your niece." The officer murmured. "I was sent to inform you."

Michael blinked in surprise, before a hard look came over his face.

"I am sorry as well. My niece, where is she?" He asked, frowning slightly.

"She is in the custody of America." The man ground out, narrowing his eyes. "No orders have been sent to retrieve her."

The general's frown immediately turned to a deadly glare, before he took a calming breath.

"Orders are orders then. Thank you." He muttered. The officer nodded, before walking away. Michael closed the door, just as coughs racked his body. He held his chest till the coughs slowly died away, a frown still etched in his brow. That was all the bad news he wanted to hear in the morning...

One year later-

Noelle sat beside Alfred in the passengers seat of a car, both bopping their heads to whatever random song was playing at the moment. The blonde turned to Noelle as it ended.

"So, how was training today Noelle?" Alfred asked, a bright grin on his face.

"I didn't get much in today; the girls in my squadron surprised me with ice cream and a present for my birthday." Noelle replied, chuckling. "They got me that .44 Magnum I wanted. It was pretty fun."

"I bet it was dude! How's it feel to be 11?" He made right turn, turning into a driveway.

"It feels weird. It's hard to believe only last year I was with my family...but now I have a new family." She murmured, climbing out along with him. Marcie waved at them from the doorway, and Alfred gave her a thumbs up. The two followed her inside, where Alfred's children were sitting at the table, looking at the pizza and the cake sitting there. Noelle blinked in surprise, as Alfred pushed her into a chair beside Alec.

"Happy birthday Noelle." Alec said, smiling slightly. Noelle returned the smile, before turning as Marcie clapped her hands together.

"I hope you've had an enjoyable time with us so far Noelle. It's coming up on a year, but it seems like you've always been here." She said, smiling. Alfred nodded, a grin on his face.

"You are one of the most trustworthy people we know, and pretty darn tough too. And with that, we'd to accept your earlier offer." He murmured.

"My earlier offer?" She repeated, exchanging a look with Alec.

"Yes. When you first came here, you asked if you could repay us by watching Kenna. We'd like you to be Kenna's official guardian and bodyguard." Marcie said. "She seems to get along well with you, and I know how well you have being doing under Alec's training. So, do you accept?"

Noelle nodded, grinning broadly as Alfred ruffled her hair.

"Being a bodyguard has a lot of perks ya know. You get to take all those language classes, plus you get a cool outfit!" Alfred exclaimed, as Marcie started dishing out the pizza. "Best present ever!"

"What kind of present is that?" Alec muttered, taking a bite of his pizza.

"I'm really happy about it. Besides, this'll give me a chance to make sure you two get along." Noelle replied, thanking Marcie for the food. "And what about the present you promised me?"

Alec blinked, patting his pockets quickly, before he looked under the table. He emerged with a small box, passing it to her. Noelle took it, opening it carefully. Inside were several items used in pranks, a small joke book, and string of firecrackers.

"Nice! Thanks!" She said, closing it up before Alfred or Marcie could see. Alec nodded, a smirk on his face.

"No problem. What are friends for?" He asked, accepting a fist bump from her. If he had looked out the window at that moment, he would have seen a mostly hidden face staring at them from the tree outside. The face soon disappeared, running off to wherever it had come from.

Michael sat outside, carefully cleaning out his hand cannon as he looked into the night sky. It was a clear night, but the general felt his thoughts were more clouded then ever-"General Ragantz sir." Michael stopped, turning to face the teenager who had called him out. The soldier saluted smartly, before coming closer.

"Sir, intel has just received information about your niece." He said, handing him an envelope. The older man opened it, frowning as he saw his niece surrounded by that American's family. "She...has agreed to become the Nation's bodyguard to the child. Michael froze, staring at the soldier with an increasingly furious expression.

"Damn that child!" He growled, starting to cough again. "How dare she sully our family's name this way?" His coughing increased, as he grabbed his hand cannon. Aiming it high, he fired into the air, watch as the rocket flew though the air before landing with a large explosion. His eyes narrowed as he looked at the flickering flames in the distance.

"She will pay for this treachery...I will avenge your father's name Noelle...so be ready."

Name: Denzel Ragantz

Age: 18

What Nation is he from: Jamaica

What Nation does he fight for:

Hair color: Black dreads that reach to his center back

Eye color: Navy blue

Height/ Weight: 6'0, and skinny

Talents: Voodoo magic and can summon people back from the dead.

Job: Strategist

Family: Michael Ragantz (Father), Noelle Ragantz (Cousin), and Rodell Ragantz

Overall look: He dresses in a green tank top with yellow vertical strips and black shorts. Wears black sunglasses, even at night.

Personality: Overconfident and a bit, he has a natural arrogance that earns him a lot of popularity with females. He's also very cheerful, but is cautious around new people. Around his cousin, he is very caring and a bit overprotective, and tries to keep an eye out for her.

