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So I am Lugia20711.

Occupation: Full time student

Gender: female

Age: Not telling

Interests: reading and movies

To the readers of Satellite and Lady Aslla Piscu everything is now going to be continued. Semester is over and I now have time to keep working on my stories.

To the readers of Lady Aslla Piscu I have placed the guide to the monsters found in this story under the profiles of the characters of Satellite. The guide will be called Dark Army Monster Guide (the name is subject to change).

The data glitch happened again in the first chapter when I tried to tell the readers what the name of the online dress company was. The name of the website was I am going to get a new Flash Drive to store my stories.

My favorite tv shows: Yugioh, Yugioh 5ds, Digimon Adventure (seasons 1 and 2), Digimon Data Squad, Real Ghost Busters, Numb3rs, CSI:Miami, Pawn Stars, Are you being Served?

My Favorite Movies: Singing in the Rain, Nosferatu (1922 silent version), Night at the Museum and Night at the Museum 2, The Young Victoria, Corspe Bride, Indiana Jones movies 1, 3, and 4 (I have never seen Temple of Doom), Wall-E, Ghostbusters

Favorite authors: Elizabeth Peters, Charles Dickens, Joan Lowery Nixion, Bram Stroker, J. k. Rowling, H.G.Wells. Richard Harland

Favorite Books: The Little Princess, the Harry Potter series, The Amelia Peabody Series, The Woman in White, Dracula, House on Hackmans Hill, The short history of the movies (I'm big into film history), The invisible Man, the Skulldugery Pleasant series, The Phantom of the Opera, A Christmas Carol

Favorite Characters: Serenity Wheeler (Yugioh), Carly Carmine (Yugioh 5Ds), Kari and T.K. (Digimon Adventure 1 & 2), Marcus (Digimon Data Squad), Angemon (Digimon Series), Charlie Epps (Numb3ers), Lugia (Pokemon), Indiana Jones, Larry Daily (Night at the Museum 1 & 2)

I enjoy learning about different historical time periods, and here are some of the places and cultures I like to read about.

1) Ancient Egypt (That's my favorite) 2) Early 1900s in western Europe and america 3) Victorian Europe and America 4) Japanese history

Warning: I an a full time student and sometimes will have a slow time updating my stories. School work in the real world will come first with my other real life activities before I update.

If I ever write any romance stories, I intend to keep them clean, and I will not do same gender romances (This means no Yaoi, no Yuri, no Lemons).

With all of my stories I intend to finish all of them, and no matter how many reviews I get on a story. I don't like leaving stories unfinished.

I accept creative criticism, but please don't send flames. I want to know how to write better stories and make better adaptations of movies, books and legends.

Story ideas:

1. Who says angel wings are white? Carly was born with a set of sparrow wings. But they were removed against her will long before she met Jack. Now years after everyone has split up a new set of wings have begun to grow and with it comes a rebirth of the Dark Carly and another attempt for the Earthbound Immortals to rise again.

2. An angel in a black tuxedo. Jack's essence is still in Carly's apartment and she wants to get rid of the problem. That is when a stray cat comes into her life and makes all the difference.

3. Dark Signer Cyrus. The sequel to Satellite. With the loss of Team Galactic and a horrifying hunger for revenge and power; Cyrus meets an Earthbound Immortal who grants him his wish. But Cyrus must crush the Signers and 'Lizzie' Kingston in shadow pokemon battles. Also the Team 5D's members and some of their allies gain Pokemon partners of their own and have to turn to Lizzie to teach them how to fight like she does.

4. Yugioh DM: The House on Hackman's Hill. An adaptation of the Joan Lowery Nixion book. Joey needs to pay off his father's debts or have everything seized by creditors. When he learns of a house with a missing Egyptian mummy and huge reward for finding the mummy; he and his friends decide to search for it. But the house has an angry Egyptian God living there who is determined to keep everyone from finding this mummy.

My OC Characters Profile: From the Story Satellite: (the profiles will be edited as the story moves along and other characters will be added)

Matt Kingston- Satellite's first trainer who cared deeply about his Pokemon partners, and had a special place for Satellite in his heart. Matt was known for his calm, quiet personality, and being a brainiac. Matt was responsible for putting Team Galactic out of power, and meeting the banished being Giratina. Almost five years ago Matt raided the lab of Team Rocket Scientist, Dr. Giro Nigma who was working on several secret projects that were exposed. One of the projects was a bio experiment called Feral who could not be controled by Dr. Nigma. Matt and Satellite received the favor of the Crimson Dragon and used the power of Crimson Thunder Strike to turn Feral back into Jason Riley. Matt was told about the power he and Satellite had through their bond but both of them were unable to achieve Crimson Fusion. Two weeks after the lab raid Dr. Nigma killed Matt Kingston to have his revenge.

Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Kingston- The older sister of Matt Kingston who helped Matt in getting his first pokemon Satellite. Lizzie was jealous of Matt for having their parents pay so much attention to him and not enough to her. Lizzie and Matt both fought Dr. Nigma's bio-creation Feral and Lizzie saw her brother and his pokemon use Crimson Thunder Strike to defeat Feral. After the death of her brother Lizzie believed Matt was murdered by Dr. Giro Nigma for exposing his research. Six months ago a series of similar deaths took place and Lizzie went hunting for Dr. Nigma. She ended up in the same world as Satellite had and kept her Pokemon partners a secret from everyone in fear that Neo-Domino's government might take them away. After finding out her brother's pokemon was here and in the hands Team 5D's, Lizzie took a job as a waitress at the Cafe to keep an eye on Satellite and Yusei Fudo. With the recent attack on Satellite and Yusei, Lizzie came out of hiding and is now working to gain the trust of Yusei's friends and planning to train Yusei to fight like a pokemon trainer. Lizzie is also currently unaware she has the favor of the Crimson Dragon and is one of the few people who can cross the barrier between her world and Yusei's world.

Dr. Giro Nigma (a.k.a Evan Jenkins, Art Arsonist, Hollow Man, Night Stalker)- Dr. Giro Nigma was known for his experiments that made him wanted in over twenty-six countries. He was once a doctor and brilliant scientist; but he gave up his humanity and his heart for scientific research. His whole physical being is pure power and pure evil. The Team Rocket leader secretly invited Dr. Nigma to be his chief scientist and gave him a lab in Oleg Town. Dr. Nigma continued his research and made bio creations. But only one of them survived and proved to be impossible to control. While Matt and the pokemon trainers were capturing the lab Dr. Nigma sent Feral to kill Matt, Lizzie and their pokemon. Matt survived the encounter and Dr. Nigma's lab was lost to him. Enraged by this, Dr. Nigma wanted revenge on Matt and Satellite. So Matt was killed in a restaurant and his partner Satellite saw Dr. Nigma leave the place after he killed Matt. When Team Rocket was forced to disband two years ago, Dr. Nigma left and ended up in a different world where monsters are card based. Taking the name Evan Jenkins he learned how to duel and turbo duel, but he still retained his cruelty by frightening street duelists under the nickname of Hollow Man. In turbo dueling he attacked duelists at night under the guise of Night Stalker and ended up putting six people in the hospital. When Dr. Giro's money began to run out he looked at paintings in art conservators. Dr. Nigma stole paintings and used his Magmortar to burn the buildings to the ground to cover the thefts. When he found out Satellite was in the same world and was living with Team 5D's, he planned to seek revenge on the pokemon and his new trainer Yusei Fudo. Dr. Nigma kidnapped Yusei and Satellite, and almost succeeded in killing them. But Lizzie Kingston saved both of them from the flames.

Casey Takato- A victim of a Night Stalker attack and a good friend of Crow Hogan. Casey and his father manage a Duel Runner parts shop and sometimes have Crow run deliveries for them. Casey duels and turbo duels as a hobby.

Larry- A former member of Team Rocket who ran into Matt Kingston at Slowpoke Well. Larry failed in his operations and was sent to Nigma Lab as a failure. Larry was stuck in the nightmarish lab for a year until he risked making a copy of the lab layout and what was secretly being made inside of Dr. Nigma's personal lab. Larry gave the the information to Matt who helped set up a raid on Oleg Town. Unfortunately, Dr. Nigma slipped away and Larry has been taken to the Pewter City Prison. Larry's only Pokemon Kadabra is staying with Lizzie until he comes out.

