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Author has written 9 stories for Inuyasha, Card Captor Sakura, and Big O.

Update- 8-12-04

Okay guys I thought long and hard about it last night, and I have decided to continue posting on FF.net. But, most of my efforts will go to my Media Miner account. At the moment, I haven't uploaded any of my stories to it. I will be finishing 'A Miko's Memories' but I think I might change the name. Also I'm going to be editing 'The Plan' and changing the name also.


Guess what! I've changed my name! Since angelcakes was taken (WAHH!)I went for the next best thing. I haven't been working on my stories. Gomen ne minna-san, but I'm really stressed so don't expect many updates.


I changed my name back today. Almost finished with 'Reflections' started on the 1st part of the 'Sakura' series. I'm not dead yet guys.


Happy New Years everyone! I started this year off really well, with my new story 'Hotaru Ai' or Firefly Love. It's a fun story to write, and I hope all of you will have as much fun reading it : ) I'm working on moving all my stories to MM.org, so when I do I promise to post the link. Have a great 2005 minna-san!


Hey guys, it's me. I've been writing a lot of one shots as of late so I'll be posting those as soon FF.net decides to stop being mean to me and lets me upload them. I'm a little disappointed with some of my older stories I'm really planning on editting those when I get time. Anyway, I'm looking for a beta so anyone interested contact me somehow, kay?

Now for an update list:

After Image (Formerly A Miko's Memories)- I will be changing the name of this. I've been working on this for months now. But somehow my original chapter was deleted T_T I had a back-up...but it's just not the same. Maybe if I'm lucky I can find the original... (46)

Cat and Mouse (formerly The Plan)- I'm doing major editing on this. When I'm done with it, it'll be in a better format. As you probably know I have the next chapter written...I just need to type it. (67 )

Let's Party- T.T I decided to delete this story. I won't risk getting removed from FF.net for this story (No matter how much I loved it T.T) I'm looking for an alternate site to host it on. If/When I find one, I'll post the link.

Through Our Eyes- Haven't started work on the next chapter...I'm wondering if I should delete this story. Well I'll make another chapter and see what from there ( 0 )

First Aid- A little Big-O ficlet that I originally made on the Paradigm-City forums. No future updates are planned for this story.

Holiday Spirit- A small ficlet made orginally made on the Paradigm-City forums. No future updates are planned for this story. (100)

Hotaru Ai- I have put up three chapters so far. I haven't started work on the next chapter, but I probably will later on today. Expect three more chapters by Tuesday. I'm on break : ) (0 )

All HP fics- Seeing as they took down '50 Ways to Annoy Voldemort' I really give up on HP fics. I might spawn a one shot now and then but dont expect updates.

Otou's Words- T_T No one reviewed it. I'm am very upset over this. I work incredibly hard on it, and no one even read it.

Future Projects

'Reflection'- I'm in the works of writing an Inuyasha one-shot. Look for it. Do it I say:P

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Normal reviews
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