Name: Rodell Ragantz

Age: 17

What Nation is he from: Jamaica

What Nation does he fight for: The Anti-Nation

Hair color: Black Short buzzed cut hair

Eye color: Green

Height/ Weight: 5'9 and very muscular

Talents: using blunt weapons, fighting, being feared

Family: Michael Ragantz (Father), Noelle Ragantz (Cousin), and Denzel Ragantz

Job: A general of a 1,000 troops

Overall look: Dark black jeans, shirtless, but wears a long black coat and has a gold chain.

Personality: A quick tempered guy, also has pretty violent tendencies. Is a lot like his father, and harbors a dislike for his cousin. He is highly respected despite his age, and works to keep it that way.

Name: Amelia Kenstein

Age: 8

What nation is she from: England

What Nation does she fight for: Anti-Nation

Gender: Female

Hair: Short spikey red hair

Overall look : Red eyes, she dresses more pirate like always wears a hat over her head.

Height/Weight: Adverage height and skinny
Personality: She is very tomboyish, she strongly thinks that she really is a boy, she loves to fight, drink, and hunt for women. Don't even tell her that she is a girl or she will cut your head off with her sword.

Talents: A master swordsmen, can navagate a ship, and is great at hiding.

Weapon of choice: Sword and muscate

Friends: Is very close friends with Jin and tries very hard to find him a girlfriend, even though he is only four.

Name: Ying Dao Jinsong

Age: 22

What nation is he from: China

What Nation does he fight for: Anti-Nation

Gender: Male

Hair: Brown hair thats somewhat spikey.

Overall look :Brown eyes and wears a black long closed trenged coat that covers the bottom of his face.

Height/Weight : Is about the same height as Xiasheng, skinny.

Personality: Very serious, he is not one for taking a loss to the Nations lightly. It matters not of what happends to the Anti-Nation as long as his plans come to forwishing he will continue to fight. Some people say that he is the Xiasheng of The Anti-Nation even though he has never met the man himself.

Talents: Soccery of the dark arts

Weapon of choice: A sowrd that is consumed with dark magic

Pace Miller: A childhood friend he and Pace have always fought side by side, despite his cocky attitude ??? trust him with his life.

Adela Jakobsson: Treats her like the daughter he had lost a year ago due to the war. He is very protective of her and will not hesitate to take a bullet for her.

Stefan Chirila: Finds him admusing.

Parallel Simpsons Facts:

'My Characters bio: Still in process. last updated: 7-8-12

Kyle Wu last updated: 5-30-12

Bio: One of the top class trainees in the Galactic academy in Springfield. He only fights to defend the innocents and his friends.He wishes to one day take his father's place as Captain of the Yellow Star Ship and Leader of the Galactic Army.

Age: 10

Place of birth: Springfield, Oregon

Personality: Serious and careing

Medical conditions: Goku Muncher Syndrome or G.M.S for short.

Fav. music: All kinds

Skin color: yellow

Color Ki: yellow (most common)

Allies: Rodger, Baden, xLisax, xBartx

Enemies: Raphael

Status: He passes out and for now it is unsure if he is alright.

Rodger J. last updated: 4-25-12

Bio: He is one of the most amazed fighters in the Academy, but is lazy in training. He joined the academy to leave his country (Reasons are unknown.) .He continuously flirts with woman, but also insults women who either disrespects them or if he finds something wrong with them. He is not afraid to speck his mind which causes him to get into in real bad situations.

Age: 11

Place of birth: Honolulu Hawaii

Personality: Relaxed, Arrogant and hot headed

Medical conditions: Phobia of Water

Fav. music: Rap

Skin color: Tanned

Color Ki: Flame (Very rare)

Allies: Kyle, Baden, xLisax,

Enemies: none

Status: He was sent through a portal, knocked out by Wayne and he came through the sky, his location remains unknown.

Baden last updated: 4-20-12

Bio: He is one of the most oddest fighters in the academy.He spend most of his life as an carny in a circus, he was abused by the crowed and also by the ring master.It was not until Kyle saved him from his torment and soon he became a member of Kyle's group.

Age: 12

Place of birth: unknown

Personality: Calm

Medical conditions: mute, unable to talk, only when he attacks.

Fav. music: unkown

Skin color: yellow

Color Ki: none

Magical ability's: God like strength,TELEKINESIS,blending into objects

Allies: Kyle, Rodger, xLisax

Enemies: none

Status: He was sent through a portal, knocked out by Wayne and he came through the sky, his location remains unknown.