Jason Riley (Once known as Feral)- A photographer and artist. Jason Riley came to Oleg Town by accident and not much is known about what happened to him other than Dr. Nigma turned him into a bio creation. The bio creation was the only one to survive but proved impossible to control. This creature has a violent nature and it's appearance caused everyone to call it Feral. In a attempt to dispose of Matt, Lizzie and their pokemon, Dr. Nigma sent them to where Feral was living and hoped the creature would eat them. Feral almost succeeded in eating Matt when the power of the Crimson Dragon allowed Matt and Satellite to change Feral back into Jason Riley. Jason is currently in quarantine for five months in the Viridian City hospital and has a deep bite mark on his neck where Satellite tried to stop Feral from eating Matt. Jason has a dream of opening his own photography studio and having one of his paintings in a art gallery.

The Dark Army Monster Guide

(The guide will be up dated as the story continues)

Copy Worm - These creatures are used by the Master's army for cover ups and kidnappings. Copy Worms have the ability to change their shape into another life form no matter how complex (i.e. physical structure, cell count, body hair, physical brain structure) the target. The only part that a Copy Worm cannot mimic is the target's thinking abilities. Copy Worms are aggressive creatures who will attack anyone or anything who is not a Copy Worm. Copy Worms ability to change their shape can only be done once. Because of this setback the Master considers Copy Worms to be expendable and uses Copy Worm Queens to breed Copy Worms.

For a Copy Worm to change it's shape organic material from the target like hair or skin must be placed into the worm's gigantic mouth. Then after the organic material has been digested the worm changes it's shape to become a mirror image of the target. It has been said there are very subtle differences between the changed Copy Worm and the original.

Gaia Golem - originally the Gaia Golem was a benevolent nature god and a high ranking member of the pantheon of gods and goddesses. When the Master's army invaded the dimension where the Gaia Golem came from the gods fought to drive the invaders out. The gods almost succeeded in driving in pushing the Master's army out of their dimension when one of their own betrayed them. The dimension fell to the Master and each god and goddess was taken captive by the Master. The traitor became a high ranking member of the Master's army. The Gaia Golem's personality and power was warped by the Master's evil power making him aggressive and blood-thirsty. The main thing the Gaia Golem is used for is stripping worlds taken over by the Master of their natural resources so the Master may use them for building his army. The Gaia Golem is also used by the Master to clear out hard-to-penetrate defenses and crush cities.

The Gaia Golem's body is made out of different types of topsoil, plant life, and rocks. It's power comes from the ground and if the Gaia Golem takes damage he can continue to regenerate as long as he is on solid ground. The Gaia Golem's attacking power comes in the form of earth-shattering punches and in a vice tight grip. But the Gaia Golem's greatest asset is it's defense. Almost nothing can penetrate it's skin.

Black Bodies - Creatures that are made out of a black slime substance and are rumored to have come from the same dimension as the Master. Black Slime bodies are parasites that are used as sleeper agents by the Master's Army. A Black Body is inserted as a pod into the base of the host's brain where the pod attaches itself and invades certain parts of the host's body (i.e. parts of the brain, spinal cord, the heart). The host never knows a Black Body is inside them and the only way a Black Body can take command of the host's body is through a signal. When the Black Body has taken over it's host the host's eyes become solid black and the host's voice becomes raspy sounding when the Black Body talks.

No one has figured out how to remove a Black Body after it has taken over it's host or while it is inside it's host. It is said that when the Master is destroyed the Black Bodies will be destroyed as well. Black Bodies that do not have hosts are called Black Slime Creepers.

Black Slime Creepers - Creatures that started out "Life" the same way as Black Bodies. Through a process known only to the Master Black Slime Creepers live without the use of a host. It is not known what the insides of a Black Slime Creeper look like or how high it's intellect is (though it appears Black Slime Creepers have a normal level intellect). Everyone can always hear a Black Slime Creeper before they are seen. The voice of a Black Slime Creeper sounds like a combination of people whispering (in no identifiable language) and snakes hissing. Black Slime Creepers have a tenancy to travel in packs and it is very rare to see a single Black Slime Creeper.

The physical characteristic of Black Slime Creepers is a four foot tall body that is made out of a combination of black slime and the Master's dark power. The Black Slime Creepers have a humanoid appearance, their heads do not have any kind of a face, and their hands have elongated fingers. Black Slime Creepers are known to regenerate when they are damaged and when Black Slime Creepers take too much damage they merge with each other to become a bigger, stronger and smarter Black Slime Creeper. When fifty or more Black Slime Creepers have merged together into one life form, and the life form is called a Black Slime Guardian.

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