Raphael updated (5-1-12)

Bio: Is a very well known prisoner in the Y.S.S. He was convicted of mercenary. He is very well known for creating weapons from his own Ki. When Cyrus's men attacked the Y.S.S., he was sent by Cyrus to kill Kyle, Rodger, and Baden, he agreed to do this, but only if he could just wreak as much hell as he wants once he does this.

Age: unknown

Place of Birth:

Personality: Cold hearted

Skin Color: ???

Color Ki: Grey Ki

Allies: None

Enemies: Kyle

Status:He was badly injured by Kyle, and failed to kill the three boys thanks to Wayne, in anger he gave the final blow, killing Wayne. After the incident he was furious at Cyrus, blaming him for his injury, but Cyrus offered him a new deal one were he could not say no.

Cyrus Wu updated 7-8-12

Bio: Once known as the best general in the Galactic army and former captain of the Y.S.S., but after years of corruption and abuse of power he was striped of his title and was demoted. Since that day his heart was harden and became a man of hatred. It was soon that he found others who shared his pain and soon he formed The Demotic Stars. He and his men easily took over the Y.S.S, thanks to his well thought out strategy.

Age: 57

Place of Birth:???


Skin color: Pale yellow

Color Ki: Dark purple with Dark red around it.

Allies: A mixture of former Galactic men and the former prisoners from the small patrol ship.

Enemies: Kaman Wu

Status: Defeating xNedx with ease he pulls out something from his robe that even xNedx fears.

Lily (Liechtenstein) son

Name: Lucas Hertzgog

Age: 5

What nation is he from: Switzerland

Gender: Male

Hair: Dirty blond and slightly curly

Overall look (Eyes & include clothes, but you don't have to be super detailed about it): Green eyes, white long sleeve polo, dark green overalls, white sneakers

Height/Weight : Small and thin

Personality: A very shy little boy, always keep to himself. He rarely speaks unless when spoken too. He stutters alot when he talks to anybody besides his mother and Jin

Talents: Writeing poetry and playing soccor

Weapon of choice: A Rapier that Alphonse had giving to him.

Friends: None

Victoria's son, Elizabeta (Hungary) Grandson and Gilbert's and Alarice's Grandson

Name: Laurenz Beilschimdt

Age: 6

What nation is he from: Germany

Gender: Male

Hair: White short spikey hair

Overall look (Eyes & include clothes, but you don't have to be super detailed about it): Blue eyes, black t-shirt, jean shorts, black sneakers

Height/Weight : Average

Personality: A very self convident little boy, just like his grandpa Gilbert. Inside of saying Awsome he proclaims himself as having perlis might and will not let anyone imminate him.

Talents: All kinds of sport group events.

Weapon of choice: Two Halberts

Maria's son and Ausrtria's and Hungary's Grandson

Name: Sebastian Roderich

Age: 6

What nation is he from: Austria

Gender: Male

Hair: Combed Brown long hair

Overall look (Eyes & include clothes, but you don't have to be super detailed about it): blue eyes, long sleeved blue shirt, black pants, black shoes

Height/Weight : Average and skinny

Personality: He more a gentalmen type but has a tough side in him when it comes to playing sports, which gets a lot of attention from girls. Also a very good charmer as well.

Talents: Playing Soccor and writeing poetry

Weapon of choice: Battle Axe

Kenna's and Cyrillus's daughter

Name: Julia Jones-Arlovskaya

Age: 4

What nation is she from: Belarus

Gender: Female

Hair: Sort blond, messy hair

Overall look (Eyes & include clothes, but you don't have to be super detailed about it): Purple eyes, grey t-shirt, jeans with a hole in the knee, and dirt covered sneakers. (Covered in band-Aids alot)

Height/Weight (just say tall or average, and chubby or skinny): somewhat tall and skinny

Personality: She is very Tomboyish and a Country girl. Who is not afraid to get down and dirty. Loves to play in the mud. She always wants to do something extreme

Talents: Singing Country music

Weapon of choice: Her Gutair named Betsy

Noelle's and Javier's daughter

Cuba's grand daughter

Name: Marisa Hernandez

Age: 7

What nation is he from: Cuba

Gender: Female

Hair: Dark brown

Overall look: Brown eyes, shoulder length dreadlocks, wears a yellow sundress and sandals.

Height/ Weight: Short and skinny

Personality: Has a bit of a split personality. Is usually cheerful, but once annoyed, she becomes a bully. She's also really bossy when she's mad.

Talents: Singing, telling jokes, playing pranks, getting into trouble, playing soccer

Weapon of choice: A battle axe

Friends: Andriy Braginskaya

Alicia and Matthew's son's

Name: Leland Williams

Age: 15

What Nation is he from: Canada

Gender: Male

Hair: Red spikey

Overall look: Brown eyes. Wears a brown sweater and dark blue jeans and white vans.

Height and Weight: 5'6" and is 140 pounds

Personality: He's mean when you first get to know him but he loves his family and would do anything for them. He especially loves his baby sister and his mom.

Talents: Singing, hockey

Friends: His brother, Alfred and Fletcher.

Name: Landon Williams

Age: 15 (He's Leland's twin, but they look different)

What Nation is he from: Canada

Gender: Male

Hair: Blonde Spikey

Overall look: Violet. Wears a black short-sleeve hoodie over a white turtleneck. He also wears black skinny jeans and red converses.

Height and Weight: 5'6" and is 120 pounds (He doesn't eat much)

Personality: He's loud and outspoken, but sometimes he's really shy. He loves his family and would do anything for them.

Talents: Hockey.

Friends: Italy and Germany and Fetcher

Name: Nailey Williams

Age: 4

What Nation is he/she from: Canada

Gender: Female

Hair: Strawberry Blonde waist-length hair

Overall look: Her left eye is brown and her right eye is violet. She wears a dark blue dress with a white bow in her hair.

Height and Weight: 3 feet tall. 70 pounds

Personality: She's very sweet but sometimes she's picked on because of her eyes. She loves her brothers and she loves cooking with her mom.

Talents: She's working on gymnastics

Friends: Italy, France, and Germany

Alekszander and Yekaterina (Ukraine) child

Name: Andriy Braginskaya

Age: 7

What nation is he from: Ukraine

Gender: Male

Hair: Pale blond

Overall look: Brown eyes, white long sleeve shirt, blue overalls and brown boots.

Height/Weight : Tall and average

Personality: He's surprising cocky, and he expects all of the younger kids to follow his example. He can be kind of lazy at times too.

Talents: Boxing and soccer

Weapon of choice: Boxing gloves or brass knuckles.

Friends: Marisa Hernandez

Louis's and Rosaile's son
Arthur (England) and Edith grandson

Francis's (France) and Samantha grandson

Name: Leon Bonnefoy

Age: 4

What nation is he from: France

Gender: Male

Hair: Short red hair

Overall look: Brown eyes, wears sophisticated clothes like vests and trousers at all times. Refuses to wear anything that makes him look casual.

Height/Weight: Average and skinny

Personality: He may look look more like english boy, but he has all the personality and chrisma of his grand father France. He's main subject is women 101. He is a complete mamma's boy and does not like to be alone usless he is with her or with a women. (Any more you want to add?)

Talents: Getting along well with females, being polite, well mannered, staying out of trouble

Weapon of choice: Rapier

Friends: His little sister

Kouzue's child

Japan's and Chiemi's Granddaughter

Name: Chen Wang-Honda

Age: 4

Gender: Female

What Nation is she from: China

Hair: Black curly short hair with small brown highlights

Overall look : Browns eyes and a simple white dress with black sandals

Height and Weight: Small anf kinda chubby (Baby fat mostly)

Personality: Very shy, mostly around boys, will stutter, calm, gentle, peaceful, quiet, patient. Doubts herself all the time. Real nature lover. She stands up for her friends and has a wild dark side, and when she attacks, the other person doesn't normally survive...

Talents: drawing

Friends: Leon Bonnefoy and his sister.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Ivory The Sacred Relics by SuperDaikenki reviews
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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 55 - Words: 118,625 - Reviews: 386 - Favs: 66 - Follows: 59 - Updated: 2/23 - Published: 9/17/2012 - Meowth/Nyarth, Riolu, Zorua, Dewott/Futachimaru
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Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 4,877 - Reviews: 26 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 27 - Updated: 7/16/2017 - Published: 7/31/2015
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Wreck-It Ralph - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 36 - Words: 49,920 - Reviews: 780 - Favs: 373 - Follows: 479 - Updated: 5/1/2017 - Published: 11/30/2012 - Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope von Schweetz - Complete
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For our Nations who have found love with humans they were willing to grant them immortality and as the years went on, most have half breed children. For other Nations who have just found a human to love they were willing to reveal there secrets and ambitions. Unfrotunalty there are humans who despise The Nations and wishes to bring an end to them. Who's side will they loyal too?
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Paralelo Simpson
En un universo donde en Springfield está clasificado T para adolescentes y niños, Bart y Lisa pronto encontrará un misterioso chico que también es de. N / A: me decidí a cambiar a T, ya que no será tan violento como yo quería ser, pero creo que todavía podría funcionar.
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This is a sequel to Cartoons4Ever story Samurai Hank. I will give a full summary once the story progresses enough.
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In a universe where in Springfield is rated t for teens and kids, Bart and Lisa will soon find a mysterious boy who is also from Springfield, but he is from a different universe of blood and gory. A/N: I decided to switch it to T, because it failed to be as violent as I wanted to be, but I think it could still work.
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Why I wrote it?... just for fun!
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